September 29... Big Day!

Hello, So after years of trying to figure out if...

So after years of trying to figure out if I should do the whole breast reduction thing and several years of constant neck and back pain, I finally decided that 2011 was my year. I was apprehensive and nervous because I have an auto-immune disease that I thought would stand in my way of having this surgery, but it didn't. THANK GOD!!!!

I started the journey in early March of this year. I went for a consult and left the office mad as crap because the plastic surgeon says that in addition to the charges that wuold be covered by insurance, he also charges an additional $1700 or to make the breasts more shapely. I was pissed because after all of the conversations I have had with friends and acquaintances, none of them told me about this 'hidden charge'. Well after I talked to my God-mom, who just had the surgery, she told me she went to him first as well and switched doctors because of the same thing.

So, anyway I went to a new doctor who is great and started the process. The first go around the insurance company denied me because they wanted to see more attempts by my family doctor to try and remedy the pain. Well my doctor and I both thought that was so silly but started the processes anyway. I did an MRI in June that showed muscle spasms and arthritis in my neck. He tried giving me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medication but of course that provides only temporary relief and kept me knocked out most of the time.

Five months later my plastic surgeon and I submitted the info again and YES, I WAS APPROVED! I scheduled my surgery for September 29th... one week from today.

I cannot wait, I currently wear a 46DDDD and probably should be in the next letter size but I cannot bring myself to do it. My plastic surgeon says that I will probably end up a small D cup....WOW!!!! I am trying to imagine how I will look and I have been pushing my boobs in, in front of the mirror to try and get a visual but they are so dang big. My fiance says he think I will be fine, I think he is just anxious to see the finished product. So am I.

Hey everyone!!! Thanks to all those who left...

Hey everyone!!! Thanks to all those who left encouraging messages; it means a lot to know I'm not in this by myself.

So I am two days away from the big day. I'm not nervous...yet and hopefully I won't get nervous.

Excited beyond measure!!!

Hello everyone....well I did it!!!!!!!! I am still...

Hello everyone....well I did it!!!!!!!! I am still a little groggy and in some mild pain but I am so happy. I will post picks when I FS but right now I have on a surgical bra, pretty one too. Thanks again for the good luck messages. Type soon
Dr. K

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Hi LL. So glad to hear that everything went well. Keep us posted on your progress. Happy Healing!!
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Hope it goes/went well today! I'm sure you will feel so much better after it's over! Keep us posted =)

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Good Luck with your srugery tomorrow.
I know you will do great!
Your are in my prayers! :D
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Good luck with surgery! we will keep you in our prayers!!
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Almost time:-) Good luck! And keep us posted on your progress!
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Just stopping by to wish you good luck on the procedure next week. I will be having mine in December and am really interested in hearing everyone's different experiences after they have the surgery, so keep us posted! I know how you feel not wanting to go up that cup size -- I wear an F and still feel kind of crammed in sometimes but just don't want to buy that larger size (plus, the stuff available in these sizes is so unappealing, haha). So anyways, hope all goes well (I'm sure it will) and let us know how it goes! Nice to meet you!

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Welcome to the group. I had my BR a week ago and I am so happy with the results already. Good luck and we will all be praying for you. Keep us posted.
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Welcome to RealSelf!   Oh you are going to be so happy and look beautiful in the end.  You will have light and perky breasts and feel wonderful!  

I look forward to following your journey.

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Hi Miss Libra Lady

First welcome to Real Self. This website is amazing and im glad that you are now here with us! Make sure that you keep us posted on your journey! We would all love to join in with you on this.

Its great to hear that you are having this done!
I will be having my reduction next week also. 9/27/11. I am currently now a 44 DDD or a 40 F. I plan on going down to a full D cup. Iam sooo excited and anxious and so ready to just finally be comfortable in my own skin. I will be documenting my Breast Reduction journey on youtube so please subscribe and follow me on this journey! :D this is my youtube link.

Well, I will be keeping in touch with you to see how well your surgery goes! Hope to hear more from you soon!
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