5 weeks Post Op BL/BI 350 cc silicone

Just wanted to share my experience with you all. I...

Just wanted to share my experience with you all. I am in the Army and have been for almost 18 years. My girls have taken a beating. I have lived a very active Army carrier with two deployment and one unaccompanied tour to Korea. I have Airborne training, Airassault, obtained my spurs and Combatives level 1 and 2 certified. I don't say this because I am bragging about my self but to let you know these girls have done it all and are in desperate need of a lift.


Sorry was rushing to get uniform on and make it to a meeting. I have 3 kids; 20, 11, and 2. Had my oldest at 19, middle at 27 and last one at 36 and breast fed all three. So I guess its safe to say I had a child in the past three decades. To answer your question. NO, no more kids had these tubes tied, burned or snipped. Which ever way you want to look at it. I didn't want to be 44 and having another baby since I have on every 8 to nine years apart.

I paid for my BL/BA in advance but still getting nervous. I am do to go to school at the end of January and I am required to take a 3 event physical fitness test which consist of push-up (18 minimum), sit-ups (55 minimum and 2 mile run (21 min.) I always max out on the scale and understand that I may not be able to do what I normally do but okay with that. My fears however are weather I will heal in time. I do appreciate everyone sharing there experiences for it calms my nerves and answers a lot of questions. I will continue to update by blog as I get closer to my surgery.
Thanks for your post, I admire and respect everyone in the military. I look forward to hearing great news about your procedure and results. Good luck!
Thanks you.
Thank you got your service and your post! I look forward to hearing about your journey! Your surgery is the day of my pre-op! Good luck and enjoy!


So as I sit here I'm getting more nervous by the day. I keep telling the hubby that maybe I should wait until I get back from school. Did anyone find themselves this way? Would like to know your thoughts.

My current stat

I am 5'3 and weight 148 pounds.

I did want to add that I originally had gone in for a BL/BA and tummy tuck. PS said that I didn't need a TT but I could benefit from lipo. So I told my husband that If he was recommending lipo that meant that I just have to work my abs and save the money.

It's getting really ladies

Wow, I have received all my forms and must sent back to PS officer tomorrow. This is really going to happen. Will not need those extra support bras anymore. Ahhhh!


Sorry as I read everyone's post I realize that I am leaving a lot of information out. I am currently a 36 C. I have chosen to go with silicone. PS will be using the anchor method. During my pre op I tried 300 cc and 350 cc. I don't want to be huge but know that I don't want to lose my current size. Sooo…. I am going with 350 cc. They seem a little big but PS said they will be a bit smaller since I will lose some of my with the lift. Yikes.. Hope I am making sense.

Paperwork complete

I signed and scanned my paperwork back to my PS office. Ahhh closer and closer. I am also going to take 3 weeks off of work. Two weeks for recovery and third week to go home for the holidays. Butterflies all in my tummy. Spoke to my older sister, oh ya my only sister and she was so exited for me. She was reassuring me that I would be all right. Got to love her!
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Uncertainties are very normal! I stressed my BF out questioning my decision! I also had horrible nightmares up to the surgery about things going wrong. Ranging from getting HUGE boobs (like 1000 cc) to going to the wrong doctor etc hah...its funny thinkin back now how scared and nervous I was instead of excited but now I'm sooooo glad I got it done. I love my boobs!!! And you will too :-) just don't be down if you're not feeling excitement ... I don't think most of us did...its a scary procedure especially if its your first surgery (as It was for me)! Just remember the reason you wanted it done and try to block out your negative thoughts about it.
My husband said I am obsessed with Boobs now cause all I do is research and research. Then I show hime my newest wish boobs as I find new ones. LOL. I will stay positive and continue to read eveyone's updates. Thanks so much.

Three days and a wake up

Okay everyone. My time is coming near. Butterflies in my tummy. Excitement and emotions I can't explain but nevertheless, ready for Monday. Ahhhhh. I do want to say thanks for everyones personal experience for it really helps to answer any questions I may have

Tomorrow is the day

Ladies, tomorrow is my special day. Feeling nervous more now than ever. I was going to get up last night about 12ish to do more research and talked myself out of it. Heart is pounding as the hours go by. Will keep you posted! Best of luck to all of us.
Best wishes, everything will be fine!!! I believe freaking out the day before surgery is common among us all. I was totally bugging out the day before mine. lol....I would say get you some rest, but hey....you'll get much rest during and after! lol.....Did you get your "home recovery station" set up yet?
My living room…. I have a recliner, large water bottle, medicine dispenser, blanket, pillows, remote control and Netflix. Am I forgetting anything else Teapot392?
a heating pad worked wonders for me, although I didn't need it until day 5 or 6....my back was soooo tired of sleeping upright. I also regular used, bio oil, arnica, stretch mark cream, and smooth move tea! Can't wait til your on the other side!

The day has come

Today is the day. Packed my suitcase last night. Time to take a shower and wash my hair. My surgery is scheduled for 1230. What? Nothing to eat! So I'm sitting here watching my husband eat raisin brand and a banana. Then he asked if I was having my coffee. So of course I looked at him like he was crazy. He said "ohhhh that's right nothing to eat, sorry for ya." Will keep you posted.
Made it to the other side..... Wohooo. Had my own personal nurse... My 2 year old daughter who kept shiving water in my face and said "here momma drink for you're owwie"
Hope it went well for you. Can't wait to hear about your results.
Excited for you! Have a great day!

The day after

Pain is not tooo bad. Breast feel engorged as they were when I was beast feeding. The trick is trying to figure out how to get up out of bed without using upper body. I am amazed on how much we use our chest muscles for everything. PS prescribed percocet and I have only taken 2. I was so thirsty throughout the night so kept drinking water and used the barroom
Congrats on making it to the other side! Glad your pain is bearable:) your daughter sounds so sweet and cute!!

The day after the storm take two

Wow, ladies, okay pain is not too bad. We stayed at hotel close to PS office overnight. Since I was getting up all night to pi I figured that I can throw my leg up for leverage and as it came down my upper body would come up. Used very little upper body if any. Forgive my last posting with all the typos. Let's blame it on the meds. Had a follow up appointment with the Nurse this morning and will see the PS on Monday. She said they looked great. PS used glue instead of stiches. For some reason I am hungry all the time. The PS said make sure I do some walking around so I decided to go to the mall. Yup, I'm crazy. I walked around looking as homely and pitiful as can be. I mean who does that. This girl right here with her two new best friends. But will definitely take it easy for the next week. They seem kinda huge but hope they go down just a little.
and a big THANK YOU for your service to our country!!!!
Congrats! They look great! I also was amazed at how much the chest muscles are used, even twisting open a vitamin water was impossible for me until yesterday. I also did the kick up the leg momentum trick. LOL. If my hubby was nearby he would help push me up from behind or pull me up by my waist.
Thanks countrylife07. Yes it seems like it gets easier by the day. Can't wait for them to settle so that I can see my final results.

Day 4 post op

Seems like I have left a lot out. The day of the surgery: So let me back track. We had to drive 80 miles the day of the surgery. Had to do a few registration paperwork once we arrived at the surgi center. Waited about 30 minutes before I started my pregnancy test. I was then called into a room where they had me remove all my clothes and put a gown on. They allowed my husband and daughter to be in the room with me. They hooked me up to IV. Anesthesiologist then came in and asked a few questions and told me that he would be in the operating room the entire time. Then PS came in and talked to my husband and I for a minute and did his magic marker art work. Once the PS was done the nurse came in and told me it was time. I could not stop smiling. Not sure if it was my nerves or I was just happy. We walked to the operating room she asked me to lay down on the table. All the staff came in and started hooking me up to monitors. Seen the anesthesiologist for a hot second and…….. Remember waking up to my husband and daughter telling me to wake up. Apparently they were having a hard time waking me up. All I know is that I woke up hungry as can be and wanted a big burger. So my husband took me to Smash Burger. Day 2 and 3 have been good as far as pain. I finally decided that I had to get sleep in day 3 so I slept for a couple of hours during the day. Today, day 4 I finally get to take a shower. Took my shower and of course I am trying to see what they look like. I was really careful and dried my tatas with a white washcloth to make sure it was completely sanitized. I am feeling a little quasi so had some crackers. My back is aching from sleeping sitting up. I'm getting cabin fever cause there is nothing good on TV. But nevertheless it has been bearable. My husband has been coming home for lunch to check up on me and the "girls". Tatas are still really swollen and they feel super heavy. I found myself waking hunch back so started concentrated on walking correct by rolling my shoulders back.


Had Smash Burger the second day after my follow up.
I am still having trouble sleeping. How long do I have to sleep sitting up? I was on an emotional roller coaster two days ago. So decided not to take percocet anymore. I am doubsize.I I feel like they are to big
Cont. hard to update with phone app. Husband is a clown and said "shut up I getting used to them". I know I'm ranting. Would love to hear any advise on sleeping techniques. Seem to be healing well. Just itching like crazy.
I'm 15 days post op and I'm still in the recliner but I'm practically laying down in it.....I tried sleeping in the bed on day # 10 and was so uncomfortable. I was cleared by my PS at my 1 week post op to sleep in bed but the recliner keeps me from rolling side to side....and my boobs got really tight when I slept in the bed. As for the back....I had terrible back pain by day 6....I purchased those disposable heating pads from Walmart and they helped a ton. Wishing u a speedy recovery!

Day 5

Sorry updated earlier on phone and was not too good at that. I am still having trouble sleeping. How long do I have to sleep sitting up? I was on an emotional roller coaster two days ago. So decided not to take percocet anymore. I am double guessing my size.I I feel like they are to big. Husband is a clown and said "shut up I'm getting used to them". I know I'm ranting. Would love to hear any advise on sleeping techniques. Seem to be healing well. Just itching like crazy. I am still wearing maxi pads and every time I walk a hear plastic moving around. Was getting ready for a show and had a little bleeding out of my right boob. I hope this is normal. Also had a little bruising. I suppose it may be from the sports bra I wore yesterday. I have my second follow on Monday. I hope it is all good news. I am including some pictures of my progress. Seem to be dropping differently. Hope I can start scar therapy soon cause I sure do need it.
First off, thank you for serving our country! I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices that our military has to endure to keep us safe. So thank you! Second, you look great so soon out of surgery! I was also hunched over the first week or so post op, it hurt to stretch the muscles out. I also slept sitting up for about a month. My neck pillow became my best friend, lol! When I did try to sleep on my side or flat I could feel the implant shift and the pulling in my sternum and pressure in the bottom of the breast was awful. I would slide down in bed just a little each week and eventually I was flat. I hope you continue to have an great recovery, happy healing :)
Thank you Celena1. I am trying all kinds of sleeping techniques. My husband said I look like I'm on a sacrificial pedestal when I sleep. But think I have figured it out until I get tired of the pillows.
I'm 2 weeks out and still sleeping on recliner with pillow behind low back, and a pillow longways on each side. With my internal stitching and mondor's cords I can't lay flat yet without pulling pain and I hate trying to prop up on pillows in bed when recliner is so comfy. You look great btw!

One week Follow-up

I had my follow up appointment on Monday. I went fairly well. PS laughed at me when I started asking questions. He said they look great and to stop worrying myself. He said not to hesitate to call or email him if I have any questions. He said I can start doing some light walking (nothing to overexert myself.) He said that I could sleep flat on my back or sideways but to use a pillow. However, I tried it and noticed that it was a little uncomfortable so I decided to go back to elevated for another week. Let's see how that works out. I have been up and out of the house and drove for the first time yesterday. Ahhh a little hard when making turns but survived. I have taken 3 weeks off so am able to recover, however find myself bored and wanting to do too much. Haven't started cleaning again and don't plan to either. My husband has been really good about helping with our 2 year old. She's been wanting me to carry her but I tell her my oweis will hurt. So I find other ways to spend time with her. Like watch the Monster University movie for the 5th time. I stopped taking my meds about the 4th day after surgery. My sleeping habits have gotten a little better but still getting up at night. I took melatonin last night. Something I took while I was deployed to Kuwait. I am still putting sterol dressings on my tatas and washing them with pre surgical wash as the PS recommended. They seem to look so much better. For those ladies with babies… How long did it take for you all to be able to pick up your kids? Everyone… How long before the heavy feeling goes away? Well here goes my last pics taken yesterday.
9 days post op, you look tremendous! I did NOT look that great during my recovery:( Keep posting pictures of your recovery!!!!!!!
Thanks ladies for the good needed support and information. When is it safe to go bra shopping? Found a bag on top of my closet which had 3 VS bras. Darn got it during my RR leave from Kuwait. Don't think I will be wearing those (too small.) LOL
I went bra shopping at a month out and that was too soon. I'm 2 months out now and might buy one now but they change so much as time passes. I've gone up a cup size in the last month and that was just from some of the dropping and fluffing you hear about. So I wouldn't spend too much now, you'll want to shower them with great gifts a few months out. :)

20 day post op update

Sorry ladies, I was missing in action. Went to Ohio for the Holidays and let me tell you it was COLD. I kept telling my husband that it felt as the Silicone in my tatas was freezing. Anyways, my boobs seem to be doing well. It looks like the left one has dropped better than my right. I'm trying to keep myself from lifting too much and limiting my manual labor. I can still feel my pecs flexing when I open the car door and do other minor things. The line that is going from my nipple to my T seems to be healing nicely. The one I am concerned with is the T. I keep checking it to make sure it's not infected. I think I am just paranoid. I believe the bra is rubbing it so feels a little irritated on both sides. Tomorrow will be my first day back to work after being off for 3 weeks. UGH dreading it. I also have physical fitness training at 6 AM. I think I am going to do the elliptical. Note that this will be my first time trying to exercise. I will not use the handles though. Wish me luck
Wow! What a big difference between your 9 day post and your 20 day post op! Looks like you are the lucky one in a million that doesn't have to deal with hard melons the first few months. Your 20 day post op picture also shows how determined your new girls are to cover that "gap" between your breast. I never saw a new BA turning natural so quickly.
Thank you for the compliment. I kept looking at them and they look the same. I didn't notice about the gap until you mentioned it. Now I will pay more attention. Once again thanks.
Looking good Grizzie! Take it easy on the exercise and let us know how it went!

5 weeks post op

Ladies, sorry I have been missing in action. I went back to work and it has been so busy. I've been doing light elliptical workouts 3 times a week but that has gotten boring for me. I teach Zumba so was able to go back last week and teach 1/2 hour to my pregnancy PT class. We also do a 1/2 hour of conditioning training with the girls and I grabbed the 3 pound weights. Boy did I feel like a wimp. I also participated in 45 min of regular Zumba but UGH, No bueno. Saw my PS today and he said I am healing pretty good. He okay for me to ditch my post surgical bra. Hurray!!!! Now time to go bra shopping. I was also okay to start running, yes… and I asked about Insanity and he said its called Insanity for a reason so start with the test first and go slowly. I have gained a couple of pounds. Okay about 5ish. My tatas are starting to feel a part of me. I have started to sleep on my side but find myself still feeling more comfortable sleeping at an angle. I still go to my recliner from time to time. I have started to go thru my closet and have got rid of some of my button up shirts cause they don't fit. I have some feeling on right nipple but not much on left. They have soften up a lot. I finally go the nerve to touch them and feel on them when I heard a rubber band snap sound. Thank God I had read someone else post on that so I didn't panic. I really want to say thanks to all of you that take the time to share your experiences. Well here goes nothing. Check out the new pics.
You look great , good luck with your appt.
You are looking wonderful:) glad all is going good!
Dr. Jayesh Panchal

I have met by doctor once thus far during the consultation. He was very informative and professional. He said not to hesitate and call him and or email him. His staff was great. I had a follow up appointment the day after the procedure which was quick. Just to make sure I was doing well. Nurse said everything seem fine and had me book another appointment a week out. Nurses continue to call and make sure I am doing well.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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