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I've has sculptra injections 4 different times...

I've has sculptra injections 4 different times over the span of a year. My main treatment areas have been crows feet area, temples, tear through hollows (very conservative in this area) and cheeks. I have a thin face, so volume was what I needed. The results look very natural and makes me look young and fresh. I love it and will continue to use it as needed. There was one area on my face that had a very defined sunken in area, I had to treat it with a different type of filler.

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Sculptra before and after pics

Here are the before and after the pics. The pics have number of treatments and how long it had been since the first treatment.


I am schedule for Sculptra in September thank you for your post it has provided me confidence in the recommendation of my physician next decision in my process.
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Best of luck to you!! I would love to see how it turns out for you.
Love all your photos!  They really tell the story- you can see subtle changes over time and I think you look great.  You were already really pretty but you achieved subtle results that make you look really refreshed!
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My sculptra face

After I read some of the other sculptra reviews, I felt I should add some more details regarding the look and shape of my post sculptra face. Some of the negative remarks I read said it made their face too full and changed the look of their face to the point that they didn't look like themselves anymore. On some level I do agree with these comments. I have always had a slim angular face. After sculptra, Initially I didn't notice it as much looking at myself in the mirror, but when I see pictures of myself, I am surprised at how totally different the overall shape of my face looks. Once I noticed it in the pictures, I started noticing it more in the mirror too. My whole adult life I would catch glimpse of myself in the mirror and see so much of my mother looking back at me. It suddenly occurred to me that I really don't see it at all anymore. With all that being said, I am still thrilled with my sculptra results and I consider it the best option for me. You just need to know what it is you are getting into and decide if it is right for you.


Could you let me know the name of your doctor? I'm thinking of getting fillers and am looking for a doctor in OKC. You look great!
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Thank you for posting -very helpful. My face is very similar to your before pics - very angular. After losing some weight, my face appears too thin. Can you tell a little bit about the area you described as being more sunken and requiring a different type of filler? Also, how was the post injection recovery?
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My wisdom teeth cause bone loss in my jaw. The bone loss causes a sunken in area at the back of my jaw and up into the lower cheek area. The sculptra def improved it, but not as much as I wanted, so I had it filled with Radiesse. Below is a link to the review I wrote on it. I'll post some more pics on this review of it also. Based on my experience, sculptra is ideal for adding fullness to areas that need it due to weight loss and effects of aging. Since it works by promoting your body to produce collagen, the results are natural looking, smooth contours and it lasts approx 2 years. If you have some specific problem area like I did, u can always spot treat it with one of the thicker fillers. As for the recovery, I always did it during the week and never missed a day of work. The main thing I experienced is soreness. Kind of like your muscles after a work out. The only problems I had occurred in the tear through hollows. Once she hit a blood vessel and it caused a minor black eye and another time she hit a nerve and the lidocaine paralyzed my eye muscles, but it wore off in like 10 minutes. I prob had one or two other small/light bruises but nothing significant. Hope this helps. If you need any more info, let me know.

Pics of the sunken hollow area

Here are some pics of the sunken dented area I had filled with radiesse. The area is located the back of my right side jaw and extends up into the lower cheek area. The hollow area is due to bone loss in my jaw. Here is review for that.

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More pics of the sunken hollow area

Oops, accidentally hit post button. Here are more before and after pics of the dent at the back of my right side jaw.


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Hi, can you tell me did the doctor use normal injection or a cannula?
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She used a typical syringe.
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