Breast Augmentation, Full TT, Lipo to Thighs and Buttocks - Ohio

I'm hoping to get enough time off work to get...

I'm hoping to get enough time off work to get my surgery in Sept. 2011. I'm a pear shape and after my third son my body has not returned to the spot I'd prefer.

I'm 5'1 130 lbs. I don't know anyone who has had a mommy makeover. I'm looking forward to my new body and I'm saving my money. I'll be asking my boss for the time off and getting a loan on Tuesday. I can't wait to buy a swimsuit for next year.

So I talked with my boss and she thinks it no problem to get the time off. Now I'm working on my loan and saving some money. Once the loan goes thru I will schedule my surgery. I look at tons of sites and try to image my new body. I know the risks and know it won't be easy. I never had surgery but have taken care of many post op patients. It will be weird to be on the other end of it.

Yes, you'll be buying a new swimsuit! How exciting. I'm glad you get to do this for yourself. Please keep us posted on how you're feeling as the big day nears!


Ok so I called to schedule my appt today. ...

Ok so I called to schedule my appt today. Apparently my bank has a 2500 limit per day so I'll be writing a check instead. I'm scheduled for sept 16th.
I bought some pillows and I have been looking into vitamins to start prior to surgery. I'm making a list of things I need to buy for our everyday living since I won't be moving around much. My husband is buying me a gelzone. I also will be getting a shower chair, some quick eat foods and have been doing major weeding, painting and cleaning out of things in my house. Still saving money for the big day. Bought my colace a week ago. Just a few more school items to buy for the kids. I know it will be here soon.
Only 40 days left for you! I bet you are getting excited, I know I am(-:
So today I seen someone who had a tuck and she looked great. When you get to see good scars it makes it alot easier to not worry. Boy, her scars were fabulous and it was only about two weeks. I'm not worried now. Youth is on my side for now.

Bought some more stuff for my surgery recovery....

Bought some more stuff for my surgery recovery. Shower chair, gelzone, vitamins, and shapers. Going to buy some household items this weekend to stock up. It's getting so close, my prep appt was changed to the 25th. Trying to get the kids ready for school next week and tighten up any lose ends. Writing out my bills ahead of time. Will paint this weekend again. Getting my Christmas gifts now so I can get it out of the way.

Thinking I need a nose job and a butt lift next. I think if I survive this with no complications I'll be ready to do more. A girl will never be satisfied.
Yes, it's wonderful to know someone who's going thru the same thing.
I have been buying lots of stuff for my recovery as well. I have never seen those gelzone wraps until I just looked them up, they look pretty neat. I did buy a couple kinds of silicone scar sheets, scar guard, and some other scar creams as well. I bought vitamins, colace, and gas ex. and still have a list about a page long that I still need to get. I feel like a pregnant woman nesting before the birth of her baby(-; It sounds like you may be nesting too. I thought September would be a good time to have this done, but I am finding out that with 2 kids going back to school and starting soccer season it will make for a pretty hectic time(-: I am glad we are in it together, I am so excited for you, it is so close now!

Ok, so I got my sons football schedule today....

Ok, so I got my sons football schedule today. Thinking I won't be making it to the one on the 17th, the day after surgery. Hopefully he won't be disappointed. I have some of my Christmas gifts coming at the end of this week. I'll wrap them this weekend. My pre op appointment is next week!!!!
Your results are going to be smoking...You already look pretty darn hot if you ask me. What exactly are you getting done durning your make over? I am one week post op (tomorrow) I had a full TT, BA, with a BL. Hope all goes well. Keep us updated :)
I am scheluled for 9/19 getting excited

You women on here are amazing. You all do these...

You women on here are amazing. You all do these surgeries and seem to deal with it very well. I'm not sure I'll be as strong as some of you. It will be hard for me to see scars and wait as they heal.
Yeap, time is getting closer. I have my pre op appt tomorrow. I hope I remember to ask all my questions. I have them written down.
I'm have a breast aug 400ml, full tummy tuck and lipo to flanks, abdomen and buttocks.
Good luck tomorrow!
Our surgeries are quickly approaching! : )

Had my preop today. Will be getting 451 implants,...

Had my preop today. Will be getting 451 implants, my physician thought I should at the least get 400's since I have wide hips to balance me out. I'm sure they will look like watermelons at first. All my money paid/charged, paid half cash half charge. No belly big hips and boobs. We will see.

I can't believe I'm buying myself some boobs. Next...

I can't believe I'm buying myself some boobs. Next summer will be like no other summer.
I know, we are getting close ladies(-:
Jesse1989 Doin well getting things together for my big day. How are you doing? Nervous, excited?
32w3 I'm a A/B 36 but bottom heavy. My surgeon said I need to be at least a 400 to even me out. I wear a 9/10 in pants and have a wide chest base so my body can handle a larger size. I'm getting a moderate profile so I'll have the side booby thing and not as much projection. I actually liked the 450's better then the 400's cause they looked fuller to me. Does your surgeon have a suggestion on what's right for you? I trust that my surgeon must know better then me since that's what he does everyday. I think I'll probably be a small D afterwards.
Ya know, I think I am just second guessing everything at this point ; ) I know that I was 100% sure about my implant size at all of my appointments and now that I know that my next appointment is my surgery I'm starting to question everything. I just keep getting more and more nervous...I'm still excited but more scared than anything else. You, jesse1989 and I are getting so close!

Got my rx's today and filled my pill box. One last...

Got my rx's today and filled my pill box. One last night out with my friends before taking the knife. Thinking I should wear a sash with a saying, last night out before my new body or boobs or something, like a girl who goes out for her bachlorette party. It will be a long time before I go out again.

Does anyone know about how long a mommy makeover...

Does anyone know about how long a mommy makeover will last with your recovery time till you can come home? I'm just lookin for a ballpark time so I can make arrangements for my kids.

Well, you will need at least a few days before you're functioning much at all, then a good two weeks before you can do anything major... some doctors do have you spend the night in the hospital, but for most I think it's outpatient. Does this help?

Junebug/32w/3 Doing as good as I can. You all know what I mean. Keeping myself busy with getting things together and ahead if I can. Bought three outfits to wear today. Will get more milk, supers and wipes friday. Found someone to pick up my son next Friday. Getting my work schedule ready for my time off. Trying not to think to much, just trying to focus on this stuff as things I have to do. I am however very excited of the upcoming new body. I know it will take a long time to reduce swelling and scaring, but again I want to think as it as on my to do list. Hope you all are doing well. Keep me updated.
Hi!! How are you doing?? You are getting so close!!! Best of luck to you, you are going to do great. I am so excited for you. : )

Had a strange dream last night, that I had my...

Had a strange dream last night, that I had my surgery and was in my bed resting. I'm trying so hard to wash every thing in our house even if it's only a couple of things at once. Our water bill will probably be a shocker to the old man. Getting ready to pack my little ones bags for my sisters house for a couple of days after surgery. My sinuses are acting up and I'm coughing, not thinking surgery for the tummy was such a great idea with this cough. Oh well.

So only a few more days. I have a physical...

So only a few more days. I have a physical tomorrow at the hospital. I had a miner melt down today. I was holding string till my plans for the kids needed rearranged again. I keep thinking I need to clean more and get more stuff. I know I will forget something I should have maybe gotten. I really I'm just hoping for the best.
I'm trying to remind myself the drains, swelling and look of the scars are temporary. I have been taking my colace and vit c now.
Thought about decreasing my intake, yes I know I need to eat, but I'm a puker and get constipated sometimes too.

Oh my gosh I think I've finally gotten a little nervous. I don't always think straight when I am under a lot of stress.

I refused to eat supper tonight because, I'm not hungry and I'm worried about the whole bm and puking thing. I'm to nervous to eat anyways.
I took some Tylenol pm per my husbands advice tonight.
Ok did I say I'm sick of cleaning already. Well I know I'll be sleeping a lot more in a couple of days and probably eat less too.
Ok I'm done for now, but still not hungry.

Ok, I made a spot on the couch with my pillows,...

Ok, I made a spot on the couch with my pillows, blankets and a small cooler. I have two books and a remote nearby. My meds will be in my pill boxes in my stand. I plan on keeping sticky notes and a pen to make chore list for my kids and husband and my planner will be nearby.

Hoping by Monday I will be alert enough to tell them how I do it without getting up to do it. Momma still has to run her home.

Work the next two days and have FB and soccer practice on Thursday and a coworker farewell supper. I will be super busy. I have notes for myself, I have been a little scattered brain last few days.

I have been loving on my baby today and put a spot for him on the floor for him to nap during the day. We will be putting his sippy cups in my cooler.

Thinking of getting a roast out to cook.
I spend the day with my youngest son (20 mths), didn't really work but still had about two hours of calls for f/u and schedule changes.

Fridays it. Will get the Thursday what time I need to be there.

I hope I'm good and drugged. I don't want to remember or feel a thing. I also hope the drug me again before I leave. I want to feel no pain and as close to buzzed since I haven't had a glass of wine or alcohol weeks prior to this and after.
Heck they can leave the IV in and I push the med thru at home.

I'm sure my family would be glad I'm loopy so I don't notice their messes.
Hey momstime, just wanted to say I'm a puker and have "constipation issues" occasionally and I was scared outta my mind about both of those things. Hopefully this will help:

1. Take your colace everyday. If it gets to be like day 2 post op, take some MOM. Skip the Doculax or whatever else, go for the MOM. If you can't take it straight (I can't) mix it in some soft/melted icecream.

2. If you overdose on laxitives (like I did) they will kick in eventually. Just keep that in mind, because when they kick in, they kick in.

3. As for nausea, will they give you a RX nausea patch? It goes behind your ear he night before surgery and stay there for 72 hours. Works like a charm but dries you out like you have never been dried out before...holy dry mouth!! I tried to eat a cracker and it just disinigrated in my mouth and turned to dust...but it works.

4. Once you are like 2 days post op, still take your zofran or whatever you are taking for nausea because I got all cocky that I felt so good and was keeping up on the pain and then I threw up the night of day two. One of the worst pains I have ever had.

5. EAT EAT EAT> Eat now, eat after surgery, even if it is a cracker or broth..and EAT EVERYTIME YOU TAKE YOUR PAIN MEDS. Or you will pay for it like I did...ouch and yuck.

Good luck to you!!! I wish you the best!
Thanks 32:)

Worked 13 hours today, then came home to chores...

Worked 13 hours today, then came home to chores and kissed my littlest good night. My husband had supper ready. Another long day tomorrow and I need to start my meds tomorrow.

Two practices tomorrow for the kids and a coworker party. I also need to take my shower for my surgery and have all my stuff together.

It's a busy day.

Tomorrows the day. My potassium is low so I will...

Tomorrows the day. My potassium is low so I will be getting one more rx added to my collection of meds. Started my inflammenz today. Still waiting on my surgery time.
Thank you! Hope your feeling better.
Good luck tomorrow!

Ok, today is it. I'm hoping all goes well today....

Ok, today is it. I'm hoping all goes well today. Waking my family and getting dressed. I know I we throw up today. I have bags in my car, a towel, pillows and I'm gonna take my antinausea this am. Ruff nights sleep but I figure I will be sleeping alot today. Have a great day.
I second sassymomma.. hope all is well :)
Momstime hope all is well. Please update us soon.

Second day after surgery, very sore and hard to...

Second day after surgery, very sore and hard to pee. Bruised but my tummy scar is pretty short and my stomach is super flat. My husband thinks my boobs are big I don't think they are as big as I thought they would be. My kids and husband are helping me to the bathroom and I'm getting my toenails painted by my stepdaughter.
glad to hear everything went well. I am getting very excited I have 1 more day to wait for my turn
I had my husband straight cath me since I had one my car got 1000 ml out could of done more. I hope I have another one around he somewhere. It's awful not going.
Well, I wish I could have done that the first 2 days or so. I think after a couple days you will be able to go fine. I can empty mine now but it takes a long time to get started after I sit down on the toilet. I guess it takes time for those parts to wake up all the way(-; The one good thing is if you are getting up to pee often, you are walking around, and that is going to help you get better faster. Take care, hugs!

The pain sucks and moving is awful. The drugs are...

The pain sucks and moving is awful. The drugs are great. I have a loud Italian husband, so that doesn't always help. He has cathed me three times. I'll have Him a nurse before he knows it. I cam wave at my 20 month old from the gate, poor baby, the nurses where awesome at the surgery center. I'd like to start peeing ony own and get up easier. Not sure how you wonderful ladies take pics I'm way to sore to hardly move. One day at a time,

I just peed by myself. I've never been so happy to...

I just peed by myself. I've never been so happy to pee. Thank god keep it coming.

Yay, you finally did it! Sounds like you had a tummy tuck all right. You'll be feeling better soon. I love the journal you're keeping.

It will get better. From following the ladies on here, it looks like the first week post-op is the worst. Congrats to having a hubby that will cath you!
Thank you guys

I have never seen a flatter stomach then mine at...

I have never seen a flatter stomach then mine at this point, maybe I should wait for some more swelling. At first I didn't think my boobs where big enough but as smalll as my belly is it equals out nicely. I got 457cc silicone. I'd better head down stairs I just took some meds and don't want to fall.

Okay heres some pics for you to see.

Okay heres some pics for you to see.

I had a melt down today cause I thought my funny...

I had a melt down today cause I thought my funny son put my heel on my couch to be a wise guy and laughed, which hurt like hell. I was so pissed I couldn't look at him. I guess I got paranoid. Damn drugs. It's over now. Hoping to get the pee thing down soon. Cathed myself 5x so far good thing I have that stuff in my house to do. Not that bad really. Preferr not to but whatever. My body will be rockin next summer. Thanks for all your kind words.
Omg girl. You are hot already. Your boobs look great and you don't look swollen at all!
Angiemcc here's a couple of photos for you.

I totally want to see photos, girl!


I bought these special k protein drinks before...

I bought these special k protein drinks before surgery and love them. U hate ensure or any other supplements but these are great. Measured my output and cathed myself again. It's amazing how you make it work when you have to. It's a little uncomfortable bur needs done. I'm calling someone Tom about thus no matter what. I like my new body want more drugs and I'm grateful for any help. I can't get some things because of my restrictions, so I leave messes everywhere but I don't want to fall. I know next year will be awesome for me. Gotta keep my eye on the prize. I know I can do it. Thanks to my family friends and this awesome site. I think I will be Doin a bikinimext year. I paid for it dobeberyones gonna see it. You ladies know hOw hard it is. You are so strong for committing to do this for you. Way to go ladies. We might even see each other rockin our bodies on the beach. Take care. I'll keep ceckin in On you all. Hugs to you all. Xoxo.

Ok, so I haven't been able to pee. I went to a...

Ok, so I haven't been able to pee. I went to a urologist today. Obviously I have urinary retention. I now have a cath, never been so happy to have one of those. I had a couple at home. Which I cathed myself with before going to see this dr. They understood but were surprised I did it on my own, and of course I had to stand to do it. I'll keep the cath for now. Once less worry. I had trouble after giving birth to my baby's, but not this bad. They took put 900 ml today and gave me two meds to take.

I'm looking for people to help with my kids sports. My husband Is exhausted. I need a shower. Boobs and belly lookin good, decrease in drainage. I need more rest.
I'm so sorry you had to get cath!! I hope the meds help you ASAP!! Your pictures do look awesome! You'll love those resutls really soon!
I was so glad to not have pressure anymore. The dr said take it out when you feel good enough to get around. I'm delighted to have it at this point. Guess I'm gettin lazy, and I don't want to have to struggle again to pee, I hate that. I know better then to leave it in but I don't want to deal with anything else right now. Two drains and a cath for now but feeling better.
oh man, u look awesome!! I want ur boobs!!

Went to see my dr today. He thinks I'm doing...

Went to see my dr today. He thinks I'm doing q
Well considering everything he did to me. Keepin my drains for now. I am so gonna find a hot top in a couple of weeks. Did I mention I love my boobies and belly. I do. I had the pain but love the look. Even though I look a hot mess wallin in to the urology and PS office, I'm thinking you all have no idea how hot my body is under this old pj's and my husbands flip flops. You'll be sorry this summer when you see me rockin my swimsuit. Laugh now, you'll need a one piece when you see me. Ok, my humor isn't for everyone. It's how I keep myself going. I'm still feeling hot, though.
I will say I was walking slower then some 70 some year old when I went to the urologist and they wanted me to get in a wheelchair. No thanks. Just slow down the revolving door please so I don't fall on my face, which he did.

I was reading a couple of people posts and though...

I was reading a couple of people posts and though holy cow these people are recovering rather quickly. I'm one week post op today have two drains, an indwelling cath, bruising all overt legs and buttocks, a binder on and my surgeon says it's to soon for any other compression garnet yet because of all the surgery I had. It hurts to get up because of sliding on my butt and thighs that are bruised, the pulling of my drains(don't want to accidentally pull them or my cath out) I am some what limited on are use due to the new boobies. I cannot no lift pull push. I can't really help around the house, unless remote user or yell at everyone can be of assistance.

Just a heads up to all the recovery with a multi surgery is very hard and will take a lot of sacrifice from you and your family and possibly cause some tension with all the woren out people involved.

I have no regrets when I look at my body, I just ache for the extra strain I have put on my family to do this for me.

You will miss out on events for your kids, being able to even pick something off the floor. I've been offered wc at dr offices. I can't bath, dress or fix my hair alone. Part physical, part drugs I'm taking.

IT WILL NOT Be Easy!!!!

Those drugs really do a number on my thought...

Those drugs really do a number on my thought process and orientation to time and dates. I forget what day and time it is and times of my appointments.

Still have my drains but thinking I'm glad since so many of the tummy tucks seem to need drained after getting them out or if they didn't have them.

My surgeon told me not to cheat on amounts, no need to worry about that, I do not want a needle stuck in my abdomen.

I finally had my son remove a bandage I could feel bur not reach he got a big kick out of lookin at momma's butt but I didn't care.

Will probably take 5 weeks told off work to rest.

I tried to tops off today and boy my boobs are big, no complaints I need new tops.

So, my middle son Is such a jokester, he always...

So, my middle son Is such a jokester, he always tries to make me laugh. It feels awful with this tummy tuck. They are great Helpers. Everyone in this house has see my backside. I took a shower, well kinda, with a shower chair. I wanted to feel somewhat normal today. I put on my bath and body work lotion and tried to shave my pubs but it felt painful to try and shave it so I didn't. I had my boys help me clean up my bathroom a bit. Need to do laundry, I might order out tonight. I feel a little stronger but get very tired. I could sleep like a cat, 20 hours a day. My Kids also helped me fill my pill box. My son thinks my cath is so cool. He thinks i should have one for poop to, probably to spray at his brother I'm sure. He calls my cath, a snake and a snapping turtle. Crazy kid.

Well I went to my bed to sit in since I cannot...

Well I went to my bed to sit in since I cannot stand to sit in the same room as my husband. He's having a rough time with all he has to do with helping me and the kids and he had a Ohio state football he was gonna go to today and gave the tickets away because he didn't want to leave me alone.

So I'm letting him watch it alone so he doesn't have to hear me cry because he gave something he so wanted to do for me. I feel so bad for him. I know he really didn't realize what it was gonna be like, but you never really do till it happens and it's different for everyone.

Not sure if I'll actually get back out of this bed but I'm sure someone will find me.

You can only go forward from here. I'm just trying to heal and hoping my family will come out whole after this all.

There's gotta be something good

This binder seems so big, I'm guessing its because...

This binder seems so big, I'm guessing its because I'm do short.
I feel everything your going through! I had catheter at hospital not
At home but I had soooo much trouble
Peeing ! I tiny drop
Would come out after 40 min of sitting there trying! I had
To actually
Stand up in tub! No idea why that helped! And I would finally get back into bed and then had to bother hubby to get me
Up again! So your lucky
To Have catheter !I Would've loved one! On a happier more
Pleasant note your body is rockin!! This is the slowest recovery every but i promise you will be fine and it will pass and you'll be the best looking momma around! :)
Tara, yep I want to take it out but I'm hoping I will pee when I take it out. I'm not looking forward to getting the drains out but I am sick of dealing with them. My legs and butt are swollen but if I could get rid of this other stuff that would be nice. (I think the drain removal will hurt, those things hurt just moving around) thanks for the compliment I'll be glad to buy a new top.
Boys are so funny. They can make a joke out of anything! Glad they are helping keep your spirits up.

Took out my snapping turtle/snake, aka, my cath...

Took out my snapping turtle/snake, aka, my cath and hoping I don't need to put it back in this evening. Hoping I gety drains out Thursday.

Bad day today. Some pain and stayed on the couch....

Bad day today. Some pain and stayed on the couch. One great day ( one step forward two steps back) the
a bad day. Dr appt tomorrow. Gosh I really want these drains out. Hope everyone is recovering well or preparing for their surgery stress free.

Got my drains out today, ouch. Glad they are gone....

Got my drains out today, ouch. Glad they are gone. Got my cute compression garment today. How do you sit with this thing? Better them those drains.

Oh boy, this compression garmet really sucks. It...

Oh boy, this compression garmet really sucks. It makes my skin red and it's so darn tight. Holy moly. I'm gotta be rubbed raw and like a toothpick. I'm sure it will be fun getting it off and on.

So, I loosened my garmet, released 1st hook and I...

So, I loosened my garmet, released 1st hook and I feel like I can breath again. Tried on some jeans I wore before and they fit. I tried on a few shirts I had from before and wow I never had a problem getting my shirt over my boobs before. I have an hour glass look. I like I can hide them or show them off. I' m nervous to actually ever show them a little. That probably sounds funny since I wanted them but I want to look classy not trashy. When I go to the beach next year there will be no hiding them. I'm sure the kids will notice then. It's only a matter of time before my son says something.

My girlfriend thinks they are huge.

Okay, I had to remove that compression garmet last...

Okay, I had to remove that compression garmet last night. That thing was killing me. My legs hurt on the side and my
Stomach was burning. I first tried to stuff some thing in the front on it, a diaper. (I was needed something) I then loosed one hook. I thought how'd you get this on in the first place, I could hardly budge it. By 3 am I could not take it. I was pulling on my incisional site to my right breast to release the darn thing. I got it off and took a shower.

About 7 this am I put it on but didn't snap/ zip one side. I have since hooked two of the clasps and pulled up the zipper a bit. I hope that I can put the thing all the way on. Does anyone else have trouble with theirs?

Maybe I'm just being a big baby about it. My 21 month was hitting and climbing on my legs and I screamed. They hurt. I even looked up the measurements for the garments and it appears correct.
I want to go with 400 silicone also. I'm a 34 A/B with wide hips also. I want to be classy and not trashy also. (I like that phrase). I'm afraid if I go smaller, they won't look any different after the swelling goes down. But, o still want to be able to wear my small shirts. So undecided.
I have 457 and it makes me look almost smaller on bottom depending on what I put on. I think I might still have some swelling. It's so hard to choose cause you really don't know till they are in. I was explaining the trashy vs classy thing to my husband cause at first he was confused why I didnt want to put them in everyones face. I think it's an adjustment that people don't think about. I'm not usually an attention seeker. I think you can show a little with class when your in an enviorment to do so, like a bar or something. Glad you understand what I ment.

So loving my new body. I bought a dress in April...

So loving my new body. I bought a dress in April in Vegas but I thought my stomach was a little noticeable in it, not anymore, and with the new boobs, it looks hot. I'm glad I bought it. I can't wait till my lifting/activity restrictions ate lifted, l will be out dancing again. I want to buy clothes, do my makeup and hair. I guess it has given me so confidence.

I know I will get some looks from family in friends because it will be very obvious that I had work done since I have a twin. She doesn't think big boobs are nice, but to each their own. They make me feel good and that's what matters.

Ok, went to the ps today and he seemed impressed...

Ok, went to the ps today and he seemed impressed with everything. I can remove my steristrips next week and resume with most activities. I have been wearing a compression garment from my knees to boobs a light compression shirt under that garmet and a binder. Hard to move fast in it, but I've been walking for a couple of days. No long walks since I get tierd easy. I almost laughed when the dr said I could resume crunches for my abds. He doesn't know me well, I don't do abd crunches on purpose, at least not since I was in my twenties.

I like to walk or walk run. I like to work in my yard. Plant flowers etc. I do housework, but I'm not into major exercise.

Well, I can wear a real bra next week and need my garment for 2 months. I have swelling under my belly button, but I am a true hourglass now.

My husband is very pleased, well if the old man and another man( the dr) likes it I'm good. Not sure what size bra I'll need I'll have to measure again my last measurement was 36 DD.

O'Boy summer will never be the same. I seem my neighbor in her shorts yest and I thought girl you don't even know what I got under all this.

So, I went shopping today fir the first time. I...

So, I went shopping today fir the first time. I looked great in clothes. I feel like I have the perfect body even with my stupid garment on. I need some tape for my shirts. There Is no way u can't tell these girls are super perky. I have my hourglass. I will take my dressings off this week, but can see a little of my tummy tuck scar and it look very straight and a good color, I hope the rest of it looks that good. My ps used a laser for my tummy tuck, that's a big reason I chose him.

Well, I can fit into my old jeans I haven't wore...

Well, I can fit into my old jeans I haven't wore for two years but my surgery scar hurts when I wear the low rise jeans. I lost 5 more lbs. Down to 120. 5 more lbs and I weigh what I did in high school with DD boobs bs my A cup then. I bet if I start to work out I might lose more. I'm going out Friday. I have an outfit ready. Took my steristrips off today. Scabbing to most of it. Hoping it heals well. I have a silicone scar strip on it for now. When I'm done with my garment I'm gonna start wearing gelzone.
Read your posts today for the first time, I tell you I love your humor through it all especially your son. You look fabulous! Thanks for sharing your experience.
Keep up the good work. You're having great results!

Okay, one more week off work then back to "normal"...

Okay, one more week off work then back to "normal". My tummy tuck scar looks to good to be true. They say at 3-6 months it is at it's worst, I hope not because it looks good now. No more scabbing nothing is open or infected. One of the best scars I've seen. I'm by no means a health eater either. My scar is a little higher then I'd like it to be but I wouldn't have woren a bikini before this so whats the difference. I have been looking for swimsuits and think a monokini might just work for me. I still have some nerve pain and cannot get comfortable when sleeping like I did before surgery but I'm sure in time it will get better. I still have numbness to my belly and some of my legs. My swelling is not bad at all. My breast feel softer and more natural now. I'm greatful for the experience, the good and the bad.

It's an adventure. I look forward to many more adventures, but hopefully not surgery.

I did get a refund from the hospital. I was super happy about that. I like to think it's because I'm so short they didn't need to use as much time and supplies for me. I'll live in my dream world cause I like it there.

My husband likes my new body. I mean he really likes it. I would consider having it done again if I thought he'd like it.

I won't see my doctor again till December, he thinks I look great. Still wearing my compression garment and might have a burning party for it in the end. I am suppose to wear it for 2 months. The other night I took it off and it felt weird to be off. Can't please a women. Hate's it on hate's it off. That's me. Can't stand cold weather or hot, like it just right.

I know I was so scared to have my drains pulled when it was time and I thought, what are you gonna do keep them in forever cause your scared to have them pulled. The only way to go is forward. You've come this far so just go for it. It's over and now I'm okay. I need to remember that feeling in my "real" life. Just go forward, there's no where else to go.

I want to grow from every experience I've had in life.

Well lady's, I have a check that's burning a hole in my pocket.

More then 3 months post op. I have a great shape,...

More then 3 months post op. I have a great shape, but honestly when you have surgery to "fix or improve" your body you are trading off one issue for another. I'm fine with my decision to have plastic surgery. I know it's not all happy times. I'm numb to my abdomen and some of my legs. It feels uncomfortable to have someone touch me where it's numb. I get nerve pain from my surgery, but my body is much sexier then before. I have a scar, which is a little high and I don't want my shirt to go up cause of it, before I didn't want it to go up because of my baby belly. So, it is what it is. I'm not really disappointed, just feel like everyone should know it's not a fix all. Your body image disturbance will not end by getting plastic surgery. It might boost your self esteem, but it's what comes from within that really matters. I admit my boobs look great naked and my husband thinks I look great and I look very nice in my new swimsuits I bought, but I have new issues. Finding clothes that fit, trying to avoid hitting any of my numb areas or scar, pain, I don't feel comfortable running or jogging.

I really don't think I would go back and change it cause I really like my new body, but I have new issues to deal with. You trade one problem for another.
Just read your story. Hilarious! You look great!
I just want others to know it's not a quick fix. It comes with positives and negatives. I Think it's good to hear about pro and cons when making such an important decision.
Agreed! not a quick fix, patience and lots of it is the only way to get through this, by the way you look great.

Okay, my scar is healing and getting flatter. I...

Okay, my scar is healing and getting flatter. I love the new body and now I think about what else I can "fix". I'm getting some scar art to apply to my belly scar for my swimsuit. I think people are amazed how flat my stomach is. I still get swelling. If I do not have a
BM everyday I get swelling. My stomach is still numb and I hate when people touch it, but it looks great. I did have some hypersensitivity in my thighs but it is back to normal know. I'm only worried to wear my swimwear in front of my teenage son.
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Surgery completed in September.

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