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Sag before, sag after. I choose this PS from a...

Sag before, sag after. I choose this PS from a blog on this sight. I am 51, and had surg fiirst wk in April, 2012, I had 400cc left and 425 right. Silicone, under muscle. Dr. did not suggest lift, just had my 4 month ck up and he said, well I guess I should have done a lift. Offered me 1000$ off the procedure if I wanted to fix. I am very disappointed in final results and more so disappointed in the Dr. I thought would be a fantastic PS.

I have bought bras now since I have decided this...

I have bought bras now since I have decided this is where I'm at and I do appriciate the comps. and now in a bra they look great! I bought them at Kohl's, everyone says go to V.S., but don't have the budget for 40-50$ bras. and I love the way they look!
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I am very disappointed in final results and more so disappointed in the Dr. I thought would be a fantastic PS. Choose this PS from a blog on this site. He did not mention a lift at consult, but after done he said I should done a lift. Then offered half off.

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I think your boobies look great. I am boderline life and think we have similar pre op boobies. I am so anxious its driving me crazy - should I - shouldn't I. Will I be happy...yada yad. Truth be told if mine look as natrual as yours and are just filled out and fuller without being too big I think I will be very happy. I do prefer the natural look.
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I think your boobs look really good. I want mine to look natural just like that. Without the extra scars from the lift.
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These pictures just confirmed for me that I don't want a lift! You look filled out and natural, and that's what I want! You avoided the scars and the fake porn star look, and I hope I can get the same results!
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I think they look great! I'd rather have just the breast implants without the lift to avoid that horrible scarring that is there after the lift is done but I'm glad u love them after purchasing the bras! I'm definately looking forward going to Dr jones to get mine done!
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For what its worth, I think they look great!
Sure, there could be more volume still, but they look quite natural, and they are an improvement over your initials!

Some docs will do a lift even after an augment if you ever decide to go that route, but I think these just gave you an extension and you could wait a little longer if you wanted to.
Some ladies like to see if they can get away without having one- so not a bad way to go really. Good luck!
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Hi 2orchid2, I have a question for you. Since you had sub muscular placement, and the results seem v nice - After four months, do you still feel any pain or discomfort b'coz of d implants? Are u able to exercise or run? Also when u lie down,does the breast look natural. Meaning, the natural breast tissue will generally move to d side whereas the implant will stay in position. So does d breast and d implant move in tangent so that it looks natural. Last question, does it feel soft to touch like a real breast or is there a discernible diff in d density of d implant vs breast. Thanks in adv. Would really appreciate if u can take out d time to answer.
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Hey! I think they look great! I think they look really natural and definitely more lifted than in your before pics. I don't think you need the lift - that's what bras are for! ;)
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That is awesome!!! I'm so happy for you. And I totally agree with the pricey bras. I am having a full MM and paying cash. I don't think I will be able to afford a VS bra for a while. lol
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With as nice as they look now I really don't think you should do the lift! They don't look saggy enough to put a big scar on them. They look fantastic and I would be happy if mine turned out like yours....
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I understand how you're feeling but agree that they look sexy and totally natural -- I can't quite say that for mine. Yours are big and beautiful. I think I would stay with them as they are. I am sure they look great in clothes and, in all honesty, I don't think the sag is as bad as you think. The size up top now really balances your proportions and you have a fantastic figure -- look at your waistline! Wow! If the doc will reimburse some of your expense for the sake of the adjustment in your expectations, I would take the money and still be happy with the change. See if he negotiates and, if so, you made out well in the end and might feel a little more satisfied.
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I agree with all the other posters that ur breasts beautiful and full. If they are soft to the touch, nobody will probably figure out that u have had anything done at all. Women tend to be more critical of themselves compared to how others see them. A breast lift might lift it a bit higher but I think the scarring is much more extensive and visible and not at all as discreet like in a BA. I pray that you find peace and acceptance with what you have now which is a very beautiful, natural pair of breasts.
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I think you look wonderful! :)
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I will also agree with everyone else ,, by saying they look great and totally natural.. I understand YOU will have to be happy with the results and hopefully you get what you wanted
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Hi Orchid, I am so sorry this happened to you. You are right, he should have explained that without the lift you would have a sag. Did you tell him you wanted natural looking or perky and did you take pics of what you wanted and what you didn't want? Are you planning to go back in to fix them? You really do look nice though. If you go back to fix them I hope you get the results you want. If you don't, I hope you eventually fall in love with them. Again, I am so sorry. I know how disappointed you must be not to get the results you wanted the first time around.
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Hello orchid~ I agree with the other look quite lovely! Very natural looking results. You must remember a doctor can only do so much with the exsisting tissue you already have. My PS explained to me if you do not already have tight,perky tissue then it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to create that effect after a BA. You do look very nice in my opinion. I hope you learn to like your breasts eventually. Take Care.
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I agree. They really do look natural. It may be what he wanted to do..but they really do look nice.
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I'm sorry you're disappointed in your results! For what it's worth, I think it looks more natural with breasts not being so pushed up and that you look beautiful.

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