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I developed big breasts at age 12, as a result I...

I developed big breasts at age 12, as a result I was never comfortable with having large breasts and spent most of my life trying to hide them; unfortunately 38DDs cannot be hidden. After gaining and losing about 60 pounds twice in my life, I felt like I had 2 baloons that had been inflated and deflated one too many times--severe ptosis and stretch marks. My most recent gradual healthy weight loss had brought me to an ideal weight, but my 36DDs were not going to get any smaller (or any higher on my chest) by working out more, and the weight of my breasts put a major strain on my neck and shoulders, and if my bra was too tight, I'd get headaches as well. I was constantly aware and self-concious about my breasts.

About a year ago I started seriously thinking about a breast reduction. I began by googling images of before and after photos and was amazed at the work that could be done; I asked a doctor I respect to refer me a few names of local surgeons and researched them, settled on one and had a consult in Oct. 2010.

We submitted to my insurance company to see if they would cover the procedure and though it took about 2 months for them to reply, they did approve it, and so in January I scheduled it for 2-23-11. It's still very early in recovery for me, but so far I am thrilled to feel free of 36DDs and very content with what should end up being a 36C. I am excited to be able to do more exercise, like now jogging or running without feeling like the weights on my chest are holding me back; I also cannot wait to be able to buy some tops that I could never have worn before (halters, strapless, one-shoulder) because of all the "engineering" required to reign in my old breasts!

I read the help guides on this site by Kimmers25 back in January and they were an immense help in knowing exactly what to expect and I feel like there were no surprises throughout my whole experience thus far.

The only minor cons so far are that the incisions are a little longer than I thought, but they will also take months to heal; my doctor was clear that it would take at least 9 months to see the real results, so it requires patience. Also I have experienced a small amount of numbness along part of my incisions/scars, but I knew beforehand that was a normal side effect and possibility.

Just a note on the cost I listed: as I stated my...

Just a note on the cost I listed: as I stated my insurance is covering it, but this was the total for the outpatient bilateral reduction and lift, I took that figure from the hospital bill.

Also, anyone in the area (northern Ohio) that is interested in who the surgeon was, you can message me if you like.

Also...I wish I could have edited the original review...I misspelled balloons! ;)


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He explained the process fully and was realistic with his explanations about results, asked in the initial consult if I had researched the procedure, he answered all my questions (and I went in there with my little list written down a few times).

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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It is a crippling thought, but a I know I'll regret it if I don't move forward. My other fear is of not being able to breastfeed once I decide to have children after the surgery, but reading other forums on here I'm finding that having large breasts alone is enough to affect my ability to breastfeed!
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Congrats! They really work well for your body. Being 5'11" and curvy (currently a 38G) I'm terrified of ending up with little nubs that don't work with my body shape.
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I understand how you feel. I am the same size as you and continue to put it off for fear that my body will look out of whack. I am so used to looking at myself and seeing breast before anything else that if I look in the mirror and see something before I see breast it might freak me out.
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Wow, I have my procedure in 1 month and can't stop telling everyone about it. So far your story has really made me see the potential of having it done. I'm excited, but so nervous about what it will actaully end up looking like. You look great and I hope I end up with the life changing look too....LOL
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Thanks and good luck to you! Honestly when I first decided I wanted to do it, I almost didn't care what they looked like I just wanted them smaller (and higher!)...I was so tired of lugging those things around. But in the end, it's definitely been amazing to see the results that are possible. I'm still thrilled about having it done.
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Your pre-surgery and post surgery pictures with clothes are very helpful thank you. You look amazing
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Thank you! Good luck to you with your procedure ;)
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Thank you for posting the clothed photos. It really helps. You look 15 lbs lighter!
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Looks great! I get mine tomorrow and I can't wait to be able to see my torso, too!
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you look good. I cant wait for mine
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Thanks! I hope everything goes perfectly for you :)
You will be glad you did it.
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Thanks so much, that is so helpful. I have a local doctor and hoping they call me tomorrow to schedule an appointment for a consultation. I'm very excited, I'd do anything to get these things off my chest :) thanks again, this gave me high hope that I can get a breast reduction and might not have to spend a lot of money on it :D
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So I'm in the same boat that you were in. I've lost tons of weight 3 years ago and I never lost any in my boobs. I have always had bad back pain but now am experiencing bad neck pain, so badly I can't move my neck left to right sometimes. I just started looking into a reduction today and I'm worried, when you had your consultation did you have to go thru your original dr and then to another dr to take tests on your neck and back for your insurance to cover it? I just am worried all have to spend tons of money for other drs to run test for them to finally say they will cover the reduction costs.
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Hi! No, I did not have to go through my family doctor, or have any specific tests run. At the consultation, my surgeon simply asked if I had neck, shoulder and back pain, and if I got headaches. Those are things that the insurance company looks for as negative symptoms from the weight of large breasts. He told me insurance companies were pretty open-minded about this procedure because it normally does reduce all of these things significantly, and it did just that for me. It MAY depend on the insurance company, but I don't think mine required any documentation to show I had tests for anything. In 2009 I had x-rays because I screwed up my neck/shoulder when attempting to do some work with free weights, but I just had a muscle strain, they may have looked at those, but I'm not sure. I doubt you will have to spend a ton of money to get any kind of additional tests.
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I did not go through my family doctor.  I had been going to several doctors in my community for consults hoping to find one that I liked and clicked with.  I was going to pay for this out of my own pocket just because I was so sick and tired of the big boobs.

On my 9th and final consult I had found the doctor for me!!  I was so excited and the bonus was that he was actually a part of my HMO insurance.  He assured me that this would be covered because of my size.  It was like Christmas:)  

I did not need any referral from my family doctor, I also did not need to even call my insurance provider for approval.  My doctors office took care of everything.

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Prior to my surgery I was 50 plus pounds over weight.  I told my doctor that I could no longer stand the pain of the large breasts.  I am only 5'-1" tall and mine were gigantic and heavy. 

They did tell me that dropping weight after the surgery would change the size of my breasts.  And yes it did.  Immediately after surgery I was in a size 38C and over the first year post OP I dropped over 60 pounds.  Now to date since the BR I have lost a total of 76 pounds and my breasts are now a nice size 34B.  Small and perky and I love them:)

So yes the post op size will change with weight loss.  My doctor did not have any hesitation with doing my surgery when I was over weight.  I was otherwise healthy and had no health issues. 

Having the BR is what motivated me to drop the weight.  I was now able to exercise comfortably without the breasts bouncing all over the place.

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Kimmer25, thank you so much for sharing and congrats on losing the weight. Way to go! I am in the process of trying to lose some weight. I'm also in the 40-50 pound range that I would like to lose, healthy with no medical issues. I think this weight issue is holding me back from going further on the research. That and finding someone I trust. You are right about the exercising, they (the girls) just get in the way sometimes and other times it's just uncomfortable to do certain movements. My thoughts were if I did lose more weight after surgery would it be so bad if I got a little smaller, I don't think so.
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It is all a process but you can do it:)   I think once you get your mind totally into it then it is easier.  I had just finally hit a wall and was sick of the weight, large breasts and everything.  I had hit the mid 40's and thought OK now is the time. 

I have no regrets in anything I have done and really do love the smaller breasts.  So getting smaller after a BR and weight loss is really ok. 

I have these fantastic Victoria's Secret push up bras that I wear when I need a little more something something in an outfit...LOL    Works for me.

So how ever you decide to do this you will be glad in the end. 

The hardest part of the entire process is finding that perfect doctor.  I finally did after meeting with 8.  I am sure that sounds completely insane.

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I had my consultation yesterday and will be scheduling my surgery for September (he is fully boooked until then).

In my particulat case I'm probably about 8-10 lbs over what I should be so I don't think it's a major issue for the PS, but I do know that in case where you're 15-20 lbs over weight or more a PS prefers that you lose some weight to make sure he knows your true size. I did contribute the fact that even when I weighed 105 lbs I had a D+ cup, so weight doesn't seem to be a factor in my case.

One thing though, my boobs and the fat under my arms (which spills over my bra and sleeveless shirts like a souffle) have always been an issue, so HE IS THROWING IN LIPO IN THAT AREA FOR FREE!

By the way, aside from the fact that he is now considered the #1 boob doctor in the U.S. (I'm in Miami) I LOVED his office, his staff, his other patients, his operation, his website, his reviews, his pictures, his consultation - everything.

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ckmia, thank you for the info. I am a bit overweight so I probably should lose some weight before seeing the PS. I have always had big boobs and as I get older they seem to get bigger...just not fair. I'm at the point where I just can't take them anymore. Sounds like you have yourself a great PS. Wish I was close to Miami. Would you mind sharing the website with me?
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Well, if you lose the weight, will your boobs change size? You also need to be honest with your doc (and yourself) as to whether you're going to maintain the lower weight. If you lose it simply to qualify for the surgery then chances are the experiment is no good. What the doc wants to work with is the "real you". Now, if you're overweight to the point where he/she thinks your weight is a risk for any major surgery, that's another issue altogether.

I think the ladies on this board that have had the surgery already can share a lot more on the weight loss issue. Maybe look at before photos and see if any of them look curvaceous?

Here's the website for Dr. Leonard Hochstein:

If you come to Miami you can stay with me!

Good luck and talk soon!
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You are to sweet! Thank you for the PS info.
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Thanks so much for sharing your story. This may sound like an odd question but did your surgeon or PCP say you had to lose weight before considering the surgery? I ask because some research I have done mentions that some surgeons won't do the reduction until you drop a certain amount of weight. Anyone know if this is true?
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The issue with losing weight relates to whether or not you are trying to get the reduction covered by your insurance company; at my consultation my surgeon told me that I was a good candidate to have it covered because I wasn't overweight. He said many times if the prospective patient is overweight, the insurance company will suggest they try losing weight (because in many cases, you lose from your breasts) first, before going straight to surgery. I think the only way a surgeon would not suggest a reduction is if someone was morbidly overweight to the point where her general health was an issue. But it's the insurance companies that set the guidelines.
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I hadn't even thought about that, you're right. That makes perfect sense.
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