Excited and Nervous!! TT & BA - Oklahoma City, OK

Right now I am counting the days down until March...

Right now I am counting the days down until March 12th, I started dieting in December 15th and I have lost 19lbs, my goal was 20 before surgery, so I'm just about there, and I'm going to shoot for another 10lbs. I have had 4-Csections, with the last one going horrbily wrong I ended up horrible scars and tore up all the muscles inside and that was 9yrs ago, I'm so ready to be able to look at myself in the mirror, and not hate what I see. I chose Dr Garland Porterfield in OKC for my procedures, he did a mini tuck for a friend of mine and she loved him and suggested him. I feel good about him, he seem to really listen and cared about what I wanted and needed to look like when I am done. I have read so many womens stories, I have googled information about a million times. I'm just ready!! Any advice, or anything you gals can share to help get prepared for this, I would love to hear! I will post as I go.

Down 21lbs today!! Surgery is close!

Down 21lbs today!! Surgery is close!

Today is the 24th of Feb I am so excited about...

Today is the 24th of Feb I am so excited about the date getting closer, I am so nervous but ready. I really don't handle pain very well, I've been reading all the stories, so many different opinions on the pain of a TT

10 more days!!! I can't believe Feb went so fast,...

10 more days!!! I can't believe Feb went so fast, I was thinking I had time to get all my business work and personal life in order, but now Im on the count down! Im so excited, I keep going back and forth on the BA, the TT it's really a necessary thing, because of all the damage that was done I can never have flat stomah, no matter how much wt or exercise I can do, but BA I guess my biggest deal is, is that vanity??? Vanity is wrong, that's how I was raised, but I have wanted a BA since I was 14. The doctor said I have to have a final decision by Wednesday, confused, I'm afraid if I don't I will be very disappointed, and if I do, what are my in-laws going to think (father-in-law is a preacher). Anyway any comments on that I would really like to hear.
Im down 21 lbs, can't seem to lose anymore, hopefully I can pull off at least another 5, 10 would be great, but I think I'm suppose to stop dieting before the surgery, not sure how many days before.
I enjoy each one of your journeys, each one has great information in them.
hope everyone is healing great.

8 more days!! I have been cleaning and...

8 more days!! I have been cleaning and rearranging all weekend its kinda like nesting when your pregnant LOL! I haven't heard from my dr's office, I thought by now I would have gotten something about preparing for the day, idk maybe I'm just stressing I do that a lot! Hope everyone is healing and feeling good

I've been reading alot of different stories and...

I've been reading alot of different stories and list getting ready, alot have Arnica on them, I'm not sure what this is, and my doctor said nothing about it, can someone tell me a little about it, I googled it and I see what it is for, but do you need a Rx for this, and why hasn't my doc mentioned it?? BTW all your list have been very helpful some things I would not have thought of. Any info would be helpful and appreciated.

I'm getting more and more excited 6 more days I'm...

I'm getting more and more excited 6 more days I'm down 23lbs finally feeling like WOW this is happening! I have a great hubby he really is a great man SPOILS me rotten, according to my family, lol he will be home 3 wks with me to help, what a relief! I just read post where a girl had friend die from TT scary! ! Don't think I'll tell the family about that story. But makes u dbl think! But I have complete faith in God and my doc

Down to 3 more days, can't wait.

Down to 3 more days, can't wait.

Down to one day!! Hope today goes by fast, I'm...

Down to one day!! Hope today goes by fast, I'm ready to get this done!

Well tomorrow is the day! Hubby got me the...

Well tomorrow is the day! Hubby got me the executive suite so I could relax in the Jacuzzi and took me to crabtown, now can't sleep to excited to nervous and to top it off I freaking started! ! Suppose to be in 2 days guess it decided to come early!!!! Sucks! I'm the first pt in the morning so I guess that's good hopefully well going to see if I can get some shut eye TOMORROW BE ON THE FLAT SIDE CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Been up since 6 can't wait time is going by so slow!

Been up since 6 can't wait time is going by so slow!

Here we go

Here we go

I'm on the flat side! Pain is a lot less than I...

I'm on the flat side! Pain is a lot less than I was expecting! :) Boobs look great

1 day been good so far pain is not bad and is...

1 day been good so far pain is not bad and is not at all what I was expecting not bad my boobs don't even hurt its been great I will post pics as soon as i get home I was worried about porn looking boobs but they look real its awesome

Headed to doc to get the drains taken out I'm...

Headed to doc to get the drains taken out I'm sure I will upset the doc today I'm pissed about boobs I've wanted big boobs since I was 14 what I ended up with same tits just fuller and perkier well I can accomplish that look with a good bra from Victoria secret! I'm way upset not once did the office call and check on me. I pd 11000 for something I'm pissed off about very upset.

Ok apparentlly I was having a moment this morning ...

Ok apparentlly I was having a moment this morning my hubby says the boobs r bigger and that it is to early to say they r not right so I guess this morning I was having an off day! I shou

Now that I've seen the doc I feel better my boobs...

Now that I've seen the doc I feel better my boobs are 36d and he said dbl ds would have looked like porn star lol he doesn't do those so I'm bettet now and he said we don't even start massaing till next week

Added some pics, I finally figured out how to put...

Added some pics, I finally figured out how to put them on there, I will post more as time goes. I feel so much better about everything since I seen the Doc, this morning I was having some kind of issue, I don't even understand where that come from LOL!! DRAIN TUBES ARE GONE, doc said everything looks good and everything just has to go down and I will be flat!!! Boobs really do look good, I dont know why I thought they didnt this morning, I think this sports bra they give you seem to make them look smaller, I can't wait to go buy some sexy stuff!! Hope everyone is healing and doing good.

Well this is my last post since for some reason...

Well this is my last post since for some reason there are no responses, this procedure, best decision of my life, there has been hardly any pain, and it has been great, by breast get better looking everyday just took off the bra, and put on a shirt and they are going to look awesome. my stomach is flat and no pain the only thing I have is the muscle contractions, all I can say it is the best decision I have made, cant wait to go for the face lift next, Dr Porterfield is an awesome doc, and his work is great.
Hope everyone is healing and and doing great.

Added a few new pics of my tummy.

Added a few new pics of my tummy.

Went to doc today got stitches out my belly...

Went to doc today got stitches out my belly button is infected I knew it was yesterday a funk smell GROSS!! TG I work with doctors got some spray meds and cleaned it out PS said it's normal and it happens, but all is good I get to go to soft bra and spanx let me tell u spanx Are so much better!! No massaging yet I go back in 2 weeks. Let me tell ya the girls look huge in a normal bra so glad they are not double D's so happy with all result

Learned something today even if you feel like...

Learned something today even if you feel like ur doing good DONT go and spend all day shopping im HURTING TG I had some pain meds left

Well ladies went to doc today, not good, my...

well ladies went to doc today, not good, my incision is now infected and and the incision under my left breast is also infected!! so they could not seal the incision, and breast incision had an open spot also that is why it got infected, yesterday they did not look infected, but today it was there, started me on antibiotics and sent some of it off for culture to make sure what kind of bacteria it is. Makes me wonder if they took the stitches out to soon?? they say dont worry that it happens.Guess that is why I just dont really feel good. so maybe now I will start feeling a little better when the meds start working. Hope everyone is having a great day

I swear I feel like being on a rollar coaster,...

I swear I feel like being on a rollar coaster, your emotions are all over the place, yesterday i hated the way I looked, I was even wondering if my doc even did anything other than cut off the sagging skin LOL then this morning I get up and Im flat again, felt good even went to town in shorts and tank. Felt really good, still disappointed with my boobs wish they were just a little bigger but they will do. Hope every one is doing good. These emotional rollercoasters are driving me insane LOL

New pics Kricken I took pics in a tank, let me...

New pics Kricken I took pics in a tank, let me know what you think! actually I kind of like the boobs today LOL especially in the bra! Be honest let me know what you ladies think

Went to doc today every thing went good ...

went to doc today every thing went good infection is healing and they did not have to pack the wound and I don't have to go back for a month!! no cg at night but I feel better with it on, I can sleep on my side but it feels weird. so thankful things are healing. doc explained why my ba was the size they are he could not take them bigger I didn't have enough room to. so I can accept that and stop whining about it LOL. Hope everyone is healing and resting

Good morning all, hope everyone gets a good ...

good morning all, hope everyone gets a good day. Im 29dpo and I woke up hurting all not sure why, especially in my lower back. hopefully it will get better as the day goes. doc said I could sleep without binder but I tried it, I would rather have mine on. I keep it on take off a few hrs before shower. well guess I better pull myself together get ready for work. hope you ladies have a good day and good healing

Uploaded two new pics 29 dpo and the outfit im...

uploaded two new pics 29 dpo and the outfit im wearing this weekend

Had a pretty good day today, after the pains went...

Had a pretty good day today, after the pains went away, worked all day came home with a little energy left over, so there is hope all you ladies, I know it seems it will never end or better cause I was thinking that same exact thing, but today turn for the better!! hope all are healing good and had good days

Days are finally getting better, even with all the...

Days are finally getting better, even with all the severe storms and in and out of the cellar with my daughter, I only hurt a little afterwards, but this morning I was fine. working 8hrs days, coming home doing the mommie stuff, house stuff all by myself, since hubby had to go back to work. Tonight energy level is pretty good. So to all you ladies, that are still having a rough time, I promise it does getter better and then all you have to do is worry about weight gain. But the pain, the infections, and the disappointments, they will heal and get better. Happy Healing, Prayers for all of you.
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Hi ShellyC, how are you? I have scheduled my surgery for Nov 4 finally! Since I had been closely following your story early on I wanted to thank you! Hope you have healed well and are looking and feeling fab!
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The new pix look awesome!! Congrats! What a great shape you have now!
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thanks kricken, im finally enjoying and liking what I see, the infection is cleared up and everything is almost healed all up. I cant wait to tan and get into summer clothes!!
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Not sure if your open wound is healed yet. But what healed mine over night literally felt like that. After suffering for 6 months. Raw organic honey. Apply it to a non stick gauze change daily and remove only in the shower after its soaked.
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wow never thought of that honey is great for alot of things
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Forgot to mention that your breasts look really good. The size looks very proportionate!
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working mum. thanks.
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Shelly your pics look great. I'm glad the back pain went away. Based on your recovery do you think going back to work on postop day 22 (after 3 weeks) is an option? Imagine a tech job so carrying your laptop walking etx. Or would u recommend a full 4 week?
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working mum losing weight. carrying something and walking I would probably wait. my job I sit a lot and my staff was willing to do walking, lifting, and bending for me. I was lucky and have excellent people I work with. happy healing
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ShellyC, I think you look fantastic! I agree with Sprinter that I could feel your emotional ups and downs when reading your posts. I'm sure I will be going through the same thing soon. :) Just curious if the Drs thought you were a good candidate for a breast lift also? The reason I ask is that I was on the fence about the lift but I really didn't want the scars so I decided to NOT get a lift.
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Jennifer 7378 he never mentioned a lift but I probably could have used one. my friend had a lift on natural breast she said its very painful thanks for your complement. I am feeling better about myself as days go on. I will post a pic later today what I look like this morning. I was liking it!!
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I think you got great results without the lift! Would love to see more pics. I swear I'm addicted to this site. It's so nice to see what others are going through. I don't feel so 'silly' when I have dumb questions or concerns. :)
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I forgot to ask what size implant did you go with, and what kind?
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You made me lol when I was reading your day about being unhappy with your boobs! I could FEEL your emotional roller coaster! I don't mean to make fun, but they way you wrote it was really cute. I think they look good BTW! ;)
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thanks. I got the gummybear and 400cc and 375cc. the rollar coaster is CRAZY but ik in the end it will be worth it
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Shelly, You are two days ahead of me so I always like comparing how you and I are healing. I have one of my stitches underneath my breast that kind of split open but it's not oozing so I need to call dr to see what they want me to do about it. I updated my blog with some pics last week. Yours look good. I was sorry to see you had a split on your stomach incision. That happened to me on my last c-sec my incision got infected about week 5 and opened up and I could have stuck a quarter in it. They didn't close it up they just let it drain and put me on antibiotics for a week and eventually it oozed and healed up about 3 weeks later. I hope you are getting your energy back. Slowly but surely mine is coming back. I now walk on the treadmill at a 1.8 mph pace (close to a 40 min mile.) I chuckle to myself but try and remind myself that a few weeks ago that 40 minute mile seemed impossible! Baby steps right? and I completely understand about the rollercoaster of emotions. Just know you are certainly not alone!! :)
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mom to 5. wow your walking on a treadmill that is great. I also have a stitch that came open under my breast. but it is healing and closing. my energy is slow coming back I work 8 hrs a day and I'm exhausted at the end of the day. today I was sick all day felt like I need to throw up happens everytime I wear something other than the CG the doc gave me. weird ik but it happens. lol. ill be glad when the days get here Where we feel good. sleeping in my bed is uncomfortable but I can't stay in the recliner forever. lol. Hope you're healing good. I feel better that I'm not alone
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Shelly treadmill walking is much easier than returning to work full time! Holy cow I am impressed you have the energy for that! Today I did walk an hour on the treadmill and got 1/2 mile further than I did last week so slowly but surely I am feeling better but still hate sleeping on my back but can't sleep on side yet. So happy to have surgery behind me! This 4 weeks seems like overnight and forever all rolled into one!
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Hi Shelly glad to know you are healing well. Btw 36 d is a good size :-). Your pics looks good! I was reading your post again and I realized you had 4 c-sections.. Since I have had 2, I was wondering if the TT pain is close to the c-section pain (recovery wise) or easier or worse? With both my c-sections I had a morphine drip, pain pump, Percocet with dulcolax and Tylenol. After 3 days I remember I could feel turning a corner each time.. Just was wondering since you had 4, how you would rate the TT pain in contrast to C. No rush... Whenever you feel up to answering .. I have a long time to go get my mm done :-). Feel well!
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I've had people ask me that same question (I also had 4 csecs) and just had my tummy tuck / breast lift/augmentation March 14. I tell people the pain is similar except this time around nobody was handing me a newborn baby to watch and I didn't have 4 other children to look after. I was off pain meds after a week (only because side effects of constipation etc were so bad) but there would have been no way I could have been off pain meds after a week with my c-sec because of the demand of caring for little children while trying to heal. My kids are now older (9,11,13,15,17) so it made getting plenty of rest much easier. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to have more time on pain meds because at a week Tylenol and ibuprofen were not strong enough but if I layed down and didn't move and just rested it was tolerable. But the side effects were making me more miserable than dealing with the pain.
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Ok! Thank you mom to 5!
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working mum. I think the TT is nothing like c-section to me my c sections were horrible pain. my TT was nothing I took the pains meds. justs so I could sleep cuz sleeping on my back was tough. you will be fine you know what it feels like already so it won't surprise you. good luck with your procedure
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well they look like the perfect size to me! And your BB looks so much better! Glad it's healing so well! You have a fabulous body now!
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Has your infection cleared up yet? How about new pix? Can we see your chest in a tank top? 36 d sounds like a great size to be, I'm a DD - or larger sometimes. I hate being this big and am thinking about a breast reduction now that my TT is over. ( well, at 3 weeks PO it's not over yet! ). Your new shape looks fantastic. Hope the incisions look better.
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