"Perfect Candidate," Needed to Lose 10lb in Abdomen and Hips - Nothing Happened

I needed to lose 10 lbs in my abdomen and hips. I...

I needed to lose 10 lbs in my abdomen and hips. I was told that I was the "perfect candidate" for Zerona.

I had six 45min treatments over a two week period. I worked out harder, drank 64oz of water, and ate light, healthy meals. NOTHING happened! I lost NO FAT! Do not waste your money!!!

After this treatment, they recommended wanted to put me on the HCG Diet for $800. I ordered HCG drops online for $75 and within four weeks on it, I lost 8 lbs.!

Skip Zerona!

I did try to post a general account of my experience but it want allowing me to do it without posting before & after photos. Of course, I have no issue posting my photos but I only have them in an actual photo (not electronic version) but I'm having another procedure tomorrow so I'll ask the ladies to send them to me via email & will gladly upload them tomorrow so you can see there was a definite difference & I experienced a good result! I hope you will find this useful & then there will be no question as to whether I work there :). Thank you for the suggestion!
I am sorry to hear you don't believe the account of my experience with Mariposa Med Spa. I actually was in the legal field & now sell medical devices (none used at Mariposa or the related Broadway Clinic); neither are my customer, relative or even friend outside my appointments at the med spa & I definitely don't work there. Admittedly, there are days I wish I did though!!! :). I merely responded to your post in an attempt to be helpful in letting you - and anyone else who read it - know my experience was different as well as to provide my personal feeling (definitely not a guarantee) that if the ladies at Mariposa knew you felt it was a waste of money, they would take the opportunity to make it right - if I had felt the way you do after spending so much money, I would definitely be calling to work something out! Of course, you are free to believe as you wish & I certainly didn't intend to change your opinion...just an alternate viewpoint. Quite frankly, I was expecting to hear you say you had already called or attempted to address it. After all, I can't imagine taking time to fuss here where the world can see it without having first attempted to get the value you expected or otherwise attempt to rectify the situation yourself.
Gabbygirl, you should post your experience here so it will get counted in the overall satisfaction numbers. Since satisifed Zerona customers are rare like the Unicorn, before and after pics would be wonderful to see. I still want to believe this creates visible changes, but so far only one happy poster has put up a photo.
Mariposa Med Spa

Selling services that don't work.

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