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Slim Lipo for Poochy Lower Abdomen and Hips - Oklahoma City, OK

I've never had any kind of reduction surgery...

I've never had any kind of reduction surgery before but have had a tummy all my life so I know that no matter how much exercise I do, I will still have a poochy lower abdomen and hips. I went to my consult last week and really want to have the procedure in a few weeks.

I believe they do finance. I paid cash so I didn't ask anything about that.
do they have payment plans or is it money up front?
i went to the Laser Light Center in Nichols Hills and the Dr was nice and had a 50% off and one section was $2k. But she told me i would eventually have to get a tummy tuck for my abs to be totally flat, due to the excess skin from pregnancy. I am still undecided about the procedure, but i did want to get a second opinion.
Dr. Joan Hartd

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