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I am 53. I have had a breast reduction years ago,...

I am 53. I have had a breast reduction years ago, and always wanted a tummy tuck. That is where I carry all my weight, but was always too scared for some reason. After talking to a friend who had one done I decided it was time for me to do it! Surgery is April 12th. My family thinks I am crazy. They are supportive of my decision, but disagree with it. (My husband is fine with it, so that's good!)

My biggest fear is recovering from the anesthesia...i.e. getting sick and having to throw up! Anyone else have that issue?

Well, to all the April 12th TTer's.....

Well, to all the April 12th TTer's...mackenzieds, kumama, Clair Bear, shari1969,tomorrow is the day!!! All my best to all of you. I am not really nervous, just anxious! Praying for all of you and send an update ASAP! Am I forgetting any other April 12th ladies???

TT was April 12th. Doing well, but also had a brow...

TT was April 12th. Doing well, but also had a brow lift. A bit much,. but DO NOT regret it. I just look very scary right now! More when I am feeling a little better.

Po update: doing great. have to keep drains in for...

po update: doing great. have to keep drains in for another week, staples out of brow lift next monday, too!

I am 4 weeks post op today. Yesterday I saw my PS....

I am 4 weeks post op today. Yesterday I saw my PS. He pushed on my very swollen stomach and it bounced back just like a water bed. Yep, a Seroma. He had to drain it. It was painless, as I am still so numb. By the time I made it home I was drenched and ended up changing my clothes 3 times yesterday. Today it has stopped leaking and boy, do I feel better. Still have a large open wound that is very sore from the surgery...a spot that they were overly aggressive on. It will heal in time, and I am starting to feel somewhat human again! I get tired really easily, esp the muscles in my mid-back. Will post after pics, when I am feeling a little better.

5 weeks PO, tomorrow. Had to have more seromas...

5 weeks PO, tomorrow. Had to have more seromas drained today. Last night I looked HUGE and distended. I thought I was one of those weird people who was not going to benefit from a TT. But, after the nurse took 500cc of fluid out....(it continues to drain throughout the day...) I feel somewhat better. I have a feeling there will be more to drain possibly as early as Thursday...if I'm lucky, not til next Monday.

I also have a 3" x 3" deep hole from PS being overly aggresive when they took the old belly button out. Not the post op healing experience i was looking for, but I am healthy, the wound will heal in time. Just going to take longer than I had hoped! Pictures to come! It is STILL WORTH IT!!!!!

6 weeks post op-Had to have another seroma drained...

6 weeks post op-Had to have another seroma drained. It felt like a water balloon burst in my stomach and came out the open wound I still have. What a mess. I now have to pack it with sterile gauze and be patient!! No infection, just an extra long recovery....but it's STILL worth it. I want to upload after pics...but waiting for some of this swelling to subside.

This week was 8 weeks PO. Finally, I am feeling...

This week was 8 weeks PO. Finally, I am feeling better. The wound I have is still open and oozing, but not nearly as painful!Still lots of swelling, but on the up swing now!

Photo Update

I finally uploaded a few after pics at 9 weeks PO.

I finally uploaded a few after pics at 9 weeks PO.

So, I am 12 weeks post op and feeling huge! Can...

So, I am 12 weeks post op and feeling huge! Can someone tell me if this is normal at 12 weeks?

Hi girls, I was reading Farz's ordeal, and I too,...

Hi girls,
I was reading Farz's ordeal, and I too, have an issue. I have a large wound from the PS underestimating the amount of skin he needed after he took out the old belly button. Well, that wound is getting smaller all the time, but it is starting to look deformed. I have a big belly buldge right on top of my scar and where the wound is it is very hard and lumpy. I was down 11 #'s after my surgery, and now am up 6#'s. My PS said to wait for 6 mo. (Jan.) to re-evalute and that I might need some more lipo and that he could take the lump out near the wound site. Don't know what that entails, but I am starting to get a little freaked out. Since my surgery, I have found a few bad reviews about my PS, none of which had to do with Tummy Tuck's, but still! He came highly recommended by another Doctor. Anyone else have this issue? I want to post a pic soon. Very discouraged with my tummy right now. Some days I feel like I didn't have anything done.

In need of some info! It's been 1 year since my TT...

In need of some info! It's been 1 year since my TT. In January of this year, 2012, I had a repair surgery done, because my original incision split open. My surgeon ended up not only fixing that problem, but extended the tummy tuck all around the hip and butt area, which makes my lower stomach really flat. Now, my waist is bulging again, like I never had the TT in the first place. (Probably not as bad, but still!) What is going on. Anyone else have this issue?
Lawrence Cervino, M.D.

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So sorry that you've had a long journey! You're beautiful and I've got to tell you, your skin is gorgeous! Whats your secret? I get really dry, flaky skin and I would LOVE to have skin like yours! Happy healing!
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So sorry to see your post with latest issues. You appear to have very good skin (no mars). Pics might help to show what it is you are experiencing for other girls to tell if they have experienced or seen something similar. You had quite the trip with the seromas. Hang in there, journey to heal not a quick one and I've got faith in you! You look really awesome.
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Wow $9,100 to look like a million bucks SWEET!!!!
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ok thanks!
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What worked best for my back was a three inch think foam waffle mattress topped. It felt like heaven laying on that. I picked it up at kohls for under $40.00
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Hello Ladies,I have a question.Is there a pillow that I can get for my back,I don't have pain but first thing in the morning my back is killing me.I have a wedge pillow that I use to help prop me up in bed and it works very well.
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I am gonna have to call out,yea my job do reqiure me to lift patients but I am not!I will tell my coworkers I can't lift at this time I don't have to tell them why. Yea i am glad that I only work to days and I know it is gonna be hard on me,so I will just take my time.I was wiped out before I had the TT,so I can just imange what I gonna fell like!!:(
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It's definitely not easy but it will pass soon.  This will all be worth it in the end.

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I am very anxious,so I might just have to call out because I would never tell my boss or any of my coworkers that i had this done.One of my freinds that I work with had a breast lift and they talked about her like a dog.I was so mad about it because it is nonthing wrong with fixing your body to feel better about yourself,so I could only image what they would say about me!:( I only 2 day a week 12hours so if I call out i will only be missing 2 days,so I think i gonna wait and take yall advice!! Thanks Ladies!
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You are correct in saying that there is nothing wrong in fixing yourself:)  It is a good thing we have all done for ourselves.

That is a good idea calling out for the next week.  You will be glad!

Now when you do go back try not to make any evening plans for the first two weeks back to work.  Go directly home, put on your comfy clothes, kick your feet up and ice.  You are going to be completely wiped out when you first return.  That will ease up after you have been back to work a couple of weeks.

Your body will need time to adjust to the new activity.  Do you have to do any lifting of patients?   God I hope not...

I would come home from work and put my PJ's on and lay around like a lump with ice packs..LOL   The body just needs time. 

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Good luck! Going back to work full time less than 3 weeks post op honestly sounds miserable. Is there any way you can take some more time off??
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Well,I got up this morning and took a shower and went out for a bit.I am trying to wean myself back into my daily routines.It was a challenge,my tummy still fill tight and it is a struggle to stand up straight without pain.It will be two weeks post op tom.I am hoping I am feeling better because I have to go back to work next week(Tuesday).I am nervous because I am a RN on a Med.Surg floor so I am on my feet all day!!! Wish me luck!!
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Oh boy.....see if you are able to take another week off. You are going to be miserable. Nurses never get off their feet during a shift.
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Don't push yourself if you don't feel up to it!
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Thanks so much ladies,I feel better all ready.I think I am anxious because I have to go back to work soon and I stay on my feet all day and I work 12 hour shifts.I am pray I fell better next week because I will be going back to work!! This is a great site!
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Absolutely normal! It'll take a few weeks, but each day is better. I am 11 weeks and still don't feel "normal." But I had a complication, which probably made things a little worse in the healing dept. Still, it's all worth it when I can put on pants and they fit with no big rolls in the way!!!
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Thanks you!! I am not in much pain anymore,but can't seem to walk straight,I walk with a hunch back!! Is this normal just wondering when will It get back to normal?
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Hi Sheree, glad you joined us! Just know it's normal to feel down after this surgery. My daughter had one on June 7th and she was really depressed for awhile. Hang in gets better!
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I just had a tummy tuck done on June 16,I was feeling a little down so I decided to join this site!
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Welcome to the site Sheree it is a great place to find support and information. I hope your healing well.
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So glad you joined the site.  All of the ladies will pick you up!

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You look just great Meg. What a difference !!! You must be soooo happy!
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Thank you, Kelrox, Edmonton and Farz. I am happy. Although this week I feel bigger than ever for some reason. (Week 10) Wound is getting smaller but still a long way to go!
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Meg5719, despite your setbacks with seromas etc., you look really really good. It's awesome having the old belly gone and welcoming in a new tummy. Hope your healing & mending improve for you real soon. Will be thinking of you.
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