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Liposonix on my Upper Arms - Oklahoma City, OK

I am 53 yrs old and have always hated my upper...

I am 53 yrs old and have always hated my upper arms. Since I didn't see any reviews on arms before my treatment I thought I'd share. I had it done three days ago and have redness, swelling and bruising but it is tolerable. I am wrapping my upper arms with latex free flexible wrap and it feels good because of the swelling. WARNING!!!! IT HURT SO BADLY. I felt the nerve go up my arm to my elbow and beyond. I won't do it again. I hope it will be worth it....we'll see. The nurse did her best to distract me with cold water, cold air, even a vibrator to place on my chest...nothing really helped.

How was the outcome?
Cathy how are your arms now? I was told that you COULD NOT do arms currently because the ultrasound goes too deep and that Liposonix has been working on a shallower ultrasound for just arms.

Hi Cathy, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with is. How are you feeling now it's been a few more days since surgery? Did your doctor tell you when you can expect to see results?

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