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Within two weeks of my facelift the swelling...

Within two weeks of my facelift the swelling started reducing and the original characteristics returned. By three months post-op the pre-post photos are the same. I had an excellent surgeon who says this seldom happens. Could it have been the absorbent sutures he used? I feel like as the sutures were absorbed the swelling which held the lift in place resolved and the original neck/jaw/jowls returned to their original position. Should the sutures have been non-absorbent?

I am 57 years old, 112 lbs, 5'3", nothing unusual. Now, at three months my surgeon agreed there is no difference from pre-surgery in my neck and jaw but says he doesn't know why I had a poor outcome. I don't know how unusual this is. I still have numbness and feel depressed,but I will redo the surgery with a less conservative approach.

Mine was a full facelift-SMAS with a reputable surgeon. I don't think he made any errors, just the outcome was disappointing.

Updated on 9 Jan 2011:
Did Dr Kamran Khoobehi say I should pay the surgeon to redo my face as well as the anesthesia and hospital fees? I understand repaying the surgical fees, but pay the doctor again to redo his work? My skin is elastic. I'm a non-smoker. Should he try a different approach or use non-absorbable sutures?

I'm so sorry to hear about your bad facelift results. :( It seems strange that it would fail so quickly. Did your doctor have any explanation for this?


I am redoing the face lift in 2 days. My plastic...

I am redoing the face lift in 2 days. My plastic surgeon said this time he will undermine the lower face and neck. It's true. When we are under anesthesia we don't know what they are doing. I thought he was doing this undermining with the original lift.....

Hmm, that's really weird behaviour from the doc, but I'm glad to hear the results are looking better.

My surgeon said he didn't know why it failed, but I had a "redo" (can't even call it a revision!) this time undermining the neck and jawline which is what I thought he was doing the first time. It cost another $2000 on top of the original $14000 but I'm 2 weeks post op and it feels much better, more secure. He said he was doing a full face lift the first time but I think he must have done a mini lift instead. I think that was cruel. Sadly he cut my eye muscle (levator) when redoing one of my eyelids. And, he and his office staff are treating me very "cool" instead of the original "friendliness".

My ps said he was going to do extensive neck...

My ps said he was going to do extensive neck "work" but I ended up with a mini lift that failed as the swelling resolved. Jowls and neck were as pre-lift except where he pulled up under my chin. It was horrible and very uncomfortable recovery.

By the end of month 4 I was so miserable I had a "redo". This time he properly undermined my neck and jaw and the recovery has been much easier and less painful because the tissue was properly supported. The incision is only 1 inch more along the hairline behind my ear.

I didn't know what question to ask the first time. I was told he did a face lift every week for years but now realize he has done very few full lifts. How much of the SMAS is dissected and anchored is the issue to focus on when you question the surgeon.

NHaven, Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible experience. But I have to ask..why did you give the procedure a a "thumbs up" rating? Sounds like it didn't go well at all.
Sometimes if you get severe swelling for a few weeks, the skin gets stretched back to its original size, and then when the swelling recedes it all sags again and you are back where you started from.
That's a possibility.
Actually, my facial swelling wasn't much the first lift. Now, I'm 5 weeks post op from the redo and my submandibular glands are descending again, but not as bad as the first time. This time he took a little fat off my jaw line so, overall, the outcome seems a little better. Frankly, I'm terrified after all of this my neck and jaw won't look any better. I try not too look because there are always ups and downs as the swelling decreases. I go for eye surgery with an eye surgeon in 2 weeks to repair the levator muscle he cut during the redo of my eye. What good is PS board certification anyway?

It's been a year since my original face lift and...

It's been a year since my original face lift and 11 months since my "redo". My neck is tight and sore with banding and the sides of my face are sore also. This entire face/neck lift business is all marketing. I can look "fabulous" in the right lighting and downright "creepy" in other light. I keep wondering if my face and neck will ever feel normal again. I had no idea that people felt this odd after a lift until I read so many similar posts on RealSelf. Maybe if the doctors had the procedures performed on themselves first they would improve their technique. I can't post my doctor's name because of a non-disclosure agreement. That means no one can post anything bad about him, but he can post as much good stuff as he can find!!!! Watch out for doctors with only positive reviews!
Actually, it was because of your post that I went back and changed my rating to "unsure"!!!! I had never heard of a non-disclosure agreement either and the doctor never said anything up front. It was the last document on the clipboard when I signed the batch of consent forms. I bet most people don't even know they signed one. I went up to the nurse and said, "You're kidding. Is this even legal to take away my first amendment rights?" By then I had already paid my non-refundable deposit so I sucked it up and forged ahead. Now I know better. I should have demanded my deposit back and moved on. Oddly, I really "liked" and "trusted" the surgeon. A super duper great salesman. I'm afraid to go back to him to try and figure out why my underlying tissue is not healing more quickly. The RealSelf doctor team has responded to my questions with huge variability. One said he'd never heard of such a thing in 20 years and thousands of cases. Another said my healing was perfectly normal and on track. Go figure!!!! It's also surprising how many face lift patients won't discuss their experience and misgivings openly except on the web and sites like RealSelf. Becoming educated in plastic surgery options is tough. I learned if the doctor has only positive reviews they probably manipulated them. You see non-disclosure means that you can't post anything bad even if true but it's okay to post positive events even if false.
Thank you NHaven for clearing that up for me. I thought I had a senior moment and misread your vote LOL! (I'm 63) You are right about the consent forms...now I'm not sure if I signed one or not. We are so accustomed to blindly signing those forms. Apparently I need to start paying attention more. BTW, Full disclosure...my husband is a retired physician, M.D. licensed in California, but not a surgeon. I asked him if he ever heard of a form like that. He said, "absolutely not" and he doesn't think it sounds very ethical...or legal for that matter. He also said he doubts it could ever be enforced. A false statement could be considered slander, but that would be dealt with after the fact, not before. Obviously, that is not the case with your situation. And I too, have noticed the huge variation in responses from the docs at this site...that's what has made me do a 180 on leaping into any more cosmetic surgery. As laymen, how can we possibly know who is right? I liked my PS who did the fat transfer too. Unfortunately he lied to me about the risks for that procedure. He told me it was "non-invasive" and had no down side. Hah! Another "super salesman." And I made the mistake of going back to him for fix. Bad idea, I ended up with scars on my eyelids as a result and now I am looking at big bucks just trying to get it "partially" fixed. For your situation, I would go back to him simply to see what he says...but I don't think I would let him do anything. I would see a few other surgeons for their opinions and then go from there. Yes, more money down the tubes...but it's your only face, so it's not worth the risk either. That is what I am doing now...the "caravan of consultations." I'm so bummed. I promised myself never again. Good luck to you. I truly hope you can get this resolved...and thank you so much for sharing your story.
Hi NHaven...my apologies, you rated "unsure"...my error. I had no idea that there was such a thing as a non-disclosure agreement for doctors! In the past I have signed arbitration agreements for cosmetic surgeries, that seemed bad enough. But I'm told even those can be gotten around depending on the situation. Maybe the "non-disclosure" thing should be a big red flag. I think I'm done with cosmetic procedures after a recent bad experience of my own (fat transfer)...and even more so after reading some of the stories here at realself. We are too eager to believe the success stories when we enter into plastic surgery...I know I was. Lesson learned. I do hope things will improve somewhat for you with more time.
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SMAS did not work although the surgeon is highly rated and I don't doubt his skill. I think the suture type may be to blame.

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