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Tummy Tuck March 29, 2011 - Ohio

I just love my doctor. He has done breast...

I just love my doctor. He has done breast augmentation on me before. I traveled a ways for him to do this tummy tuck. I have to say I love it, but a I am so very tired.I get up for awhile and then I have to go back to sleep. Standing a little straighter today-3 days post op. Taking one day at a time.

Photo Update

You new tummy is looking awesome - congrats!
Wow Kathy..you look amazing!! I hope you are healing nicely. Congrats on the super sexy new tummy!
WOW!!! How fab you look! I am getting so excited! You look HOT! I can't understand why you would get more lipo because you look great.

Well here we go again! 2 years after full tummy tuck!

The 4 days post op did not last long. 2 years later I am swollen, the incision is hard and numb, and I have "dog ears". I have an appointment Tuesday with another PS to see what can be done.
Wow I am sorry you have to go back :( Has anyone told you why you are still swollen after all this time?
The plastic surgeon that did the tt said it would take time. I think 2 years is enough time. I have an appointment this Tuesday with a different PS to see what he thinks needs to be done to correct it. I have sent pics to the first one and emails asking his policy on doing a revision. I get no response to that question.
That's unfortunate that your plastic surgeon wont respond to you. I hope this new surgeon can provide some answers! Thank you for sharing your story good luck :)

Consult Time Again June 11, 2013

Consult scheduled for 11 tomorrow June 11. I have to say I am nervous and distracted. I don't want this to turn out bad again.
Good luck tomorrow! I definitely know how you feel. I am scheduled for my revision on July 15 and have the same worries about it not turning out again ! When I go for my preop on July 3 I will be asking him in detail what I can expect so I have realistic expectations of what I may still have even after a revision. I know Im not going to come out looking like a Victoria's Secret model but I would like to get rid of the more than a handful that I can grab in multiple areas. Let us know how it goes!
Yes I am still swollen. It is very firm along the incision also and I have those "dog ears" on each side. I still have not heard from the plastic surgeon that did the tt. I thought if I lost some weight it would go down, NOT! I run 5 miles every day and weight train 3 times a week. I will not wear a bikini because it looks like I am a couple months pregnant. I am driving my husband crazy. He says I cannot stay focused on anything. I just keep thinking about what if it does this again. I do not have any more money to spend on this. cwtch don't wait as long as I did. At 6 months tell your surgeon and see what he will do. I think your case is simiar to mine. I wore the compression garment more than usual thinking it would help, but it didn't. The doctor will tell you over and over to give it time. I gave it 2 years and nothing has changed. I will update you on my progress. Keep your fingers crossed.
thanks for the quick reply... I really am gutted for you 'cos this is a biggie... we pay a lot of money and entrust our lives to these surgeon's - it is not right that he hasn't returned your calls. I agree with the compression - I know a lot of people swear by it, but I don't see a difference in swelling when I wear mine - I do feel a little more comfort and support when the swelling is bad though. I will mention my concerns when I see him next month - I did ring his nurse the other week and she said 'it's normal' and gave me the ok to exercise. My fingers are crossed for you my lovely! x

Consult June 11, 2013

Consult lasted about 1 and 1/2 hour. Got an estimate cost of $9200. I have to wait for them to get my op notes from the first tt. He does not know if my lower stomach muscles were addressed. He says he can try lipo on the dog ears and if that does not work, he can stitch them. If muscle repair was done to my lower stomach, then I am pretty much sol. He says I am tight at the top of my abdomen and my organs have to have room. I will not know until Monday the exact cost. I am not a happy person. I honestly struggle every day working out to maintain my weight. I don't get to enjoy a lot of (food) that I would enjoy. I wanted to be able to wear a bikini, but I look like I have a pot belly. I can only wait and see.
No more consults. He said the scar would just be a partial of the one I have. He said he wanted to try lipo on the "dog ears" first to see if that will fix them without another scar. He is going to have to stitch one of them. It is bad. If there has already been muscle repair, he says he cannot do anything. I will get another opinion then.
Just wondering if u plan on going to anymore consults? What is the estimate for, a revision only or will he be doing lipo of any areas? Also if he finds that muscle repair was done to your lower stomach, will he not do anything for you then?

News June 17, 2013

So the surgeon that did my first tummy tuck did not plicate the muscles in my lower stomach. Just got his op notes. That explains the pooch I have. So, I am scheduled for surgery June 28 to try to fix that and the dog ears. Here we go again.
Glad to hear it can be fixed! I would not be very happy to know that the first surgeon did not do the job completely the first time. I'm in the same boat tho. Have my redo scheduled for July 15. Keep us posted!
Good luck! Hope all goes great! Your stomach looks great already so after they get rid of the pooch you will look fantastic!
good luck for the 28th... let us know how you get on! Hugs! x

8 days and counting!

Preop today, bloodwork, and fees taken care of. Anxiously waiting again...

Compression Garment

Can anyone tell me the best compression garment they have used. He is sending me home with a binder, but I would like to have something to use afterwards. Thanks for any help you can give me.

6 days and counting!

I keep reading all the reviews. Sometimes I feel it gives me peace and sometimes I feel it makes me nervous. As with everyone, I have a million thoughts going through my head.
I should also tell you that I never had drains with the first tummy tuck. My doctor now does not understand that. He says that may be a cause of what is going on with me. I will have them this time.
No, the dog ears are on each side where the incision is closed. The surgeon I am with now says it is extra skin.
Are the dog ears because of the drains? I am 11 days po and my drains were in my pubic area.

2 More Days and More Stress

Had my blood work last week, thought everything was okay and then I get a call today from the place that did the blood work. They want me to come back in to do a TSH test for my thyroid. The plastic surgeon did NOT order this. I have been treated for low thyroid for over 20 years. They would not release my results until I come in to do the test. I am checked every year, but they would not accept that information. Now I am waiting to hear from them tomorrow to see if they will send my reports.

18 hours and counting!

Omg I cannot take any more drama. Finally got everything straightened out today so we can go ahead with the surgery tomorrow. Had a mess up with my blood work, but got that straightened out. Getting excited!
Good luck! Post when u are feeling up to it :)
Thank you for thinking of me this morning. Keep everything crossed for me.
Good luck!

2 HOURS! Please let this one be good!

2 hours before we start. I am praying that this fixes everything.
Good Luck, I wish you well..can't wait to see your results

Made it through.

I was in surgery for 2 1/2 hours, recovery 1 1/2. I woke up in a lot of pain and cried most of the way home, and until my pain meds kicked in. I had to double up on them. I do not remember this kind of pain with the first one. I just got off the phone with my doctor. He said I should be in a lot of pain. He said he put a LOT of stitches in me and had to remove a lot of scar tissue. He said there had not been an work on my lower stomach in the first tt. He said to rest tonight, but wants me up and walking tomorrow. He will see me on Monday. I cannot tell anything because of the binder. He said in no way can it come off for a long time because of the work he had to do on me. My doctor is Dr. Robert Brueck from Ft. Myers. I am very please so far, but we have a ways to go. This time I was not made any promises. I value that more than anything. I hate to be lied to. Got to rest girls. Catch up with you soon.
Happy to hear all went well and made it to the flat side again! Glad he was a ble to fix what the first doc didnt do right. Stay on top of the pain meds, it helps immensely to get thru the first few days. It keeps getting bettet, I promise! Hang in there and rest!! :)

Post Op Day 1

I have to say the pain in my lower stomach is horrible. Dr. Brueck said he had to redo everything. Last night I had to double the meds. I was awake until 4 am, and have been up since 6. I am burning on each side. Dr. B called last night. He said he wanted me to walk, walk, walk today. I own my own business, and he said NO sitting and doing bookkeeping or inventory. I have been up twice. It does not take long to get exhausted. It also makes me a little sick. I am still draining, but not dark red. I would not take this binder off for anything. Will keep you up to date.
Good to see all went well..listen to Dr's orders and your body go thru the motions to heal ans you will be fine..good luck and happy healing.

3 Days Post Op

Just got home from my first post op visit. I think is looks pretty good. Swollen as usual, but I am praying that I do not get a pot belly. Drain stays in until Friday (one week). Dr. Brueck said he removed a lot of scar tissue. I asked him to extend the incision to get rid of the dog ears. He wanted to try to lipo them, but I have had lipo 4 other times and am never happy with the results. No more lipo. I will just wear a wider bikini. Will keep you updated.
Looking REAL GOOD!--- and a crazy little bonus to remove the tattoo too-SWEET!
Really hope the results turn out exactly the way you want them. I am sorry your going through so much pain :(
You look wonderful. SO glad this has worked out for you this time.

5 Days Post OP

I've been walking a lot. Walked 1/4 mile on the treadmill last night (slowly). Walked 1/2 mile around the neighborhood today. Took my shower, and I still have the drain. All that wore me out. I do not know if you all are like me, but my body just shuts down and goes to sleep. I am not really having a lot of pain. I itch, my lower back is weak. I take the pain meds at night so I can sleep, but I drink a lot of water, so I am up peeing many times. I took pics, but they still look the same as day 3. Like everyone else, I cannot wait to see his finished work.
Looking awesome!

July 5, 2013 UPDATE

Just got home form my one week post op visit. The drain was removed and every other stitch around my belly button. Still not seeing much difference from a week ago. My sides look good (I think) where the dog ears were. I am swollen still, but I know that takes time.


Just a few pics to update. I am feeling pretty good. Walked a mile in the treadmill, showered and cleaned up by myself, going shopping for a bit. So far I am really happy with this surgery. I am still swollen from the front pic on each hip. I am going to keep taking pics of those to see the difference. My "pouch" is gone so far. Have a great day ladies!
You look great, we are similar shape and size. Hope things are going well! Hate that you had to have a second tummy tuck (that $ could have made for a nice vacation). Very happy with my little revision, 5 days and no pain!!
Hey! I'm so pleased for you... you look great already! I know the first few days were really tough, but as you know, things will get better from here on in! Remember to take your time to recovery and rest as much as you can! Thinking of you x
Looking good girl! Just wait till swelling goes down :)

13 days Post Op

I figured I would show a few post op pics. I am really happy so far. I am still swollen on the sides some, but that is also my hip bones so there is not much more that can go down. I am walking on the treadmill for an hour, but no weight lifting yet. It scares me. I am one happy girl.....a lot of money later, but I am very happy!
The fact that you are walking a mile already on the treadmill 13 days post off gives me so much hope! Do you swell a lot after your walking and do you use your cg while you workout?
I wear the compression garment all the time. My doctor told me to put a hand towel under the binder and keep the compression as tight as possible. The towel helps with the sweating when I am walking. I took it off long enough to wash it. I am not taking any chances. I had that pooch from the last time, and it cost me another $9,000 so this time nothing is getting room to swell, hang, or sag.
Wow, looking great! In a few more months you will be looking amazing! Definitely keep us updated. :)

3 Weeks Post Op

I have to say I love my results so far. The latest pics were taken in the am, but I did not wear a binder all night, I have a little swelling on each side...either that or it is just my body. I have always said that I do not have a waist. I go from boobs to but. I am not holding in at all. I am really happy with this surgeon. I am counting the months until my facelift-9 to go!

Pics 3 weeks post op

I am walking on the treadmill an hour at 4 mph with a slight incline. Doctoe says no jogging at all, but I can lift light weights.

Trying to load pics.


U look great!!:)
I bought one at Kohl;s "Assets", but I find it it tighter up on my ribs and not my lower stomach. I bought a panty/girdle at Walmart and got a medium. It looked really small, but it works great. I had one from my first tummy tuck also, but I have to say I like what I got from Walmart best. I think they were about $15.
Did you end up fining a great CG? I'm currently looking :)

Let's See If These Pics Will Load

3 weeks po

It looks like your results are going to be great this time! I'm with you- I don't like lipo and it makes dents, plus lets extra skin hang. Like taking the fluff out of a pillow :( went through it last summer. Wonder why the first doc didn't sew up the lower fascia on you? Happy healing!
Doing good. I am back to work-14 hour days, so I am really swollen at night. My doctor said not to run until at least 8 weeks, but I am walking on the treadmill on an incline about 5 miles a day. I tried to post pics several times, and it won't load. I will try again soon.
How r u feeling??

6 Weeks and 6 Miles

I don't know why I cannot load these pics. It has been six weeks and today I ran 6 miles. I do wear a compression garment. The only problem I have had is on my left side. I noticed something like a whitehead and squeezed around it, of course it oozed! I called my doctor at first one of the nurses said to keep it dry and watch it for a week, but that did not help. It was still irritated, so I called again, different nurse. She said to put hot compresses for 20 minutes three times a day. That is sounded like a stitch. I am out of town so I had to give it a try or fly back and see them. It has been a week today, and guess what? It was a stitch. After the compress this morning I saw it sticking out. It just came on out. Feels better now. I am down about 8 pounds since surgery. I am very happy with the results.

6 Weeks Post Op

Sounds and looks like you're doing great! Happy for you! :)
You look so flat this time;) I would love to have your belly...sorry you had to pay twice. Did you contact the previous doctor?? Any explanation from him or an apology?
I contacted the first doctor. His name is Martin Luftman. He is in Lexington, KY. I got no response from him at all. He did my mother's breast augmentation and tummy tuck. He also did my breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I guess professional courtesy is not one of his fortes. The doctor that did the second tummy tuck is Robert Brueck. He is in Fort Myers, FL. I can not change my first doctor on here. Thank you so much for your kind words. I keep checking it out to see if it is going to come back. Crazy, I know.

2 Months Post Op

Hey girls I thought I would jump in and post a review. I've been very busy like all of us, but took this pic after running 5 miles this morning. I do still have a little swelling on the left side. I had a stitch that just came out today so hopefully in the next few weeks this will go down too.

I am very happy with the results this time. Anyone new to having a tummy tuck, please give it time. Changes happen every day.
Was just reading your review and I was curious if the other doctor knew why you were still swelling after two years? Is that normal? Did it have something to do with the lower muscles not being repaired?
I kept bringing it to his attention every time I went back, but they just kept saying I looked so good and give it "time". I gave it a lot of time and it never changed. We noticed the swelling two weeks after the surgery. The doctore who did the second one got the reports from the first doctor. In his notes he stated he did nothing to the lower stomach. Of course he would not tell me this in person or email. After several emails, they would not respond to me at all. It has been about 10 weeks, and I am totally happy with the results this time. I am flat and loving it. My waist measures under 26 inches.
Wow so you were not swelling then at all? It was just that he didn't do mr on lower muscles so they were bulging?


It has been just a few days over three months. I am very happy with the results and with Dr. Brueck. He is such a great surgeon and has become a good friend. For once, he is the best decision I have ever made.

I am running every day. I am not working abs. He says it is best to wait until 6 months. I had so much trouble with the first tummy tuck that I am not taking any chances with this one. I still wear a compression garment when running.

I have lost about 10 pounds since the surgery and getting back into my running.

I am one happy lady! Thank you Dr. Brueck!


Just thought I would update a little bit. Everything is going good. I am not using the compression garment anymore. I run 5 miles a day, and I do not notice any discomfort. I am not ab training yet. It scares me, so I think I will wait a bit.

Hope all of you are healing well.
Kathy who's your bbl Dr.?
Dr. Pat Pazmino
Are you seening fisher tomorrow for bbl consul
Lexington Plastic Surgeon

Waiting for an email response from Dr. Luftman.

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