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I just had my consultation today they were so nice...

I just had my consultation today they were so nice & helpful. I'm 5'4 195, 3yrs old & the mother of 3. I've been a DD forever I developed young & they went from nothing to way more than I could handle over night! I've had horrible back, neck d shoulder pain for a long time. Now it's so bad I've been getting injections & they've burned some of the nerves, but the back Dr referred me to a ps & said with all the problems I have the insurance wool probably cover it. Now I'm playing the waiting game the ps's office said 4-6 weeks before they here back. At the consult today he's positive I need a BR since they hang to my belly button,I have indentations in my shoulders & all the pain. The only thing that really concerned me was that he said he would have to completely remove the nipples &re-attach them. He said it would be like a skin graph & i won't have any sensation. Until he said it I didn't realize how much that mattered! I'm scared that my husband won't feel the same about them, even though he's been behind me 100% & encouraged me to go today.I'm so glad I've found this site d see there are so many others going through similar things & emotional rollercoaster rides! I just wonder if anyone else had the nipple removed & put back & how you've handled it. I really thought all the pain & clothing issues would have my mind made up but now that things are on motion I'm scared& unsure! Thank you all & good luck ladies

I did not have my nipples removed, however I can tell you that my breasts themselves have a lot of feeling in them even after the surgery. I know many of the girls do have the free nipple graft and they say they do not regret it because it was the only way to get to the size they needed. Don't hesitate to read the other reviews and ask questions or comment. Everyone is very helpful and would be happy to talk with you.

Ok so I've been busy & haven't updated yet. Got...

Ok so I've been busy & haven't updated yet. Got the approval from the insurance, & set up my appointment for August 21st 2012 yay! Not along wait time so I'm happy that I don't have time to talk myself out of it, I do better if I just jump in & go for it! My nerves are a little frayed but nothing I can't handle. The Dr was really nice & understanding & the girls in the office are awesome everyone was very helpful. I go Monday to get marked & then to pre-register at the hospital, no turning back now. Hopefully this will be an end to the majority of back issues, I know it won't fix the low back damage I have but, maybe it will help the stress on it. I know it has to help my upper back, neck & shoulders, so maybe my pain management Dr will stop using me add a pin cushion every few weeks! Lol well good luck ladies with whatever you've got going on in life! I will try & get some before and after pics up asap! Thanks for listening......

Wow, Breezy! That's like a week away! Congratulations :-)
Thank you, I know in the long run i will feel & look better! I'm so glad I found you wonderful ladies what an amazing support system!

Ok well I only have a few days before the big day....

Ok well I only have a few days before the big day. I'm starting to get a bit nervous, but I'm definitley getting excited. I have put up some before pics & will update as I go. Trying to get everything situated this weekend, does anyone have any suggetions to make my recovery easier? I've found all my comfy clothes & am working on cleaning. I have tried hard not to look at new bras and shirts but it"s exciting to know I won't have to buy things big & I might be able to wear a strapless top or a nice sports bra! It's amazing to realize how such tiny things like that matter, ultimately I will be happy to get rid of the pain! well good night ladies and thank you for listening!

I really had purchased too much stuff. For immediately after surgery I like having easy to digest foods on hand like bananas, yogurt, cottage cheese. Also make sure you start taking stool softeners like Docusate Sodium as soon as you get home from surgery. Your pain pills will be constipating and even if you have never had a problem with constipation you probably will with this. Take it every day until you are going to the bathroom normally and for as long as you are taking pain meds. I really liked having front close pj's to lounge around in. Extra pillows were a big help too. You will need some form of entertainment because you will go stir crazy just lying around. I'm a pretty lazy person by nature...until I'm not suppose to be doing anything, and then I see all of this stuff that I wish I could get vacuuming, dusting, etc. So pick up a couple of good books, or a coupld of seasons of your favorite tv show on DVD. anything that will help you to do nothing by lie still for awhile. And my biggest recommendation for healing is antibacterial bath soap. I used it prior to surgery and after surgery as well. I think I was about six months post-op before I quite using it. I was paranoid of infection and while I don't know how much the antibacterial safegard helped I know it certainly didn't hurt. I would also caution you to not leave your gauze pads or any other dressing material that is going to go right against your incisions in the bathroom. There are a lot of germs that fly around a bathroom, namely e coli, and you wouldn't want to take any chances one of those little buggers landing on your gauze pads and then placing that next to your incision line.

You are going to do great! Tuesday will be here before you know it!
Thanks I'm so excited, but starting to get nervous trying to figure out everything I need to have ready for my recovery. Any suggestions?

Surgery went good yesterday I'm definitely sore...

Surgery went good yesterday I'm definitely sore but doing ok. Everyone was very kind and helpful at the hospital. Well I'm glad to say the doctor didn't have to do the free nipple graft, I'm so happy about that. I will post pics as soon as I can, now I'm going back to sleep for a bit.

Congrats on making through to the other side! Will be anxious to see the pix when you feel up to it!

Feeling a little better today just antsy now that...

Feeling a little better today just antsy now that I'm not supposed to do anything! Lol I have lots of books to read but haven't cracked a single one. Well the doc took 2lbs from each what a difference, they look really weird right now like someone beat me! Took my drains out this morning & was able to take a shower that was nice. The nurse had told me on Monday when I went for my pre-op stuff that since he was doing the nipple graft I wouldn't be able to shower till this coming Monday. I'm so glad he saved them, my whole body it's swollen especially my stomach butt not a single spot isn't a little puffy! I'm loving this surgical bra very comfortable & adjustable Velcro straps. Haven't had much nausea except yesterday I over did it & couldn't sit still, I also am starving constantly! Well I am going to lay here and take a nap I will update later if I think of anything else. Thanks for all the support!

Ok I noticed some mistakes in my very first post...

Ok I noticed some mistakes in my very first post about my self. I'm not 3 I'm 30yrs old lol I have 3 boys & a stepdaughter, I'm a hospice nurse, I realize now why they say healthcare workers make the worst pts, I always thought I was good & never argued about my care! Now I know I'm a terrible pt, I have told my family & friends I'd be done at home alone & could do for myself! Ha it's not so fun when you feel sore & worn out but you're starving & realize you have to go make it! Lol but so far it's been ok I've managed to change my dressings & take out my drains. I also have realized that the nurses at the Dr's office are amazing they are always so cheerful when I call (which I've done twice since I've been home) they seen do happy to answer any & all questions & maker sure they ask how I'm doing. Dr Tu is a quiet guy but very sweet & answers all your questions & doesn't talk down to you like some docs do. He'd asked me on Monday what size I was hoping to achieve &when I said close to a c he said "I can't promise but I'll try to get you close". I had originally told them I was a 38 DD , but of course most of us wear the wrong size for whatever reason, so I'd gotten myself measured & found out I was really a 36H wow! He never said I told you so when I told him that, which was nice for a change. Ok well enough rambling I that's the passion meds kicking in lol. I do have a few questions for done reason it won't let me reply to my comments, so thank you ladies for all the kind words! Did anyone else have there whole body swell up after? Also I know how to deal with constipation, but for some reason nothing is working I've been taking laxatives & stool softeners & any foods that promote digestion, I really don't want to have to go the enima route so if anyone has a certain trick they used it would be much appreciated! I'm going to take pics this evening & will get the put up tonight. Have a good day ladies!
I tell I've done &said some crazy things this past week! Lucky for me I don't remember most of it! I've been using my smart phone to post, because the laptop was to heavy, so I guess it decided to autocorrect me to say what it wanted. lol gotta love technology. Well I've taken care of that issue I went the route of laxatives to get it moving, & am taking tge colace 2x aday. Did you have swelling from head to toe? I know it was a traumatic deal for my body but man I'm ready for my face, hands ,& feet to stop being puffy. Well I'm glad to keep you on your toes, to catch tge little things! I always say if you can't find something to laugh at even in the worst situations then life's no fun. I'm doing better and ventured out, even drove my self (no narcotics invovled until after) have to say turning was the only part that was uncomfortable. Alright I gotta find some lunch, thanks for all the advice.

There was a lot of swelling throughout my body. They pump you so full of fluid with the IV that it does take awhile to flush it all out. Try a low salt diet, and drink lots of water and you will eliminate it all in no time!

You could try to go the route that we do with babies and use dark Karo syrup. But keep going with the docusate sodium you could take that twice a day.

So not to make fun of your drug-induced post but nearly dropped my computer when I read that you were taking "passion meds"! Gotta love narcotics!

Hello ladies, well today is day 6 and I'm feeling...

Hello ladies, well today is day 6 and I'm feeling better still sore but able to get around more. I left the house again today and took the kids to the pool and visited the parents I didn't get tired as quickly like i did yesterday at the store. Since I was sitting in a lounge chair the majority of the time that wasn't as rough as walking the isles of the store! Anyways I found the August forum today what a great way to connect with others, wish I'd found it sooner, but I'm there now. I'm posting pics of day 2 post op after the drains came out, the only thing that's changed from then to now is I have a bit more bruising and maybe a little less swelling. All my previous issues have all been resolved and things look to be going in the right direction. I haven't really tested out how the new girls look in clothes or anything I'm just going for comfort for the moment, but I have cleaned out the bra drawer and can't wait to fill it up with comfy bras, sports bras. and some really pretty ones!! I've decide I prefer the little strapless soft summer dresses/cover-ups, they have been great no fussing with pants or buttons or zippers. I even chose this to wear to the hospital & it was good it made the hubby's job of dressing me easy just 3 things to get on me. I got lucky since it's still summer, but here in Oklahoma we never really put up the summer attire, in the mornings it's a little chilly so i just put a zip up hoodie on, I have all different lengths, colors and sleeve lengths so it's worked great & they're on sale too. So anyone debating what to wear for surgery & it's warm enough try this out & see what you think before hand, another benifit i got a few medium sized ones & lrg but the tighter ones give that extra compression and support. ok well enough babbling for one night bye for now!

Ok well everything has been going well, had my one...

Ok well everything has been going well, had my one week appointment with the dr &he said everything looks great. I tried wearing the surgical bra yesterday but it just kept rubbing my incisions, needless to say they are now raw and have a couple of spots that are bleeding or draining more. I went & bought a couple of sports bras at an athletic store yesterday that seem to be better. I noticed that my back where the bra is my muscles hurt almost feels like it wants to go out. I'm chalking it up (for now) to the fact I wore an ace wrap as a bra for a week & this one is very supportive. I'm not letting any of that get me down or slow me down, not that I'm really doing much lol. The nurse at the dr's office was impressed I could do my wrap myself, I had told her I only had help the day after surgery. Since my husband was at work & the kids were in school. I tried to take it easy but, when I know I'm supposed to stay still I can't do it! Im working on that I don't wanna set my recovery back any, I have managed to read one &a half of my books.
Thanks! I know what you mean My incisions are itching like crazy! The nurse wanted me to start wearing the sports bras but man they just rub my incision raw. The doc said that some spots would thin or seperate & so far that's the majority of pain. I will check out your review I was begining to think i was the only one on that day! Happy healing. if you have any ideas or suggestions on this bra thing that be great!
Breezy we were op August 20th buddies and I didn't even know it! You look GOOD!! How are you feeling? I'm at day 11 now and still feeling like itching the skin off of my underside stitches; so much bothering me but I am icing a LOT and that helps. I guess I'm swolen too but I'm so jealous of your nice shape!
Thanks Iowa71 I plan to update at least once a week. Sometimes these crazy gadgets are stubburn & won't let me! As soon as these steri strips come off I'll add more photos. Lately I've been working on my cheerleader skills for some of the ladies that are getting ready for surgery. This is an,amazing site that really does help you on this crazy road that we all on. For a long time I didn't realize that so many others were struggling with the same issues. Thanks again for the wonderful support!

Ok I've been having bit of a freak out, i noticed...

Ok I've been having bit of a freak out, i noticed that my T incision was starting to thin and get wider. I called my ps ovr the weekend and asked him if I should be worried, he told me it's normal and does happen to some that it will take about 4 weeks to heal. He said to keep putting a dressing on with a small amount of neosporin on to keep from sticking. I am wondering what to to about a bra everyone I have seems to rub there my surgical bras are to big now but all the other compression bras Ive found hit right where it's bothering me. I also have not heard about whether or not i an use any of the scar cream or oils to help the other areas of my incidsion that have closed. I'm going to work on getting more photos up today I only have some steri strips left around my nipples. other than the T issue things seem to be good, however i just started my period yesterday & WOW those babies were sensitive! lol Well not much else going on so I'll update in a few days or so.
thanks you are looking great! I know what you mean about the itching I'm so tired of it, from what i've heard after a couple of months they should start rounding out and lookig more natural. i've been havig issues with my right one the T incision is thinning and is seperating a little. I have probably over done it a bit and have to keep telling myself to knock it off! I just feel useless letting other do it all. I'm working on putting up pics as we speak! Happy healing, quick question what kind of bra have you been wearing I'm having issues with the ones I have & my surgical bras are to big ( lol never thought I'd hear myself say that) my sports bras just rub my incision like crazy!
Hey Breezy LOOKING GOOD!! How are you feeling now 2 weeks out? I just posted some new pics. I'm overall really happy (except for this damn itching that will NOT STOP) Seriously it's relentless.I noticed our boobies were shaped very similar with a bit of thickness of keloiding near the cleavage area. Is yours healing up well? Mine feels very unattractive and PS and I will be discussing that FOR SURE come my 1 month post op on the 21st. Overall thought, I'm kind of 'overdoing it' on the lifting. Had my mom come back and help me clean and organize my closet today. That was fun and made her feel special and needed. Anyway I like the way things are looking for you Sunshine!

Today has been rough, not really because of the...

Today has been rough, not really because of the boobs, my lovely kids brought home a stomach bug. It has been miserable holding my tophalf everytime I throw up! Hopefully this is over by tomorrow, I haven't been able to hold water or anything down, I pray it doesn't set my recovery back. I finally posted my 2 week pics for some reason they didn't want to upload last night.
just keep resting breezy.... especially after this flu bug... :)
Thanks katty, I plan to rest as much as possible. :) truthfully I don't feel like moving my butt anywhere. lol
Hope you feel better soon!

Well I'm feeling so much better today, just a bit...

Well I'm feeling so much better today, just a bit tired. I noticed this morning in the shower that one of my steri strips around my nipple was coming off, but it hurts like if you were to have a scab ripped off. I think congee Monday morning I'm going to call my ps again & see if I can get seen just to make sure everything its ok. Still have the thinning & separation at the T incision, but it doesn't seen to be getting better. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I really want that area to close up, then it wouldn't be so bad. I'm just terrified it wool get worse & then next thing you know there's a giant hole & infection. Since I haven't seen the ps since the week after & only talked to him on the phone about this, I think I'd feel better if he at least checked it out & go from there. Thank you all for the well wishes & support, hope everyone is doing well.
Thanks natalierw, I agree & you always worry more when it's you!
im glad your feeling better.! I dont blame you being concerned about that spot,it wont hurt to call and get a nurse to take a peek at it if the dr dont have space available,,for reassurance..lookin better always is a great feeling!.

Hello ladies, hope everyone is doing well. I'm...

Hello ladies, hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing great, the doc said everything is looking good & healing up. He said it's a common issue he sees with the t area, that sometimes it stalls out & next thing you know it's healed. The last 2 to days have been wonderfull here in Oklahoma, loving the cooler weather, I know it probably wont last so I'm taking advantage of going outside without pouring sweat! I'm so in love with my new girls, I almost feel like a perv, i can't seem to keep my hands off! This itching business is crazy, but as soon as i take a shower it stops for a few hours. I've been oiling these babies up but it still doesn't stop the dry skin on my incisions lol kinda gross if I'm wearing a dark colored bra, it's like my boobs have dandruff! I borrowed one of my stepdaughter's bras today that's a little big on her, I was floored when it fit perfectly, It's a 36 C! If I'd tried that on a month ago the cup would have only covered a nipple, I still feel amazed when I look at these tiny bras I never imagined I could wear one. i haven't fit into something like that since elementary school, I have also tried on some of the cute nighties that I was always so embaressed to wear for to long, because my boobs would hang down where they didn't belong. It always to an act of congress to keep them close to the boobie section lol! I can't wait to be able to buy cute things, I'm already thinking about next years bathing suit. It's really amazing how much better you feel being smaller, I don't understand why some women want to have enormous boobs, I think clothes look so much better without them. Well goodnight for now.

So great to hear your excitement! Congrats!!
Dr. Quang Tu

My spine dr referred me to him, so far I really like him & his staff was very sweet & answered all my questions. I'm so glad I was referred to Dr Tu's office they are amazing! He answered all my questions & never made me feel stupid for asking them. The nurses in is office have gone above & beyond an always with a smile, I know,I'm not the easiest pt. Since I'm a nurse myself & they make the hardest pt's. But those girls do a wonderful job, when they said they would do something they did it, &always knew my name before I signed in. So if anyone in the Okc metro area is thinking about having this done I recommend giving Dr Tu's office a call!

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