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I almost made a huge mistake and got implants...

I almost made a huge mistake and got implants without a lift. When I decided I wanted better boobs I got recommendations from friends and did my own looking around. I was pretty overwhelmed by all the Doctors but thankfully my journey led me to Dr. Nuveen with Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates. He told me right off I need a lift and if I get implants without a lift I'll be happy for 6 weeks and then gravity will grab those puppies and I'd be really saggy. I went to another Doctor who was just going to pop in some implants and call it good but I couldn't stop thinking about what Dr. Nuveen said and I am scheduled and super excited. Getting the lift really frightens me but the staff at CSA are amazing and so is Dr. Nuveen. I saw someone else said he was easy on the eyes and that is an understatement. The man is gorgeous and super nice. I am anxiously awaiting my surgery date. I have two 5 year old boys and I'm a stay at home mom. Any advice to prepare for this surgery? Exercises? I'm 5'4" 112lbs. I eat very clean, non-gmo, organic food. No smoking. Very little alcohol. Hmmmmm....I think that's enough info on me.

Happy thoughts...

I am starting to get super nervous/excited!! When I look at my countdown clock this flutter of enthusiasm comes over me and ladies that's a drug you can't buy on the streets so enjoy it. I had my CBC test done at a Labcorp in Okla. City and they apparently lost my blood and all systems are down until they don't know when. Well I would usually freak out but in stead I called CSA and made an appointment to have my blood drawn there and in the mean time I will continue to call that place daily until I get some answers. When I called CSA to tell them they were super friendly as always and got me in as soon as possible. They warned me about all the fees and assured me my DNA would be safe. : P That makes me feel so much better. Now I just need to work on a meal plan that my man can handle and keep on keepin' on. Anyone watch The League? You remember The Vapora Sport episode where J.B. Smoove plays a guy in a wheel chair and goes to Andre to get leg titties? My boyfriend and I love to laugh about that episodes. Right now I have breast but soon I'm going to have some titties!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Later taters.

The countdown...

Oh my goodness!! I am a week away from younger tits!!! I am so excited I could squeel and I do often!!! I am so ready for my day to get here. I have my days filled with activities to pass the time so I don't sit around anticipating the day. I'm getting some quality time in with my kids and my man so they don't get to needy while I'm out. I am the glue for this house but I know they can keep it together. I'm just SO ready!!!

To D or to Double D? That is the question!

Okay ladies what do you thing. Keep in mind I am doing saline and I am small framed. I was a 32c but after losing weight and volume I don't know what I am. They are just skin. Bleh!!:P So should I go for a DD? Or a full D? I don't want to over fill and need another lift down the line. I just want full lifted boobs. Boobs that are lifted without a bra. My boobs are like water right meow. They fill up what ever area you put them in. They can hold onto things. My areolas are so big too and its something I've always hated so I'm glad we're taking care of that. Well I am rambling meow like I usually do so help me out. D or DD. 113ish 5'4" 32cish Saline under muscle.

Less than 4 days to go!!!

So I start washing with the hibiclins tomorrow!! : ) Its almost here!! I'm so excited!! Ride the high!!

3 Days left!!!!

What did the sneakers say to the jeans?
What's up britches!?
Three days left!! Three days left!!!! I'm almost there!! I've almost made it!! 3 days 2 hours and 15 minutes to go!!!! Woot Woot!!!


Well I spent all day yesterday cleaning the house and doing laundry. I spent today cooking up some awesome food so we don't starve while out chef, that's me, it out of commission. I love my man but I am not interested in eating out every night or having his "specialty." Mac and cheese. Big surprise. Ha ha! My kids will stay with their Nana the day and night of my surgery. I'm going to move a comfy recliner into our bedroom because I've read lots of girls sleep in them for about a month or so. I'm going to put clean sheets on my bed before I leave for surgery....and I think I've got almost everything ready to go. Unless anyone has some last minute advice for me. Any must haves? I have icepacks and can probably borrow a few more. I am just so excited. Unless I think to hard about it. Then I freak out. I am ready though! 1 day 14 hours and 16 minutes that's how long until I have surgery! 1 day 14 hours and 15 minutes that's how long until I get better boobies! Now imagine me singing this to the tune of that Rent song. : ) Tootles!

11 hours to go!!

I've got everything ready. I can't eat or drink after 1:30 so I am hydrating til then. I really don't like being without water and I have to give them a urine sample. I am so ready for this!!! I might possibly update throughout the night in case I can't sleep. Weeeeeeee!!!! So excited!

4 hours 11 minutes

Oh my goodness!! Its my day!! I slept as good as anyone could with all this excitement. Now I have to shit, shower, and shave (not my underarms!) then get the kids to their Nana's and I will almost be there. I am pretty thirsty though. It sucks I can't have anything but it will be well worth it!!

On our way!!

Its very surreal right meow. I feel like I should be freaking out but I'm feeling really good. Some butterflies but just breath deep and its all good. This is my last post until I'm awake girls!! Thanks for sharing this with me!!!

Coming clean.

Oh my goodness. I have been in a complete zombie state for several days now because I was taking flexeril. At first my back felt so tight and my chest muscles felt so tight. The scrip said take three times a day and I did and it was awful. I couldn't do anything. I understand our doctors are worried we might become addicted to the pain killers or Valium but I'm just as concerned but I'm more of a danger toyself and others on the flex then on any drug. I can't even remember some days. Anyway I go for a checkup tomorrow and I am so glad because their professional advice/observations puts a girls heart/mind at ease instead of your man's squinching eyes. I call them frankinboobies. Everyday they look a little different but I really can't wait for them to drop and settle because this part sucks. The right one was all the way up toy collar bone but they are evening out and things look good to me. They are so big. I can believe there is 480cc. Today is the first day I've been able to walk around and do a little because I didn't take the flexiril. I took half a hydro to take the edge of the pain off and then later I took half a flex so I could do some stretching and pushing down on the implants. Anyway I'm sure you guys just want to see the work so here ya go.

No sense in crying over spilled milk.

Well I went for a checkup today because of that stubborn right breast and the nurses insisted Dr. Nuveen take a look and he's stumped as to why its still swollen but no signs of a hematoma. He gave it to me straight up, which is one of the reasons I like him so much, and said he's got to go in again and take a look. He wanted me to be 90% better and its not so I see him next week and then we schedule surgery. While hearing this I'm on the verge of balling but looking into his gorgeous eyes I knew this was the reality of the situation. He said he hasn't had to have this conversation in 5 years and there will be no charge to us. He just really wants to give every gal the most beautiful breasts he can. My left breast is looking really good and so does my right, except for the large lump but we are going to address that, but my nipples are popping out and my bruises are turning green which means they'll soon be gone. I got them to give me more Valium vs using the flexiril because those things are the devil. I'm just doing ibprophrin 800 for the pain and half a Valium for the muscle spasms/soreness/tightness. I would imagine I wouldn't need any of it if it weren't for ol'righty tighty. I'm actually going out in public to eat so its nice to be out of my drug induced zombie state and spend time with my family. So that is where I am. Do I want another surgery. Not really but what are my options? None. So suck it up and keep your chin up because life doesn't really care about how meticulously you've planned your life out. There will be bulbs in the road and you can choose to boo how or you can prepare yourself for your new adventure/challenge.

So what's it like being one in a million?

The doctor had three possible things this lump in my righty could be but doesn't want to scare me when he doesn't know for certain and while I respect people for this it just drives me crazy. Its obviously not life threatening but dang it all to heck I want to know these possibilities so we can have game plans so there isn't a third surgery. Plus my liver is not happy about all these pharmaceutical drugs. By the way it also drives me mad when I read back over my messages and see all the grammar mistakes and what not. Whatev. I hate that I should be on my way to full recovery but by the time I'm feeling great I'll have to go under again and start the process over. Well it is what it is. So bring it

Keep'em clean.

Word of advice. Get more than one post op bra and keep them super clean!

Going in for my second surgery at 3:30 today.

Well we played the waiting game and now is the right time to go back in and do surgery to correct the muscle. Dr. Nuveen said he should only need about 30 minutes to do the job. The job being that my muscles just don't want to loosen up. I write with my left hand but I have had to learn to live in a right handed world so I shoot with my right and I would strike with my right fist but put a pencil in my right hand and its completely foreign. Ha ha. I'm just saying I can see how my muscles on the right would be so tight. I could feel it the very first night all the way around to my back. I hope he can get in there and get it done and I can be on to recoveryvill instead of this limbo. I miss working out and I can't stand the pharmaceuticals!!! If you don't know about the dirty deeds of Big Pharma I suggest you learn. The bust and the cheapest drugs are made by mother nature!
Dr. Erik Nuveen

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How did it go??!?!? easy i hope ;)
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Well the surgery went really well. Be prepared to wake up and be totally shocked and out of your mind. They took amazing care of me. Every single person I came I to contact was caring and sweet. I felt so much love. However my night was pretty rough. I couldn't keep and thing down so I couldn't get my pain meds down. My back hurts worst of all. I could also tell throughout the night my that my right breast was swelling up pretty big. When I saw Dr. Nuveen he was concerned but not panicked about it. He gave me some excersizes to do and to help it settle and I got a compression band. I see him in one week and he said he wants to see it 90% better before we do anything. He also gave me scripts for cream phenagan and ladies I suggest you ask for this no matter what. I don't know why I didn't request it to begin with. He also gave me a script for muscle relaxers for my back muscles. This is about all I have the energy to type ladies. Thanks for reading g my story. I will post pictures asap.
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Congrats! I vomited a lot my first night too. It was pretty rough, but it went away pretty quickly the next day. I look forward to seeing your results!
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Me too. They look like frankinboobs right meow. He he. Got to help the right one drop. I feel pretty aweomse right meow thanks to the drugs. Thanks looking in on me. This site is the breast!! ;);)
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Beat of luck this week. I did the same I let my PS guide me and make the final decision on size I just told him I wanted mine to look natural and big. Keep the excitement coming woooooo! Again good luck and keep us posted!
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Thank you so much!! Its by chance that I came across this site and I am so glad I did. I really feel the love on here!! All you ladies have been so uplifting!! All the stories and the well wishers!! Totally awesome!! Thanks so much!! I am so excited I have a constant flutter in my stomach!!!
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Every body Wang Chung tonight.
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My PS said that he can't really guarantee that he can give patients a certain bra cup size because every bra is different and he has to work with what you already have. I told him that I liked my size, I just wanted to have upper pole fullness and be lifted up. I was a D, and after surgery I'm actually a DDD. I don't think I look much bigger though, so I think it's important to not worry about ccs or bra sizes. Good luck!
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I was just talking to my gal pal about the same thing. I'm going to let him be my guide. I want full youthful titties not huge painful, going to need another lift soon set. Thanks!!!
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Best of luck!- and yes it is SO worth it!
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Thank you!! I'm ready!
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I just wanted to wish you the best and say that it is worth it!!
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Thank you so much. I am getting really anxious and nervous.
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Good luck to you! Your day will be here before you know it! :) I found that reading other reviews helped me so much while preparing for my surgery.
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Well thanks doll. I have been reading so much! Lots of really awesome stories and some sad ones too and my heart goes out to all of you. Thanks for the support.
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