November Tummy Tuckers

Hi ladies.. i've been following realself for...

hi ladies.. i've been following realself for the past month. tt scheduled for nov 11...6 days to go. yippee. weight watchers over the past 14 months has lead to 60 lb weight loss. the positive encouragement and information on realself has been a god send. look forward to sharing this journey with you

Tt actually scheduled for nov 10th...i'm going to...

tt actually scheduled for nov 10th...i'm going to spend this weekend getting my house in order and going to the store for things i will need after surgery. my ps gave me a list but the list on this site was much more complete - thanks to the ladies who have gone before. i also
So happy you're doing alright!! :)
Hey Sboro690!! Get some rest! Lets chat tomorrow.
hello ladies - i have officially joined the ranks of the tummytuckers - every thing was smooth sailing... the procedure was appx 3 hrs w/2 hr recvery-i've been home a couple hours - had a bite of oatmeal (so i could take pain meds)& i also have a pain pump. just ate some grapes and they were wonderful - cold and helped w/the cotton mouth - made some phone calls to friends and fam and took my 1st walk thru the house- so far so good - will update more soon-can't wait to hear from the rest of the girls

3 days po and so far so good - all the info on...

3 days po and so far so good - all the info on realself had my ready for what to expect - have to say pain was not as bad as i had feared - and i'm a big wimp when it comes to pain - pain pump and percocet and lots of rest helped i'm sure
I think I needed a pain pump! I am glad you are doing well :)
Glad you're doing well. We are all healing together!
Glad to hear you are doing well with pain! It only gets better.. get lots of rest.. hugs
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