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Hi ladies I'm excited to have MTT and lipo . I'm...

Hi ladies I'm excited to have MTT and lipo . I'm 50 yrs old 5.4 143 lbs . I have 3 boys and 3 grandchildren . I have had a BA and 2 revisions . I didn't think I would ever have a MTT . When I weigh 120 I have a flat stomach but a little loose skin . But at that weight I'm to skinny . I'm going to try to get to 135 or 130 before surgery . I also smoke so I would like to quit smoking . I would have liked to do surgery now but I need to pay on my last revision . If all goes well I can do it sooner .

My ugly fat !

Loosing weight

Well girls I'm on my way to loosing the 15lbs I want to loose . I hope to move my surgery date . If I get this weight of before March I will do it sooner .

Pic from 3 yrs ago before my weight gain .

Pics of me now


Treadmill !

Today I'm going to get my act together and get on my treadmill . It will take time to build up to what I used to run . While my husband had cancer it was a out for me . I would run 5 to 7 miles a day . It took awhile to get to that . After his passing 3 yrs ago one day I just stopped running . I could kick my self for that . If I get this weight off I will do surgery sooner . Still haven't gave up the cigs completely so I need to get that done too . I was a smoker and quit for 5 yrs . After my husbands passing I started back up . I could kick my self for that too . We live and learn ! I was married for 25 yrs and he was a awesome man . I thought I could never find another man that could compare to him . But guess what I did . I'm remarried and have a awesome man to spend the other half of my life with . I have 3 boys and 3 grand children . My boys and my husband spoil me . I would do the MTT before weight loss but I want to make sure my weight has nothing to due with not needind a full TT . I don't believe it does but better be safe then to have to have another surgery . I know before when I was thiner my upper tummy was flat and not loose and I didn't have much loose skin on the bottom half either . My biggest baby was 8.13 so he was pretty big . So we will see . Good luck to all you ladies having surgery .

Mixed emotions

Well ladies I'm having a hard time wondering if I shoul wait until March . I'm getting impatient knowing its so far away . I was thinking maybe Nov . But then I think no . Whorls love to have some input on it . I really want to loose the weight first . If I wait until the middle of Nov that givese 8 wks . So what do you ladies think ?


Darn phone first was should the second one was would then gives me . I sure hope this helps

Changed surgery date

Ok ladies biting at the bit . I changed my surgery date . Now I'm so excited . Changed it from March to November 19th .

7 wks to go

I'm so ready ! Thank you Great2BMe for getting rid of my doughts . I felt like why am I spending the money . Do I really need to do this the answer is yes . I'm worth it and you other ladies your worth it too . I'm in a happy place now and I'm ready . Thank you to my RS sister Violet . It will be my turn soon . I've been lazy and haven't been back on the treadmill . I'm not worried about loosing weight now . I can loose the 10 lbs after my surgery . I'm going to ask my dr if she thinks I should lipo my flanks too . If I need to I hope there's no charge . Happy healing ladies !

Dumb phone !


My back !

Not good news ! I have had lower back problums for many yrs . I've been going to the chiropractor for yrs . Yesterday when I was walking I lost movement on my left side of my lower back and fell to the ground . My husband got me up and I couldn't walk or put my left leg down . So be got me to bed and put ice on my back . He said I have a big bulge on my left side of my back . I can walk this morning but very slow . I can't bend over at all . I have went to the ground before with my back but if I layed there for awile I could get up . I hate the ER so I'm trying to tuff it out until Monday . There's no way I can work today . I have never had a MRI on my back . 2 of my boys have blown disc . One is only 23 . One has had three surgeries and he is lucky he is not paralyzed . He next surgery he will be fuzzed down his spine and won't be able to turn or bend . So it's sounding like I won't be having surgery now . We will see what I need do e first . It's not looking good at this time .

Changing surgery date

Well I messed my back up pretty bad . It tweaked and bone on bone on my right side . My chiropractor can fix it but its going to take 3 times a wk for 12 wks . If I don't do it it will cause me to have surgery . I'm so upset but that's life . I can go on the Harley ride to Branson . When I get back I will be going 3 times a wk . My spine looks pretty bad on the X-ray it's a wonder how I'm walking now . I will call my dr today and change my surgery to feb or march .

No surgery

Well ladies I just cancelled my surgery . When my back is better i will have it done .

Harley vacation

My vacation was just ok considering my back pain . We rode the Harley to Branson with friends . We go every year and stay in a beautiful 6000 sq ft house on Table Rock Lake . The house is one of our friends clients and we stay for free it's awesome . I go to the chiropractor today and have to go 3 times a wk for 15 wks . Then every 3 wks forever . It depends how close it is to summer wether I will have surgery when my back is well enough to have it . I will wait until around October if it isn't well enough . I'm not upset anymore about not being able to do it in Nov. . I guess it's better because I can get my last revision on my breast pd for . I hope all of you ladies have been doing great . I haven't kept up on everyone because I was on vacation .

Sad !

Well Ladies I have been fighting depression . My boys are in a fued with each other . My oldest has disowned me for pertecting my youngest son . The hardest part of this if my husband their dad that passed away was here this wouldn't be happening . I cry about it almost all day . My youngest is probably moving out of state over this . So I stay sick to my stomach . I eat when I'm depressed so I have gained 5 lbs . I feel like im about to loose it .


Well ladies I have been fighting depression . I'm trying to pick myself up . I haven't made it yet . My boys and my back have got the best of me . Just thinking of the holidays brings me to down . I used to be really strong . After my husband of 25 yrs past away I became weak . I hope all of you are doing great .
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

I really like my Dr she has done my BA and my 2 revisions . I'm so comfortable with her . She is so easy to talk to its like talking to a friend . If any of you ladies want a great Dr she is the one .

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Hi Sissy, Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. ((Hugs))
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Thank you Newmeaug13 . Having surgery on the 20th . You look great ! Hugs !
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Hi Sissy I miss you; how are you doing?
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Hey girl! You look amazing!! Haven't been on much LOTS happened. ((((Hugs)))
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Sissy, you look fabulous!! How is everything? Are you feeling better and how is your revised boob?
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scrappy37 I'm doing ok . I had both boobs done and got 600 gel I love them . I'm so happy that you finally had your surgery . My back is still not good but I will be ok . For now no tummy tuck . I've lost 10 lbs but need to loose another 10 and that will help my back . My tummy will be flat after that so then I will decide if I want the mini TT . I'm still smoking so that's not good .
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I think you look great! I am sorry your back is still bothering you. That can be so frustrating. I just quit smoking again last November. Hard to stay quit but we gotta try really hard to keep the quit!
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Checked out your profile. Boobies are beautiful. Even your original boobies looked fab! Try not to let life get you down. It's just a season and it will pass. Stay strong and move on. Xox Lisa
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(((((Hugs))! My sweet friend.
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How was Christmas with the grandchildren? I bet your're still recovering! Hope you are well...thinking of you!

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Hi BethH I'm doing ok . I used to get kidney stones all the time . Well I'm getting them again dang it . My back is doing better . Thank you for checking on me
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Oh darn it! Your back is improving and now kidney stones! Ach, I'm so sorry! 
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Will pray for you and your boys.
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Thank you sarav59 ! It looks like things are getting better . Thank you for your prayers !
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Hi sister I missed you! Sorry. To hear about your depression! If I was near I would give you lots of Hugs!
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Hey sis I'm doing better . I have told myself not to let my son consume my life . I'm getting my grand kids for 3 days before Christmas and I can't wait . I miss my babies . I wish you were here to give me big hugs . Hugs sis !
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Having your grandkids around will be such a blessing! I'm sure you will enjoy them!
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Hang in there Sissy48, and take one day at a time. Forcus on healing and deep breathing. There is nothing wrong with making your loved ones realize that they need to be strong, caring, and supportive for you now to help you get strong so that you can be the strong, supportive, and caring person you have always been. My thought and prayers are with you.
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Thank you AnnaScott ! Prayers are working . Things are getting better .
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I'm happy to hear it. Keep doing your prayers, chiropractor therapy, and something you love that keeps your spirit up but still withing your guidlines. Xoxoxo
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Oh Sissy48, I'm so sorry you're going through a tough time right now. I agree with @d37, the holidays can sometimes be a tough time for people. I'm sure your boys are missing their dad and don't even realize it. Hang in there...we're here here for you. Hugs and prayers!

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BethH thank you for caring . I made it through Thanksgiving . I do get to have my grand kids before Christmas so that will help me a lot . I do miss my grand kids . I'm doing better . I'm starting to just let things go and not let it get to me . My oldest son will come around some day . Thank you for the hugs !
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Glad you made it through Thanksgiving. My mom always says that her grandchildren heal all! Please stay in touch...we're rootin' for you during this tough time.

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Hey Sissy. So sad for you that things are so hard :( holidays do seem to be tough for so many Nd when coupled with other tough deals life hands is even harder. You are in my thoughts my friend! Sending you the biggest hugs ever!
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Thank you d37 ! It's been tuff but I'm picking myself up and going to let it all go . Some day my son will get over it . Until then I'm not going to let him consume my days . I do get my grand kids for 3 days before Christmas and I can't wait . I miss them so much . Thanks for the hugs . Your always on my mind hope all is well with you . Hugs my friend !!
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