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Generic Version - Oklahoma City,OK

Yes, it works! To save money, I buy the generic...

Yes, it works! To save money, I buy the generic version and purchase it from an online pharmacy which ships directly to my home. I use a qtip by removing most of the cotton portion. My only word of caution is about every couple months I get a couple small eyelashes growing on the inside corner of my eyes. Probably application error by me. :). It's an easy fix to pluck them but OUCH!


It come in a small bottle. Each morning I take a qtip and remove most of the cotton and the place 2-3 drops on the smaller qtip. I rub the qtip with the medicine on it along my eyelashes. After it dryers I put on my makeup for the day and viola!
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I have read your genric version. But not understood .Can you tell me how to use these medicine.
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Eyelashes are supposed to grow on the inside corner of your eye. Very tiny ones. Thats normal.

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