Surgery 08/16-Excited For My Silicone Implant Removal - Oklahoma, OK

I am having my explant surgery August 16th, I am...

I am having my explant surgery August 16th, I am 44 years old and have had my silicone gel implants for 6 years. I would have to say I wanted implants to feel more secure or i thought that would help me feel more secure. I got my implants for all the wrong reasons and I always say if i had to do it all over again i would not have done it..

my implants were too large , as far as width of the implant, for my chest and so they were "stuffed" in my body, causing extreme fullness/cleavage making it impossible to hide without a shirt up to my neck, otherwise they pretty much hang out the top of my clothes all the time. my right implant has been contractured for 5.5 years and there has always been a fold in the corner of the same implant, which you can see it poking against my skin, making it deformed

anywho,,,, i had perky breasts before, not hardly any sagging and i am told by surgeon my breasts will not be extremely saggy after implants are removed, i'm of course a little apprehensive about the look after the implants are gone but im so excited about getting them out that it really doesnt bother me too much

what were you told about sagging, what results did you notice , how long does it take for your breasts to totally heal and you see " the final result", do your breasts become fuller within time, because when i watch youtube videos of removal of implants they go like totally flat and it looks like deflated balloons?

Thursday is coming and getting a little anxiety...

Thursday is coming and getting a little anxiety and keep tryin to picture myself in clothes with the implants gone
I know this sounds strange but I am thinking is it going to make me look drastically so different that people will really notice , I mean do you stand out to people from going to big to small suddenly. , has anyone dealt with comments or stares or just curiosity ?

Hi I am 3 days post op and was able to remove the...

I am 3 days post op and was able to remove the surgery bra and bandages today and i am so happy and pleased with the results.. and they are sooo soft..i forgot how soft they were.. it was 199% worth it...i've been really tired from surgery not a lot of energy. but i'm going out today to try and do some things with hubby and we will see how i feel this afternoon
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You look great but I am wondering who was your doctor? I am also in OKC.
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They look great!
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you look AMAZING!!!
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well done ,you look amazing!!!! take it easy xxx
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Good luck. I go on the 20th...and mine are 21 years old silicone. Please post after.
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I had drains after my explant, they were in for 5 days. What a pain they were.
Of course the ps is going to ask again if you want to be reimplanted. Once your implant are out the money stops for him, there is no more cc or ruptures for you to go back and have taken care of. I think you will be so happy with your normal soft breasts. I forgot how soft they were before implants. After implants they were pretty much always hard.

You look like you will have fantastic results once your implants are removed. I'm sure you will love them.
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Hi sorry another question
Did any of you have drains after implants removed , doc said he don't anticipate them but it's possible I could have them?
They r soooo annoying I had them with my tummy tuck 7 years ago and had them for 3weeks , which I know is totally not normal tune frame
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Before you know it the 16th will be here. Wish you luck.
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I had pre op yesterday talked to doc and bloodwork and all that fun stuff , can't have ibuprofen for two weeks which is going to be tough for me :( lol
I got just a little nervous when he said "are you sure " you don't want any new implanta re inserted , but I know I definitely wan this explant I told him in more cited about this than when I got them in , I guess I'm one of the few that hated my implants
Almost like I waste 5grand for getting them
Oh well that time in my life thats what I thought I wanted and would make me happy
Thanks for all the positive feedback this board is awesome
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Good luck with your explant. I just had my silicone implants taken out 4 weeks ago. It feels so good to have soft boobs instead of hard balls on your chest. My ps said it takes at least 6 months for the breasts to heal good. From your pic you post you will probably have really good results.
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Good luck with your op - you only have a fortnight to go... you must be so excited. I think you will be amazed at how good you will look once explanted, several of the women on here have put up before and after pics in their reviews. Reading through the experience of others on here, you should be reassured that you are doing the right thing x
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Thank you for starting your story on Realself! What you'll look like afterward completely depends on your own tissues, if you get a lift, etc. If you haven't already, check out these before and after results. It might give you an idea of what to expect.

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