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I actually had a Mommy Make over on May 1st but...

I actually had a Mommy Make over on May 1st but there are so few pictures of mini TT I though I would post the pictures here as well. The scar is low. I had no drainage to measure, but a lot of swelling. Which is my only concern at this point. Well, I was a little surprised to find staples underneath all my bandages. I hope they give good results.


How many days til the pain and burning goes away? I'm day 3 and having little pain but lots of burning?
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How is ur swelling? Im still swollen and hate wearing this garment. lol
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I just had a nose job and a mini tummy tuck on april 30th. Today is day 8 of my recovery. Im still very swollen. How are you?
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2 1/2 weeks PO- I had the staples removed last...

2 1/2 weeks PO- I had the staples removed last Friday. So far so good. Towards the end of the second week going into the third I really started feeling human again. Even sleeping partially on my stomach. Sneezing and coughing are still uncomfortable but definitely more bearable. A lot of swelling...but I have also gained weight. Now that I am going back to's time to get back into my regular routine. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again!


How is your swelling now. I had a mommy makeover too with mini tt and lipo on 4/41/12 and am still swollen. In fact my tt pic looks like yours. Please let me know and I will keep you posted as well. I'm going to talk to my ps aboit lymph drainage massage to see if iy will help. I'm at 4 wks tomorrow.
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I stopped taking the heavy pain meds after 5 days and switched to Tylenol. After about day 10 I was only taking something to help me sleep. I didn't have a lot of burning though...In fact I still feel a lot of numbness above the incision.
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I'm 4 wks tomorrow and still have burning and swelling

2 June- Aaaah weight gain! the healing and...

2 June- Aaaah weight gain! the healing and results are going great, but the numbers on my scale keep climbing.


Yes I still have swelling just exactly like yours. Today was the first time that when I took of the binder that it wasn't uncomfortable to walk down my hallway. I don't wear my binder at night, all other times I do. I also keep it snug and if it hurts I will loosen it. PS said not to wear it too tight. I too gained weight, but started watching it 4 days ago. Just to give you a heads up on weight progression. I am 5'4" and weighed 154-5 lbs going into surgery. So I was a little chubby for me. Good weight for me is 135. At that weight my stomach was flat but had loose skin. Yuk! Surgeon said even though I wasn't at my ideal weight of 135 the mini tt would still work for me. Weight in ps office AFTER tt was 160. Fluids from surgery added 5 lbs.! Weight 4 days post op was 152. Weight 3 weeks postop was 155. Weight 4 weeks post op 157. Yikes, I was eating cookies and whatever I wanted and since I can't exercise I knew I was gaining fat pounds. Started dieting and now 4 days later I weight 154.5. I am trying to commit to watching what I eat so that I can get to at least 145 at my 2 month post op. So thats my weight journey so far. Hope that helps you. Maybe, we can be weight buddies on this journey and keep each other from eating our way back to fat tummies!
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Yes, I still have swelling. I wear the compression garment almost all the time. I tried a few hours without yesterday and I I could feel the MR area getting tender. So I put it back on with instant releif. I'll be glad to be rid of the thing. That and weight gain...yikes!!! It has been insane how much I have gained...I've got to get it back under control. What about scar treatment? Are you doing anything?

8 July-The healing continues. The mini tummy tuck...

8 July-The healing continues. The mini tummy tuck scar is healing nicely, but I have a little pooch above it. I'm not sure what my Dr. will say about it. Since it is only 2 months out I doubt he'll say anything yet, except it will continue to change over the next 6 months. I'm no longer using any undergarments, although I suppose I could. I don't feel any strain on my stomach anymore and I'm doing sit ups and such just fine.


I gained from 155.5 to 158.5 as of friday. Started dieting Friday and today I weight 154.5. So I lost 4 lbs this weekend. It was 5 lbs but last night I snacked on a chocolate cookie and chips. Ugh! I'm really trying. I am happy I have lost 4 lbs though. The extra 3 lbs I had gained really made my pouch above the scar line much bigger. I bought some dried fruit, and lime sherbert bars (70 cal) for when I get my dreaded sweet tooth. I also bought some carrots to replace my craving for chips, but it's really not the same. I worked in my yard this weekend for the first time in 2 months. I had to prune and trim all my bushes and then replaced 9 sprinklers in my flower beds. It was so dang hot. I was really glad I had a pool to jump into when I was done. So refreshing!
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A dip in the pool? That does sound nice! Hey, check out the site It's a great place to talk with other people struggling with weight lose. I find it's more comfortable to talk about the constant struggle to abstain with similarly minded people. I have been exercising more, but avoiding the scale. I'm afraid of what it will say! :(
Great2BMe: I have definitely been struggling with the weight. Mostly because I have a hard time saying no to food. :( How is everything with you going now? I still have a little pooch, but it is definitely looking better than it did.
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