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Finally :) - Oklahoma City, OK

Hi everyone I am a mother of 3 kiddos, had my...

Hi everyone I am a mother of 3 kiddos, had my first baby at a Very young age, and lost my "body".... :( then gained weight throughout the years. I have lost 46 pounds and 60 inches... But still have the flab, it's been about 2 years since weight loss... So thought it was time. Ive wanted a TT, since after having my first child. So it's FiNallY happening :)!!!


It's done, now time to recover.
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Welcome to the community!   

You have done a fantastic job with the weight loss and should feel proud of that accomplishment.  Time to finish this up now:)

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Good luck!!
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Survived week 1

Feeling better drained tubes out!! Now to get back to normal :(

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11 days oh my!

Well today I'm 11 days post. Feeling better everyday, still sleeping in a recliner, but I can move more just with cautious...slow ;) I'm not in pain, just have so much tension in my lower back. Here are some pics from pre TT and 6 days post :)


You are looking great! It does get easier...
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Does it :(??? Haha... How many days/weeks post are you?
I am 5.5 months...

15 days post

Well today I traveled back to OKC to see my ps, to remove first tape and apply silicone tape. He said I was healing great and I'm doing really good at 2 weeks post. Everyday I'm getting stronger but so ready to be back to myself. I'm still walking a little hunched :/ and I'm still swollen but feeling good. Get tired easily which I hate but that may be from this Texas heat and still not being full speed. So I'm still resting when my body says so.


You look AWESOME!!! Be patient you will slowly get back to your normal routine. It gets better each day!
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WOW! What a difference, I bet you are sooo happy! you look great! Hope you are enjoying the new you :)
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Thanks :) it still kinda feels surreal but I am so ready to feel 100%... Haha... I'll even take 95%

I'm ready to be 100%-18 days post

Well yesterday I did some school shopping, got home was swollen and just flat out tired. Still walking abit hunched over, and started super itchy lastnight. Nothing and little bit of aloe can't fix. Woke up this morning feeling better :)


You look Great!
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Thanks :)
you look great! happy healing!
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Silicone Tape----19 days :)

Today has been a good day.! Church, quick shopping, and lunch with minimum swelling!!! Took my original tape off and applied silicone tape on, my doctor high suggested it! Apply for 12 hours daily, don't sleep with it. Also sleeping in my bed tonight with the husband, oh how I've missed my bed, but so secure in my recliner :/ well I'll let you know how it goes soon :) happy healing!!


How is the silicone sheets working for you? I am searching online for the best ones. Your tummy looks fab! Do you still feel a real tight sensation, like it is pulling or super tight in your stomach? Im wondering if it is the swelling or numbness im feeling. Thanks!
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It is working out great. Wear it throughout the day. I don't feel real tight, actually feels like my upper stomach is softening up. Now it kinda is itchy.. Got my tape from cosmeticsurgerystuff.com
My stomach doesnt feel so tight either but it is tingly if i touch it. Lol

Almost 4 weeks...yaay

It gets better everyday!! I'm super excited about my progress, I am almost standing straight up, sleeping in my bed, and moving around at a normal pace. My scar is healing nicely, scabs are coming off softly, and itching is minimal. I continue to wear my binder, but finding myself talking it off more..need to invest in some spanx :) swelling is still there :/ cannot still fit in pre surgery jeans :( my ps doesn't want anything tight around my incision so it doesn't rub, I can handle a couple of weeks more. Well happy healing y'all!


I agree' u look great!!!
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Thank you I'm feeling better! How are you doing?
You look wonderful!!
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A little over 5 weeks :))

I am starting to feel normal again. Got in "regular pre clothes", yaay!!! I am wearing binder less and loving it. I continue to wear my silicone tape. I do feel swollen still but not as bad :) anyone know when is best to swim?


Looking good!!!
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Thanks sexy :))
You look fantastic!
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One week later @ 7 weeks :) workout

Well everything is feeling better but wouldn't say 100% yet :/ what a recovery process... But totally worth it. Started back working out... Kinda lets just say treadmill and bike.. 3.5 miles at an easy pace. I'm back in some pre surgery clothes, still wearing my silicone tape, actually driving to Okc for my last appointment. I will share tomorrow on what is said :)))


U look amazing!!! I love how gonce does the scar . I'm about 12 days PO from him as well. I have friends at work 2 years PO and their scar looks amazing so small !!!!
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I have a couple more questions for you. :-) Did you get lipo too? And how far apart were your consultation and procedure? I've already set a consult date for January 6th and if I go with him I have to plan out my vacation days at work. Thank you for your info!
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I drove about 4 hours and it was day surgery :) I had a 2 week post appt but it really wasn't bad :)
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