On the mend again

I am a 32 year old mother of two amazing kids, age...

I am a 32 year old mother of two amazing kids, age 12 and 7. I was always the chubby kid growing up. My 1st pregnancy left me with stretch marks and saggy skin. After my 12 year old was born I started jogging and cut out regular soda and white carbs. I dropped a lot of weight, getting down to 118! But my stomach still looked terrible. I gained 22lbs with my second and lost it quickly. I have run, done Pilates, p90x, insanity, you name it? But no matter what I do it will not change this nasty tummy! I got into weight lifting and put on a lot of muscle, that didn't help, it only made the scale inch up. I'm tired of putting in all this effort only to be disappointed when I look in the mirror. I've wanted this for so long, and now I'm finally going to do it.

My 1st consult is May 17. I would like to do the surgery tomorrow, but practicality tells me to wait until fall. That way I can still take the kids to the pool, and sweats hide drains more easily! I've perused this site so many hours of so many days, wishing those after photos were mine. Soon...

I had my first consult today! I left the office...

I had my first consult today! I left the office feeling ready to do it. But I know I need to wait until fall, the kids would be disappointed to be away from the pool this summer. And I don't want tone wrapped like a sausage in the heat! This doctor told me he would do a "limited" incision with no internal sutures! It would be low enough to wear lingere and bikinis and eliminate most if not all of the stretch marks. He even said I could be back to working out in as little as 3 weeks since I'm not doing anything internally. I would meed to wear some sort of compression garment for 3 weeks, then move to spanx foranother 5-7 weeks for 12 hours a day. I would have 1 drain and a pain pump. I dont do well with anesthesia or pain meds so lots of phenergan for me. The total fee would be $7800, which seemed a bit high since I wasn't doing anything other than the tuck. I plan to have at least one more consult, then I'll set the date. I can't wait to join all of you on the flat side!

I did it! I paid my deposit to hold the date,...

I did it! I paid my deposit to hold the date, August 10, 7am! Less than 60 days! Ahhh! That will probably be the next time I'll be able to sleep. I'm nervous and excited that this is going to happen.
I am scheduled in August also! I can't wait!

My cg came in the mail today. Anyone know why it...

My cg came in the mail today. Anyone know why it has like a bike short? I'm worried that the leg openings won't fit, I've got bigger "stems"! The dr told me not to open it to keep it germ free. It doesn't look too comfortable, hoping I will be able to switch to another type sooner after surgery than later.
Thank you for your comments. I count down everyday! I can't wait until I'm able to sit down without pulling my pants out so the skin can fall into them! No more muffin top!
Good luck with the op! Im 11 days post op now and so happy I did it. The first week is really rough but hang in there, it does get better!!!! You will look great and the fact you are in such good shape will help your recovery.
congrats on setting your date and getting your CG in the mail! i imagine that your CG has the legs to prevent any swelling from traveling down into your legs, but i'm not expert. it is odd that your PS had you get such an extensive garment though if you are only having the tuck. i'm sure you could ask his office to clarify for you. you are going to look amazing after your procedure!

Just got an email from the PS office asking if I'd...

Just got an email from the PS office asking if I'd like to move my surgery from the 10th to the 8th! Uhhh, yeah! Hoping to hear back with more details. Hoping the hubby can switch his days off to make it work as well. *fingers crossed*

I'm starting to get nervous. My husband and I...

I'm starting to get nervous. My husband and I will meet with the doctor tomorrow to iron out all the details I assume. I'm hoping I will feel ready afterwards. 99% of the time I feel ready, but every once and awhile the nerves get me. Can I handle the pain? Can I sit on my butt and stay out of the gym long enough to heal? What if the scar is too high, or my bb too large? What if I'm still not happy? *sigh* I want this to work so badly and for so long that I'm afraid I've set my expectations too high and I'll be let down.
Hi, youre stomach is kinda like mine (was) I also did insanity, and have run 2-3 miles a day 5x week for the past 2 years, weight lifting, swimming, biking... and NOTHING tightens up that skin! Good Luck!

Pre op today went well. I was disappointed to...

Pre op today went well. I was disappointed to hear I wouldn't be coming out of the cg until Monday. No shower and no peeking! Boo! But in the end it will be worth it. I'm really scared about the nausea, since I'm very sensitive to pain meds and anesthesia. They gave me zofran? And phenergan. We'll see. I may try to just tough it out with ex Tylenol and the pain pump. He did say after 2 weeks I can slowly do some abdominal moves to prepare to go back to work after 3 weeks. I just have to stay under 50% of my normal exertion for hr until 6 weeks, to help with swelling. I'm ready, nervous and excited.

Next week at this time I'll be on the flat side,...

Next week at this time I'll be on the flat side, joining all of the ladies whose reviews I have read, and been jealous of, time and time again! I keep telling myself that the pain is worth it, and I see that in every review. I can't wait to feel good about the work I put in at the gym and to not have to tuck in my belly when I sit! But I'm not looking forward to sitting on my butt for so long. It will be very hard for me to stay out of the gym and not do stuff around the house (I'm a little on the control freak side).
Can you please tell me which Dr. you are going with (or some clue ie. 1st couple letters of last name, location, etc). I had my first consult and was quoted that exact price in Montgomery, Ohio. I loved the Dr. but I'm doing a consultation with another Dr. just to cover all bases.
Dr Williams is doing mine. I had a consult with another doctor in blue ash area who was less expensive but I felt more compelled to choose this doctor.
Best of luck to you! I have my surgery scheduled in a few weeks and nervous as anything. There are days I wake up and wondering if it is worth going through all this anticipated pain.

Oh my! I've had my last meal, my last drink,...

Oh my! I've had my last meal, my last drink, worked my last class, completed my last workout. In the morning I will have my last shower, and my last time of putting on "real" clothes for awhile.
1,000,000 fears, doubts, worries! I pray this is the right decision.
I pray that my recovery and surgery go smoothly with no complications. I pray that my final result exceeds my expectations. I pray for all those who are recovering and or waiting for their day. I pray for calm, peace and comfort.
Talk to you on the other side!

Just a quick update.  So far only ex Tylenol....

Just a quick update.  So far only ex Tylenol.  Despite 3 different Nasea meds I puked and that hurts.  Very sleepy but can sleep for
 Long and not really hungry.  All in all I just pray that each day gets better.  5 hours ago I wished I was dead, so that's an improvement! :)

As a lot of the reviews on here said, depression...

As a lot of the reviews on here said, depression has set in. Why did I pay so much money to do this to myself. It's not so much my abs as it is my back and the tape holding the pain pump tube. Plus I need to poo and can't. My husband and kids have been great. But I feel horrible for keeping them from doing things. Tonight they are going to a preseason football game so I'll be here by myself. I am also disappointed that my doctors office hasn't called to check in. My surgery was Wednesday and I won't see them till late friday afternoon. Day by day right?

My m-I-l is a nurse and she just came and removed...

My m-I-l is a nurse and she just came and removed the pain pump! Hallelujah! I am so swollen under my chest because I couldn't pull the binder all the way up because of the pump and the rash. Hopefully that swelling will go down with the added pressure. I have only drained 15cc's since 9am. I can definitely feel where the stitches are but it's not a hurt more of an annoyance. I am bummed that I won't get tosee anything until late Monday afternoon. I've only taken Tylenol and so far so good. My back is definitely in the most pain.

Today is by far the best yet. I still can't stand...

Today is by far the best yet. I still can't stand straight and my back is killing me. It's my upper abs the are so tight, that's where it pulls the worst? Holy cow I hope I don't cough or sneeze again! How soon till that doesn't hurt? I washed my hair in the sink, sponged my legs and arms, blew out my hair and put on some makeup today, just to help with morale. I've discovered that I hate tv, 200 channels and I can't find anything worth watching. The weather here is beautiful, what I wouldn't give to take a nice long walk! Patience...

Sleeping in a sitting up position sucks. My...

Sleeping in a sitting up position sucks. My advice buy a u shaped neck support pillow. I slept better last night with it. I FINALLY get to see results today, and hopefully get drain out. I will post pictures after the appointment and a much awaited shower!

Still have my drain. They will probably pull it...

Still have my drain. They will probably pull it at the appointment tomorrow. Problem is I almost passed out when they were undressing me yesterday and they got to the gauze around the drain. Apparantly it was taped to it so the nurse was pulling, it hurt so bad I got really light headed and hot. I had to lay down and they put ice packs on my neck and chest. At that point I forgot about all the questions I had and just wanted to go home and to bed. I was so excited that morning to see the results, but after feeling so terrible I didn't even look.
I did get the clearance to shower so I saw the results this morning. I'm hoping it's just swelling but so far I was as impressed as with the other post op pictures on here. I guess I wanted to be wowed. But cinsidering I still can't stand tall I felt a little freakish. Idk. Depression? Oh, showering is hard work. Without the binder to help support your back! Ugh! My back was screaming by the time I stepped out. I'll try again tomorrow morning. Hopefully a little less swollen? Anyone know of any tricks to help with swelling?

Today marks one week post op. first let me say...

Today marks one week post op. first let me say the I am reply going stir crazy! And incredibly tired of sitting on my rear! I did get my drain out today which hurt like nothing else! But with that came instructions to not do ANYTHING! Still...for another week! I was hoping for clearance to start walking. No such luck. So here I sit. I hATE the way my hips look. Even in the morning, they are HuGE! Right now I'm not happy at all. I really wish I could see a glimpse of the final result so I could feel this is all worth it. I go back next week to have the bb stitches removed. Hopefully I'll be happier, and thinner in the hips as I have to go back to work next Friday and I'd like to not have to put a wide load sign on my backside!
Wow! I think you look great! It appears that your scar is nice and low. After looking at this site for months and meeting doctors, I finally scheduled mine today for November 1st. I'm so nervous I get nauseous just thinkimg about it though....all the risks and complications and recovery. Please keep posting about your procedure and recovery and results. I've been following your progress. You appear to be built similar to me. I hope your healing moves along quickly!

I slept through the night last night! First time...

I slept through the night last night! First time since the surgery! I can sleep comfortably on either side as well as my back. I had to make some adjustments to my cg first though, it was really digging into the front of my hip bones where the incision is. So I left the bottom hooks undone, but still zipped it up. That worked well for sleeping. Other than that still doing a lot of nothing. I did go out to lunch yesterday, that was nice and sat at soccer practice. It felt so good to feel a little "normal". I can pretty much move around at ease, even coughing isn't so painful. That makes it much harder to sit around and do nothing. But i can tell when I'm starting to swell up. Especially since the doctor has me adding padding to the garment to make it tighter. It's never been all that uncomfortable. But after my last visit he said we needed yo make it tighter. The extra padding adds a beautiful spare tire look around my waist. I'm waiting for the dr before picture, they are much clearer then I will post those.
Your pics look great! Glad you're feeling more back to normal & sleeping more comfortably. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again...someday. Lol
Congrats! You look really great! I get the spare tire thing from your CG - I get little love handles from mine sometimes. I hate it but swelling takes awhile for sure! =)
Thanks! I'm glad you were able to find a doctor! I was really nervous some days and others just anxious to do it. That's all normal.

So my lower abdomen has been swollen and hard...

So my lower abdomen has been swollen and hard since yesterday morning. Despite rest it hasn't changed. Is this normal or a complication?
How are you doing? My upper abs are ridiculously hard, like a rock, so I think its pretty normal. I thought by this time I'd be less swollen, but I don't think I'm helping myself out with all the activities I've been doing.
I had my surgery Aug 9th, I went to a surgeon who only does plastic surgery. I'm very happy with my results, I did get that new medication Experial, I believe thats the name, so no pain pump was needed, I had 9 lbs of skin removed a 3 lbs of fat, I'm on the bigger side but loving my pics. My surgery was at 830am and I was home by 2pm. I do hope things start to go better for you. I know spending that kind of money is tough, if you aren't happy with the results, my surgeon said that in 1 yr from now, will be the best my belly will look, and if you check my pics out, I'm already happy, so it will be interesting to see what it looks like in a yr. Happy Healing wishes to you.
Mine does that sometimes. Usually when I do too much without resting or when I sit straight up & down (not reclined) for too long.

Saw the ps today. He doesn't like the swelling,...

Saw the ps today. He doesn't like the swelling, said I'm doing too much. Which I feel like I haven't done anything but sit on my but. Literally that is what I do all day. Wake up sit on the couch, school with the kids, sit at the table, eat lunch, sit on the couch, when it cools off on the evening I sit in a chair outside, go to bed. He also told me not to go back to work on Sunday, I only work 3 days per week. Sunday is my long day, 4 hours! ;). But I think I'm going to anyway, clients are counting on me, and if I don't work I don't get paid. He gave me a script for 800mg Motrin. I take that 2x a day. Hopefully that will help the swelling. My husbands starting to get really tired of cooking and cleaning. And I'm starting to get tired of it not being done my way! Haha! Not that I'd tell him that! I was going to update pictures but I haven't had time today yet to take some. Hopefully later. Although it looks worse with the swelling. I go back on Monday and HOPe to get clearance to do light no impact cardio or light weights. I need to move! I'm jealous of all the pictures that have little to no swelling, and the ps keeps telling mr it will be so great when the swiping is gone. Patience...
Still swollen. You?

Saw my ps today, 2 1/2 weeks post op. He said the...

Saw my ps today, 2 1/2 weeks post op. He said the same thing as last time, take it easy! I'm so sick and tired of sitting around all day! I homeschool the kids, and the stress of not being able to get out and exercise or do anything to make me feel happy is really depressing me. I tried to get my nails done today and the nail tech never showed up so I didn't even get to do that. I'm just feeling really down. It seems like nothing is getting better. Despite all the Motrin and padding of the cg I'm still swollen. When I first chose this ps he said I could be back to work and working out at 50% by 3 weeks. I can't take any more time off. If I don't work, I don't get paid! And since I work in the fitness industry I kinda have to be able to do a little bit of the exercise! Ugh! Sorry for the Debbie downer. I don't go back till 1 month post op unless the swelling gets worse. We will see what happens at work...
I'm 4 weeks post op tomorrow and my swelling has gotten better but it's still A LOT. And I'm not allowed to do any "regular" gym routine until 6 weeks. I can return to light running at 4 but let me tell you this- I still hurt. I'm used to running 4 miles a day and I can't even imagine more than 1 at this point. I also know the more you're active, the more you swell.

I think it's a process. Mine told me I'd have swelling for a while- I just thought he was joking. lol
Hi Pilates1206---My TT is scheduled for this week on Thursday. My PS told me up front that swelling could last up to 6 months, so I think there is really nothing too much u can do but give it time. I know it is easier said than done , but try to hang in there , I believe it will get better. You will love your results in the end,,,,I am actually trying to prepare myself for the sweel hell so that I wont get depressed about it, I do expect it to last a few months,, I hope this makes u feel a little better abd BTW U look GREAt girl !!!

Not much new to report. I did start using my...

Not much new to report. I did start using my resistance band to do 50 of each. Wall push ups, bicep curls (per arm), pull aparts, side leg raises and shoulder presses. I'm going to start walking on monday and riding my bike or at least the recumbant at the gym. I'm down 3 lbs from surgery which is a plus. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday. I may ask what the lipo of the flanks would entail as I now see that and hate it!
Im 9 days postop...swelling with activity and why do I feel like my butt is bigger..my doc said I can start light running next week as tolerated, but I can't imagine.. it feels weird...but I'm going to hit the walking hard this weekend and see whats what. You look good!
Yeah, no kidding. I didn't have any pain after the surgery (besides the low back) so I thought Oh I must be so healthy this is going to be a breeze! HA! The swelling is driving me nuts. I did try to jog to the car yesterday and it felt weird. I'll start with the walking and biking. Do you sill wear your CG?

Saw the PS today and don't have to go back until...

Saw the PS today and don't have to go back until the 2 month mark. He said I'm still swollen but gave me the clearance to go ahead and workout at 50% of what I used to do. He doesn't want me to go back to 100% for 6 more weeks... UH what?! I figure I can bike, walk and elliptical for 30 mins a day and add running in after the 6 week mark. I have been using the resistance band for strength, but I'm going to head back to the gym for weights tomorrow. YEAH! Again he said 50%, but he never said any specific moves to avoid... He's pretty vague. I am also supposed to start massaging the scars. He said that will make all the difference.

I still wish I would have lipo'd the flanks. Maybe next year...

Spent some time out of the cg this evening and...

Spent some time out of the cg this evening and noticed when I sit my hips are bulging even more than in the picture. Is that dog ear or just swelling or maybe even fat?
Nice pics. Take it easy!

5 weeks yesterday! I feel great. I am still...

5 weeks yesterday! I feel great. I am still taking Motrin and wearing cg almost 100% of the time. Ps said I could sleep without it, but that's really the only time I don't mind it as much. I taught my 1st Pilates class and it went well. I definitely couldn't do anything with my legs extended and lowered. I was disappointed that I didn't feel like I worked my abs the next day. But I was trying to be extra careful. As far as cardio goes I'm still just walking, biking and elliptical. I'm not planning to attempt a jog for another week, I really need to work on rebuilding stamina. I did a 10 mile bike ride the other day, but it was on a flat trail with my 7 yr old so it wasn't the fastest. For strength I'm still doing my 100's sets.
I do massage my scar and bb with cocoa butter every night. When I find my tape ill post before and after measurements. Everyday I'm a littler happier I did this. Though I still don't like my hips/flank area. Hopefully 6 mos out will be amazing!
Hello pilates1206.you looking so great! I am also 25 days post op,feel litte be sad becuse my belly botton is dark and red,my ps says is common,also I am allergic from almost everything,bio oil,paper tape,and some vitamin E.swelling drive me crazy ...I don't think BROMELAIN is a real help,,but lets try to get relax watch NETFLIX movies,,HP[E ALL THE LADIES GET BETTER EVERYDAY.

Wednesday was my 6 week mark. I'm feeling great...

Wednesday was my 6 week mark. I'm feeling great about this decision. I do however wish they would have extended the incision around the back a bit because those bulges bug me! I'm back to working out 4 strength sessions a week (light weight and high reps). I did my first full Pilates class and was disappointed that my abdominal muscles weren't sore the next day. : ( I have run twice, only 1 mile each time. I can definitely see a difference in my stamina. I have been walking a few times a week and hope to pick up the cardio bit by bit. I hope to get clearance next month to start high intensity interval training. I think that will help shed a few pounds. I am down 4 since surgery. I'd like to lose 5 more. My body fat through electrical impedence was 21% today. I'd like to get that down to 18%. I've only lost a 1/2 inch around my hips and anothe r1/2 inch around my hips. I'm hoping that is due to residual swelling. The pictures are from tonight, a little bit of swelling, but not too bad for being back to working out. Happy healing to all.
Wozers! You look great! How's it going? Long time no talk.

It's been awhile and for that I apologize. I'm...

It's been awhile and for that I apologize. I'm back to everything as normal, no restrictions. I am back up to my pre op weight which is highly disappointing. If anyone has any suggestions for fun workouts please let me know. Right now I'm going to focus less on weight lifting and more on Pilates 3 or 4 days a week with a couple HITT cardio days and a couple long duration moderate intensity cardio. We'll see by 6 months how that goes. I'm hoping that a tan will bring out the muscle definition a little more. With the right lighting I can see them! : ) I still hate my flanks and really wish he would have extended the incision to rid me of that problem area. I don't go back to the doctor until 6 months (and haven't been since 2 months po). I'm hoping he can take care of that in the office under a local anesthesia.

Other than that I am really happy I did this and would recommend it. I no longer worry about my shirt lifting up a bit in the front, or "tucking in" the skin when I sit! Happy healing!

Okay, first the positives. I LOVE my new bb! ...

Okay, first the positives. I LOVE my new bb! It's really starting to fade and it's cute, not frowny anymore. Also, when I steer clear of the caffine and salt I have a 4 pack! Those things alone make me happy that I did this.

Now the negatives. My hip/flank area still has excess skin and fat! I can "pinch an inch" on my hips and I am very upset. I should have asked for an extended tt or some lipo, but PS didn't say that this would be an issue. I feel like he knew better and should have advised me that just because the front is flat doesn't mean the sides wont protrude. So now my hips and flanks roll out of my jeans while the front part of the jeans are too big! I know I shouldn't complain but I spent a lot of money.

I spoke to PS at my 6 month appointment this week and he wants me to come back in 6 weeks and he will talk about extending to the back a bit or sucking out a little fat. Both would be done in the procedure room under local anesthesia at his office, so no new OR fees. I really just want this to be over. I thought by now I would be comfortable if my pants rode a little low during class, or if I lifted my arms and my shirt came up I wouldn't be imbarassed for people to see. When the time comes to do the next procedure, how much time will I need to take off work and working out, and will I be healed to spend the summer by the pool in a 2 piece? These are simple things in the grand scheme of life, but things that affect me. UGH!

I will update more after I speak with the PS in March. I hope all the ladies are healing well out there!
Do you have to pay for the second go-around?
I'm not sure. The PS was in and out at the last appointment and didn't leave time for questions or concerns. :(
Hi! I noticed your post and thought I could give you a little insight. I had my original TT 2 years ago, and then had a revision 8 months later to remove some abdominal fat and scar tissue. As I healed I noticed love handles hanging over my jeans (more on the left than the right. Anyway, even though I am 5'6 and weigh only 118 lbs. there was still fat in the flank area noticeable after getting the tummy pulled tight. I went in for lipo 3 weeks ago, and the first 3 days are a little rough, but then you are just swollen and sore. You have to wear a binder 24/7 for 4 weeks, then 12 hours a day for another 3 weeks. It is no picnic, but a week off work would be plenty. The good news is the lipo works.....maybe too good. I went from a 27in. Waist to a 25 1/2 in waist. Hope this helps you in some way.

Saw the PS today. As you can see from the updated...

Saw the PS today. As you can see from the updated photos my scars are still red, and the bb is a bit raised. He says that is due to me being a hypertrophic scarer? He wants to inject steroids into them to help them soften up. Anyone else have this happen? I also addressed my concerns about the hips. He said that I have naturally wider hip bones, but that he can do some lipo contouring on the sides to smooth it out so that my flanks don't roll over my jeans. (the whole point was so that I wouldn't have to "tuck in " my stomach skin when I sat down) I will have to pay a facility fee of a "couple of hundred" but no other fees. I will also have to wear a cg again! : ( But no time needs to be taken off work. I really just wanted to have all of this over with. Not that I'm too upset, I saw a 6-pack the other day after a pilates workout! I'm hoping to have the touch up done the 1st or 2nd week of April, as I want to be healed and ready for bikini weather! UGH!
If anyone has gone through this or has advice, I'd love to hear it. I did not have lipo during the tt, it wasn't suggested as a need, so how does that compare to the tt pain??


After playing phone tag with the patient...

After playing phone tag with the patient coordinator I finally got scheduled. But I have to wait until May 21! I'm angry. When I was last at the doctor he told me he wanted me to do it in early April because I would need to wear the CG again. By doing it then I would be out of it in time for swimsuits. Now, not so much. Grr!

So my PS told me in feb. that we would reassess...

So my PS told me in feb. that we would reassess the need for a touch up at my march appt. and if one was needed he would do it in April so I could be out of the CG by the end of may for swimsuit season. So I leave my march appointment and wait for the scheduler to call. After a week I send her a message. To which she replies the earliest I can get in is the 21st of May! WTH! Ok, so I get over that and think, hey maybe I'll add a little lipo to the outer hips and thigh are while I'm there. I email and ask what that would cost. That was on march 28th. I'm still waiting. I've called and sent 3 emails and she keeps saying she will get back to me, but then never does. Prior to my tt the office was great, but now I'm beginning to feel like they got my money and they no longer care! I spent a lot of money and deserve to be happy.
You are right to be upset! I would be calling every day, twice a day! What a horrible feeling to have that since they have your money, it's on to the next money maker! Good luck and be persistant! You look great by the way! Tiny waist! :)

Revision tomorrow

CG again! Nooooooo! So not looking forward to that! Tomorrow afternoon I am having revision on my hips as well as steroid injections in my scar. This was supposed to be done in April so I could be out of CG and at the pool in a 2 piece by summer... Guess that will wait another season. That part really frustrates me, otherwise I amveryhappy with the TT. My dh even said he saw a 6-pack! I hope that fixing my hip bulges completes the process. Although I'm already saving for thigh lipo...

Revision completed today 9 months post op

I just got back from my revision, which involved liposuction of the hips an flanks. The doctor said he did this during the original tt. I don't think he did as I was never bruised or sore in those areas. But whatever. It took about an hour and wasn't too painful, only when he would hit where there was no numbing meds. Then it stung pretty bad. I feel about 10lbs heavier now. I have to wear he CG again for another month, but am free to do any activities I please. For those of you that have had lipo, any suggestions for swelling? I pray that 6 months from now I am finally happy with my body. I thought I would be after the tt, but the way my hips stuck out over my pants was depressing. It looked funny to have a flat tummy but a rolly set of hips. Hope you all are happy and healing quickly...


Still didnt sleep well last night, changing positions is still painful. But it wasn't as bad as the night before. I haven't taken any Tylenol today and have been doing pretty well. I did skip the gym and the swelling wasn't as bad overall today. Last night I was pretty depressed because my pants wouldn't fit when we had been asked to go out with friends, so I stayed home. I still am not bruised, I guess that's a good thing. The CG kills my hip bones, so I look forward to dumping it.

1 year post op

First off let me start by saying that I am so glad I did this! It's really hard to believe that a year has passed. I am much happier with my body that I have been in many years. In fact I can't remember when I was this comfortable. I love dr. Williams work!

To the negatives: I still do not have complete feeling below my bb. I can feel but it is not the same as everywhere else. No biggie to me for the result. My scar is still red and thick. I thought it would have faded by now. I will talk to the Dr in a couple of weeks about that at my final appointment. The biggest tho g is that now I hate that the width of my thighs is more than my hips and it looks funny in pants and tighter clothes. So I'm trying a new workout routine. If by then end of the year I don't see progress I am thinking of getting lipo on the outer thighs. I hope at that point I will be completely satisfied with the body I work so hard for!
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