Had Pixel CO2 Laser Yesterday for Acne Scars - Extremely Painful!!

After calling the doctor's office ahead of...

After calling the doctor's office ahead of time to see if I should take a Vicodin before treatment, I was told "no" that I wouldn't need it and no one has complained that the procedure was overly painful. So I took their advice, put on my numbing cream and went to their office for my first procedure. Well, to say the least, I thought I was going to die from the pain I was subjected to. I was in no way prepared for what what was happening to me. It felt like someone lit a match and kept trying to put it out on my face, over and over again. I was given pain shots before and during the procedure which still did not block the pain. Along with the extreme pain I could smell a burning odor throughout the entire procedure... obviously it was my skin!! My face burned extremely for about three hours before it started to subside. I was told to use Aquaphor for 24 hours.

Now, after almost 24 hours later I look like a burn victim. I have a totally red face with little brown dot patterns all over, except for the one spot the doctor missed between my nose and lip. I have swelling all over, especially under my eyes. I cannot imagine being healed in four days, as predicted. I was told that I am going to love the results. Who knows at this stage? I rated my overall satisfaction in this review as "Fair" because I cannot give an accurate rating of my satisfaction until I am healed. Has anyone healed from this process in that short of time? I am allowed to wash my face soon and apply moisturizer.

Right now I am wondering if I did the right thing. I have suffered with acne scars all my life and decided to try to improve them... that is the results I am hoping for.

I originally signed up for three treatments at a price of $2,150. At this stage I cannot imagine suffering that kind of pain again, and, therefore, may not proceed with the remaining two treatments. If I choose to only go with one treatment, the cost is $800.

Good luck to all who experience this procedure.

I had 2 treatments to at a medical spa and I didn't think the treatment hurt at all, but after my skin burnt and was really hot. I put ice packs that they gave me on it and it felt better and the next day it didnt hurt at all. Still red but in a week my skin should be better. $800 is a lot of that. I go to a very nice spa with professional dermatologist and its $300 for every treatment.
Hi Tracy...Thanks for your comment and encouragement. Honestly,I do not know how many stacks the doctor did (not sure what that is actually) and I do not know what the laser setting was. When I asked afterwards if she used the "beginner" setting she told me she used the advanced setting. Maybe that is what determines the pain level of the procedure. It sounds like you are very pleased with your results. I am glad and encouaged to hear that.
HI, i just had my pixel laser done yesterday and now understand what u mean. I look like a burn victim with only the areas around my eyes looking normal. I am red and black all over my face and doubt i can heal in time to go to work on Monday! Its saturday today. How is your post treatment going on? I am quite scared now...

Well, here I am one treatment later. I have two...

Well, here I am one treatment later. I have two treatments under my belt so far. Once I was aware of what to expect, I felt much more prepared for the second treatment. Again, it was very painful for me but I decided to just suck it up because I was pleased with my results from my first treatment. My pores got smaller, the laser removed any freckles, age marks, etc. from my face which made a fresher, clearer look adding to an overall improvement. And, yes I did basically heal in 4-5 days, with the exception of a little swelling, which actually made my face look even smoother, a some pinkness which could be easily covered with makeup. I have one more session to suffer through, which I already paid for in advance. I am pleased with the overall results. If I had the nerve I would have it done 2-3 times a year due to the results I have seen so far. The thing that holds me back is the pain and the fact that I have to "hide" for about 4 days until I heal enough to go out in public.

ablative fractionnal (CO2) has to be done with an anesthetic cream + Xylocaïne nerve blocks on the face ( injections at precise places where the 3 main nerves of the face are located ) … some doctors don't know how to do those nerve blocks or don't take time to do them ( have to wait 20 minutes that it works ) . it is a shame ! proceding correctly and taking pain killer pils home makes it more then bearable ! ablative fractionnal (CO2 ) is a very efficient and safe procedure when it is done by a skilled and carefull dermatologist sorry for you ask for nerve blocks next time change clinic if needed but don't go for NON ablative frationnal which is easier to perform for the dermatologist and more confortable for the patient but DON'T work ! best regards MB 
I am with you sister they told me minimal pain I was convulsing and crying I had to tell them to stop and request and injection because it was too painful I was literally shaking from the pain. excruciating. No idea what they are talking about minimal pain my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you wash your face with soap right after the first pixel laser treatment?? Then put regenerating cream and sunscreen??
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