Trying to Find the Best Doc for Bbl - Ohio

Im 4"11,140lbs size 36D breast with no butt!...

Im 4"11,140lbs size 36D breast with no butt! Picture this!! Lol I have a 4 year old who was delivered via C-Section and 2 years later I gave my mother a Kidney. With this being said, you can imagine how my elasticity and muscles are shot! After reading blogs and reviews, it seems that this surgery will kill 2 birds with one stone!!! The problem is i want to make sure i find the best Doc for the job! I have 3 consultations set up with local columbus oh surgeons but im unsure how to select who would be the best. I have a consultation tomorrow and im comprising a list of questions to ask him.

Can someone please give me some ideas of what i should look for when searching for a Doc? Im trying to have my procedure done asap, but i want it done right!!! Please help! I will post pics once i find a doctor and set a date!!

Hey... I'm in Columbus also. We are the same height too !! I thought I was the only one. Anyway I just scheduled for July 2,2013. Dr. Ghurani is doing my surgery in Miami. Did u get yours yet?
Yeah ive done my research. Im stuck between salama, tachmes & mendieta! All of miami. Ive scratched tijuana off my list, lol... Are u getting it, if so where & when?
boo you should come to miami. i also hear a great deal about a dr campos in tiajuana mexico...
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