36 Years Old After 2 Kids, Needed Pre-baby Breasts Back - Oklahoma City, OK

I was completely happy with my full, C cup breasts...

I was completely happy with my full, C cup breasts. After my two wonderful children, they were saggy and deflated in the upper pole. When I was 25lbs heavier, I wore a D cup and it didn't look too big. I wanted to end up as a small DD. I went w/ a lift and 425 CC's silicone implants under the muscle.

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Lift with implants.


Your boobs look great! How is your healing going? Do you have a before pic of your boobs before the surgery?
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Before the operation

I was a C there. I recently lost 25lbs and while I was at my heaviest, I was a D cup. That wasn't too big for me.


I love the outcome! Congrats!
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Beautiful results! So perky & youthful. Congrats!
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Thank you! My healing has been a bit of a journey and I'll post more when I have more time. I uploaded a before pic. Good luck w/ your procedure!

20 days post-op, minor hematoma

20 days after my procedure, the PS went into my left breast by cutting the bottom anchor incision back open and cleaned out old blood that was leaking from the corners of my incision. I developed a hematoma in that breast the night of the surgery due to, what I believe, was from vomiting for a few hours, violently. I think the morphine caused the nausea. Needless to say, that was why the left was so much bigger. My main concern was developing capsular contracture from it but the PS was surprised at how soft the breast was despite the hematoma. He was 99% sure a capsular contracture would not develop.

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Almost 2 months post-op

I'm coming up on 2 months since the BL/BA. I'm still not sure if it was worth it. I just recently began sleeping on my side w/o pain. I slept in the living room, in a recliner for the first month, at least. It was the only place I was comfortable. I'm just now able to completely shave my arm pits. That was frustrating, not being able to get to all the area of my arm pit. I like the look from the front view, for the most part. However, still not pleased with the profile and oblique look, kind of torpedo-ish. I like natural, a little more wider at the bottom with a slope in the upper pole (I included a pic of the look is like to end up with). I also like for them to sit a little lower on the chest. My areola looks puffy, not really flush. I was very clear as to the look I wanted to end up with, showing pics and everything. The nurse reassured me that I would end up with that look. I know it takes AT LEAST 6 months, even up to a year to see final results but it sure is hard waiting and staying positive. I did so much research on the different lift types, implants, surgeons, things to do to prepare, got input from many friends and family that had one or the other procedure done and I felt really assured and ready, hopeful. It didn't dawn on me to read up on the recovery. When I was looking at before and after pics for ideas of final results, I didn't take into consideration that the after pics, most of the time, were way after the healing period had ended. I had it in my head that my final results would pretty much be immediate. So, I have been disappointed with the results, but only because I had really high expectations, not considering the long healing time. However, I've recently been feeling more optimistic about the results and hopeful that changes will keep happening, and quickly, but I'm still unsure if it was worth it at this point. After developing a hematoma, it caused a very noticeable asymmetry and my ongoing concern of developing capsular contracture. I had to wear an ace bandage at all times, except for showering, for 3+ weeks because of the swelling. I bruised so badly, it looked awful, going all the way down my sides to my hips. It took forever for it to go away. I was completely self conscious for the first 3 weeks because I couldn't hide the asymmetry and the fact that they were so high, right under my collar bone. I looked like I was wearing MLB home-base umpire gear under my shirt. After the hematoma was cleaned out, I had a large hole in the area the PS had to re-open along with another strange healing area on my nipple. I had to wear a panty liner in my bra to catch the drainage while they healed. To my surprise though, the hole has closed up and healed nicely. Right now, some of the stitches are poking out and I have to have my husband trim them. One other concern right now, and I was aware of this possibility going into it, is my left nipple is hypersensitive while my right nipple doesn't have any sensation. I hope feeling will return after some time. I hope this info hasn't deterred anyone from going forward with any procedures that they feel would make them happy. I am a realist, maybe a bit of a pessimist, so my outlook on the whole healing process is probably a bit more negative than most. I'll post again as things change.


My surgery is the 28th and you sound like me. I'm a realist and I like the facts of life. I don't like all the happy details because that isn't reality. I have been trying to mentally prepare myself for a very long recovery and healing process. I have low expectations for what my breast will look like. I tell myself they won't be perfect. They will never be perfect. There is going to be pain, gross goop, and lots of mirror time. For me this isn't any different. I have been a member of the national geographic titty club since my breast came in and they just got worse after kids and when I stopped eating wheat gluten they totally lost their volume so I feel like anything is better than these puppies. I expect to know what my breast will look like in a year or so. Yours look good by the way. They are settling in nicely on your small frame. Try to remember us gals are our worse enemy. We are horrible to ourselves. You were beautiful before those implants and your beautiful now but its got nothing to do with your tits gal. : ) Stay positive and keep on keeping on. Go buy yourself a pretty wire free bra and have a glass of wine!!
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I too was a member of the national geographic booby club. Not any more. Each day I'm feeling more and more that it was worth it. Do you know the details on what your doing? An anchor lift or only lollipop? Above or below the muscle? What implant profile are you using? Silicone or saline? I think we have similar lifestyles. I stay at home with my 3 and 4 year olds and have been eating clean for over a year now. No refined sugar, processes foods. Lots of veggies and fruits. I don't smoke but I do like my cocktails :) Once we started eating healthy, I lost 25lbs. I think most of that was from my boobs! I knew they were saggy but once they had NO volume, yikes! Anyway, I thought I was going to be ahead of the game since I ate really clean and was active, thought maybe I'd heal faster. But the whole hematoma thing really got me down so for a while, I just ate anything, I didn't care. I did take Bromelain and Arnica, however, I bruised sooo bad, I couldn't tell you if they worked or not. When I was healing from the hematoma and taking care of the large wound and cutting stitches that poked out, and hating the way they looked, it seemed so bad. I didn't think it would ever get better and I was depressed. However, I look back on it now and it wasn't that bad. It seems sooo long ago and it's only been 3 months. It does get better! Good luck, take care and really, really take it easy. Keep up the clean eating while your healing too! P. S. If you have any questions or just want to know you're not the only one going through it, don't hesitate to ask. I had questions all the time and wanted to have someone to talk to that could relate. This website was the closest thing to that.
Thanks so much! I expect to have all of those things happen to me. The worst of the worst. That way if it doesn't I'll be fine. I do plan on eating clean while I'm healing. I've been preparing meals and getting stuff ready but full disclosure we aren't horrible strict. I mean I love me some Fuzzy Tacos!! I am doing saline because the thought makes me feel comfortable. Dr. Nuveen will go under the muscle and I think I'm going for a D. I think a DD would be to big for me? I don't know if I'm ready to carry that much weight around. Ha ha. I mean I feel like I am paying for them may as well go for the gusto!!
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

I had many questions during my initial consult and he thoroughly answered them all w/o rushing me. He also allowed me to record the consult so that my husband, who was unable to make it, could be informed on our discussion. He was honest and to the point. His nurse was very helpful also.

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