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Hello! I'm new to this site, but I've been...

Hello! I'm new to this site, but I've been checking it out for for a while and thought I would share my story. I am 33, 140 lbs with DDD-DDs...waaaay too big for my frame. I was pretty average in high school - it wasn't until college that I really developed. I have been self conscious (and VERY uncomfortable) for as long as I can remember and I'm really tired of the jokes, neck/shoulder pain and of course the stares and everything else that comes with large, sagging boobs. Everyone thinks it should be great having big boobs - but it's not! I can't wear a bathing suit or strapless bra because there is no support, and working out is not fun because no sprots bra (or two) is ever enough. I feel like I'm controlled by my boobs - I can't even pick out the clothes I want because I need to wear what fits, or covers up, my boobs. I feel like I"m not really being myself. I've thought about a breast reduction but honestly never thought my insurance would cover it and I didn't want to drain my savings account. Finally, a good friend had a breast reduction last summer and after talking to her and hearing about her experience - I made an appt with her PS. I was scared, but he's great and I've heard nothing but good things about him from other people I trust - not just as a surgeon but as a person. I felt comfortable with him and his nurse. I was also happy with his before/after pics - just how I want to look! My PS and his nurse were incredibly helpful - they answered all my questions (well, the ones I could remember seeing how nervous I was!) and they sent all my paperwork and photos to my insurance company. After two weeks - I was approved. I couldn't believe it! I also have a very understanding (female ;) ) boss and enough sick time to cover my recovery time. Whew! First big hurdle...done!

My surgery is scheduled for Jan. 4. I scheduled it two months ago and haven't really thought about it until now. I'm starting to get nervous and anxious - but also excited to get it behind me. My family lives out of town, but my mom will be with me for my surgery and will stay for a few days. My sister-in-law is also coming to stay with me after my mom leaves (so sweet!) I'm soooo grateful for the help since I live alone.

I'm nervous because so much i sunknown and I've never had any kind of surgery - other than oral surgery. This site and your stories have made me feel less anxious and more prepared about what to expect. I still have a lot on my mind - for instance, the swelling. I keep hearing about arnica? Did anyone have success taking it? I'm also nervous about how I will shower and do my hair since I can't lift my elbows above my shoulders for 3 weeks (according to the packet from my PS). How long before most of you could lift your arms? Does it depend on your own healing?

I'm also concerned about scarring - I'm single and I worry that it will be a turn off for some guys (in which case - they're not the guys for me!) but still - I worry about the scars and how they will look. My PS is doing the anchor incision - around the nipple, down the middle and underneath. Any recommendations for a good scar cream? I'm trying to stock up on items I will need for recovery now - before the craziness of the holidays and the end-of-the-year hectic work schedule - I'll take any suggestions for a smooth recovery!

I can't believe I will have small, perky boobs in a few weeks - I've been thinking about this for so long that I can't beleive it's actually going to happen! I just have to get through the surgery!


Hi from another ohio gal, u are scheuled for 4 days before me. No clue about arnica... never heard about it. not sure what to tell u about washing ur hair as i hadn't even thought of it till about a week ago, but i will make my hubby help me. as for the scarring i've heard alot of the gals talk about vit. E oil I got a bottle from walmart for under 4 bucks, i also though of picking up some scar cream for a few months out incase im not happy with how the scars look. glad you'll have ur mom and sis in law to help u for a few days kimmers25 has a list of things u need for recovery.. very helpful... i would have never thought to take a pillow for the bumpy car ride home.
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Oh girl I feel your pain and had all of the same concerns prior to my surgery.

The scars heal and are concealed very well.  With proper treatment and massage they will fade quickly.  We can talk about my after OCD care of the scars.  

I wanted to welcome you to the community and say hello:)

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