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I am 19 years old and done growing. I ended up...

I am 19 years old and done growing. I ended up with 34a/b size while the rest of the family experienced much more breast growth.
I am 5'2 and 105lbs, and still in the body of a 15 year old. I'm a college student now and for the longest time I just wished my body would grow out and look like a young adult woman.There are even men out there that have bigger breasts than me!

So I finally scheduled an appointment with a PS and from a recommendation and agreement, we decided to go with 380cc to MY left breast and 390cc to MY right breast.
They are High profile saline, and the incision will be under the breast and placement under the muscle. The implants are determined to come out as a full sized c cup.

I am so excited for the big day and i can't wait to fill out tops, swim suits, bras, everything. I am still in decent athletic shape and I have been working out the past month, so hopefully it will help with my recovery.

Check back the day of or the few days following for another post!


Thank you! Yes my goal is just to be one more cup size bigger and fuller. Nothing too dramatic. And my Surgery is tomorrow June 19th!
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You look beautiful now, but one picture generally doesn't tell the whole story. I hope you're happy with your implants. Please come back and let us know how it all goes. When is your surgery scheduled for?

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Hi even me i agree with fitluv i thought its an after photo. If you see my pics i was much worse than you and im 32yrs old!. Good luck
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I am 6 hours post-op and I am feeling GREAT! Once...

I am 6 hours post-op and I am feeling GREAT! Once I woke up from the anesthesic, I felt so drugged up and dizzy of course, a little shaky, and had a very dry mouth from all the pain meds I was put on. After an hour of the procedure, I was moving around easily. I can't lift my arms all the way up but I can type, carry light things (my prescription packages and bottle of water) like I was perfectly normal. I had sat in a car for an hour post-op for my drive back home. We stopped by Wal-Mart to get the prescriptions and during the wait I was walking around like I never even had a surgery! Of course doing that activity the same day will make me more sore tomorrow. I do have an occasional feel to throw up when I was moving around too much. So I took my nausea medication and am resting now for the night.

My breasts aren't hurting right now but they are VERY Numb! I do have a little nipple sensation back already so that's good news!
My cleavage is that of what I call "porn star boobies" so hopefully this bandage I'm wearing across my chest with help give them a little natural relaxed look. I have to wear this strap for 2 weeks straight everywhere I go, except for when I sleep. I do however have to sleep with my post-op button in the front bra, which is good though so when the breasts are healing, they will heal in a proper way and not sag without support so much.

I was told for the next 3-5 I am going to need off work, resting real good for the first 24-hours, and when comfortably capable I can get up and around for a little bit to reduce blood clot and to get a general movement back into my daily life so they don't heal with me being too stiff. The nurse said my stitches in the bottom crease of my breast incisions will dissolve within 7-10 days and the incisions themselves will close up good enough to not wear bandage by 1-2 weeks.

Feel free to ask any questions about pre-op and post-op! I had searched and asked so much myself as well!


Hiya Tlee~ glad to hear your surgery went well. What make you decide on saline over silicone? I have silicone and they feel very natural, but many people believe saline is safer. You have very pretty breasts now, I can just imagine how great they look now after the BA!!! Hope you have a speedy recovery....Thanks for sharing your story:-)
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Good luck for tomorrow. Hope everything goes fine for you :)

It is DAY ONE post surgery. I went to sleep last...

It is DAY ONE post surgery. I went to sleep last night perfectly fine but woke up to the worst pain ever in my chest!
I couldn't reach up/down/sideways. And I had to have my boyfriend lift me up to get off the bed. So right away I took
my pain medication, muscle relaxer and antibiotic to relief pain and ate breakfast immediately. About an hour later
I felt so much better. I put ice packs on the side and tops of my breasts to relief the swelling and ache. I had also
started putting on the Palmer's Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream to help with elasticity. Drinking plenty of water helps
this as well.

I have read reviews before my surgery and some said they could hear and feel the saline implants. I can too.
However it is completely normal for the first week because the healing layer between the rib cage and the implant.
as well as the binding of the implant and muscle, has not developed the protectant layer just yet. RESTING and
not over using your body this first week will determine how soon that will end, as well as the overall pain of the
surgery as well!

My advice is to rest rest and rest real good for the first 3 days at least. Even if you feel like you can perfectly move around.


Yes, rest is essential. Be sure to take it easy and don't push yourself too hard!! I still think your breasts were PERFECT before the BA - hope the final result looks as amazing as your did before. take care:-)
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Few days before surgery I was on a heavy period. By the time surgery (Tuesday) and through today (thursday), I am still slighty bleeding from my period, but it is pretty much done. And yes I am using ice packs to each sides and the to about twice a day for like 30 minutes. How long did it take for yours to stop having that sharp pain on the sides near the incision?
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The pain would come and go . I could go days and than it would come back . It's part of the healing . I'm not in any pain now I'm 6 wks . I hope the aim gets better . You can do ice more than twice a day .

DAY FOUR: I am doing so much better when it...


I am doing so much better when it comes to feeling sore and how to cope with it. This morning I woke up with
minimal swelling pain and once i got up and around, it went away. I still have some sharp pains located
at the bottom - inner sides of my armpits when I use my arm muscles too much. Also, I still have that fluid like
feel to the outter-sides of my incision areas. I believe it is where they put drain tubes, but I didn't need those I guess.

Overall, I would say I feel much better than the other few days. I have been taking all my medications still, but I
plan on stopping the Percocet starting tonight. Earlier, I had ate lunch and took my meds and immediately
took a 3 hour nap. Afterwards when I woke up, I was feeling nauseous. So I went to the kitchen but couldn't find
anything that looks appetizing. The feeling got worse as I started feeling shaky and hot/cold tingles. My temperature
was only 97.7 so I wasn't sure what was going on. Eventually I went to vomit and felt better. So I'm not sure what
caused that but I'm now going to stop the extreme pain reliever and move on to tylenol extra strength. I am eating
crackers right after this happened and am feeling so much better now.

My breasts have definitely went down in the swelling but are still going to need more rest and ice before it's
complete. The strap I wear is bugging me! The only thing that is encouraging me to keep it on there is the fact
that my breasts will look so much better in the end.

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TODAY IS ONE WEEK post-op from surgery! Tomorrow...

TODAY IS ONE WEEK post-op from surgery!
Tomorrow I go to my first check up and I am excited with my recovery. My first few days honestly were a wreck
and I really hated not getting sleep, getting sick from the medication, carefully doing everything, that part is the worst!
The past 3 days though have been great for me. I actually have probably done more than I should! I'm already driving
and carrying groceries without any hurt or problem! I am still sleeping on my back for the sake of implant placement
and wearing the strap ALL the time except for shower and sleep. I hate that thing lol. Anyways, My breasts have
softened up almost back to normal I'm excited as well as the placement/direction of the nipples. The swelling has
been depleted and now all I am worried about is the dropping of the breasts and the incision area healing.
It still hurts when I am sitting and try to twist around my upper body because of the incision and the steri-strip
tape that is still intact. I am currently using Palmer's cocoa butter stretch mark cream because it is nourishing
and recommended for BA from others. Also I have began the past few days massaging the breast as well as the
entire area around so it can drop and relax, I have been in sports for years so making care of muscles is no biggie!
I have posted a picture of my breasts as of today, I will make another update in a few more days or a week!


Congarts. I had the same procedure done on June 8 with a different dr. I cannot wait for mine to drop. Thanks for posting this up.
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They look really nice. Will be even better when they settle! Glad recovery is going well.

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I have to say your breast were PERFECT before the surgery I wouldn't have changed anything at all about them. They were round, full, perky, and your nipples were the perfect shape/size. Seeing your outcome makes me think twice about even thinking of getting implants. If I could get results like your before picture I would do it so fast lol. But I'm glad you are happy with the new ones at least guess that is what is most important ;)
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Happy 4th everyone! This is my 2 week (15th day)...

Happy 4th everyone! This is my 2 week (15th day) post-op review! My breasts are doing so great! Last week during my 1st week post-op visit, my surgeon said that they are going well and the timing is great. I have to wear the strap still and it is helping a lot with the dropping. My breasts are still very firm, and I am still doing the cream when I wake up and before bedtime. Does anyone else have any suggestions towards helping with the firmness and the dropping? I would just like to know from other stories! I have been barely using my muscles as told from the surgeon except for occasional lifting and et, from the job and at home. I can say now that from just wearing a tank top, my chest looks normal again! I will post a picture in the next week!


Hiya tlee~ How are you doing? I hope your breasts have dropped more and you are happy with them. It took 2 months for mine to settle and obtain a pretty shape. Waiting is the hard part!!!!! Lol
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Oh my gosh. I lobe then!! Cingrats :) I have a question; Where did you get them done? can you please email me. I'm planing to get them done next year. My email is thank you :)
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they will drop give them a good three months for them to look normal..My doctor told me to avoid carrying anything more than 5 lbs for at least a month. and i massage them 4 times a day. Also after the second week I was told to lay on my belly for about 15 mins. I wasn't able to do it due to the stitched hurting but I tried doing it a couple minutes at a time. Good luck and thanks for keeping us posted :)
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Tuesday June 19th was the date of my breast...

Tuesday June 19th was the date of my breast augmentation, today is Friday July 20th! Just a little over my ONE MONTH POST OP!! I had my 3 week visit July 11th and my surgeon said I no longer have to wear my strap and I am almost ready to continue my everyday normal activity (including running, mowing, ect) I don't have to go back until August 8th for the 1-month check-up. She had also said that at my 3 week mark I have a really good recovery and that they are doing better than expected so I can already do minimul arm excersizes enough to not have me so sore the next day. I have started using Mederma cream two days ago and so hopefully this helps with the scar healing. Iam also still taking the 800au of Vitamin E a day and massages. I am so happy with my new breasts, the shape, set, everything! Evebnmy boyfriend of almost 1 year has been extremely supportiveand helpfull through this process, and he loves them! By 6-8 weeks my surgeon said I should be having no troubles with activity. I am so glad I followed through with this surgery. I will be posting an updated picture in a few days when I can connect my camera to the laptop.


Hi! I have a question :) did you do a payment plan for your augmentation? I'm 19 as well, make about 2000 dollars a month but am so scared I won't get approved!!!! By the way the ladies look awesome ;) lol
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OH my goodness. Your breasts look so beautiful before surgery as well. If I had those instead of mine before BA, I never would've bothered to get a BA.
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would love to see an updated pic and how youre feeling with them now? To be honest...your 'before' breasts were about as picture perfect natural breasts anyone could've asked for lol...I would love to have THOSE! nice shape and perky anyways! Im still waiting to take the plunge!
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