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I had a lower facelift, neck lift, and neck...

I had a lower facelift, neck lift, and neck liposuction done 5 weeks ago. I must say, the healing process has gone quite well! I am an active, healthy 60 year old who had some jowling going on and my neck and chin were aging. Decided after years of pulling my skin back and thinking "wow, that would be an improvement!" to take the step and have surgery done.

My scars look good at ear, my scars behind ear have thickened some. My recovery was very uneventful. My neck still has alot of bumps and ridges from the lipo.

My biggest concern is after about the four week mark, my jowls have re-appeared. They are certainly better but after swelling went down there they were! Now what?! Do I ask for a revision? Or are my expectations too high? Please advise as I trust all your opinions! Thanks!

I have the "tracks" and bruising under my chin after 12 weeks!! I didn't have lipo but had the platsyma muscle cut under the chin and neck. Also have had kenelog as well.
Thanks for all the responses! I did go see my doctor two weeks ago. He seemed happy with my results. He injected my scars with kenalog, they feel pretty good. I did not think he addressed the lumps and bumps under my chin from the neck liposuction. He just said could take a few months. I explained they have not changed in past few weeks but he quickly blew it off. I also have a few creases on one side on my neck when I look down. Any one out there with uneven neck skin after neck lipo? I almost have like railroad track marks on neck. Thanks everyone. WIll be patient for a while and see what happens.
Those tracks on your neck look familar to me. I had a laser resurfacing procedure done some three years ago. And I also, developed those track marks on my neck there in the front. I am assuming the laser did that to me. Those tracks have just about completly faded now, some three years later. They still come back to haunt me sometimes if I have a strong chemical peel. One thing that has really helped my neck and those old track marks fade is Dermaogica Tri-Cleanse (it's a whitner). Use the Tri-Cleanse with the Clarsonic facial brush and you will be amazed. You should be able to use the Tri-cleanse if all of your wounds are closed.

Thanks again for all the support everyone! Trying...

Thanks again for all the support everyone! Trying to be patient but still have the lumpy bumps and ridges on neck from lipo. I have been using aquaphor and doing light massages per Dr.'s instructions but it is not improving. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. I am posting pic. It has been two months. Thanks!

I had gone for this surgery two months back.But I didn't feel any discomfort after that. My excessive sagging of skin in lower third of face is removed by this surgery. Actually I really confused with the surgery procedure. And then I go through many sites like 'goodsurgeonbadsurgeon' etc. This helps me to know about the surgery procedure.
Thank you
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