Waiting to Get my TT - Ohio

I am 54 year old woman and have had saggy stomach...

I am 54 year old woman and have had saggy stomach since i had my first child at 18, have been wanting to do this for years and i am now retired and now have the money to do it.

Okay tomorrow i get my surgery date or am supposed...

okay tomorrow i get my surgery date or am supposed to, i went to two pre-op visits and also went and spoke with the nurse and assistant for about an hour about all my concerns. My main concerns are how much pain I will be in, the swelling, the not being able to stand up straight, of course the horror stories about infection, blood clots etc. I want to do this, have the money but am scared. being on here has helped get rid of some of my fears. I have had a hysterectomy, full, and also had liposuction about 6 years ago, the liposuction was very painful and so was hysterectomy, im thinking this might be the same, but scared pain might be worse. Is one of those things that you think you dont want to live with a belly hanging to your knees, lol, but you also dont want to have problems. I have decided to do it and have been excited one minute and scared the next. I may post photos if no one knows me.

Ok i need someone to say something, im anxiously...

ok i need someone to say something, im anxiously awaitiing call from surgeons office with the date, how long before the swelling goes down and how long before you can stand straight, these are the 2 major things i am concerned about as well as the pain after the surgery, did the pain medication help or are you still in horrible pain? if i get a chance i will post some pics.

Okay talked to doc office today and they couldnt...

okay talked to doc office today and they couldnt give me date yet, going to talk to them tomorrow, have been looking at this blog off and on all day, one minute im ready to do it and the next minute im looking at the incision, the drains, the swelling and bruising and it scares me again and im very antsy to get a date and get it over with and quit thinking about it, i also had to quit smoking so that is making me nuts also!!!!!!!!!!!! any advice out there, did you all feel this way too?

I kind of posted something wrong, in the comments...

i kind of posted something wrong, in the comments instead of the update part, but anyway my procedure is going to cost $6000 for th surgeon fees for tummy tuck, stomach muscle tightening, lipo of flanks and inner thighs, the rest is hospital and anestic fees and overnight stay at oupatient surgery center.

Okay i just took some before pictures and am...

okay i just took some before pictures and am trying to post them
just a comment on the price, the surgeon fee is $6000 which includes the tummy tuck, liposuction to flanks and inner thighs and tightening stomach muscles, i think its a good price, the rest of the price is hospital fees etc.

Omg, omg, i got my surgery date today, its going...

omg, omg, i got my surgery date today, its going to be May 9th at 8:30AM, I guess I need to start nesting, lol, getting everything done around here so I can be ready to not do too much right after the surgery. I am very excited and feel positive right now, cant believe this is happening ! Im scared and excited, the nurse there is so nice we talked ont he phone for about 45 minutes about my concerns. I love the doc also. Praying for good results and no health complications, I am sooooooooooooooo glad I found this site, what you girls are all saying is what we talked about and she was surprised that I had already learned so much. Thank you all, I have to stay busy and think about all the positive not the temporary negative !!!!!!! May need help with that !!!!!!!!! Thank you alll
omg thank you, its all im thinking about, i appreciate all of you.
Hi Kathy, ur day is just around the corner, I wish u luck and happy healing to u!
omg, thank you both, wow thats a great price for beverly hills area, good for you, yea wish we all didnt have to go thru this but i guess im glad its out there where we can do it. yes those are my concerns also, pain, healing, the downtime and will i be happy with results. I did check the docs credentials and they are great, he is on several boards and also does alot of reconstructive surgery and wound care etc. so i think im in good hands, but he can only do so much, my healing is my worse fear.

Okay i hope I can keep this frame of mind, I feel...

Okay i hope I can keep this frame of mind, I feel positive, am getting things ready, feel fortunate that i dont have health problems and am able to have the tt done at age 54, paid surgeon today and spoke with office again, still set for May 9, 2012. Am trying to eat healthy, proteins and veggies etc, had egg whites and veggies earlier, lots of water(Yuck) but i do like tea and crystal light so thats a good thing, and i drink my tea with no sweeteners so thats good thing also.

I want to change my name on here, I dont like the...

I want to change my name on here, I dont like the kathy scared anymore but was afraid no one would know me, the people i have already started talking to...............i kind of want something more like," Kathy, lets get it done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
you got a point there, we do take care of everyone else, wow you sound just like me, i think i might still have some arnica gel, im gonna look if not i will get some beforehand, thanks for your input it seriously helps.
It's not as bad as you are thinking, my ps's assistant told me it would be worse then my hysto, and I was nervous also, but it was not near that bad! Sore muscles, and back pain from bending over, it took me 6 weeks to be able to straighten all the way up and it still pulls. I still have swelling, but went today and found arnica, going to see if that helps, a lot of the other ladies on here have talked about it. I think you will be fine, I was up and going to the bathroom the first night in the hospital and took a shower the next morning, I was sore, but going slow and bending over helped, but it is going to take alot of your strength. Just taking a shower you will have to lay down and rest, if you accept this before hand it will be better, that ans tht you are oing to need help, just accept it and go with it. We've taken care of everyone else our whole lives, just let other people do it for a little while!

I am getting better about the anxiety, funny when...

I am getting better about the anxiety, funny when I first wake up in the morning I am scared about the surgery, then as I wake up and the day goes on I feel much better about it, positive about it and ready to get it done. If anyone out there can give me any helpful hints, advice, support, lol, I can use it...................

I put my surgery date on this calendar but does...

I put my surgery date on this calendar but does not show up on the website calendar for May 9th or at all, oh well.............................tummy tuck, muscle tightening, lipo of flanks and inner thighs....................all being done on May 9th, 2012, 8:30AM....................

I cant remember if I mentioned this however my ps...

I cant remember if I mentioned this however my ps thought it would help my look if i had some inner thigh liposuction and said he would do that and a little lipo extra for no further charge, my initial cost included the tummy tuck, muscle tightening, and tummy lipo, he did add flanks and inner thighs at no extra cost but hospital charge was $400.00 more, i think he wants me to have good results. I told him I want to be his poster child.
well sometimes they just dont want to over traumatize your body too much, maybe he feels with the tummy tuck and amount of lipo he doesnt feel comfortable however who wants to go back and get lipo once you recover.................
I've asked my PS several times about LILO but he doesn't want me to do lipo at the same time...so worried about the results without it but he seems to really feel strongly about it so I'm going to go without it...I figure worst case is I have Lipo down the road, right? I wish I wasn't always second guessing things! Lol
Ok that was Lipo lol

Okay my procedure is next wednesday, May 9th, TT,...

okay my procedure is next wednesday, May 9th, TT, MR, lipo of flanks, and inner thighs, i think i have got about everything I need and then some, talked to doc office today and reminded myself that I have an awesome doc who was referred to me by a very good surgeon in the area(that did a leg surgery and colon resection on me) and this reminded me as to why I am doing this and why I picked this surgeon. I have wedge pillow, lots of extra pillows, 4 recliners, books, computer, guaze(if needed) dial soap, protein bars, jello, yogurt(will get some more fresh stuff day before)compression garmet, jammies with button top and capri pants, granny panties, wife beater shirts, padding(for inside garmet if needed)Palmers Vitamin E skin repair oil for when i can use that, getting a massage two days befor procedure, hair cut day before procedure and pedicure, and who knows what else, but being prepared and getting a few things for "after" has got me kind of excited now, so for all you gals out there, thanks for all the moral support and friendship, and if i really have forgotten something let me know...............................
Hi I am right before you. (May 8 2012) cant wait to see the after pics! good luck
good luck to you Lesley, hoping for the best for you, your one day ahead of me, yes i cant wait to see all of our after pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kimmers, thanks so much for all your kind words and your encouragement and just all around making us feel better and helping us get prepared..................thank you !

Okay, it is monday May7th and my surgery is in 2...

Okay, it is monday May7th and my surgery is in 2 days, May 9th at 8:00AM. I wish i could just go in NOW and get it over with, sometimes I wonder if the anticipation is worse ! But Im sure some of you that just had the surgery would be saying you would take the anticipation over the pain and healing process. The docs office is going to call me back today or tomorrow for a phone call "pre-op" type visit, i wish it were in person as the doc seems to calm me down. At this point Im not even sure what Im nervous about if someone would directly ask me, of course all the usual pre surgery jitters, how will it feel when i wake up, will i be able to walk, will i be sick, blah blah blah, anyway thanks all of you for being here, I was the one before calming people down, now Im going thru my nervous stage. Lets all hang in there, best of luck for the ones scheduled today and tomorrow and the rest of the week..................
You guys are going to do terrific and just remember soon you'll be on the flat side and that's what we all have been longing for!! Sending positive vibes and virtual hugs your way!!!
I feel your anxiety, hopefully I can post tomorrow to let you know how it went but I seriously doubt it. I can't wait to just get it over with. Its great how everyone has pretty much the same emotions, that helps so much.
it does help knowing we are all feeling the same thing, good luck with everything, i know you probably wont be able to post tomorrow, im sure i wont on wed, so best of luck to you, praying for your anxiety to be minimul and for all to go well and we will talk again on the flat side, the things us women have to go thru, much peace and happiness and good thoughts being sent your way


ok thanks so much, this all means so much to me, i really needed this support and so appreciate every bit of it..................xoxoxoxo
Kathy, I'm up at 4:45 am for boot camp in the mornings so I'll be thinking about ya and saying a prayer for you and all the ladies in the morning :)! I'm so excited for you :)
Good luck tomorrow Kathy! Hugs and best wishes to you! Keep us posted when you can... Happy thoughts :)

Okay im almost 12 hours post op, had the tt, MR...

Okay im almost 12 hours post op, had the tt, MR and lips to flamks, belly and inter thighs. It actually was not as bad as i had anticipatede, not sying it doesnt hurt, it does but they are controlling it well with medication. Im in a great facility, an outpatient surgery center and was the only person who spent the night so I have 2 nurses to myself. Yesterday, since it was my birthday the nurses etc., brought me ice cream, cupcakes etc. which my husband at all of. getting great service here. still have cath in and those things on your legs that pump them, by doc like to be very careful. anway, ladies i think you will all be glad you did this, if i can do it anyone can. its almost midnight here and they say im doing great. have not actulyy seen my belly yet but it feels like the large hump is gone. praying for all of you. lol im now on the flat side,

No pics yet will post as soon as possible, things...

no pics yet will post as soon as possible, things went smooth and on time and the whole staff at good samaritan norh have been very professional, surgery lasted about 4 hours, the dilaudid and phenegran and zofran all worked well however felt a little naucious after surgery but did not get sick. I did do a very lite diet day before and i think that helped also. all my vital signs r perfect and doc will be in at 9AM to check me again and release me..............not looking forwad to ride home................
Well, here we are, more than 48 hours post op. I'm going to get my first real look in a few minutes at my tummy when I shower. Already peaked at the new girls. Definitely smaller as I only did a lift, but so excited I won't be able to hold a chubby marker under them any longer. Ha! Okay that might sound strange but some friends and I have a chubby marker club where we get together for drinks. It's a secret society lol. You can only be in it if you don't have perky boobs! Hahaha. Small town fun I guess? Keep up the good work, Kathy! I will be checking on ya and thinking of you as we go through this together.
Yay Kathy! So glad to hear your doing well! Hope you continue to heal beautifully! 24 hours to go for me!! :)
thank you all, im right under 24 hours post off and doing better than expected......................


yes dogs can tell, and i feel much better after trip to bathroom, i about od'd on all the laxatives etc and drinking tons of water and it finally worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Kathy, feeling much better tonight, decided to add Vicodin along with pain pump (was scared I'd get sick) but I have a patch on as well as compazine, Zoloft and phenergrin to be sure I don't throw up and so far so good. I know I'd feel even better if I could go to the bathroom. I will say my doggie definitely knows something is wrong as she keeps nudging my feet when I go to sit up and she looks so sad/worried. It's odd how well in tune they are,
Glad to hear your doing so well Kathy, hoping I'll progress to the same :)

Just quick update, feeling pretty good today, like...

just quick update, feeling pretty good today, like i want to do lots more, but doc says no, another thing i noticed is that i seem to keep falling asleep, maybe my body is telling me to get rest, pain is so much better and am 5 days post op.................girls if you have any doubts, dont, you can do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!! have been told my "kangaroo pouch" is gone and it feels gone, cant wait to see it, also milk of magnesium is a must, worked well for me.kathy

Well, i went to my first post op appointment...

well, i went to my first post op appointment today, makes me 6 days post op, omg is all i can say, my stomach is gone ! i could actually see my va jay jay while sitting up, have not done that since i dont know when, all went well, they said im doing great, i go back friday to get drains out. my surgeon glued stitches on outside and looks like a great smooth cut at this point and all my other stitches inside etc are the kind that dissolve, so there will be no stitches that come out, they told me to keep doing what im doing, but still say do sponge bath so thats what im gonna do and my hubby washes and blow drys my hair for me. Feeling very fortunate today that i was able to have this and appears to be getting results i was looking for. Life is good, bless you all on your journeys, Kathy Oh yea i didnt take pics, my husband left room as he gets queasy easy and thought they were taking my drains out and didnt come back in till i was dresssed will get some pics and post asap
i have with a mirror today at docs office, gonna get pics end of week, i think im going to be extremely happy with the outcome, cant wait to share it
Have you looked at all? I'm so excited to see your results!
going to take pics at dr office on friday or take them at home so will get them posted this week................

Well im 8 days post op, i do not have much pain at...

well im 8 days post op, i do not have much pain at all, my pain is coming from my back from still walking hunched over, my doc is a "stickler" about everything, which is not a bad thing, but anyway im still wearing my "ted hose" the white support hose that goes all the way up to your thighs. I know someone on here said not to weigh yourself as you might be upset, but im not that patient, so the other day i weighed myself and i was about 6 lbs down then next day about 7 lbs down then today im back where i was almost, so i guess not good idea to weigh yourself, im sure its water retention and im drinking tons of water today, why is it when someone tells us not to do something, its the first thing we want to do. i have went outside and sat on my deck a few times as it is so nice out and the fresh air and sunshine always make me feel good. not going to overdo it though...................hope you are all well if u have had yours done already and if your ready to go to flat side wishing you much luck happiness and for your worries to be small.............



One thing i was wondering about, everyone seems to...

one thing i was wondering about, everyone seems to be talking about the horrible swelling, i seem to have some swelling but not that bad at all, im8-9 days post op and at least one drain will come out tomorrow, is this when the bad swelling starts? i have been drinking a ton of water, always have a bottle open that i am drinking on.
My ps said my swelling looks very normal. If you look at me sideways you used to be able to see my ribs and my hip bones were noticeable. My waist in general is just thick especially if you look from the side. I'm not bad but definitely not normal looking. Also pubis area is obviously larger, not gross but larger. My ps said to not trick myself into thinking I felt better then the inside of my body can tell me it feels. Did you read my update today? Wearing the binder correctly, not overdoing it, and drinking water make for good results. You're obviously doing something right.
WOW trenches, thank you, going tomorrow to get at least one drain out at 11AM and plan on taking pics then, also the worse thing about this has been my lower back hurting and not getting a regular shower yet, im so glad i did it and have not really seen much results at all yet......................best of luck to u trenches
OH my goodness!! I can't wait to see your after photos, I keep coming on to check for them! I am less than a week from now, and we have similar bellies :) Love reading your positive updates, so glad everything is going well for you :)

Okay i go back to docs this am, will give update...

okay i go back to docs this am, will give update then. I dont think I mentioned this before but anyway i had a previous hysterectomy and also a colon resection and this one was done laproscopicly. well when PS was doing my tummy tuck and was working around the belly button area he said that he found that one of the surgeons had put mesh inside me and that he had to cut through it to finish his work there. he didnt seem to think it was a huge deal however did mention of course its better to know this info going in. i was as shocked as he was, I had no idea. I dont even really understand it. so since i have to stress about something this is what im stressing about, the hysterectomy was about 12 years ago and colon resection was in 2007, doc could not tell which surgery this might have been from. I dont understand how that mesh works so of course now im thinking of that, however im not having any problems at all, gonna ask him more about it today.

Okay i posted an "after pic" from todays doc...

okay i posted an "after pic" from todays doc visit, he took out one drain today and drain #2 is coming out tuesday, they did say i could shower but would prefer me to use a shower chair, they didnt take any after pics of me as he said he would like to wait until im not swollen etc and healed up better, my belly button looks good, pain is less every day, sorry about showing my va jay jay(especially not shaven since before surgery) but hubby took pic ans was about the only one that turned okay.

Lol, still a ways to go in healing process but i...

lol, still a ways to go in healing process but i did get rid of my kangaroo pouch !!!!!!!!!!!! im lovin that already
Well if nothing else put a cute little bow in the area. Ha.im actually quite confident that not one woman on here even noticed.. I have never in my life seen so many naked women until this month and I spend all of my time celebrating for each of them for new great tummies and boobies.
lol, well they told me to trim, not shave before and told me to leave it alone for right now so i am, its the only shots hubby got and i know some of you wanted to see, so i posted them, next ones should be prettier,lol, i hope. thanks both of you
gees, i cant believe you didnt shave before your photo op! this is a prestigious forum! ha, yeah. Funny you apologized about that. Glad you are one step closer to the best days ever with a great body.

Okay i posted a few pics 8 days post op and still...

okay i posted a few pics 8 days post op and still had my drains in and was very swollen but no one has said it looked good or not that i can tell, should i take this as well we hopes it looks better eventually or it should look better after 8 days or omg, lol, anyway i thought it looked good for all of the tummy they took out and my huge "apron" and hope to get some better pics in the next week or so.....................lol, kathy
Kathy!! You look fantastic!! I just got home from a camping trip, excited to see that you posted new pics! I said to my husband back when we were deciding to have the procedure done, that if I got nothing out of this other than an apron free body and a view of my vagina, I would consider it money well spent! Every day will get better and better, swelling will continue to go down, and you'll soon be shopping to dress that new tummy of yours. I'm two days away and I all I think about is my first pair of button and zipper pants, no long t shirt to cover the bulge :)
thank you so much, omg, was thinking the same thing, rid of that apron and stretch marks and wearing all the long shirts to cover myself, i am more pleased every day, i cant even believe its me when i look in the mirror, its like im in someone elses body, yep all i was looking for was to look better, not actually look decent, i am more thrilled than i can believe, thank you so much

Kathy your tummy is looking good!!   Such a big difference and know the swelling will go down.  Patience honey and all will be fine.  You got a new tummy and it's looking good.


Ok tomorrow will be two weeks post op. I had doc...

Ok tomorrow will be two weeks post op. I had doc appointment today and had 2nd drain removed. I don't know if all docs do this but when I go in they clean all my incisions, belly button, put on new steri strips, put medication on stitches etc., I get the whole royal treatment. All is looking great, they say im still swollen, I am more than pleased and blessed with the results. Cant say enough good about my doc. He is a true professional. I am actually still amazed that he could do the job he did on me, i had the worst tummy ever and now i look just like a normal person with a very nice flat, pretty tummy with no buldges and no stretch marks, I could not be happier. Im feeling good but still am taking it very easy, no lifting etc., and no heavy duty anything, they say you can get your insides "inflamed" and i have no desire to do that, i can wait, just taking it slow and listening to doc and looking forward to going to florida in the winter with the new me. also my husband has been a godsend also, never thought i would say that but he has so stepped up to the plate to help me, help around the house, bathe me, he has been awesome............................so far so good will post some new pics shortly...............................

Your doing fantastic!!  Keep up the good work:)


Hey just checkin in, im doing very well, still...

hey just checkin in, im doing very well, still sore in spots but doing great and so far very happy with my results, i look at some of my before pics and realize my PS is also a magician, lol. thought i would go the rest of my life with the muffin top and saggy belly and stretch marks, all of that is gone. i am doing great, my main problem now is wearing clothes. its fine around the house but with the binder then compression garmet that goes to my knees and it going to be in the 90s this weekend im trying to figure what im gonna wear as we are going up to our place at the lake. i am more comfortable obviously right now with stretch / elastic waist shorts and capris but only have a few of these, i guess what i might do it wear my compression garmet that doesnt have the legs in it while im out and about at the lake then while im inside i will wear the one that goes to my knees, funny, my main concern is what to wear during this healing phase, my clothes fit fine but with binder and garmet etc is slightly uncomfortable and then with this heat, this is when you wished you did it in the winter and could just get away with sweat pants etc for a few weeks.........................any suggestions
I was told could have swelling up to and occasionally past six months....but not the major swelling we have right now
my doc told me the other day that right at the 3 month mark is where what you have is what you get, but thats just one persons opinion, im not sure
Hi ladies! my tt was april 13 and so far so good. I still get the daily bloat by the end of the day and tummy stil feels tight ( that is good for me!) how long does this bloat last? I am panicked that it will suddenly result in the hideous bulge i got rid of. Probably over paranoid but REAlly want the 2 piece bathing suit I havent worn in 27 years. Ihave been told this is as good it will get--then I hear it still gets better. any TT veterans want to shed some light? thanks to all for your great support!

20 daysi just got back from appointment at PS...

20 daysi just got back from appointment at PS office and they gave me a few things for scars and belly ubtton. for the belly ubtton they gave me "new Gel+E, "advanced silicone gel for scars. then they also gave me "NewGel+silicone gel sheeting for scar management", several shapes and sizes, they said to put it on, floow instructions and the sheets can be used over, like if you take shower you can put them back on again until you can tell they are worn out. I was surprised on how thin my incision is and how good and straight it looks etc., he did use the glue on it, not a bad scar at all, i am very pleasantly surprised, happy healing everyone, kathy post op...........
You are looking amazing!! Very much like my own body shape :) Lovin the cute panties too!
thank you very very much, its been kind of fun, i bought 2 new pairs of panties tonight, cute, boy cut, summerish designs on them, i have not dont this for over 20 years or more, just would buy panties that would cover up all the muck, lol, so glad we did this, its been rough but so worth it to have a little for for once with ourselves !
thanks all of you, summer you have a great weekend also, its cooled off here and thats not a bad thing wearing all this gear ! I am feeling good, just still slower than before of course, last couple days i have been walking, not my normal faster walk with bigger steps but walking just right around my house and doing at least a mile, like i said not fast, i actually still am sore, i did ask my surgeon about my stomach muscles and he did say they were very weak so i think thats why im so tight and still sore but all in all im doing good, eating healthy, have lost about 12-15 lbs. depending, kind of stuck right there but thats a good thing. of course my stomach is still very numb, i have started to put things on my scar and doc gave me the silicone strips and am going to start using those today, you girls all have a great weekend also and Kimmers as always thanks for all your support, love you all...............

Well im over the 4 week mark post op, im 4 weeks...

well im over the 4 week mark post op, im 4 weeks and 4 days, wow its been a ride, but a good one, I did tell my husband a few minutes ago when I was modeling to him my new black undies with pink and purple fish on them(Lol) that it .was already worth the pain and the panics and money etc. to be able to stand there in a cute pair of underwear in front of hubby and feel good about myself. Im doing good, still sore, my old abs must have had to be superglued back together, lol, i am still being very careful, especially with my 19 month old grandson(which is hard) and not doing any heavy lifting and exercise consists of walking. gonna check with doc tomorrow to see if i can do arm workouts with weights possibly sitting down, i go back in a few weeks so will see what they say as far as doing any further or more intense exercising and also about garmet wear etc., i have heard before that the longer you wear the garmet the better the results, but some people on here have different ideas about that and no idea what is right. anyway may post a few new pics and maybe another before, gonna try to do side by side if i can figure it out.
Kathy, thanks for all the information and advice you've been sharing on the June TT'ers page. Your before/after pics are also uplifting, gives me hope for myself as well - I hope my results are as good!
your welcome, lol, can you tell im not working, i wish you the best, i took a few new pics today may get those posted, i NEVER in a million years thought I could get rid of that bubble apron stretch marked belly, i told my surgeon he was a magician, lol...................

Just a update as its been a month since my...

just a update as its been a month since my surgery, for all of you out there really wanting to do this, it is awesome, there are some ups and downs, but today being able to wear clothes that i would not even have been caught dead in while i was in the house is a miracle, i am sooooooooo happy and i hear there are still alot of better things to come, of course i still have bad days but i did before the surgery also, lol, anyway if you are out there and wondering should i or shouldnt i, just make sure you have a good surgeon, do your homework, get educated, want it more than your scared of it, and go for it, you only live once, i love my results already !!!!!!!!!!
WHO IS 54?????!!!! Retired!!!! Kathy you really are ready!!! What are you going to do with all this new sexyness?!! I can tell you are, the purple panties are a good give away. :) You look great!
lol, ain't it the truth! I hit the 50s and suddenly can't wear enough red. Wore red underpants to surgery today and couldn't believe my luck when I found a front-closing bra that fit me for $5 at Wal-Mart in red *that fit* so wore that too. Bet the girls at the surgery center got a good laugh, but they were sweet and didn;t say anything, It was mostly because I love red, but figured if I was gonna bleed on stuff it might as well match. lol.

Dang, we're like butterflies coming out of our cocoons sometimes I think. ;D
WOW! I bet your on cloud nine! What a difference! You look great!

Well its been about 7 weeks post op and I went for...

well its been about 7 weeks post op and I went for a follow up today with PS. All went well and he brought up that I had small "doggie ears" on my sides, I knew I had them but was going to see how they looked. Anyway PS said he can get rid of them during a 45 minute office procedure, he set me up an appointment to come back in a month and said there will be no charge at all, he will take care of it. I also did my after photos today, hopefully I will see them when I go back in a month. I am still sore, I think mainly from all the muscle repair that was done to me. They did say all my swelling was not gone and that it will even look better in a month. Also the assistant suggested to continue to wear my garmet as long as I can as this continues to help with results. I have no problem doing this, I had the ugly stomach for years and have waited for a long time and spent a good amount of money so I want the best results and will follow what they say. Still cant do any abdominal exercising however they said I can do most everything else...........
Hey Kathy was wondering if when u have your binder off if it hurts? I am all most 4 weeks out and when I have mine off it fells like my belly button is going to explode. I'm happy to know that your 7 weeks out and you still have swelling not that you have swelling but that I'm not the only one that still has it!!! I really thought by 4 weeks out I would feel a lot Better then what I do. I am so worried about going back to work tomorrow as I work in a factory standing for 8 hours a day and on top of that we are on over time so it will be 9 hours the first day back.

@nomoretummy, i do feel better with my binder or compression garmet on, seems like when i have it off, something just doesnt feel right, seems like i hurt more and I just dont feel lke I am secure and yes things feel like they might fall out. My PS told me to wear the garmet and/or binder as long as i could and i would also get better results and be more comfortable. Im 8 weeks out and still have to say that I still hurt off and on depending on what I am doing, and I also didnt think by now anything would hurt, but it does.  It seems like a long healing process and I also had alot of muscle repair.  Is there anyway in your job you could do any light duty or possibly be able to take a few extra breaks? I know thats not easy to do without doing alot of explaining and possibly even getting a note etc., but you very possibly will be swollen and sore by end of the day, best of luck to you, try to keep hydrated also...................Kathy
Are you allowed to actually swim laps or just get in the pool? I'm allowed to get in the pool but no swimming dr said due to abs. Just wondering if you are, how you are feeling afterwards?

Well im about 9 weeks post op and actually...

Well im about 9 weeks post op and actually starting to feel like the old me again, I actually babysat for my 1.5 year old grandson by myself for the first time today. On July 31, I am going back to PS as he wants to take care of my little "doggie ears" on the ends of my tt incision. He said I very possibly would have them and last time I was there he said he wanted to take care of this and would not charge me anything at all to do it, he is just very picky about how the results turn out which is fine with me. I did post a picture that was taken about 7 weeks post op, I think for an old gal, lol, 55 years old, that I dont look too bad, I very happy with the results, love my belly and belly button...................... have not started any heavy duty exercising yet, just walking and starting upper body work, also your never too old to have this done, I would do it again in a second.............
I cannot see pictures...hurry admins and fix!!!!

really, wheni go to it they are right up there, im gonna ask them about it and see what problem is, thanks
You look so good, what a huge difference and it will get better from here, I'm finally noticing that I don't swell much any more after about 6 weeks.


ALMOST 3 MONTHS POST OP AND HAD "DOGGIE EARS" DONE YESTERDAY: My doc wanted to take care of my doggie ears on the sides of my incision and of course I wanted to also, I could have lived with the small imperfection but he offered to do it at no cost, they are so wonderful to me. What they did basically is cut out a football shaped chunk from each side of incision and then swed it up. i was awake and they numbed the area, they had to give me more numbing medication as i was feeling things i should not, once they did that only thing i can feel was some pulling etc. He showed me the chunks he took out, i can tell i will have a smoother look. BUT it hurts, lol, omg, it is pretty painful today, they said they could call me in something in but i have pain meds left and think i will break down and take them. I also cant swim and am not supposed to shower for 2 weeks, dont know if i go go thru that again. They did say in could go to store and look for those waterproof bandaids and try that so i could shower, i just cant do that again especially in this weather. On a lighter note they again gave me samples of NewGel+, about $100 worth or more, so cant complain about that. Also a few of you said you could not see my pics, were you looking from phone or tablet as it might not come up that way you might have to look at them on pc or laptop. Let me know, thanks Kathy. I will post pics, wow i should have posted pic of before doggie ears............................................i am still the happiest and most thankful person for having this surgery done with no problems and having he best doc ever and loving my outcome..........................
Your belly button looks fantastic - I'm so jealous! :) Super flat and smooth now, congrats on your recovery!

thank you mom2fiveUT, i do love my belly button he did a great job, wow i just looked at my before pics and thought to myself, who is that girl ? lol, i am soooooooooooooo glad i had this done, i do wish i would have taken more pics along the way, but i guess it doesnt matter, i do wish i would have measured myself, my belly was so huge i had to hold it up to see my va jay jay, i am super happy with my results, love it, best thing i ever did !
you are lookin good doin ok

3 Months Post Op and Loving it. I guess it is the...

3 Months Post Op and Loving it. I guess it is the small things in life that we enjoy, i used to have such a time doing certain exercises and even bending over with my huge belly in the way. I can now touch my toes again and bend certain ways and do certain exercised properly without trying to stretch all the way around that huge belly that is now gone. Every day i wake up amazed on how i look normal again, and like i said when i had my son at age 18 it totally ruined my belly, jelly belly and stretch marks all my life until now, 55 years old(young). I cant say how happy I am with my surgeon, my progress and the way my body looks, it may not be perfectg, but who is, but i LOVE it. They say at 3 months you are pretty much at your final results and Im right there and if you cant tell i could not be any happier. I have also started a new workout program, "Beach Body" and have been doing some sort of exercise every day and it seems so much easier without that extra 8 lbs. of skin and fat around my mid section. So anyway for some of you that are just starting to heal just know that it gets much better and at 3 months you should be feeling super, I am so glad I did this for ME and like I said Im still amazed on how lucky I am, every day I am thankful. Best of luck to all of you. Kathy
Hope you are doing well!

Hi all, i am 5 months post op and doing great. I...

Hi all, i am 5 months post op and doing great. I now am doing beach body work outs and doing the shakeology. Things are going great with me, I still am not smoking, that has been 6 months, I feel wonderful, my stomach is beautiful, belly button is awesome, everything looks good and I have not felt this good I dont think since I was about 18 years old. I am so glad to get rid of every single stretch mark and that horrible 3 ply belly. Girls just want to tell you, you will go through some great times, some rough times, some scarey times and some very emotional times, believe me it is all worth it. Even on my worst day I never wished I would not have done this, I was nervous a few times and thought what if this or that happens, but I would feel my stomach and the feeling of looking like a real woman again after all these years was overwhelming. God is good and he took me through all this. If any of you need any advice, have questions, worries, jitters, or what you may think is a silly question, feel free to ask, I know before I had my surgery and after I had my surgery it was nice to talk to some of the "old timers"(5 months makes me feel like an old pro), so ask away anything you may want to know. Things change and are different with every surgery and all surgeons do not do everything the same. Make sure you get a board certified surgeon and someone you feel comfortable with and check your doctor out and look at his pics etc, if it doesnt feel right, go with the next person. Anyway I feel about 15 years younger, I can do so many things now that I could nto do before as my belly got in the way. I have people give me compliments all the time. Like I said I am also wokring out and trying to "eat clean" most of the time and I also take more time to take care of me for once in my life. Best of luck to you all and bless you all............................Kathy
Glad to hear things are going well and that you are feeling good! Thanks for updating and sharing your story!
I'm good! Getting better and better. Still sore at times with bloating but getting Better!

It has been almost a year now, had mine done May...

It has been almost a year now, had mine done May 2012, it was a long emotional and physical recovery but have never regretted it for a minute, just wish i would have done it sooner, but didnt have the time off before of quite the money, anyway all is great, mine looks great and it is the best thing i ever did for myself! would not change a thing, i was very fortunate with my results! good luck to all of you who have just had yours or have one scheduled, remember, you are worth it !
Kathy so good to hear things are going great! I feel exactly the same, best decision I have ever made!!! :)
good to hear from you !
It took about 6 months for all the swelling to go away! And it's been a year since my surgery and I still have no feeling between my belly button and the incision line! Hope this helps!

Wow i was just looking at my before photos and...

wow i was just looking at my before photos and cant believe it sometimes that all that skin and bubble belly is gone, i dont even look like the same person, well dont look like the same body, i was so fortunate to be able to do this and so fortunate my results were good, life is so much better not having to fight those belly rolls anymore, i used to think if i could just cut it off, lol and i was soooooo scared to do it i almost had panic attacks before i had the surgery then i would focus on how much i wanted it done, i could not be happier and healthier..............
I am almost 7 weeks post op and was scrolling through your review so happy you are pleased with your results. I am still in the wtf did do myself stage? How is your scar looking now? Are you still seeking ever? Thanks for the review!
I am more than pleased with the results, since about this time last year when I was able to really start exercising I started a program and just feel really good, belly still looks great if not better, scar is still there but fading, doesn't bother me at all, better than stretch marks and 3 bellies, lol, not sure about your last question, still seeking ever? I am more than glad I did this, I am extremely pleased and kind of wish I would not have waited so long, but didn't have time and money before, much luck to you as it is a long healing process, then one day you just feel better.
Ha omg my phone auto corrected on it's own! I meant do still swell ever?

a year and a few months later

just wanted to show you glas a pic of me now and my scar, I had mine done May of 2012, hope this helps

Over a year later

I meant gals, wanted to show you pic of over year old surgery, it does stay, still loving it, make sure you look at my before photos
You look great! I will be so happy when my scar has faded as nicely as yours!
Me too! Hurry hurry! ;-)
thanks, it will happen !
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my doctor and staff have been wonderful, im saying worth it alredy as my stomach appears flat, i know i picked the right doc.Extremely happy with my outcome and extremely happy with the care i got both with my doctor, assistant and all the people at the Good Sam North Surgery Center, it was all top notch, they were very caring, thorough, paid close attention to details, concerns, my health was priority, it was a great experience and outcome.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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