Swelling Sucks..Any ideas

Hello everyone, I am a mother of two children 9...

Hello everyone, I am a mother of two children 9 and 7, after gaining 85lbs with my first and only 18 with me second. I have found it hard to get the belly off. I have been wanting a TT for quite some time now.. and my dream is coming true. Im very nervous about the whole thing. But i know after reading everyones posts on here it will be worth it. My only problem is that where I am having the surgery is 3.5 hrs away.

Im so tired of having the muffin top and not being comfortable in my own skin. Is it sad that Ive been counting down the days lol. I was also going to have to recover the first week by my self with the kiddos but my husband is able to take a week off so that makes me feel so much better.. I would like to thank everyone for writing there experiences on here I enjoy reading them, kinda gives me a heads up for what im going to go through.

Oh my goodness after uploading those pics I feel...

Oh my goodness after uploading those pics I feel as if I am huge and disgusting.. Im so excited to have this done hopefully I am pleased with the end result. I wish I could find someone here that has the same body shape so I can get an idea of what I will look like afterwards. I have 33 days left it feels like it's going to be forever before I get this done...saying that I will probably be in so much pain I will want to take it back cause I have an extremely low pain tolerance and when I take pain killers they make me sick. Hope everyones having a great day :)

Oh my goodness only 22 days to go.. any of you...

Oh my goodness only 22 days to go.. any of you have any tips for me and what things do you think is important to have around after surgery. I still find it hard to believe that its really gonna happen I cant wait to see that flat belly that Im gonna have after it is all done. Everyone have a great day :)

OK ladies 18 more days the next thing I know it...

OK ladies 18 more days the next thing I know it will be here Im so excited...Its soo gonna be worth all of it the pai and everything. Im ready bring on the pain lol... have a wonderful Thanksgiving :0)

Hello ladies im now on my second day I can tell...

hello ladies im now on my second day I can tell its getting better if i could just get comfortable lol..I can go to the bathroom by myself my husband just goes with me just in case. The 4hr drive home today bout killed me. Took a pic today when the PS changed my dressings and boy was I schocked i look so small the too they lipo 8lbs of fat out of my abdomin and flanks sorry for the spelling kinda out of it cause of the pain meds.. but all in all just tryin to keep my spirits up.. hope all the other t tuckers are doing great

Well Im on day 5...I see people talking about...

Well Im on day 5...I see people talking about their swelling and stuff I feel and look so swollen I dont know if my compression garmet is tight enough and it keeps riding up and rubbing on my breasts. I think im healing well one side of my incision is really nice but the other side is kinda lumpy haha. I tried to take a shower yesterday but that was a big fail. I got in the shower and was so nauseated so needless to say it was a fast shower cause I DID NOT want to throw up. I just get a uneasy feeling when the CG is off do any of you have that feeling or problem. But on the good side I weighed my self and i have lost 12lbs yay. Sleeping has not been that bad but I tried to sleep in bed lastnight and my husband moved so much i think i will be sleeping on the couch again. Hope every one is doing great
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Swelling is terrible...It gets worse! I am 3 months po and still experience horrible swelling...The only time I'm not swollen is when I wake up in the morning but it quickly swells once I start my day.
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You look great! Swelling does suck and we all know what you are going through. Hang in there as it is an up and down process. I wasn't allowed to shower for 10 weeks (yes, weeks) and when I did I put a chair in the shower so I could sit down. We also got a handheld shower head installed to make it easier for me. I still shower that way. I've had an open wound so that is why all the extras.

And yes, I remember how hard it was to get used to any sensations w/out the CG on. Hated the feeling. It was like you were going to fall apart w/out the added support. That all gets better too. So relax and take care of yourself. You are on the healing side now :)
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You look great! My first shower today, TOTAL FAILURE as well! I was so excited, and I just didn't have the strength to carry through!

Oh well! We will get it next time! :)
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You look great LMDavis!! Glad you are on the other side and feeling good!
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You are in my thoughts today!
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Sounds like a plan to me wishing you the best of luck and a speedy recovery :)
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How are you holding up??? r u as nervous as me.... only 11 days ......and the count down begins :)
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I am not very nervous but I know the morning I go in I will be or even the night before probably will not get alot of sleep...I am still very excited. I have a feeling it is going to drag on forever before next monday gets here.
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Hang in there girl.....we are gonna cruise thru this together....u pray for me and i will pray for you :)
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I am 9 days post-op and would do it again tomorrow! U r going to be so happy! Just get the pain pump and drink tons of water!
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Good luck on your tt ;) sweetie I felt the same way after I uploaded the photos and seen them I thought how gross! I don't like to look at myself in mirror and I just uploaded them for all to see ... what are you thinking lol but know I catch myself looking at them before and after and go wow ;) wish you the best!
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Welcome!   First I have to say that you are not disgusting:(   Having babies and weight changes does a number on our bodies.  It's a bit like a battle field.  

Thank you for posting your journey with us and I look forward to following you through your process.  How did you find RealSelf?

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I found it just by looking up before and after pics of tummy tuck.. Im so thankful for this website and everyone who shares their stories. Thank you :)
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:) - glad you are here with us!

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You will LOVE your results I do ;) don't worry I knowits easier said then to do just remember you are going to look great ;)
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Don't be nervous, be excited! You will be fine. Going in with a positive and optimistic attitude is a major part of the battle. People who think they will heal faster often do!
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That is Great LMDavis! So excited for you! im scheduled to have my tt jan.5th so if you have any suggestion as to what you thought was good to have around as you recover that would be great. anything from chapstick to the remote for the tv to water ect...good luck and please keep me posted:)
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I sure will... I do know for sure im gonna be studying for a very important test I will be having to take shortly after my surgery. But if I think of anything i will surely let you know.
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Good luck, LMDavis!! Your surgery date is coming quickly! I am waiting for my surgery date (hopefully early January). I'll be getting a TT as well. I am looking forward to reading your recovery posts and seeing pictures, if you are willing to post them!
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