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I am 52 Yrs. old, 5'7 1/2", 135 Lbs and I have...

I am 52 Yrs. old, 5'7 1/2", 135 Lbs and I have wanted a BA as long as I have known that they do them. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I will have an incision under my arms. My biggest cheerleader is my husband and he will be the one taking care of me. I have not told any of my family or coworkers for fear they would not understand my motivation to have this done. I do have a few very close girlfriends and they are cheering me on. I even have one that just graduated from nursing school and she really wants to come help take care of me, if it was up to her she would go in with me while the procedure is done. Right now the plan is to use Mentor high profile implants. I am an A/AA now and I started out wanting C's but I have since changed my mind and I am going to try and get D's. It will depend on if the Dr. thinks they will work for me. I can not tell you how excited I am to get this done it feels like I have been waiting all of my life to be all that I can be! I have been trying to prepare myself for the fact that I will no longer look the same when I look in the mirror after Thurs.. I am sure it is a natural phenomenon after getting a BA to have mirror shock at first. This morning I shaved my underarms for the last time before I get the puppies and tomorrow night I will take my antibiotics and quit eating after 8:30 PM and before I go to bed I will use the cleanser I was told to use the night before and morning of. I am trying to make sure I do all of the prep work just right because I want everything to be smooth sailing.


Very excited for you. Best of luck!!!!
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Hope your surgery goes well! Happy healing and update us when you can!

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Good luck to you . You are as small as I was before I just had to wait for my skin to stretch it took about a month. Probably dependes on your skin though. You will look great. So exciting it was defiantly the best money ever spent . I love mine . Best wishes to quick recovery .
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I am Post op 4 days

Everything is going well. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. I was able to take a shower and wash my hair and go out to eat breakfast with my husband. He has been a reall trooper through all of this and he has been able to help me keep some humor in the situation; he told me after surgery I was sitting in a chair when they brought him in and the nurse asked me what I see and I told them munchkins and then she asked what color they are and I said red, green, blue, and yellow and then she asked what they were doing and I said hiding. I got a pretty big kick out of that. I was then able to walk to the pickup and to the motel room with my husband's guidance with out any issues(mind you he is a big guy so if things had gone awry he could have stabeled me). I wasn't able to get the high cc's that I had anted because the DR. said that I have a small frame so I have Mentor Ultra High Profile Silicon with 480 cc's. It feels like the same pressure of when your milk comes in after having a baby. My Dr. and staff were awesome. They explained everything very well and answered all questions and it was a very relaxed setting. They made me feel right at home. I have very little bruising on two small places on both of my sides.


Congratulations! You look great! Glad to hear your recovery is going well. How many cc's were you seeking initially? You're rather small framed so I think you look perfect in the size your doctor gave you!

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I thought I wanted about 616 cc's but my Dr. said I was small framed so he said the best he could do was 480 cc's and I am thrilled. He has been doing this a long time and I am a rookie. LOL I couldn't be more pleased.
Great results! Congrats!! :)
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Post op 14 days

I am able to do more everyday and it is getting easier to get comfortable to sleep. I am being able to wear stretchy pull over shirts now and I can use the curling iron on my hair but I don't have enough stamina to blow dry it so I let it air dry which is better for my hair. I have been driving some. I am not too crazy about the seatbelt coming across me. It doesn't hurt it just feels numb at the points the seatbelt touches me. Turning my body to see if anybody is coming or backing up is uncomfortable so I guess that will take some time. I am ready to go back to work because I am getting a little stir crazy but I am enjoying spending this time with my husband because we live about 3 hours from each other.


That's great to hear that your PS was looking out for you. Glad you are happy!

Thank you! I love them more every day.

19 days post op

Feeling great! I have returned to work and yesterday I walked 3 miles. I walked one and then had to take a break and eat something and I was able to walk two more. Pre op I was walking 5 miles 2 to 3 times a week and I I think I will be doing that again before this week is up. Work is sure kicking my butt after laying around for 16 days. I tried on some bras today and the size that fits the best is a 36 D. That is exactly what I told my Dr. I wanted so I couldn't be any happier with my results. I am getting more settled in with my new additions all of the time. I am now wanting to wear clothes that show them off some but with the sports bras that I have been wearing my nipples tend to show through too much so I had to go shopping and find a bra that would hide them some. I live in a small town so my only shopping option was Wal Mart therefore I only bought one and I will wait until I can go out of town and do some serious bra shopping. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with my size because I went from a A/AA to a D!


Your boobs look amazing ! They turned out so well! How did you find your dr? I live in dallas Texas and am searching
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My husband had a friend that had gone to Dr. Metcalf and they really liked him so I looked him up on line and called their office and the lady that answered the phone was very friendly. He also has an office in Mckinney and that may be something to check into if you want a PS that is closer than Oklahoma City but in my opinion it was well worth the trip OK City. Dr. Metcalf is awesome and he has been very easy to contact after my BA and he always tells me to feel free to call him with any questions and he gives you his cell phone number. I can't say enough to sing his praises. I wish you the best of luck in finding a PS that you are comfortable with and hopefully you will be bringing your new twins home soon.
Congratulations! So glad you got your tatas you've wanted for so long;) you look so good in your bra!
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3 months Post Op

Everything is going great. The twins are getting all settled in. I still have some numbness and every now and then I have some shooting pains but they aren't too bad and they go away quick. I am loving my new body!! I am shopping for new clothes to show it off. I went to Victoria Secret and got sized and I am a 32DDD. My PS has been awesome throughout the recovery. He has always been just a phone call away. He has also called me to see how I was doing. I want to thank you guys at Real Self and the support that you have given me. Reading everybody else's stories gave me the courage to do what I have always wanted to do.


They already look natural!
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Dr. Metcalf

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