44 & Ready for Me - Oklahoma City

Hi all you wonderful people Turning 44 was a lot...

Hi all you wonderful people
Turning 44 was a lot harder then I thought, health issues as in wear & tear!
I've never married & spent last 17 years raising a amazing son alone, living the life in the top 5%,life has been kind to us, I have not been kind to myself tho .
I'm ready to get the body to match my soul, lively, fun;)
Going in for seconded consult 8/27/14 to set in stone .so many questions..like can this be fixed---? Any recommendations on a mommy make over?
Thank you all, this community is amazing!
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Thank you for sharing! You might want to check out this list of questions to ask at consultations. Good luck and please keep us posted on all your ins and outs! :)
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You have a great canvas to work with!! In the end, we do this for ourselves and only you know what you want "fixed". No matter What you do, you are going to be stunning girl!!
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you have a great foundation, so whatever you decide to do, i'm sure your results will look great! Good luck. Keep us posted.
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What are you thinking of doing?
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