The Twins have arrived!!!

Hello, I am 38, female, 5'11", 153lbs,...

Hello, I am 38, female, 5'11", 153lbs, mother of three and husband of one and work full time. I have scheduled my surgery for March 20th, 2012 and I am really excited and cannot wait! I selected Dr Justin Jones due to his reputation and amazing results. He has a great bedside manner and made me feel comfortable throughout the consultation. I have decided to go with 450cc due to my height and bone structure. I am currently an A (sadly I thought I was at least a B). While breast feeding I was a D and feel comfortable going to that size. I have been considering breast augmentation for more than 8 years. In 2006 I had a tummy tuck that had me too scared to go back under the knife. It left me with an offset belly button and bad scarring (different doc). Dr Jones is going to revise my scarring and move my belly button over for a nominal fee. I am really excited about that!! I am taking 1 week off to recover and my kiddies will be my nurses!! Only 56 days to go!!! I will post again soon!

48 days to go....feels like forever :(. I have...

48 days to go....feels like forever :(. I have read some great tips from Mackenzie. Bought the sports bra she recommended and am gonna get some comfy socks and satin jammies. Hopefully my regular yoga training will help with my recovery.

46 days to go, I called the office today to see if...

46 days to go, I called the office today to see if I can schedule sooner (feb 16) so far they are fully booked but then have me on wait list. Waiting is driving me nuts!! Lol
I purchased some silk button up night shirts (I decided against PJ's because I am having my TT scar revised) from, they have them in talls so that was great! (i am 5'11") They are also on sale! Yay for me!

I am totally bored and decided to do the rice test...

I am totally bored and decided to do the rice test to feel out what 500cc would be like (I have only tried 450cc at office). Its not so bad, except rice is heavy!! lol I bit lumpy coz its rice, my chest feels tight with this sports bra on!! Guess I will need to get used to it eh?

OMG!!! I am so excited!! My surgery got...

OMG!!! I am so excited!! My surgery got rescheduled for Feb 16th!!! Yay!!! Only 1 week and 1 day to go!!!
Oh and I resized today, I am going with Mentor silicone high profile 450cc (or 500cc if he thinks he can fit them)

So it's Friday, yay for the weekend!!! As my...

So it's Friday, yay for the weekend!!! As my surgery is next Friday I have a busy weekend!! Gotta clean my house (ug), get a mani/pedi, wax, shave (TMI!!!) and basically prepare for the recovery phase. I am so excited but nervous, but mostly excited!!! I am taking 5 days off work and then when I return I only work two days before its the weekend again. I think that will really help my recovery. I have a desk job so no lifting or standing, but lots of typing!!

Next Thursday not Friday

Next Thursday not Friday

Cleaning the house....I am pretty lazy with...

Cleaning the house....I am pretty lazy with cleaning, I really have to be in the mood. It's looking good though. I am washing my bras/clothes I will be wearing and basically preparing the house for my recovery. I am really excited!!! Only 4 more sleeps to go!!

Hey everyone, so it's the eve of my surgery, I...

Hey everyone, so it's the eve of my surgery, I cannot wait!!! I was totally watching the clock today and could not wait to leave!! Tonight was my last night of yoga for awhile.... I will really miss it!! I hope it has prepared me some for my recovery. Think of me tomorrow at 11:45am (CST)!!!
I have washed my bras, PJ's, my outfit for tomorrow so I am all set. I bought extra stuff (face wipes, socks etc) so I think I will be good to go. I am going to watch all my Twilight DVDs and read on my IPad to pass the time. I am off work for 5 days, work for 2 then off for the weekend so that should help. My kids are adjusting better, in fact my 13 yo is going to come with us to the surgery (she was totally against the idea at first) so I am proud of her!
I am going to take a shower then try some clothes on as my preoutfits so I can use them as comparison afterwards.
Everyone I have told are really supportive, that really helps even though I am doing this for myself, it feels good to have support. In yoga the other night my instructor was saying to not try to become perfect but be whole, and that is what I am striving for, to be whole. I am sure many of you can relate to that!!
Well that is it for now, not sure if I will do videos, but I will definitely share my progress, I will not have a pain pump so I want to give the girls another version of recovery from Makenzie (love you girl!!)

Alrighty!! It's just under 2 hours until surgery,...

Alrighty!! It's just under 2 hours until surgery, I am nervous but excited more than anything!
I posted a video, if you notice there is a slight accent, I am originally from Australia but been here in the U.S. for 16 years.

Just arrived home, all is well, sleepy from...

Just arrived home, all is well, sleepy from Percocet! Talk later

Hi everyone!! So it's the next day after...

Hi everyone!!

So it's the next day after surgery (17th) and I just woke from a nap and was alarmed at the time (1:52pm) because I had thought I missed my post-op appt! So after my husband talked me off the ledge, I realized that yes, I did go see him this morning!!! Drugs I guess! My doc wants me to decrease to 1 Percocet each time instead of 2. I have to take my Zofran like every 4-5 hours because I am still experiencing nausea. After the surgery yesterday I walked out to the car and promptly threw up all the 7-up and water I had drank in recovery. Then on the way home I threw up in the car (we had a container) my daughter didn't even complain (I love her so!) the nurse got me a script for transderm-scop - that patch you put behind you ear for motion sickness, we haven't filled it yet but they are good to have. She thinks it's a reaction to the anesthesia.
I zipped off my bra today and holy cow!!! I got me some nice boobies!!!!! The cleavage is awesome! I cannot wait to take pics!
I should be resting right now because of the lack of sleep I have had over the past 24 hours, but I wanted to keep my peeps in the know!!!
I have my videos but I will need the hubs to upload them, I am tech challenged, the one that is up is all his doing!!

Ahhh had my first shower, but geez it took all my...

Ahhh had my first shower, but geez it took all my strength!! The hubs showered with me, but a few times I had to squat from the dizziness. So now I am back in the bed, taken a Percocet and reading on my IPad. I really want to get out and about but I know my limits, it's just kinda frustrating to be so dependent in resting.
My recovery will be somewhat different from everyone else because I also had my tummy tuck scar revised. Actually I think that is worse than the boobs! (I may have already mentioned that before!!)
I wanted to do a video tonight but I am just too exhausted after the shower, so maybe tomorrow.
I just finished reading Hunger Games, it was great! Can't wait to start on the next one!
Well that's it for now, I have a craving for mushroom risotto..... Lol

I woke up this morning with some back pain but...

I woke up this morning with some back pain but after walking around I feel SOOO much better!! I stopped taking Percocet yesterday and am just taking a Lortab every 6 hours or so. I finally feel "with it", I do not want to get into bed again! I think today I will go to the mall or something, just to get out of the house. I would love to walk around the neighborhood, but its currently 37 degrees, too cold!!
My tummy feels great and the pressure around my boobs is not annoying anymore! I was starting to feel down yesterday thinking I would never get to feeling better!
I was going to take a shower by myself, but I think I will wait until my hubbie is up, just for backup.
Hope everyone else is doing great.

Just came back from eating lunch and shopping, did...

Just came back from eating lunch and shopping, did well, only shopped at 3 stores, back relating on the bed. Have mt sheets in the wash and gonna chill and read a book

Oh I forgot to say that I actually received...

Oh I forgot to say that I actually received 425/475cc HP Mentor smooth Silicone gel implants

Feeling quite swollen today, my right breast hurts...

Feeling quite swollen today, my right breast hurts more than the left, it is the one with the larger implant. I am taking 800mg Ibuprofen every 8 hours for inflammation/pain. Right now I have a heat pack on them to help reduce the swelling. I am doing massages, but can only do the massages on the top. I go to see my PS tomorrow for my 1 week follow up. I go back to work Thursday, my back hurts from bending over (due to the tummy scar revision). I need a massage!

So I switched to an ice pack after reading Q&A...

So I switched to an ice pack after reading Q&A about swelling.

Had my 1 week visit with PS today. He said...

Had my 1 week visit with PS today. He said everything looks great! My shape is perfect, he showed me the rest of the exercises, 10 reps, three times a day. He said I was doing all the right things for the swelling (ibuprofen and ice pack). He will see me again in 2 weeks.
Back to work tomorrow!
I included a few extra pics of me in a Gap Cami - my PS said I can just wear that if I want seeing it has a shelf bra in it. YAY! They are super comfortable!!

Yesterday I felt almost 100% better, my tummy area...

Yesterday I felt almost 100% better, my tummy area was great (no pain) my back didn't hurt and I was walking upright to no strain. (the first week I was walking hunched over some to allow the tummy incision to adhere better). My boobs are the only thing that is affecting me right now, swelling/tightness. Oh and the HIGHLY sensitive nips! OMG! I have band aids over them because it hurts when the bra or cami rubs up against them. They are also on constant high beam so that is probably the reason they are so sensitive!
I am back to wearing regular pants (swelling from tummy incision) which is fantastic!!! I had to wear yoga pants (not tight ones) to work. We went out to dinner last night and I wore my jeans and I was so excited!!!

Hi everyone!! 12 days out and feeling great!! I...

Hi everyone!! 12 days out and feeling great!! I still have some tenderness around the sides of the boobs and the nipple region is WAY off limits!! I have to wear band aids to reduce the irritation. I took the surgi-strip off my belly and I have to say he did a GREAT job fixing the "hack" job the previous PS did!! It's a nice thin line (previously it was up to an inch in width). I am so happy with the results!!
The girls are slowing dropping, "how do I know that?" well the surgi-strip is starting to be hidden by the bottom of the boobs. I have nice cleavage, even though they are still high up they do not look like 2 coconuts stuck on my chest.
I go back to the PS on March 7th, probably will get my stitches removed. I didn't know they were not dissolvable until I took the surgi-strip off!!
I am starting to fall in love with my boobs!! Its was not love at first sight, I am big enough to admit it! The pain/swelling was outweighing anything else, but now they are settling they are taking on a great shape!
Trying on clothes is lots of fun, I rock just about every outfit I put on!!

Happy 2 week birthday to my twins, Sandy and...

Happy 2 week birthday to my twins, Sandy and Candy!!! I love you more and more each day!!!!

Happy 3 week birthday to my twins, Sandy and...

Happy 3 week birthday to my twins, Sandy and Candy!!! Doing great, swelling has subsided and dropping more each day. Went to see my PS yesterday, he said everything looks great, the shape is excellent and in no time I will be ready for the beach!!! YAY!! I go back in one month.

HAPPY 1 month birthday to Sandy and Candy!! ...

HAPPY 1 month birthday to Sandy and Candy!! Everything is looking great, hardly any pain or uncomfortableness. Will post pics soon!!

6 weeks today!!! I am so excited! I went to yoga...

6 weeks today!!! I am so excited! I went to yoga and had a great workout. Its been frustrating not being able to do a full workout! I feel flabby and fat!!
I looked at the girls tonight and saw my left one has dropped into place (yay) but the right is still sitting up higher. I cannot wait for it to drop!!
I am going to wear my new lacy bra (no pushup/padding!!)
This procedure is not for the faint of heart! It's been a long journey and I am not done yet!! I will post pics soon.
Hope everyone is doing well!

Hi everyone!!! Wow it feels like forever since I...

Hi everyone!!!
Wow it feels like forever since I have been on here. Since my 6 week checkup I have been working out furiously trying to catch up from the 6 week recovery!!! I am working out daily (Bootcamp, yoga, BodyPump, kickboxing, Zumba) basically anything I can do to get back in shape!! The "girls" set me back physically but I am working well with them now. I do not even feel I have had implants they feel that natural!!!
I saw my PS on Wednesday, everything is great! My left side implant has some muscle distortion due to being left dominant, but he said to wait it out a bit as I will keep changing in the next 9 months. Basically my left pec muscle is stronger than my right so it pulls the implant up a bit more when I flex. Apparently it happens to ~75% of women that are very active and get sub muscular implants. I will post some new pics too!
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

So just had my surgery yesterday, but it feels like it was just hours ago!!! Everything went smoothly, love everyone at the office, very professional and caring.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm going to Dr. Jones for a tt on the 26th. I like him, he seems to be very confident and his before and after is awesome. I will be going back to have the girls done this summer. Your results look amazing! I hope mine looks as good too.
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They really look awesome! My ps suggests saline but every pair I see with silicone I really like.
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Looking great!!!
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Your boobs look unbelievable!!!!! 

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I'm cracking up -- I bought that same keyhole top in coral :) You look really good in it!! I don't get that much natural cleavage in mine.

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Well us girls now how to show off the girls! Lol
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Awesome black top with the "keyhole" view you look fabulous ! Amazing!
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Thanks! I wore it on Cinco de Mayo but I was nervous I was showing too much!! Lol
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How long do I have to wear this sports bra 24/7? With everything swollen it really is uncomforable.
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Unfortunately yes for now but it will be worth it. Dr Jones said cami's with shelf.bra are good
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@Lawoman2, Thanks for the info, I will have to recheck Victoria's Secret you are right it seems the small sizes are all on display next time I will ask. We walked around the other day and looked at the drawers but maybe we looked in the wrong area will look again thank you. I saw your pics you look great!! They do look very natural. I think it's normal to worry, I am the same I check mine each day to be sure all looks ok ! I wasnt able to see the bulge you mentioned but like 2orchid says ask your Dr. and see what he says, it cannot hurt to ask.
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What does doc say about bulge at top?
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Thank you ladies! @ Christine, I bought a DD bra from victorias secret. Make sure you go through the drawers that they have too cause most of the time the racks only hold the tiny bras (the ones that fit little petite models lol ) I am also a DD as victorias secret says. And as far as the dropping thing. I guess I just worry so much bc I told my doc to make my breast implants look natural and they already look natural to me on the exception of the funny bulge I have at the top when I am at side view (I have a photo of that) The swelling went down alot. i need to update it so that you can see. I guess I just dont want them to drop too much bc they already look natural to me, you know?
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Thank you...its crazy I finially entered this world of implants, and what a wonderful invention! I have read on here where women are told to sleep on their stomaches to stretch muscles and my doc says no. I stumbled across this forum and have told so many about now! I decided going to do after 10yrs (since 1st consult) was sceduled in June then got the call that they could do 3 days from setting 1st appt. Had to hustle to get ekg, chest x-ray, mammo and bloodwork (I am 51-all extra required after age 50) So anyway didn't have time to have or post the jitters prior to surg. I don't have pics yet but will see if I can get docs.
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Yes -So far I have seen Dr Jones 3X. consult, surg and post op. Go for my 5 day Monday. I have learned so much from your blogs, and crazy enough I went to Dr Jones because of Twins4me's posts. I wake up every day so glad they are there. Can't wait until my 4 wks or so...I am so scared I'm going to make something move wrong, or I'm going to move wrong. Bust a stitch, massage wrong, anything. I've been trying to figure out if the implants are whats in the high part or in middle or at bottom and where is my old small amount of original boob...And we put 25 more cc's in right but left is bigger...questions questions...
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2orchid, I know how you feel. Even at 3 months I'm still worried some days when I wake up if I slept on my stomach if I "hurt" them and also felt the same way in the beginning but in time you forget they are there and just get back ot your normal life. Once the pain wears off you forget. Of course I'm still "careful" and using my scar cream but I think about them a lot less. Except when I try on clothes and feel so great about them :) That is so great that you found a surgeon based on blogs from Twins4me, this is a great forum for researching and getting opinions from real people that are living this out. I"m glad for you. I know what you mean re: original boob, I always had a sore spot during my period that was high up next to my nipple, now I feel that soreness but lower in my boob, to me that must be my "original" boob , it's hard to tell with my implant under the muscle. I had a lift too so I know my nipples were moved up a lot but it's so amazing my Dr was a true artist to me I think it's amazing what he did for me. It blows my mind really. Best of luck to you.
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Hello ladies, I haven't been on here in awhile. I wanted to first say Hello to all the kind ladies Makenzie, Mama and Twins4me who had their surgery around the same time as me!! Hope all are well. I feel great I'm loving my new chest and buying summer clothes. I feel I can finally "rock" a tank top or sleveless shirt. I want to also reply to Lawoman2 I noticed mine did drop I know what you mean about how high they probably are right now. You will lose some of that but in my case they just dropped to the point of looking much more natural giving me better cleavage. I think the swelling was gone by 4 weeks. They also get a lot softer feeling but you won't "lose" them. I know I have nightmares I"m going to wake up and they are "gone" LOL . Hang in there you will be fabulous they will not go away. Honestly the way they dropped for me it was so gradual and so slight that I never noticed all at once that I even dropped if that makes sense, I hop so. :) Well, I finally went bra shopping not that I plan to wear bras often but it amazed me to shop in the DD section (at long last) I just turned 42 last week and feel so happy about my new chest. Wait until you get to figure out your new bra size it's excited. Only thing I find is Victoria Secret doesn't go up that high as DD?? I have to find a new shop. some of the stores have "granny" looking bras at DD sizes so maybe Frederick's of Hollywood?? I'm rambling on here but just wanted to come on here and chat I haven't logged in in such a long time.
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When your dropped, how was it as for as the way they looked? I'm curious on how mine will look after the dropping part. I'm scared that I'm going to lose alot. Does the shape change? Will it be more round looking and will I lose alot of what I'm seeing at the top right now? I'm three weeks and one day today and I am already noticing that they are getting smaller from the swelling going away. I wonder how long it take for the swelling to go away completely. i just hope I don't lose too much because I got them filled up for a reason, not to lose it :) So many questions..
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It was at least 4 weeks before i started to feel "normal" where the swelling subsided and it didn't feel like I had something glued to my chest!! I think by 6 weeks I was really starting to feel they were a part of my body. Now at 3 months they are wonderfully soft and natural looking!!!
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I am using your PS because of your review and then started research on him. I live in Tulsa and having surgery this Tuesday...thanks for the updates
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Oh awesome!!! Dr Jones is great! Just had my 3 month check up and everything is great!! I need to do an update!!
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Glad to hear Sandy and Candy are doing well at 1 month! Are you having a blast trying on clothes yet?

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Thanks Makenzie, yep loving the clothes shopping!! But I love I can wear just about everything I already have, and just like you said before, I just fill them out better!!! I am really loving strapless tops!! I look fab!! Now I have the boobs to keep them up! Haha
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I'm just curious what size of bra were you before and now?
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Hi Natalie, I was an A (but I like to think B- b/c A is just so depressing!!) before children I was a nice C, but after the kiddos, weight loss, and lots of yoga I was starting to look like a 12 yo boy!! Now I am proudly a DD!!! Yay for me!! What I also love is they do not look out of place, even as a DD, I am beyond happy, I still have some dropping/fluffing to do but I am very happy with the results so far!
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