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I, like a lot of women who choose to have a breast...

I, like a lot of women who choose to have a breast reduction, got boobs early. I think I was squeezing into a C-cup by 6th grade. Being that I'm only a little over 5', I have always looked top heavy. I've wanted a reduction ever since I knew that it was an actual surgery. I researched it off and on throughout my last couple years of high school and early college but I was not 100% sure how I would go about initiating the process. Toward the end of college I started having intense back pains and after a few months of hoping they would go away, I went to my doctor to make sure it was not anything serious. The doctor suggested that the back pain, and the other neck/shoulder/back pain I had been having since I was about 16 years old was due to my large chest. I tried pain killers and muscle relaxers for a little, but those did not do much. My doctore referred me to another doctor who documented other hazards of my chest (shoulder strap indentations, tingling in my wrists, trench-like stretch marks). This doctor also suggested that I lose weight to help my case with the insurance coverage should I decide to go through with a breast reduction. I lost over 20 lbs, and inches off my hips, waist and thighs, but my chest stayed the same.

I received a referral and insurance approval last winter, and had my procedure done in the spring. At my consultation, the plastic surgeon took various measurements, pictures, etc. I'm a very modest person, so I was expecting this to be very uncomfortable, but it was surprisingly not. After my surgery, I elected to stay overnight in the hospital, which my insurance covered. I was not in a lot of pain, just uncomfortable and it felt like there was a great deal of pressure on my chest. I think I only took the prescription pain medication for 2 or 3 days before I switched to something lighter and OTC. Like I said, it wasn't really pain, just discomfort. I felt sore for a few weeks. I would feel great for a few days and then the the next day I would be really sore along my incisions.

I had been working out a lot before the surgery because I had an acquaintance who had a breast reduction done about a month before me and she said that being in shape really helped her recovery. I started walking and lifting light weights about 4-5 weeks after surgery.

My main reservation about this is that I am not as small as I would like to be. I was a 32HH before the surgery and now, about five and a half months later I am a 32F. I pass the pencil test, which I have not in years. And the muscles in my chest that I could feel being pulled away by the weight of my boobs are back closer to where they started. It is definitely an improvement, but I had discussed with my surgeon that I wanted to be about a C/D. I tried to give a size reference, as in "I would like to be roughly 1/4 to 1/3 the size I am now," because cup sizes can be a bit subjective. I hoping as I continue to lose weight, I lose an inch or two in my chest (I've heard of it happening post-reduction).

The cost I have listed includes the co-pays associated with appointments for this surgery along with prescriptions.

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Thanks for the review Brook.

I'm going to have the lipo at the end of March, but maybe if I lose enough weight before then I will shrink some on my own beforehand. 

Fingers are crossed!
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I take measurements every month - 6 weeks, and since I wrote this, I think I've lost about an inch off my chest. I think it's a combination of my boobs settling in and a little bit of weight loss.

Good luck!
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Hi Brook congratulations on the weight loss and smaller breasts.  I know you feels tons better!  I am sorry that you didn't get to the exact size you wanted but I am sure it makes a big difference.  

If you drop some more weight you just may go down in cup size.  I had mine done and went from a 40DDD to a 38C.  But then I went on to drop 70 pounds after my breast reduction and now in a 34B  So depending on how much you plan to lose you may go down more.  I never lost any weight in my breasts prior to surgery but then after it did happen.  Crazy..

Keep us up to date on how you are coming along and thank you for sharing your journey with all of the ladies on the site.  How did you find RealSelf?


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I am happier with my body and feel a lot more in proportion. And I definitely have told myself more than once that this is better than it was before. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that I still have the same amount of back/neck/shoulder pain as before the surgery, so I kind of feel as though all my benefits have been vanity-related, and that is not why I decided to have this surgery.

70 pounds is a great weight loos - you should be really proud of that! I think I have about 15-20 more until I'll be in a healthy, maintainable range. Hopefully with that comes a little of the chest.
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You know I bet they will shrink a little bit with the last 15-20 pound weight loss.  I am at the point now that if I gain or lose 5 pounds I really notice it in the breasts.  It's all a little crazy to me.  

Keep your chin up and keep pushing through this and you will get there.  Just keep telling yourself that your almost there:)

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