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I decided to get a breast augmentation because i...

I decided to get a breast augmentation because i have had 2 children and my breast are deflated! Theres nothing left of them and i miss having nice boobs! im going with Gel high profile and not sure on cc yet dr says i will know day of surgery but i told him i wanted 450cc. He told me hes not sure he can fit 450cc in.

July 28th couldnt come any faster for me!

Its 7/25/11 and im getting nervous about surgery....

Its 7/25/11 and im getting nervous about surgery. I worry that what if i dont like them or they dont look good. Did anyone else go through this? I sure hope i LOVE them lol!

ITs 7/28/11 and my stomach is in knots! im so...

ITs 7/28/11 and my stomach is in knots! im so nervous. i did get some sleep last night so that was good. I leave for my appt in a few hours! yay!!! Ill keep everyone posted as best i can.

Im home and feel great!!! got to surgery center...

im home and feel great!!! got to surgery center and they were all ready for me! didnt wait at all took them about 30 mins to get my iv in and do paperwork and i was headed back to or. next thing i knew i was waking up in recovery! I love them already. havent had really any pain they just feel tight. If you have ever breast fed and became engorged thats what it feels like.

So far so good!

7/29/11 im 1 day post op and feel great! i am not...

7/29/11 im 1 day post op and feel great! i am not taking pain pills anymore just tylenol. to me they dont look swollen to bad. i love them already! no pain just a lil sore on the sides.

7/31/11 i am 3 days post op. Still doing very well...

7/31/11 i am 3 days post op. Still doing very well not sore anymore sleeping through the night good. they are still really numb i dont have any feeling in them at all. Day by day they start to look even better! I am very happy with them already. They are still real hard and i cant start to message them until i have my stitches out on the 8th.

Well im 8 days post op...the swelling has gone...

Well im 8 days post op...the swelling has gone down and they look like they have droped into place. im a lil upset tho...i wish the dr would have decided to go bigger. he said he couldnt fit anything bigger in (400cc and 425cc) then what i got. i go in to see the dr on aug 8th so i will voice my concern to him but i guess theres really not much he can do about it now... Dont get me wrong i do love them much more then what i had. just wishing they were bigger.

Its aug 31 and im a month and 3 days post op. i...

Its aug 31 and im a month and 3 days post op. i feel great and they look great! i will get pics up soon but they look so natural you wouldt even think i got any kind of surgery. still wish they were bigger but i love them anyways!
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

well i got there and it took them maybe 20 mins and i was going back for surgery! GREAT staff!!! wonderful experience!!!!

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Iam glad you are doing well! We had surgery around the same time. I too am doing great! Hard to believe around a month ago, we were getting ready for boobies! :)
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Nice that you left your areola intact! They look very normal and fit you well.
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Thanks so much for the information. I think I am just nervous about the procedure.
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Explain to your PS the outcome you desire. I did that and trusted my PS and Iam 100% happy. I ended up with 450cc saline, under the muscle. I was a 34B before had and I now measure a 36D. I believe it is either 200cc or 250cc that equals a cup size. Hopefully someone else can chime in and confirm that for you. Also, don't get caught up on cup size and cc's. Each size is different on each person.
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Hi, my surgery is next week and i am mortified i will be too big. I am a size A cup and my ps wanted to go 600cc's HP Silicone. I went back last friday and ask to go down a size which brings it to 550cc's i explained they still look to big, but was assured they will look fine, and not be droopy. Can you please help me? Yours look wonderful!!
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Glad you made it thru ok! Hope everything continues to go well for you! :)
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I bet you are nervous! I hope all goes well. Sending good thoughts your way and hoping you have an uneventful surgery w/quick recovery :)
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I hope everything turns out well for you and at least you can always have a lift done afterwards if need be. Best of luck and keep us posted.
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I have seen 3 ps before i decided on the one im using. 2 of them said i may need a lift the one im using says i will not i have 2 friends that have used him and theirs came out wonderful. hes using gel over the muscle with a large implant and they will look great! (i hope) i can always go back after and have the lift if needed. the pics make me look bigger then i really am. i dont kow y tho. im only a 36 b. thanks for the info tho!
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What is the doctor's name and clinic.
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Dr Ross Bunch in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am still terrified about this!!!! He did my sister in laws and they look great. She was a small A and now she is a nice size C. I know cup doesn't matter. I just want to look natural. I am 5'4" and weigh 140 lbs. My surgery is Aug 23. thanks
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I have pasted a link for you, I found it very informative. (Breast Augmentation with and without a lift)
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Hi I was wondering if you are having a lift as well? I'm not any expert but have had quite a few consults so far. Just looking at your pics your nipples seem to sit below the crease of your breast and pointing down slightly and this is with your arms slightly raised. Did you discuss this with your surgeon. I only wanted to point that out as my friend has implants but now wishes she had the lift done at the same time. Anyway I'm sure the surgeon will advise what is best. Best of luck:) looking forward to seeing your after pics.
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Could possibly be that your leaning forward, which gives the illusion your breast a lower then what they actually are.
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Thanks for the support! its going to be hard to sleep the next 2 nights! ill just have to keep myself busy so i dont think about it as much.
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I agree with those feelings as I am having those as well (surgery in 8 days). Just try to stay positive and don't think about the bad things. When I do that, I always feel much better. Just think: you will have boobies in less than 48 hours! I will be thinking of you and I hope all goes well for you! :)
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Yes i also think its best to go with what the ps suggest! hell i still get on the net 24/7 and go to realself to research. and i bet i will be one that comes out of surgery saying woohoo i have boobies lol! i will keep you updated. 1 week to go!! yay!!!!
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Thanks for the reassurance. Iam so excited I could pop! 2 weeks seems like forever...but I have waited longer for other things, so I will make due. I am glad you are happy so far!


I bet I will be like that too. My PS even said she loves to do surgeries on people who are excited and such. She said most of them wake up and are like "I have boobies!"...I just laughed and nodded my head and said "That's me!"... ha ha. I had questions about unders vs overs. I have friends that have both. I decided on unders just because that is what my PS recommended. I believe that is the best way to go (with whatever your PS reccomends...after all they have the experience). 8 days...WOW! So lucky you are!!! I have 2 weeks and I am counting the days. I have calmed down on my research (before I was constantly on the net looking and researching). I have come to the conclusion that soon enough, I will have boobies and Iam content. I hope your surgery goes well! Keep me updated :)
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im so excited that i bet ill be one of those ones that loves them even right after i have them done! swollen and all! i had a few ps tell me i needed a lift (which i didnt think i did) but the last one i went to said i didnt and he would only do gel over the muscle on me he came very well recomended so i went with him. i have 8 days to go! woot woot!
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Congrats ladies you will not be disappointed! I have 400cc high profile silicone under the muscle but I had to have a lift too...those puppies were too far gone. I love how they look mostly with clothes on (still getting used to them in the flesh) and I am only 5 wks. po. It is incredible how fast we can heal. I swear you will be thrilled.
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No second thought at all!!!! i think y didnt i decide to do it sooner. surgery is july 28th and im seriously counting down the days!!!!! im super excited and sure that my ps will not let me out of there disapointed!
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I started wanting implants several years ago. I actually was going to get them over labor day last year and backed out. (got a little scared). Now that I have done more research and have prepared myself more, Iam ready to make the change!

My surgery is scheduled for August 3rd and I couldn't be more excited! This go round I have had no seconds thoughts at all. Just wanting to to be How about you? Any second thoughts, concerns?
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I know you are excited. The 28th is coming soon. Have you had any second thoughts? Please keep us informed =)
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