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I am a 29 mother of 4 beautiful kids ages are...

I am a 29 mother of 4 beautiful kids ages are between 11 & 2. I got pregnant with my first at 17. I weighed 110 then gained 68 lbs. It was awful my stretch marks had gotten stretch marks. My boobs are deflated 34B's. My belly has a muffin top, not a pretty sight. My honey says theres nothing wrong with my body. All I can think is damn you need glasses bad. I've been to 3 Surgeons they all have told me what I already know that I am a good candidate for a mommy makeover. My fiance wants me to do the surgeries separate cause he thinks that the surgeon will be in a hurry trying to get them done. So I scheduled the tummy tuck on Mar. 26. I will post pics. of my craziness when I get closer to my date. I'm afraid my anxiety will be through the roof by the time my surgery day gets here. I was nervous scheduling it. I hope all is good on the tummy tuck road to recovery. Later.

I paid the deposit. No turning back now. I'm...

I paid the deposit. No turning back now. I'm having my tummy tuck first with no muscle repair. I'm happy about that cause everyone says that it is so painful. My doctor hasn't mentioned a pre-op appointment but I guess its still early. They have to get me med. prescriptions somehow. So I will wait. So I will be released after the surgery but I will have to stay the night at a hotel within 30 mins. of my doctors office. Well gotta go for now. Happy healing.

When I tried implant sizers an looked in the...

When I tried implant sizers an looked in the mirror, they definitely looked foreign to me.....on me. It'll surely take a little bit to get used to to going from small ones to nice ones.

Okay so I just found out that he doesn't do...

Okay so I just found out that he doesn't do pre-ops which is scary. What if I change my mind about something. We are not going to be on the same page. Is it normal for docs. not to have one prior to surgery. They just mailed out a piece of paper telling me what to wear, what not to wear, and no smoking. No food or drink 8hrs. prior to surgery. I have to arrive 1hr before surgery. What about the stuff that I will need after surgery for wound care and such. Do they expect to get it after surgery. I can hear them saying, (OH, BY THE WAY YOU NEED TO GET THESE THINGS ON THIS LIST ON YOUR WAY HOME) If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have a clue. I just don't like the idea of not having one. Thats were he is supposed to put my mind to ease an answer any last min. questions I might have and give me a couple valium if need be. I don't know how this will pan out.

Welcome to RealSelf.

I would insist on a pre-op. If it sets your mind at ease you should be able to ask last minute questions, etc. I think it's unusual (at least from what I've read) to not have a pre-op.

Here's a list of supplies you might consider for recovery. Hope it helps. Please keep us posted!


Sorry ladies I haven't been on here for a while. ...

Sorry ladies I haven't been on here for a while. I got picked for jury duty, so I've be busy. I wanted to start off by saying thanks to my Doctor for putting my mind at ease. For reminding me of the reason that I chose him. He is very confident in his abilities. Only addresses the issues you have with your body not what he thinks you need. It is nice to know that if I feel the need, I can come in for a visit before my surgery . He called me on a weekend so I know that he makes his patients his number one priority. His office staff were also wonderful. He was on time for my appointment. I could go on and on. I am 2 mths. from surgery. Feeling wise, I'm calm as a cucumber. I'll post when I get closer to my day. Thanks and happy healing ladies

Ok, so I'm trying to upload pics but having...

Ok, so I'm trying to upload pics but having trouble. what the heck....

I can't figure out the pictures so I got to wait...

I can't figure out the pictures so I got to wait til my honey gets home so he can figure it out. I went an got some clothes to wear after surgery and some necessities. I got a month to go. When you are having surgery especially a elective surgery you become this walking ball of emotions. I find myself asking do I really need this or am I just being plain selfish. Well I gotta to go pick up my kiddos I'll post those pics. asap. Happy healing

So I finally figured out how to post pics...I am...

So I finally figured out how to post pics...I am 3wks. away from my tummy tuck and I will be having breast implants this summer as well. My Dr. said he will feel more comfortable doing on at a time cause I had a little complication the first and only time I was put under. So I talked to my kids about the surgery. My girls are really ok with it.....they can't wait to be able help me. My son says that I don't need it......I'm fine the way I am. So my cousin is wanting a mommy make over as well. She wants saline implants she thinks they're better. She told me that she wants them hard as a rock....wth......not me I want some that look natural and feel soft. She won't be thinking that when the big boogers spring a leak. Well got to go 4 now. Happy Heal Ladies.
Did you end up going back in for a pre-op appointment to calm your nerves? What size implants did you decide on?

Okay so I heard something today that I have never...

Okay so I heard something today that I have never heard before.....I'm wondering if its true. So when you get a tummy tuck you also get a lift....a pubic lift. If don't wax and just shave it will look like your hair is growing out of your incision. I don't think I can wax.....let me rephrase that I know I can't wax. Tried it I thought I was going to have to walk around with wax strips stuck to me..Well got to Happy Healing Ladies.
I'm torn between 375 or 400. I haven't scheduled a pre-op. I figure I will tell him the day of surgery so it will be fresh in his mind (make sure the scar is low and that it doesn't look like its frown at me when I look in the mirror).......I dont like the look where the incision gets higher over the pubic bone area. Girls have a hard time trying to hide it. Judging from his before and after pics. hes good at keeping them low tho.

So I went to school to be a Surgical Tech. I had...

So I went to school to be a Surgical Tech. I had my son premature and he was sickly. I tried to take leave but they just dropped me from the program. I made it to half way threw my clinicals. I've seen some surgeries so it not new to me. I wanted to see a tt being done. My mistake! It trips me out knowing that I'm going to be cauterized. That is the one instrument that makes me cringe. No more utube for this girl. Knowing my luck, I'll be having nightmares about it while I'm having surgery.

So I made a list of things....from the list of items that Angie gave me thank you! I will be doing my shopping the day before surgery. I'm always waiting til the last minute. I hope I find everything....fingers cross.

I can't quit looking at the calender. Anyone else have this problem? I keep going over in my head (once I get this done then I will have this many days) so and so forth.

I keep thinking.....18 days is a long time to wait! This waiting is for the birds. Then, I know when it comes time ....I'll be like....where did the time go (I need more) lol. I'm a hot mess!
Well ladies hope all is well.....Happy healing
Good luck! You'll do great. I'm not sure why your surgeon won't do your implants and TT at the same time? I guess every doctor is different.
Thanks Sweetie, When I was put under before I had a complication and the Dr. didn't really know what caused it. So Dr. Jones wants to do one surgery at a time as a precaution. He said I could do both be he would feel better if I did one at a time.
That's understandable. Better safe than sorry for sure.

Hey Ladies, I had a little time so I wanted to...

Hey Ladies, I had a little time so I wanted to check an see how everyone is doing. Its spring break so the kiddos are home. Which is good cause I wanted to spend time with them before my surgery. I got 8 days to go. I know they are going to go by fast. I want to say that I'm not nervous cause I have faith in my doctor and anesthesiologist.....but I that would be a lie. I mean I DO have FAITH IN THEM but I can't help but to be nervous. I've been thinking about the pain of the incision. I keep thinking about the day of the surgery. Whats will be going through my mind. My honey is going to bring the laptop to the Hotel so hopefully I will be able to post to let y'all know how it went.. I sent in the final payment of $6,000 on the 14th. That made it more real for turning back now....not that I would.....but I felt more relaxed having that option. That probably sounds weird, huh? I forgot to mention, my honey hopes that the pain is so bad, I won't want to have my breast done this summer. I joke is on him cause I imagine its like having a child. Hurts like heck at first but a few days later when you see the results its all worth while. I just hope and pray that the scar is narrow and low. Well ladies its bye til the 25th. Happy Healing:-)

So I wasn't going to update until Monday. My PS...

So I wasn't going to update until Monday. My PS office called an told me I need to get a pair of Futuro Thigh High to wear 5 days before and 5 days after surgery. OMG trying to put them on was almost next to impossible. I was a pulling, yanking, and a tugging. I was about admit defeat then I got the first one on. I hated to think that there was one more to put on. Now that thats over I must say they are very uncomfortable. Thats it for now. Happy Healing.

Well ladies, I got 3 more fun filled days before I...

Well ladies, I got 3 more fun filled days before I can't stand up straight anymore. So tonight is date night. So my honey and I decided to go pick up the stuff on my list. That way if I can't find something....Then I can try to find it Monday when I pick up my meds...I'm still nervous. I hope I don't start freaking out before surgery. I will try to keep in mind that I'll be in good hands! Dr. Jones is one of the best doctors around. He has patients that come from different states. Even the other plastic surgeons told me that he is excellent doctor. I can't wait to show y'all ladies my results. Don't forget I will be doing a breast aug. in a few months after my tt heals. So I've been cleaning...I mean deep cleaning....leave no germ behind kinda cleaning. I think its kind of a ritual we ladies go through. I've been kinda stressed dealing with my daughter's father and his wife. He has only paid 6 to 8 mths. of child support in 11yrs. I'm sorry but if I didn't take care of her, she would be takin away from me. So thats what I started to do to him. These people are ridiculous "They are having a hard time". They live in a house his father gave him. So no rent. Did I forget to mention there are 3 adults living there. They all have cellphones, internet, and cable. They can save their sob stories. He going on owing $30,000 in back child support. Well ladies got to go for now. As always happy healing!

Hey Ladies I'm 19hrs away from surgery. I will...

Hey Ladies I'm 19hrs away from surgery. I will be on the flat side with my tummy tuck sisters this time tomorrow. I called the school to make changes to who is going to pick them up. I picked up reduced sodium soups and crackers. Some much need pineapples:) Some pads for aunt flo cause thats the one thing my honey refuses to pick up for me. O yea, some stool softener. Lastly, my meds. So while I'm under the hubby will be going to get the hotel room. Lets see, am I forgetting anything? I was instructed on lotions or oils of any kind below the neck. I can however wear makeup . Wear loose fitting clothes. My surgery will be 3hrs. It will take 45mins. to a hour in recovery. My hubby doesn't want to see the incision. He don't even want to see me being marked. Just the thought of it makes him sick. What else??? I am nervous....I'm afraid of the nausea. Oh an the cold air. I know the shivering will make your muscles tense up. Not good! These stockings bug the hell out of me! Earlier at Walmart those damn things started to slide down. I was trying to pull them back up. It was like a tug of war match.

I don't know if I will be able to post in the morning. We got to leave by 6:45. I will try my hardest to update after the surgery.

Until then, Happy Healing all you beautiful ladies!
Good Luck! Let us know how it goes? Does your doctor use a pain pump?
Good luck! Thinking of you! Just remember, the first three days are the toughest. You can do it!
You will be in my prayers.

I am 3hrs post-op. I woke up from my dream. ...

I am 3hrs post-op. I woke up from my dream. I'm not for sure what it was about. My incision burned like crazy but didn't hurt like I thought it would. I have one drain. I can pee on my own. Absolutely no nausea at all. Woke up alert but shivering (a side effect from be put under). I'll keep y'all updated. Thanks Dr. Jones and your team for taking such good care of me. Happy healing ladies.
Yay! Now rest, rest, rest!
Congrats! Take lots of rest!
Congratulations! Welcome to the flat side. Happy healing to you.

I went to my doctors today. I got to see my...

I went to my doctors today. I got to see my belly. I think....... no rephrase that I know I'm in swell hell! Its awful.. I walk bent over not hunched over, lol. But on a positive note I had my first BM today! I don't really need any help getting up or down. It is a very slow slow process. My back does ache too. I itch crazy bad. I was shocked when I seen my belly how swollen it was. I felt like crying but I had to remind myself that it takes to heal. So time will tell how great my belly looks. I also want to thank all you wonderful ladies for your support. It means a lot. I try to post some pics. Happy Healing Ladies.
When you get a second, take a look at my three-day pictures-- they are so terrible that I've thought of taking them down. Swollen, bloated, I thought "why the hell did I do this?" I promise it gets better. Another RS'er wrote something on a post the other day about focusing on recovery and not results in the first few days and weeks after surgery. I think that perspective is so incredibly important. Focus on healing your body. THEN focus on your new sexy self :)
Thank you, sweetie!
Thank you! I plan on it.

I am amazed at how easy I am able to get around...

I am amazed at how easy I am able to get around today. My drains are putting out 15cc's every 5 hours. Not bad considering I was putting out 50cc's at first. The swelling has went down a lot!:) The bad thing is I itch really, really bad. I think my honey likes me depending on him. Now I don't like having to rely on others but if it makes him feel happy then I'll do it. Oh, my back feels sore. I have a appointment on the 1st. Its a good thing I need to have these nasty dressings changed. Especially the one by the drain it looks awful. On my experience I give Dr. Jones 2 thumbs up. Well I'm going to go for now. If theres something that your wondering that I have not addressed feel free to ask. Happy Healing Ladies
Yeah, I had to stop an remind myself that its not the final result..... far from it. And that Aunt Flo should be visiting any day now. Thats probably the reason why I'm emotional. It does look a lot better to day. Thanks for making me smile and reminding of whats important!

Hey, all you beautiful ladies. I haven't updated...

Hey, all you beautiful ladies. I haven't updated in a few days. So I figured I would. I been trying to take it easy. So yesterday was my doctors appointment. My drain got taken out. That was so painful!!!! She started to pull on it and it didn't really budge. So she pulled even harder. It was awful. I tried to post pics. the other day but my computer is giving me problems. I will post some today. Tell me what you think. If it looks normal or not. If you think my results will look good. Today is day 7 post op.. Up above my belly button feels kinda tender and like a ache soreness too. The rest of my belly feels numb but the incision sometimes stings. I can feel tons of pressure in belly too. Well I'll get those pics. posted. Happy Healing Ladies
I think everything that you're experiencing is normal. Give yourself time. You will be sore for a while, but it gets better. I promise. Take care.
I think your torso area looks tiny already. Bb and scar looks like they're in a good position with no puckering. I'm sure once the swelling is down, and you feel more comfortable, you'll be happy with the results! :) hang in there!

I am post op. day 9. I am moving around more. ...

I am post op. day 9. I am moving around more. I still walk hunched over. I feel tightness above my belly button and on the right side of my belly. I have a small bump....It feels like a BB under my skin weird huh? I learned I can't take a bath until my incision is fully closed....say what!?! Bird baths are for the birds. I don't know how long I can take it. I seriously thought about duck taping a plastic bag around my tummy and jumping in the shower lol. Well got to go cuz the kids are going to be home anytime now. Thanks for all the support ladies and as always happy healing!
Thanks, I can't wait til the day I can stand up straight. My kids laugh at me for walking like a granny.
Thanks, I'm just hope that my belly button goes in. right now its flush with my stomach.
It will. Mine started going in at about 5 weeks.

My back is killing me every time I stand up it...

My back is killing me every time I stand up it feels like its going to snap. I've been taking Motrin and Tylenol......(they are not touching the pain). What do you ladies do to help the pain?

So I'm 2wks post-op. Still hunched over. Some...

So I'm 2wks post-op. Still hunched over. Some of my sterile strips started to come off. Lots n lots of swelling. Numb under my belly button but every where else I have feeling. The bird bathing I have down to an art. First time it took for ever but now around 5mins. (Thats including shaving). My next appointment is Monday the 15th. My back is still hurting and my left hip sting every once in a while but I have a crazy stitch on that side. Back to my bed with the hubby, yay. I can lay on my sides with no problems. So when hubby seen my tummy he freaked out. Told me it was grossly huge and it look awful. To not let him see it again. I tried to tell him it was just swelling....he didn't want to hear it. It kinda hurt my feelings cause he was part of the reason why I wanted it so bad. So I didn't have to hide my stomach when we were intimate. I don't know....but it was very rude. Hopefully it goes down soon and I can rub it in his face. The swelling is all around my incision line. Anyways I will try to post some pics. Hope all is going well and happy healing!

So my computer was to be a pain it the butt and...

So my computer was to be a pain it the butt and give my problems with loading the pics. So as soon as the computer will let me I will load them.
I was so bloated and swollen for a little while immediately after! What you are seeing right now are not your results! Hang in there, it does get better!
Yeah, I know....Doctor Jones is a great doctor. He'll get me the results I want. I never really thought about being bloated but aunt flo made her monthly visit. So I'm probably that too. I compare this tummy tuck to cleaning house. At first it looks a mess....I start cleaning then it looks worse....after all is done it looks good. Thanks for the encouragement, its good to be told that by someone who has already been there.

Post op day 17 I can stand pretty much straight...

post op day 17
I can stand pretty much straight now. I can feel my muscles with every step I take. Its amazing how much you can improve in just a matter of days. The belly looks good. I really hope my belly button goes in.. got to go get the kids. Happy Healing Ladies.
Glad you're able to straighten up. Makes a world of difference.

Had my appointment to day. He was very busy. ...

Had my appointment to day. He was very busy. Got the okay to do scar treatment. So I doing the silicone sheets. I cant take a bath for 2 more days:(. I also have to wear the binders for 3 more wks. I got to say I like not having the extra skin. My next appointment is in 3wks which will make me 6wks post op. My incision is still tender to the touch where its not numb. I have some lumpiness round my incision but he told me that with go away. I was also told that my belly button will go in a little, whew thank you Mr. Jones. I was worried about that. We will see how every thing turns out. Happy Healing Ladies.
Thank you! Oh, yes it does. I'm running at about 80%. I'll be 100% once I get to start taking baths, lol.

Its been a few weeks. I'm 2 days shy of a month...

Its been a few weeks. I'm 2 days shy of a month.My belly button does go in when I'm laying down. Everything is healing pretty good. I scheduled my breast aug. today for May 7th. Now for the size I'm a small B. I want to be a full c or a small d. So I was given the option of 375 or 400 Natrelle silicone implants. And the shape moderate or high profile. Oh, I made sure to tell him to numb me before I wake up from surgery. It hurt like crazy when I woke from the tummy tuck. All I could say is the pain, the pain, lol. It felt like a red hot poker had been used on my insides. I knew that cautery was going to get me. I just didn't know how bad. My next step is to post pics of my titties on here without hubby finding out. I just had a thought...... my baths are about to come to a end:(. I've been living like a mermaid. Those 3wks. was hard on me. I felt so gross. I will post pics. as soon as possible. Happy Healing Ladies.

Heres some more picks.

Heres some more picks.

Whats up with the new review won't let me...

Whats up with the new review won't let me post new pics. Every time I click add photo it doesn't do anything.
I was able to shower the day after my BA and TT. But doctors are so different.

So I just posted my girls you can see that the...

So I just posted my girls you can see that the life had been sucked clean out of them. My honey was upset that I scheduled my appointment so soon. He finally told me why he is against me getting a boob job. Hes afraid that after I'm done that I won't need him anymore. Which is crazy. I'm trying to become more attractive for him. I go to the doctors the 29th, to figure out what kind of implant and size I want. Its kind of nerve racking. I didn't find out I had a choice on implant til yesterday. They have Mentor or Sientra implants. The difference is the shell Sientra is thicker than Mentor. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with 400cc tho.
I know on my 1st consultation that doctor allowed his patients to take baths after surgery. Its weird....My doctor didn't want me to until I was completely healed.
Seems like there would be a standard protocol to most things after surgery. I know people heal differently, and all but really. I was able to shower the day after with drain and all. Oh well. Good luck. I know they'll look great!

Ok, I a little over a month post-op tummy tuck. I...

Ok, I a little over a month post-op tummy tuck. I seen my dr. yesterday to look at my belly and discuss implants. He said the belly looks good. Still got swelling but not to bad. I choose 400cc under the muscle Sientra silicone implants. I paid $4800. I went an got a bra that hooks in the front....I hope its the right size. I have to arrive at 8am next Tuesday. The surgery will take 45mins. They numb your pocket in side your boob before you wake up. I was told that the biggest complaint girls have is that it fills like your milk is dropping and the weight on the chest area. Oh, the incision will be about a inch long under the fold of the breast. I have a pretty busy work load if I want to have everything done before the day of surgery. So I may not be able to post until after surgery but I will do my best to update to let y'all know I made it. And how I feel. I am nervous a little about being put out again. Cause the last time I woke up in so much pain but I'm a sissy.....Its like waiting to get a shot....I hate em. I wish you ladies the best of luck and the results you want. Happy healing ladies!
Thank you. I know.... if I can make it through the tummy tuck I can make it through this. I'm mainly worried about if I chose the right size implant. And waking up from anesthesia. When I woke up last time it was like a whole dream flashed before my eyes. Then I feel the pain. My hubby was like oh my goodness is this normal and is she okay. Cause shes kinda scaring me.
Good luck on your BA. You'll do great. It's not that bad. Just soreness, and you won't have full motion of your arms. And can't use your chest muscles. Which for me was the hardest. I always caught myself pulling up from a squinting position with my arms, forgetting that uses your chest muscle.

It is the day before my surgery. I'm waiting on...

It is the day before my surgery. I'm waiting on my nurse to call me to let me know when I can go pick up my prescriptions. I got a few minutes to d a update before I do some last minute cleaning. So , I want high profile implants but my doctor said something about moderate. I let my nurse know that I really would prefer high profile. I want the upper pole fullness with projection to fill out the deflated girls. I first I thought I wanted a full C or small D but now I want to go to a full D. Picking implants is a lot harder that what I expected it to be. When you go small boobies and you try on sizers they make your boobs look huge....its hard to judge what size they are. Cause your not use to seeing yourself with them if that makes sense. They may look huge to me but average size to someone else. Anyways, I have to be at the center at 8am tomorrow. My belly is doing good but I still have tender places. The scar is nice and thin. Still needs to soften up alittle. We will see how everything turns out....(the size, lol). So wish me luck and keep me in your prayers. Happy Healing Ladies.
Thanks, sweetie.
You are so right. When I tried on sizer a it was like they made me look huge!! Now, I wished I'd gone a little bigger too. Oh well, that's the good thing about plastic surgery. I can always go bigger later if I want.
Good luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.

I made it. 425cc's sientra under the muscle. ...

I made it. 425cc's sientra under the muscle. My back, arms and chest down to my last rib are sore. My right boob looks a little bigger than my left right now. I'll update more when it is a little more easier for me. Happy healing Ladies.
You woke up halfway thru surgery?!??! That must have been scary! But, congrats!! It's all done :) happy healing!

Hi Ladies I am 3 days post op boob job and day 45...

Hi Ladies
I am 3 days post op boob job and day 45 post op tummy tuck. My belly button hasn't went in any. My first impression of the girls is I thought they would be bigger. But I know they have to drop and fluff. That can take months from what I read. My lovely nurse Danis instructed me to start massages the same day after surgery. So I've been massaging like crazy. They are up near my collar bone. I have heard of girls mentioning that they can feel what they call "poppy ice" above their breast. I now know that feeling. I have it on my ribs and above my breast. When I massage I can hear noises squashy noises only in my right boob. In the morning they are stiff and sore until I massage it out. I have to admit I am loving them. I took pics. of them but I don't know if the computer is going to let me down load them. I got to take a shower yesterday, I'm so glad cause aunt flo is currently visiting me. My hubby had to help me tho. He takes really good are of me. I am so thankful I have him. Well ladies if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I know I probably forgot something. Happy Healing Ladies and happy Mother's Day!
Congrats! Happy healing

I had my appointment yesterday. Doc. Jones said...

I had my appointment yesterday. Doc. Jones said they look great. They don't really need to drop anymore. I'm like a kid with new toys I can't keep my hands off of them. He showed me a exercise and a new massage technique to do. I got a appointment in 2wks. I was messing around in my flower garden now my sinuses are starting to mess with me. They are sore in the morning after massaging them they soften up and quit hurting. Tell me what you think about them. Happy Healing Ladies
Live the girls! Congrats!
Thank you! Now I to tan my white legs, lol.
Wow! I think you look fantastic!!!!

Post Op day 17 breast implants and day 59 tummy tuck!

My belly still hasn't went in like I want it to. My nipples are hypersensitive from what my nurse says. It hurts if anything touches them bad. I got some of non adhesive pads for my breast. They help some but they still hurt. I've been massaging them pretty much hourly.....they are nice and soft. It seems that I use my breast muscles a lot more than I thought I did. To me they look the same. Happy Healing Ladies!

Its been awhile.

I'm post-op 3 1/2 mths. tummy tuck and 1 mth. breast aug.. My belly button is finally starting to go kinda looks like a belly button. So happy for that. My tummy is still numb underneath my belly button. But its still sensitive on the sides. My belly is still swollen a bit. My breast are a lot more softer. They wasn't hard before but they were firm which thats what I loved about them. My boobs look great. Although they seem like they have lost some volume but that might be cause they have softened up so much.. I really wish I could of went bigger.. I trust my doctors judgement and maybe they will get firmer when I'm able to exercise. Whats y'alls thoughts? You think they will? Happy Healing Ladies!
Glad to hear from you and happy you are doing well. I would think, if anything, exercise will make them appear smaller. I dunno. I could be wrong. I think you look great.
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jones was very professional and friendly. He doesn't tell you what he thinks you need. He listens to you addresses your issues. Then comes up with a plan to give you what you want. His staff go above and beyond to make you feel important.

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