Full TT w/MR, Lipo, BA- New Pics

I just had my surgery the 15th of March 2012. I am...

I just had my surgery the 15th of March 2012. I am just now getting brave enough to put up before/after pics but I hope it helps someone out there trying to make a decision! I have been in a lot of pain so far, and can't wait to see results!

By the way, I forgot the important stuff...I am...

By the way, I forgot the important stuff...I am 28, mother of three and was 170 on D-Day (3/15/12)...I had a little over 5 pounds removed from my belly and 2 pounds in lipo around my sides, flanks and back. I also had 560CC's added to my breats (Saline) I had first appt on 2/9/2012 and had my surgery in less than one month. I had three c-sections before and this is horrible compared to that!! Right now I am having a hard time adjusting to the implants (the exercises and them settling) and I am worried about my final results (will my tummy be flat?? Will I look skinny?? Let me know what you think please!

Today is 3 days post op, I am really swollen...

Today is 3 days post op, I am really swollen still, especially in my arms and hands, weird, huh? I am also running a fever, but go back to the doc tomorrow to see what's going on.....I am just anxious to see my final results! Also, my body is really bruised where I had lipo (back, sides and flanks)

I am 5 days post op now, my husband had to go back...

I am 5 days post op now, my husband had to go back to work so I am staying with my parents and kids for a couple of days, as much as the binders are uncomfortable I took mine off to wash today and can't wait to get them back on and I promise to never say another cross word about them :), the pain isn't too bad I am just becoming impatient waiting for the results. it's hard to tell what I am going to look like because of the swelling....byt the way I am 10 pounds heavier than surgery day, probably from swelling, and the fact that going potty hasn't happened yet....thanks mega pain pills.....any suggestions in that department?? I am taking a stool softener/laxative mix and eating super healthy (oranges, shredded wheat, ect...)

One thing I am disappointed about-stretch marks!!...

One thing I am disappointed about-stretch marks!! I didn't really have them below the belly button, they were above and almost to my ribs from carrying my babies so high I guess, they are somewhat lower and the doctor said the appearance would improve, so we will see!

I feel better today!!! Still sore, still swollen...

I feel better today!!! Still sore, still swollen but I get to see my new belly button tomorrow!!

Okay, so today is my first day without drain tubes...

Okay, so today is my first day without drain tubes and I am seeing why they are soooo important and what a difference they make. Plus, to the surgeons who say no to the binders....I have to disagree, they keep the fluid from building up, I have added two new pics today, one from this morning, one from this evening, just to show the amount of fluid that is retained during the day. SO LADIES-don't be discouraged if you are checking out your sexy body in the evening.....this is temporary and in the morning, all will be well!

I still can't get in my clothes!! AHHHHH!!!!!! Ok,...

I still can't get in my clothes!! AHHHHH!!!!!! Ok, girls so here is what I found out......I knew that I would be swollen, but I thought hey, lots of skin gone+swelling=I can still fit in the same clothes.....but, yeah, no......anyways, to the swelling, honestly-I didn't know that when the PS did lipo they put fluid in, which of course weighs more than the fat taken off does, also it weakens and causes fluid to leak into the tissue, again more swelling, plus all the trauma from the surgeries, more swelling......I know this sounds crazy, but I didn't expect to be 10-15 pounds heavier post surgery due to swelling.....so ladies considering and going through this chin up and just brush off the crappy PS reviews that say it's you......will keep you updated as I attempt to get back into my clothes.....I am keeping on my healthy diet, staying hydrated and getting back to moving, lots, which isn't hard when keeping up with three kids!
Houston Dermatologic Surgeon

By the way, the pic is not my Dr. David Powell, he is in Muskogee, OK 918-687-5477

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You look great and I love the size of your implants since I am shooting to get the same size myself here shortly- tissue willing. Do you have any updated pictures?
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I agree with MIsty. You are flat even with the swelling. YOu look fantastic. Healthy and happy healing.
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So happy for you, you look great even with the swelling your still so flat. Good luck and happy healing.
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Hi Donnaj,
You look great You can really see the difference. Yes I also have curves as well. I dont what to be stick figure looking girl just my body back before I gave birth to a set of twins then 10 years later had a one child,
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Thanks!! I can't get back into my clothes yet and I am bummed out....I knew there would be swelling but I thought it would balance out with the skin removal....
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My mom had a mini with a hysterectomy, it was pretty rough too......I think the recovery is the same, for me, if you can make it through the frist couple of days all else is gravy!
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I had to smile when I read the all else is gravy! I'm from the south and would hear that often there but I am now living far north and have not heard it once in the time we have been here. Glad you are doing well. You look amazing!!
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Thank you, thank you.....you can always tell where someone is from just by their phrases....funny thing, huh??
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it definitely is. the incision is very wide but very low. i had muscle tightening, but with not belly button revision. And I only have one drain. I am interested in the recovery time difference between the full and minnie, since i should bounce back a little sooner, i think. Everything I read is regarding a regular TT. It's hard to find a lot on minnies.
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Hi donnaj! I too had a mommy makeover on the 15th and am on day 7 of recovery. Glad you are doing well. I have 3 children, 3 yrs and under (twins), so i havent seen my two youngest, which is the hardest part for me. I had a minnie tuck, so im not sure the diffference in recovery time. take care. you look amazing
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Hey!! My kids are staying with my mom and I stayed home with my husband for the first few days but now I am with my parents so I can see my kids and still have help!! I have heard the mini isn't as extensive but is still surgery! Hope you feel better soon and get to see those babies! That has made my recovery better just being with my kids but someone there to take care of them :)
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Thank you Donnaj, You look wonderful. I am trying to figure out the size I wanna be, my doctor tells me that a D cup will look great on my body shape. Currently I am a e cup in my breast and ddd in the left breast. So may be a small D will look good. I just dont want to look like Dolly Parton,, LOL
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I don't think you will! I don't know how sizing down works but I liked using the "rice test" to see what size I felt best in and the 560 cc felt great to me! even though I went up from a B to a full D or DD, I don't feel like they are in the way and I don't have a small frame and feel like that fit me, I don't want to be skinny, I still like my curves....
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You Look amazing, You can already tell the difference. What size cup did you ended up being? I have my surgery on the 27th of April
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I won't quit be able to tell until all the swelling goes down but at the least a D, but possibly a DD, I started out at a B, I wasn't going for a D, I just tried on the CC sizes in my PS office and that's the ones I liked! I think they look more natural than everyone (my mom)expected....
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You look amazing!
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Thank you!! I really appreciate that!
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Thank you all for your thoughts!! I have to admit, I was so was ashamed to post my before pics, but I am so proud of my decision and hope it helps someone else to know you are okay the way you are and can change what you don't like! As for the fever, it was no big deal, I don't have an infection as may just be from some trauma. BETTY- I decided to go with saline for two reasons, one, the cost, it was about $1,000 cheaper plus I was able to adjust the sizing, I had 530cc put in my right breast and 560 cc put in my left. Plus, a lady in my PS office actually let me feel her implants that were saline and I couldn't feel a difference (I have never felt silicone either but it was no biggie to me) Plus with silicone you are supposed to get a CAT scan every few years to check for leaks and you don't with saline, just seemed like the thing for me!
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Thank you for your information. Glad you are on your way back. You look fabulous. :)
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Girl.....you look AWESOME..... I hope that you start feeling better and stronger soon. You have to be thrilled with your results..... WHOO HOOO for you!!!!
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Just got my appointment for 4/17/12 was going to have a breast lift w/no implants, but after seeing all the photos can't decide
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I wanted implants because I was only a B and didn't need a lift, but just wanted bigger boobs to be honest....I used the "rice test" and wore them around for a day to decide...that might help you. Good Luck!
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