I am 32 years old, married - 6 weeks post op - Ohio, OH

I am 32 years old, married, and I have a 6 and 3...

I am 32 years old, married, and I have a 6 and 3 year old boy who I nursed. I am very active and have finally lost my "baby" weight and then some. My chest seemed to have suffered the most. I currently weigh about 130. I used to be a 34, 36 B, a C when I was pregnant, and now an A if I'm lucky. I'm at a point in my life where I finally feel good about the way I look and have worked very hard to get this way with a healthy lifestyle and the only thing that I wan't to improve is my chest. Since I've lost the weight, my bra that just fit me last summer, rides up constantly, tops don't fit right, and I just plain out feel like a boy when I wear my sports bra to go work out. This is something that I've always thought about doing, but the thought of surgery has always made it just a dream. I have the worst anxiety when it comes to needles, and hospitals, etc. I really don't know how I even had children! But, I figure, if I can have children and all these other women are doing it, then it can't be that bad right? I have a doctor picked out who is board certified, know a few women who have been to him, his work looks great, husband and I both met with him for consultation and both are comfortable with him. I am going to go with Saline under the muscle. Not sure what size yet. I love to work out, cardio and weights, so I don't want to go too big where they get in the way, but I want them to be big enough that I'm happy with them. Thinking a full C... I will post pics soon and keep updating on how all this is playing out emotionally etc. (It really helped when I read other people's post while trying to make this decision and even still.)

You have three months do get used to the idea (not sure if that's good or bad :) ). Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf. We'll be here for you. You might find this link helpful about what doctors say about choosing the right size implant.

Keep us posted!


So earlier, I had stated I wanted to do Saline. I...

So earlier, I had stated I wanted to do Saline. I chose this because it seems safer, I know when it has leaked etc, and I don't have to get a mammogram every few years to make sure it hasn't busted. But...as I read everyones posts, it seems as though most people are getting the silicone. Any thoughts of silicone vs saline?
Yes, lots of research until you are completely comfortable with your decision. There is also a lot of good information on RealSelf. You can use the search bar above, but also be sure to check out the Q&A section. There's a lot of good info in there and many answers to questions you may have.
I suggest checking out both sections - the breast augmentation section and also the breast implant section. Many of my questions were answered there.

Regarding silicone and saline, the choice is entirely up to you. I will give you my opinion, but remember that it's your body and your decision :-)

When I first decided to have breast augmentation, I was pretty firm on getting saline implants. I scared myself to death reading about silicone and its dangers online. However, most of this information is not relevant to the new silicone implants, which are much safer and different than the ones made many years ago. My plastic surgeon put aside my fears by explaining to me that if you were to cut a silicone implant in half (the ones made now) that it would stay put and not leak. After being able to touch a silicone and a saline implant, it was clear to me that the silicone one had a much thicker shell and it also had a much better and more real feel to it. This helped me make my decision to go with silicone. Silicone implants are also less prone to rippling and wrinkling, which would be an issue for thinner women with little breast tissue, like me.


82 more days!! lol. I wish I could do this sooner...

82 more days!! lol. I wish I could do this sooner because it seems so far away! A friend of mine is actually going Friday to get a breast reduction! Ha...go figure. Anyway, I took some pictures with an old bikini I had back in the day and I almost cried! It's crazy how much flatter I have become! I've really been working hard at leaning out and building muscle. I felt like a boy, which only reassured me that much more that I am doing the right thing. Everybody I have told has been very supportive. I thought about keeping it a secret, but that's just too hard. lol. People will probably notice anyway. I tried to post pics on here, but it wouldn't let me. I will continue to try. :)

I just watched a BA on You Tube! Not a good idea...

I just watched a BA on You Tube! Not a good idea at all!! Don't know what I was thinking. I am definitely scared now!! I think I should stick with just reading the posts on Real Self and watching the nice videos you ladies make. I wonder if you are allowed to take a nerve/anxiety pill or something the night before or day of? I will be a nervous wreck. 76 more days! lol. It seems like I am obsessed! I am on here everyday, and constantly looking and thinking about boobs. You'd think I'd have better things to do. Such a major decision though that I can't believe I am actually going to go through with. Yikes!!

Oh, girl. Don't watch those surgery videos. We don't need to see that stuff. That's for the doctors! :0)

hey... it looks like we were about the same size post op... I am 5"5" and 140... (right now) and went with saline 400cc volume fill in both breast.. I was a 34A and when I measured myself with measuring tape I am currnetly measuring a 34D. So, as far as implant choice like Music says its totally up to you... I went with saline cause I HAD the thoughts of it leaking and just be absorped in my body and also didnt want to have to think about getting excessive MRI as well.
Whatever you choose do whats best for you .. and I was a nervous wreck and my hubby MADE me do it A month after my consult out... NO more u tube.. i watched some videos and almost cancelled my appt .... best wishes ....

Down to 62 more days!!! I'm enjoying my very small...

Down to 62 more days!!! I'm enjoying my very small chest while I can. LOL. The other day we went to a kite festival and I just hate wearing my bra. It's a VS bra that my husband just bought for me last year and it doesn't fit on bit anymore! It constantly rides up and just in the way. So, I thought what the heck, I don't even need to wear one. The under shirt with the built it bra top should be good enough. I felt pretty good. Every time I work out at the gym, it's also nice because I feel I can do so many of the cardio and weights without my chest being in the way. Not sure how all that will play out at the gym once I get my new boobs. I will also be devastated not to be able to work out for 6 weeks.

Another issue I have is to tell people or not to tell people. Well, I've already told a few. It's so exciting that it's hard not to tell people. Like when you're pregnant. lol. I figured people might notice and instead of them whispering behind my back wondering, I can just tell them. I'm really not embarrassed or ashamed. But someone had told me not to tell anyone bc then they would talk about it. But again, it really isn't a big deal to me. People at work might not notice, but they will definitely at the gym. How has everyone else dealt with telling people or not?
Don't worry (or at least try not to) it's a breeze (honestly!) do not watch any videos!! I'm 5'4" 120 pounds and I got 350 silicone in each side. Like MusicalSoul I was 100% set on saline until I went in for my consult with my 2nd doc (and the one I ultimately ended up choosing) she showed me an implant that a child in her office had bit in to (seriously!! I was cracking up) and the silicone was still all together and in 1 place. I also didn't have a lot of tissue to start with (was a 34 A now I am a 36C) so silicone was better for me.
Do a lot or research until you find what YOU are comfortable with :-)
You are going to look great.

Okay, so I went from 92 days to now 21 days left...

Okay, so I went from 92 days to now 21 days left until my BA!! I am not nervous at all anymore! I am super excited and can not wait for this to happen. Of course I haven't really done anything yet to prepare. I'm a procrastinator, so I'm sure I'll go shopping the weekend before for special pillows, snacks, straws, zip up shirt etc. I can't wait to meet with the doctor again to pick a size. That will be in a week, then a week in Myrtle Beach, and then my surgery!! Too bad I can't have my new boobs for the beach. lol. I am hoping for a speedy recovery so I can enjoy the summer with my kids and so I can start working out again which is my favorite thing to do. I hope I don't gain a bunch of weight taking 6 weeks off....that's my biggest fear.
I as well am a nervous wreck anxiety big time lol but I have been through surgery when I was in a wreck surgery on my wrist I have a plate n pins it hurt but from what I get at this is nothing compared to other surgeries glad I found your post made me feel better I seem to be having trouble loafing my pics but we seem bout the same size
I remember when I started my countdown at 92 days!! It seemed like forever and I was super nervous!!! Other than child birth, I have never had any kind of surgery! I hate even going to do doctors or even getting my finger pricked to check my blood sugar. lol. Time has surely flown by bc now all of a sudden I am at 20 days left!! I am no longer nervous at all, just want to get it done! Although, I am sure I won't be able to sleep the night before. Good luck with your journey and keep us posted :)
Im 51 days from my surgery n man I know I wana do this n get it over with!i am a small a cup looking for a d cup im thinking 500cc Im 5'4 15157lbs.

Wow!!! Tomorrow is the big day! I've been so busy...

Wow!!! Tomorrow is the big day! I've been so busy lately, I haven't been on here in forever. The school year is over and now I have the whole summer to recover from this surgery, although I'm sure my kids will keep me busy.

I met with my PS before I left for vacation. We decided and agreed with a size, although I know and am assured that he will make the last decision for what looks best for me. We agreed that 390CC saline looked the best, and 420 was too big for me. Although I wasn't wearing the best bra when I tried on the sizes, so who knows what size it will actually be.

The day after school let out, we went straight to Myrtle Beach for vacation and just got back yesterday. So, I really haven't had much time to think about any of this, except for looking at everyone's boobs at the pool and deciding whether they were real or fake and what size they must be. lol. And then last night I laid in my bed and thought "OMG....I don't know if I can do this, what have I gotten myself into???" I hate, hate, hate hospitals and anything related!! I hope I can sleep tonight! I keep telling myself, I'll go in the morning (6am) and surgery is at 8 and I will fall asleep and wake up in no time. But, I'm scared of the feeling afterward. and that everything goes well during. Here's where all the what if's come in. What if I bleed like crazy? What if I've taken something I shouldn't have? What if I wake up in the middle of it? What if I'm in unbearable pain after? How will I cope? Will I be happy with the results? What if they are too big? What if they are too small? Are they going to be perfect round balls? Is this really what I want, bc it will be something I will deal with for the rest of my life!!! It's funny how all this runs through your head the last minute and you question yourself on something you were so sure of before. I'm sure everyone goes through this. Even though I am getting anxious, I am still excited the day is almost here! I will keep you udpated on how the surgery went :)
Good luck for tomorrow, hope u get the result u r hoping for!

So I have had 2 consultations with 2 different surgery regarding my BA, and r now very confused, one says behind the muscle as I am little & dont have alot of breast tissue to cover & have a chance of rippling also1 And the other says no definately behind breast tissue not behind muscle & that I have enough breast tissue! one uses textured implants the other smooth!
So how do u decide, who is correct?
Where r u getting ur implants placed & how big, smooth or textured?
I feel the same way! I got 3 weeks til my surgery! I wana do it now get it over with lol but all the what ifs are running through my mind as well jus like kooberry says have faith! Im a 34 a n im planning on going high profile 530cc to 550cc please keep us all posted!
Oh, I know exactly how you feel!!!! I was very nervous before the big day too....but everything was a piece of cake. I do not regret my decision one bit. I felt ugly and flat like a boy before my augmentation, now I am a real woman who can fill out sexxy bras & pretty bathing suits too! You're going to be OK...HAVE FAITH!!! :-)

*1 Day Post Op Well, all went well. I arrived...

*1 Day Post Op

Well, all went well. I arrived at 6:30 am, went back into the operating room at 8. It was very intimidating, looking like a scary movie with all the equipment. There nurses and everyone seemed very nice though. I noticed about 5 or so people in the room. They gave me something through my IV to calm me down. I remember saying that my head, mouth was feeling numb and that was the end of that. The next thing I knew, I was being told to wake up in the recovery room. Surgery was about 4 hours and I was in the recovery room for 2 1/2 hours. I think they wanted to kick me out. lol. I felt a lot of pressure/pain. Non of the meds seemed to help. I was also very sleepy. I managed to get up though and get dressed to go home. Sitting up was horrible.

I've been doing okay at home. Husband stayed home with me all day yesterday and took very good care of me. Today, I am by myself, but my sister has taken the kids for a few days. The doctor gave me percocets which doesn't really do much. The muscle relaxer helps the most. I have to write down when I take everything because it is very easy to forget. I also had my husband open all the pill bottles for me bc it's very hard to do much of anything. The worst is getting out of bed. I haven't had much of an appetite, just eating when I take my pills. I'm still not sure of the size bc they are wrapped up so much. I get the bandages off on Thursday. Can't wait to see them!!
I hope you are doing well. That's so exciting isn't it? I'm sure you will look great! Best of luck to you :-)
Thanks. I guess there is always a chance of rippling and my doctor likes to do silicone with thinner women, but I told him I really would like to do saline. He had me do under the muscle. We really never talked much about over the muscle. My doctor likes to do textured plants bc he says you don't have to massage your chest at all and he thinks they work better. I know of a few women who have gone to him and they love their results. No rippling or anything etc. I still don't know how they look bc of all the bandages etc. I will post pics after Thursday. Good luck with your decision. Go to the doctor you seem more confident/comfortable with or maybe even a third opinion?
Thanks. I can't wait to try on a bathing suit!!!

*Day 5 post OP Things I'm feeling... *feels like...

*Day 5 post OP
Things I'm feeling...
*feels like I am ready to nurse, boobs feel tight and engorged
*right is slightly bigger (more swollen) than left
*both still high and swollen
*I just want to sleep on my side or stomach
*only took 1 pain pill today
*had bowel movement for the first time yesterday (took stool softners)
*love the way I look in shirts
*glad doctor decided to go bigger (I thought I wanted 390 CC but doctor told me he ended up putting in (about, can't remember exactly) 510 cc's.
Sarah, how tall are you? You look absolutely amazing! Your dr picked the perfect size!
What was your triangle measurement? What style of implants did you get? Were they high profile?
u look great!!!! I picked 400... he put in 420.... kinsa aish I dis 500 ohhh aslll. hedes to hopefully d$f bigger

**11 Days Post Op*** Well, what can I say, I feel...

**11 Days Post Op***
Well, what can I say, I feel great. Went to PS yesterday and everything looks great. Drove myself. Couple more days to wear the top strap/ace bandage and the roll between the breast. Although, he said if I am a constant side sleeper, I can wear the roll only at night. I asked him about swimming and he said no :( I can start walking on the treadmill but nothing crazy. I still feel really good but sore when I've overdone it, so walking is fine. I do miss where I work out though and the people. Oh, I also got my identification cards yesterday. Both implants are saline filled 510. Right filled to 570 and left filled to 510.Right one still riding higher than left and both still feeling tight. Things that were challenging this week...vacuuming (had to have my 6 year old do it), turning the steering wheel on the car, and pushing the grocery car when it's filled with groceries. Still feel extremely happy that I've made this choice!
You look awesome !!!! Congrats !!!!
Awe thanks! I love them too! lol. Best decision I have made! I should have done it sooner. I would have never guessed in the 500's either!! I think he could have even gone bigger. ha. Always better to go bigger :) I'm about 5'5" and 130-135 pounds. I just trusted my doctor that he would make the best decision. I loved all his pics of people he did, plus I knew 2 people who had gone to him. Good luck!!
Hi Sarah,

I love your boobies.. i can't believe they are in the 500cc.. they do not look huge at all.. just right for your size... now i know what they mean..that a 500cc on one person is different on another.. totally true.. How tall are you? I'm still having issues deciding what cc i want to go with .. and having a hard time with it sinc eim petite but i want big boobs where they dont look fat on me. .. but yours look awesome!!

**Day 16 Post Op** Feeling pretty good. Only...

**Day 16 Post Op**
Feeling pretty good. Only wearing the sports bra now. Been walking on the treadmill. Makes me feel somewhat better. I can not wait to start working out again. Boobs are still sore in the morning. Been sleeping on my side more now as well. Still fill engorged. More sore under the breast where the stitches are and where the bra is rubbing I think. The thing I have noticed though since I got the surgery is that I want to have sex ALL the time. This might be TMI, but it's true. I used to have no urge at all, maybe once every two weeks if my husband was lucky. He hated it!! But, now it's like all I want to do! lol. We have been pretty much every day. My luck, I'm going to get pregnant and I would just die. Need to look into getting him fixed. I think my new boobs and the fact that I feel sexy has a lot to do with it...and maybe the book 50 Shades of Grey...lol. Either way husband and I are both very happy :) Happy 4th of July everyone :)
Thank you :)

Day 17 post op**first problem** So, I've been...

Day 17 post op**first problem**
So, I've been pretty tender under the breast. I figured it was from the surgery (sore rib cage maybe) or sore at the stitches. I feel this string like things under my breast and when I stretch my chest out, I see these strings or ligaments run vertically under my breasts. They are super tender all the time. I googled it and apparently it is called Mendor cords and it's inflamed blood vessels which are very common. Won't hurt and will go away on its own and can be relieved by a warm rag. I'm glad it's common and will go away on its own. I was getting worried, but it is pretty painful. Wonder which is better, IB profin or tylenol? Might have to call the dr tomorrow. This has been my only bad effect so far :) I'm also going to try to post 2 week post op pics soon.
Me too!!! I'm so thankful he decided to go bigger! I couldn't be happier! They sound big, but really they aren't at all. I looked at your pics too and I think you look amazing! They are so much fun aren't they! lol. Love trying on clothes now. Went swimming for the first time since the BA and I felt great! I think I had the best boobs there! ha. I'm doing pretty good. They are only a little sore first thing in the morning. Right is still a tad bigger,swollen, tighter than the left. The thing I miss the most too is working out! I've gained about 10 pounds already and it's killing me. Not sure I can wait 6 weeks. I might try to go sooner to my gym, but I don't want to mess anything up either. We do lots of weights, running, jumping, pushups, boxing etc. Maybe if I take it easy...
Hi Sarah! So good to see someone who was considering the 400 range then went in the 500's! I got 550cc and I LOVE them I could not imagine being smaller. I think you look fantastic! I hope your are doing good :)
So very true!! I'm almost too obsessed with them now! ha. Checked out your profile, we were similar. You look amazing as well!! :)

Finally posted 3 week post op photos

Finally posted 3 week post op photos
Thank you :)
your pics show an amazing progression -- you look amazing
Omgosh yes trying on clothes is my new hobby lol and bathing suit tops look so amazing! I haven't been to the beach or pool yet but, I'm dieing to go! I'm just paranoid my boobs will get sunburnt since they are so sensitive to everything. I started using bio oil on them to help prevent stretch marks and I broke out horribly. It's clearing up now tho :) My PS cleared me to work out last week but, I feel it's too soon I still get achy sometimes especially in my right boob it has been a grouch since day one! I'd deff wait for your ps to clear you to exercise...I don't think just walking is a prob tho as long as your not doing any upper body exercise you should be fine. Your new pics look great you have perfect cleavage already! Lucky!

**4 weeks Post Op** So yesterday I couldn't take...

**4 weeks Post Op**
So yesterday I couldn't take it anymore and since I feel super good, I decided to go to the gym. I was surprised on how much I could do!! It felt great to be back. I've missed that place so much!! It's filled with so much motivation and great people. Not an ordinary gym at all!!

Exercises I could do with no discomfort at all...
*mountain climber
*bear crawls
*variety of leg workouts

Exercises that I could not do. Not because of pain, but because it felt uncomfortable and I didn't want to hurt anything since I am working out earlier than the PS suggested.
*jumping jacks
*high knees
*any jumping at all

I'm going back tomorrow to try my fight conditioning/kickboxing class. It's usually a bit harder than the regular workouts. The worst part was my lungs and being out of breathe etc. Not working out for awhile takes its toll. lol
you look amazing!
You look great! I cant believe the hubbs thinks they look too big! Congrats on the twins!
I know right?! I think he loves them, just thinks they are too big for other people to be looking at. lol. I wear the same shirts as I've always worn, but now he says the shirts are too small. ha. He's silly.

*6 weeks post op* Feeling great. I can do more...

*6 weeks post op*
Feeling great. I can do more when I work out now and that's a great feeling. They are really feeling like my own now. Although today I went to actually buy a regular bra for the first time and I didn't even know where to begin!! Am I a C or a D? Who knows!! The C's were too small, the D's fit but looked funny. I was very disappointed! Tired of wearing the sport bra looking thing. What I need to do is go to VS and get fitted for a bra. But with 2 kids and a husband working all the time, it's about impossible!! I will try to post new pics soon.
Looking good! What a great transformation! You must be thrilled ;)
Hi Sarah!
I had the same kind of issues at VS. They measured me and said I was a 38C. I was wearing 36C pre-op, so I was skeptical about that measurement. BUT 38C is also a 36D which overall seems to fit me the best as my breasts are pretty round so the larger cup accommodates my width more. It also seemed I needed an bigger band size when the bra is a push up. I thought that was weird.
I recently found a bra at H&M for $15. They call it the Perfect Bra. I would suggest checking it out if you are up for it. I actually like it better than the 2 VS bras I recently bought. I think I had found some that fit good at Kohl's too.
That's as far as I've gotten with Bra shopping, so good luck! Hope you find something good!
I know how you feel about shopping for a bra. I recently got fitted at VS and she had me ALL over the place. When she measured me she told me that I was between a C/D cup and a 38 band. After trying on both bras and having her look at them on me, she thought a 38B would look the best. Prior to my surgery I was a 36B, so I knew that couldn't be correct.
I ended up getting two 36C Wireless Body by Victoria bra to wear until I reach the three month mark before wasting all of my money. I've dropped a little bit more since purchasing the bra and the 36 C fits so much better then when I first tried it on. Another thing I have to remind myself when shopping for bras is that every store/brand is different. It's just like trying on a pair of jeans. Not every size 6 is going to be the same.
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