Mid Face Lift & Lower Eyelid Surgery Healing Fears

I had a mid face lift and lower eyelid surgery 3...

I had a mid face lift and lower eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago. I did this mainly to remove a bag under one of my eyes and to reduce the folds around my mouth and nose. I am not seeing any pros right now.

I am very concerned and upset currently with my healing. My natural smile has been taken away. When I smile my cheek muscles - under my eyes - are so tight that my eyes become concave and the cheek muscle bunches up. My lower eyelids are also bulging out. I look like a freak and am very scared that the tightness will not go away. I also had a bag removed, so I thought, under one eye and after 3 weeks it looks as if it is still there. I do still have slight swelling.

Does anyone have any advice?
I had a mid facelift 3 years ago in LA. I was told that the downtime was equivalent to having dental treatment. I returned to the UK 10 days later, but I was not the person I once was. I looked frightening; swollen face, liquid under my eyes and frozen brow. My daughter cried out loud when she saw me, and I went into hiding as best I could. Three months later I had to start going out as my husband needed a social life again. My cheeks had changed, and the photos showed me for what I had become - bulbous cheeked. I am hoping that as the years pass my cheeks will reduce in size. I went to my local doctor for filler last week, to fill in my heavy laughter lines, which appear enhanced against the fullness of my cheeks. He didn't fill the lines, instead he gave me volume to the side of my face. The fullness he created took me right back to my post-surgery experience - I won't be having filler again. I have never told my husband how much I regret the mid facelift, and can't believe they actually think I like fat cheeks. I know my family talk about how ridiculous I was to have had surgery, and spoil such a beautiful face.
Amendment - heavy jowls, not laughter lines
Nonameme, I had a mid facelift at 40 years of age at the recoomendation of my surgeon. I unfortunately did not do enough research and have found mid facelifts are not the way to go ever! It does not produce good results but I trusted this doctor. Needless to say my eye halllowness ended up worse because he admitted that the anchors he put in must have dissolved! The sunken in look with high cheekbones was what I was left with and this doctor did nothing to help me. This was after a year of healing. I promised myself I would wait 5 years before I would make a decision. For several years I did alot of research and I also got a recommendation for a doctor with a good reputation. I started a year ago and this doctor injected my undereyes with my own fat. I have had about 4 fat injections to try and repair what the first doctor left me with. This doctor did improve but my undereyes are still not where they should be and my right eye looks a tad smaller and has a much larger hallowed out look than my left eye. Funny thing is that my right eye was perfect when I had the MFL done and it ended up being the worst problem after the botched up job. I look down alot and notice I don't look directly at people like I used to. My face does look better but it is something that I have decided to just let go of. I just had fat injections in February of this year and they improved my under eyes a little but not where I want them to be. I have had to let go of this and accept what I am left with and try to work wonders with makeup. I will in time go back to my current doctor for a possible facelift but that would be 5-8 years before I would do that. Hang in there. I bet you still look beautiful.
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I still would recommend my doctor and do have an appointment coming up. He may help alleviate my fears.

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