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My reduction has been approved by insurance :-)...

My reduction has been approved by insurance :-) that part happened very quickly, maybe took 4 weeks. My preop is Sep 15 and my surgery is scheduled for October 14th. I have been pouring over every review I can find on this site and it has been so helpful! I wish someone would put together a standard list of items needed pre op so I can be prepared. I am extremely healthy and am not on any medications. I have only had 2 surgeries in my life, 1 being an emergency C-section that healed very quickly and I was up and around in 4 or 5 days. Not that it is the same at all but I am hoping the healing will be...... 2nd surgery was an appendectomy uuuughhhh that was worse than the C section! I am not sure what size I would like to be I am 5'6 and have a medium build. Not brave enough to post pics yet but maybe soon!? I am tired of men and (woman)staring at my chest ....it is hurtful and so embarrassing just today a professional in my industry could not even make eye contact with me and I dress conservatively and wear 3 shirts 2 tank tops to try to hide them.... I got to my car and sobbed I was so hurt..... I think it is time!


You will not be sorry! It's the best thing I've done for myself! I went on the smaller side. I wanted to be a B. My thought was that I wouldn't mind wearing a lightly padded bra if I wanted a little more volume but that I never wanted to see a minimizes bra again! My recovery was simple but everyone is different. I was up and back to a regular routine in 4 days. I've spent my entire life trying to hide my breasts and now I desperately want to show everyone! I have to be careful.....I hear you can be arrested for that! ;)
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Hahaha I cannot wait to get this done I might have to be careful too!!! My husband and I will be taking a honeymoon we never had in late March and I can only dream of wearing a bikini!!!!! Do you have an idea of what I will need before & after?
There are so many variables to the question of what you need! My doctor did not use a compression bra. I had light gauze on for the first week until I began to wear a light bralette while out in public. I used my regular pajamas which are pajama pants and T-shirts. Some women recommend button down but I didn't see the need. I have recliner that I slept in for the first ten days (no pillows necessary). This was a lifesaver and the positioning fairly upright may has attributed to the very little swelling and absolutely no bruising I had. I used Bromelain starting at 2 weeks to reduce any swelling. I'm in Canada and we have home care nurses that come to our home to change the bandages so I didn't need anything in the area of bandages. Ask your doctor what you will need in this area. Some say prune juice, I say NO Thanks! I was fine. It may take a day or two for your system to get back to normal but remember for a couple days you won't eat much! I was in and out of the hospital. Surgery at 8am and home by 1pm. Almost no pain, maybe a 1or 2 but I took my pain pills as scheduled the first 5 days. My doctor said stay ahead of the pain instead of fighting it off when it happens. I hope this answers your question a little. Anything else ask away! I'm more than happy to share with you anything I know or have experienced! :)

Surgery just got bumped up

My PS just called and wants to move surgery to October 7th whoa that will be here before I know it!

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Feeling brave posting pics

Here are a few pics


Hey! How are you !? I had surgery yesterday too!
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So happy for you, hope all went well! I have my pre-surgery physical 10/17/14 & my pre-op 10/23/14 & surgery scheduled 11/5/14. So excited & so scared. Can't wait to hear the rest of your story & lots of prayers for a speedy recovery. When you are up to it would love to know things you recommend having & doing to make the recovery as easy as possible. Take care & get some rest :-)
Hi :) how are you doing! we have surgery the same day :D I'm so damn nervous... how are you feeling?
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