Removing my 12 Year Old Wings. - Ohio

Session 1/Day 1. My tattoo is located on my...

Session 1/Day 1.

My tattoo is located on my upper back and is of wings. I received it around 11 years prior, so it was rather faded. THANKFULLY! I have been wanting to get the tattoo removed for some time, just never went through with it. When my boyfriend began suggesting we get married next summer, I wanted to being the process b/c I do not want this tattoo in my wedding photos.

My appointment was scheduled at 1:45. I was seen around 2:15 where numbing cream was applied along with an ice pack. About 30 minutes later, treatment was started. The session took about 30-45 seconds and did sting. It stung. Actually, I wouldn’t compare it to the snapping of a rubber band on the skin, like most do. I would say it felt like a bee sting. In all honesty, even afterwards. I had a 20 minute drive home, which felt like it took forever. I began to feel stiff in my shoulders and neck. As soon as I got home, I placed an ice pack on my back and laid face down on the couch. A few hours later, I felt a little less stiff, but I did feel a little flu like. I’m now feeling the same way, but have a headache and am really tired. Not sure if this is due to the tattoo removal, as I know my immune system is actually what gets rid of the ink, or if I am actually getting sick. Guess I’ll figure that out tomorrow! My next session is May 10th.

Session 1/Day 2. Ok. So, I've noticed a...

Session 1/Day 2.

Ok. So, I've noticed a little bit of fading.. maybe it's me being optimistic, or it it's actually fading quickly. I'm quite the bubbly, look-for-the-good in things kinda person. Who knows.
So, it is very sensitive. It's still red, looks a little scaly, and feels tight. Not so bad. I felt sluggish still today, like I was fighting a cold, etc. I work at a bank, and we are opening a new branch, so I was moving around a lot today.. as well as complaining. :) Poor guys. Thank goodness I'm pretty! ;) ;)

Haha, well I liked your weight gain joke - I lol'ed when I read it!

Sorry to hear the removal has been a bit rough. Please keep us updated on how you are doing and what changes you are seeing.


Ok kiddos! Saturday night I developed a few...

Ok kiddos!

Saturday night I developed a few little blisters. I guess I wasn't out of the park on that one yet. They were small and I didn't feel them, but, they looked gross when I looked at the picture my boyfriend took for me. It was still a little sensitive (sensitivity grew more when I saw the darn blisters!) but I didn't have much discomfort.

Today (Monday) I had my boyfriend take another picture for me, so I could get a clear view. It seemed to start itching, but then I discovered my pesky work shirt tag that was making the upper part itch. DARN YOU! It feels raised to the touch, but it seems to be just fine and only a tad sensitive. Could be in my head, but oh well! Enjoy the new pics!

Ohhh, I can see the blisters. :( It is funny how once we know something like that is there it does make it somehow seem worse. Glad things are feeling a bit better today! :)


Glad to hear an update. Judging by your pictures it does look like its fading! Of course, like you mentioned, the before picture is a little small so perhaps I'm being optimistic with you...but the lines look more fuzzy & a bit broken up.

Hope you are feeling better today!!


4.4.12 AHHHH! It itches. And, is very .....


AHHHH! It itches. And, is very .. flaky. Thankfully, it's on my back so I can't pick at it. :)
I actually made a cover for it for when I go tanning. And, I have sunscreen sticks for when I'm out by the pool. I read up on it before getting it done. :)

Mine have always itched too.  Heads up, make sure not to be tan when you get lasered or it won't work as well.  I learned that the hard way. :/

I have been putting A&D, along with covering it with gauze every night. Ok, my boyfriend has been doing it. :) It's flaky and itchy. I can control myself with the scratching, seeing as how I used to be on a medication that would cause severe itchiness. I'm well behaved!

May 17th, 2012. 3:40pm My appointment was at...

May 17th, 2012. 3:40pm

My appointment was at 2pm. Unfortunately they must have been running behind b/c I didn't get treated until 2:50. I hate waiting, especially when I know there's pain involved!

Anyways, I put a few pictures up. One is before I went in for treatment. The other.. is of a shirt I made with a little pocket to hold an ice pack while I was driving. I took one of my boyfriends ruined work shirts (it's big, doesn't require a lot to get on, and button up!). I'm quite the creative creature, so I make a lot of things. If you would like any suggestions as to what you can do, ask me! I might just make something for you!

My love came home for lunch at noon.. applied the Lidocane/numbing cream.. whatever it is that they gave me (I've attached a photo of that as well), covered it with plastic wrap and a few pieces of tape (we keep it classy round here ;)) and I left the house around 1:20. I put the ice pack in the little pocket and drove the 25 min to get there. It's actually not that far, but it is a very, VERY scenic route that has to be taken, which I def don't mind. Lots of trails and pretty things/cute guys with their shirts off. ;)

Well, I have to admit, I was prepared for some pain. It wasn't that bad. It was still bad, but only about 3/4 of the pain factor.
I'm getting a little tight feeling in my back/shoulders.. so I'm going to lie down and chill out. I'll update when I get a picture of the new session!

Loved your update - you have such a great attitude! That is cool that you made that shirt with the pocket in it. You are creative!! Looking good in your Saran Wrap & tape. ;)

Hope the area is feeling ok today. Looking forward to hearing how you are!


* Session 2, day three. OMG the...

* Session 2, day three.

OMG the blisters!!!

It doesn't hurt or itch.. but check out the pictures.. beware.. YUCK! It has faded quite a bit IMO.
Im going through the process as well. I just got a tattoo of wings about 2 months ago and I hated it. So I just had my first treatment. Thanks for posting pictures and commentary, so I know what Im experiencing is normal.

Yeah, I agree - it definitely looks more blurry & broken up. Glad to see this with the amount of hassle & discomfort you are going through!!

Blisters are the worst! fortunately mine usually pop while i am sleeping so I don't have to deal with them. Your tattoo looks like it's fading nicely.

Time for update! So sorry it has been a week or....

Time for update!
So sorry it has been a week or.. two since my last update. I have somehow managed to hurt myself (yet again) and have three fractures in my right foot! I've been hobbling around like a gimp and haven't been on the computer lately. YAY! I'm doing the Pelotonia which is a bike ride for cancer in August and am hoping my foot is better by then. If you'd like to learn more (or even join yourself) visit my profile:

Anyways, I learned to NOT use spray sunscreen on your tattoo that is being removed. It STINGS. Duh, Jessica. I didn't have any issues with using just regular sunscreen. It has been fading a lot and I have had no discomfort except for the itching. Without being able to shower, it's been a tad more difficult to clean, but my boyfriend has been wonderful about it. Enjoy the photos!
Hey! Thanks for your updates and sharing your experience. I just had my first session yesterday and it hurt! They applied numbing cream at the place for a whole hour but I don't think that worked at all for me. I touched the spot with my fingers and could feel how slightly cold my fingers were. The pain was pretty bad but my laser technician was patient with me and gave me little "breaks". Its the second day and I already have a little blistering. But I was wondering, I never put ice on my tattoo after the laser session, she put Neosporin and covered it. She told me just to keep it moist with Vaseline but I went to CVS and bought more Neosporin. What other advice do up you have? I don't want to develope a scar! I'm afraid of the blistering although it doesn't gross me out. I am keeping it covered still and apply Neosporin when I feel it starting to dry up.

Thanks again.
I just had my first laser removal last week & I have been feeling rather weak, dizzy and just plain sick. I have been looking online for others who have experienced this. I am hoping my immune system is not being attacked by something in the ink. Lord only knows what they used when they did the tattoo. I am hoping these ill feelings go away. Can you tell me if you continue to get sick after your treatments? Thank you for sharing.
Your immune system IS attacking the ink. It's what carries the broken up particles away. My sick feeling went away a day or so later. I didn't feel as bad after the second session.

6.14.12. I'm going for my third session in a...


I'm going for my third session in a week!! I'm so excited.. but I'm going to forgo summer sessions after this one. Sorry.. my pool is just too tempting. I love swimming and biking.. (ok.. biking is a stretch.. but it's fun) and I would rather wait til fall/winter to finish my treatments so I'm not tempted to swim after a session. I have hated sitting outside the pool with gauze on.. watching everyone swim. Forget that!! So.. I'm excited about my third and "last" session for season in a week!! No worries, my loves.. I will update you with anything and everything. Feel free to add me to fb if you'd like to! Just message me & I'll give you my email address.

Good call on not doing anymore treatments during the summer - you have to enjoy the warm weather & the pool while you can!! Hope your treatment goes good!!


6.21.12 Ok. My third and final session...


Ok. My third and final session (until 10.11) was done today.

It hurt.. probably as much as the first one.

It took 2 min.. yes.. I counted.

I told my dr that it had blistered very badly the last session and he said it was good. ???

The last session it did fade a lot.. but the blisters were kinda scary.

Anyways... Rum became my new friend (not BEST friend, don't worry my loves) tonight.

I feel like I was hit with a light saber across my back today. The pain lasted for a good 4 hours. I took some tylenol and put my shirt back on with the ice pack .. *cough*cough*hadsomerum*cough*

OK!! When getting a tattoo removed:
1: Find a dr.
2: Contact me for some cool ice pack shirts, etc. ;)
4. Numbing creme
5. Patience. No. I can't give you that. I'm about as patient as a.. uh.. crap. I'm not patient.
6. Figure out the BEST sitting position for the treatment.
My Dr. tried to get me to just sit up to do a treatment on my upper back. I told him I needed to brace myself against something. So.. BRACE YOURSELF AGAINST SOMETHING.
7. Rum is your friend.. only.. FOR THE NIGHT!!

Yep. Rum is being my friend. Wait.. I hear the couch... Gauze, A&D ointment ... goodnight beautifuls!!

Session 3, 17 hours later. I'm awake. I...

Session 3, 17 hours later.

I'm awake. I apologize for the rum rant.

Anyways, my dressing was changed this morning and it was awfully bloody. Gross.

The pain has subsided and it just looks nauseating now. That being said, enjoy the new photo!

I'm not having any side effects, tattoo wise anyways.. I can't say much for the rum. ;)

Those pictures look pretty ouchie. :( Yes, rum for sure! Is that not the most delicious alcohol ever made?!! I'm not much of a drinker, mainly because I tend not to like how it I need no help when it comes to embarrassing myself...but dang, you put rum in something & I don't want to put it down!

Great update as always!! Hope your back is feeling better soon!!


6.23.12 Ok, I believe one of my blisters popped...


Ok, I believe one of my blisters popped b/c all of a sudden I got a bee sting feeling where one of the blisters had been. I have not been able to check it out yet though.

I have noticed a LOT of fading! YAY!!! I'm so excited!
I go for my second session on the 28th and I am dreading the pain. Although the procedure last only minutes, the pain last for hours. I really didn't notice much fading the first session, but after reading this blog, Im hopeful. Keep the updates coming. I have wings too that went very
I didn't notice a whole lot of fading after the first session. I prepared for the second session and it barely hurt, even afterwards. The first one is STILL the worst. The numbing cream seems to help quite a bit. Put a good amount of it on your tattoo about 1.5 hours before and cover it with something that will not soak up the cream.. something that will allow it to soak into your skin. Ice. ICE it. Ice is a wonderful thing.

However, my first session only took around 35-40 seconds. My second one lasted about a min or so.. and my third took TWO minutes of pain. I put my cream on less than 45 min before my treatment. My fault. I believe my dr tested me to see what my pain threshold was before moving on. He said he used the same strength on the third one as the second one.

Don't dread the pain.. use the numbing cream. Where are your wings at?
I was mistaken about the fading, it was just burned.. and it appeared very light when the scab came off, but after that it was almost like the original tattoo.

6.25.12 Ok.. you guys aren't going to love this...


Ok.. you guys aren't going to love this update. My back hurts. It's very, VERY sensitive. It's 4 days after session number 3 and I look rather bruised. I haven't had this before but I'm going to wait it out since it isn't getting WORSE... but it doesn't feel better either.

I will suddenly get sharp stinging sensations where the removal is taking place. Sometimes they last a few seconds, sometimes minutes. Very odd, as I haven't had this "side effect" before. I haven't found anything that triggers the sting though. I could be watching a movie and suddenly I'll feel the stinging. It feels like a sensitive bruise when I touch it. I do believe the dr was VERY aggressive this time, which is fine by me as I am taking the rest of the summer off.

I put up a new picture.. shows the "bruising"

Eek, you are bruised up Jeskey. :( Keep us posted if the stinging pains go away or worsen. Hoping they go away!!


Update of 6.26.12 ish.. New photo. The...

Update of 6.26.12 ish..

New photo.

The stinging has gone away.. now the itchiness has come.

I had my daughter put a crap ton of stick sunscreen on it for me this afternoon. I kept telling her to add more b/c it felt good due to the itching. She got upset that little flecks of the scabbing got onto the sunscreen stick. (OF COURSE.. out of the 10 sunscreen sticks, this one was her "favorite"

It looks like the tattoo removal is really working!  Hang in there- I just did mine without numbing cream too and it definitely hurts!

my wings are in the center of my back, right between the shoulder blades. I just had my second session. I cried like a baby for at least an hour. Next time I will use the numbing cream, the doctor told me that the numbing cream reduced the strength of the laser. However, I will take my chances, it really hurt. I did spray numbing spray on aftewards and took a pain med. It doesn't hurt that bad right now, but I do feel the stinging. it took at least 2 minutes.
the second treatment felt worse than the first, It is in the blistering stage now and i feel the stinging. Im not sure if I can do it again. I will get the numbing cream for sure.

I will be scheduling my fourth session here within...

I will be scheduling my fourth session here within a month. I'm excited to get back to it.. I have had employment issues and had to postpone my october session.

Hey there, just checking's been awhile since you updated and was hoping you could update the community with your progress :) 


Hi, what laser are you using?

Sorry if this posts twice.. First, I want to thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Have you gotten any recent treatments and if so, how are things coming along? Also, what type of laser did your doctor use? I'm looking into getting one removed that I got less than a year ago on my shoulder. I too am thinking how it will look in a wedding dress. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Dr. David Dellinger DO FACOS

Being my first session, I sure hope my Dr. begins catching on to my sense of humor. When asked if I had had any significant weight gain, I replied "yes, I've gained 20lbs in 4 months. No reason, I'm just lazy." he didn't find it as amusing as I did. :)

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