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First Time Trying Botox! - Oklahoma City, OK

I am 42 and haven't taken the best care of my skin...

I am 42 and haven't taken the best care of my skin in the past. Received Botox for horizontal lines on forehead and Sculptra and Botox for the crack between my eyebrows. I went to a plastic surgeon recommended by a friend of mine. Procedure was fairly quick, I did not have numbing cream, and it was completely bearable. Afterwards I did have soreness where the filler was injected, that lasted a few days. I am now 10 days in and have seen softening of the lines. The crack is much better but still visible and I am planning to go back after 2 weeks to reassess whether I want or need a touch more. Overall I am pleased with my first experience!!!

Oh wow you look great!  I've only had botox once for the deep line in-between my eyebrows (like yours but even bigger).  It lasted a year for me and the muscles atrophied enough so that it never really came back.  I'm ready to go back and do my forehead- your results are exactly what I want.  Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Jill! It's funny because I had that "line" for awhile but for some reason it only started to really bother me the past couple of years. Glad I finally decided to do something about it! That would be wonderful if mine never came back either! Lol! Thx for your post!
Its great that you did your forehead and your 11 lines, I love getting my dysport or botox, you will find that with each time you have the procedure, ex like if you go every 3 mo. then the next time after you have botox again, the next time will probably be 4 to 6 mo. The more I did it, the less I had to go. I hope that makes sense for everyone. I hope that someone can give me the name of a Dr. who can remove my breast implants for a low price. I am saline under muscle, 450cc, incision is under each breast, My implants still look nice and I have no problems, I just want to go back to little. : ) I need to find an affordable Dr. Hope to hear from some one who could help me.

Went back 2 weeks later for a tad more!

So I went back in at my request after 2 weeks to reassess my results. One thing I did not realize until I read some of these forums is that Sculptra does not give you instant results, it apparently takes awhile. Had I known this I may have opted for a different filler like Restalyne or Juvaderm. At this point I am still waiting to see the full results of the filler as my "crack" although better is still visible. As far as the Botox I did have her add a few more units to my forehead lines so I will have to wait and see how I look in another week or so. At this point the wrinkles have softened alot but not totally diminished. Since this is my first experience, it's still a learning curve for me!
Excellent results how many units did you use in each area?
Good question!!! Can't remember but I'm gonna say about 30 to 35 at least!!! I ended up going to a different doctor last week for filler for the crack between my brow. Now it is almost completely gone!

Update!!! Went to new doctor for filler! Happy with results!

So after my last experience, I wasn't completely satisfied with the crack between my brows. It was still visible. Not sure why my doctor used Sculptra because according to MANY doctors on this forum, that is a place on the face it's NOT supposed to be used! Hmmmmm??? So I sought out another highly qualified plastic surgeon and he gave me a filler called boletero. Unlike Sculpra, the results were immediate and much better. Crack is barely visible now! I will not be returning to the original doctor, I am going to continue to use this new one. I am also planning to do Botox with him once my original results begin to wear off!
What was the name of the 2nd doctor you went to? I'm desperate to make my 11´s disappear and I'm also in the Oklahoma City area.
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