Constant Shortness of Breath After Tummy Tuck - Can It Be Undone?

I had a full abdominopasty done 2 years ago. I am...

I had a full abdominopasty done 2 years ago. I am very pleased with the results. However, from the minute I got up from the surgery to date, I suffer from constant shortness of breath. It is very uncomfortable. I have had physicals and checkups to rule out any other problems. I am now convinced that the shortness of breath is because of the tigtning of the abdominal muscles, which in my case being petite was perhaps too much. My breath seems like it is blocked all the time. I am miserable. I almost feel like I wish the tummy tuck could be undone.

Why - To tighten stomach muscles after 2 kids and 2 c-sections

Pros - Tummy looks great now

Cons - Traded off for constant shortness of breath

My question is at this point what options do I have? I do not want to live with this constant breathlessness feeling all the time.
I am only 16 days po TT and l am glad l read these comments because l was begining to think l either had a blood clot or heart issues. I am only 40 and almost called 911 tonight and prayed l felt like l was dying it started after l ate some ice cream and an intense feeling of fullness came over me then the SOB then the lightheadness and anxiety. I never knew this was gonna be a side effect. I totally regret it. Only thing helped was Tums and l made my mind up if that didnt work l was gonna call 911. I pray this gets better l go back next week and def gonna discuss this.
tina, SOB almost always leads to anxiety and panic attacks. I woke up from surgery with extreme shoa life saver for me, as it finallrtness of breath, and lived with anxiety and panic attacks for 3 months not even understanding why all this was happening. Eventually the doctor prescribed Lexapro for me and that was a lifesaver for me, as it helped break my anxiety/lightheadedness/extreme fatigue etc. I pray you find the solution that works for you.
How are you feeling these better or the same tightness and sob
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Yes, he is a very good surgeon. But not sure why I landed up with shortness of breath?

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