About me: I am 5'4" tall and 115 lbs. I am 31 and...

About me: I am 5'4" tall and 115 lbs. I am 31 and the mother to four AMAZING children seven and under. I nursed all 4 for a total of two years. That did a number on my boobies. I always loved the shape of my breasts. They were small but perky and symmetrical. I was an athlete so I never minded my small chest.

Then I got pregnant with my first child and went from a perky B to a large C. I never knew what having boobs was like, but I LOVED it. I was either pregnant or nursing for what seemed like forever (like I mentioned...4 kids in 6 years...and yes it is crazy).

During those seven years I was perfectly happy with my twins. I never considered a boob job, never planned to have one, never thought I would "need" one. Then I stopped nursing my last child and was like...uh, where did they go??

Not only did I loose my nursing volume, I lost volume that I swear was there 7 years ago. I was all of a sudden self conscious about my mosquito bites. I stocked up on VS bombshell bras, chicken cutlets and padded sports bras. I had now idea how much I loved my larger chest until it was gone.

My husband (who is amazingly supportive) and I both decided we were finished adding to our family (at least 98% sure ;) So, knowing that, I decided to give back to my body. It's been through a lot these last few years. And that's really my goal, I want to get back some of what I had.

So I started the search for a plastic surgeon, chose one I felt comfortable with (who also performed my MIL breast augmentation 20 years ago) and am ready to go this Monday.

I decided to document my journey for not only myself, but hopefully for others as well. I have learned so much from other people who post reviews to this website. So here we go...I am T-two sleeps and getting anxious.

Losing sleep over 25CCs!

I know I am splitting hairs, but I can tell a noticeable difference between 325cc and 350cc. I know a lot of it is in my mind, and I don't like the look of sizers, But I feel like that 1 tablespoon of gel will determine if I feel like I'm too big or just right. I feel like I'd rather be a little too small then a little too big, but I also want this whole experience to be worth it. I'm sure a lot of this is presurgery jitters, and I'm stressing about tomorrow. I just have to trust myself, trust my research, trust my surgeon, and think positively. So here's to positive thoughts and good luck for tomorrow ????

All done. Went with 350cc

I'm drugged and out of it but I will post pics soon. I chose the 325 Sientras right before my surgery but told them I was fine going up to 375 if that's what looked best, or as low as 300. When I woke up they told me they put in the 325's but decided the 350's would look the best. I'm relieved the descision is over and I trusted my PS. I'm too sore and too scared to look down but I don't feel huge by any means. Thanks for the best wishes and good lucks! I'll post again soon!

Being chicken!

I love what I see so far with the size and cleavage, but I can't bring myself to take off the ace bandage and bra. I have my postop in an hour, so I will have to look at them then. Did anybody else experienced this? I don't know why I'm being so chicken!?!

Day Two - Feeling Dazed and Confused but Love My Boobs!!

I realize now I should not comment or write posts while I'm recovering! So don't hold me accountable to anything I say that may not make sense, or is misspelled these next few days :)

I am two days post op and I freakin' LOVE my boobs!! I am so glad my plastic surgeon went with the 350s.

The morning of my surgery I tried on Sizer's one more time. My biggest fear was feeling too big. My husband thought I would be happier with the 350s, and almost everyone I talk to thought I should go with the 350s, but I was scared of going too big. So I told them I wanted the 325s, but once I'm in surgery I would be comfortable going up to 375 if he felt that was best for me. I told them I wanted to look natural, in proportion to the rest of my body.

The last thing I remember was the Anesthetist coming in to give me an IV. We talked a bit about the Mayo Clinic, as my husband just finished anesthesia school there and that's where he attended as well.

The next thing I knew I was sitting up in the room and the nurse telling me that we went with the 350s instead of 325s.

I was given so much versed (an IV drug thay causes forgetfullness) that I don't remember much else about the day. I remember being in pretty bad pain for a few hours afterwards, but once my pain meds kicked in it was very manageable.

I went in this morning for my follow up. I hadn't yet mustered up the courage to look at my boobs. I knew from reading other reviews that what they look like now is not what they will look like once they drop and fluff, but I was still scared to see what it would look like right now.

I sat on the table, and the nurse removed my bandage and bra. I looked at the nurse's face and my husband's face. I couldn't read on any of their faces if the results were good or bad. (My husband later told me he was trying to act professional, and not like a horny husband:)

The nurse asked if I wanted to see them. So I slowly turned around to look in the mirror. I was relieved by what I saw. They didn't look like monster boobs.

Just afterwards my PS came in and said he was really happy with the results. He said when they tried the 325s it was a little too small and in fact I could have gone bigger than 375. In his opinion the 350s were the smallest I could go. I suppose that's what happens when you nurse 4 babies!!

So tonight I'm feeling great! I'm so glad I went through the surgery and got a size that I feel very comfortable with. I'm so excited to see how they will change over the next few months.

Side Pics from Day 2

Everyday is Better and Better in Bobby-land!

Today I'm feeling much better as far as recovery goes. I was a little surprised at how rough my recovery was. I've had four babies and bounced back quickly after each delivery, so I thought I would bounce back quickly after my BA. I was in so much pain the first four hours after my surgery that I told my husband I made a huge mistake! I could not lift my arms the first day to even feed myself. I thought I was a strong cookie, but it rocked my world.

Each day is progressively better. And by day two I drove the four hour drive from Utah back to Idaho and handled it just fine.

I have yet to venture outside, but I've had lots of visitors. My best friends have brought me dinner every night, and that's helped out a ton.

Even though I've been a hermit the last five days, I am loving my new boobs!!! Each day they feel more and more a part of me. It's only been a few days but I can't remember what it was like to have my small chest. In fact, I'm probably about the size I was while I was nursing. I'm so glad my surgeon went with the 350s. I have learned that trying on sizer's does not give you a good indicator of what they will feel like in your body.

I fought against it for so long when people told me to go with the bigger size, I was so afraid of being too big. But now going through the process I don't feel too big! Once they are in it feels natural. I love them!

Even with the tough recovery fresh on my mind, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm going out to lunch with some friends and it will be fun to see what they will look like in normal clothes instead of the sweats and hoodies I've been wearing the past week.

Tanktop and No Bra :0

Mild Case of Booby Blues?

The last two days have not been my favorite :-) I still love my boobs, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I think for me I wasn't expecting to feel down and out as long as I have. Tonight I finally feel normal without any pain or discomfort. The last two days I have had pretty intense muscle spasms. So I haven't been able to stop taking my muscle relaxers.

My left side is still more swollen and more sore. My right side is pain free and is much softer. I know this is completely normal. Thank goodness for other reviewers. This way I don't have to feel like I need to call my PS with every little question, I know what to expect!

I'm also a very active and busy person, so laying low while my husband takes care of me has not been easy. I think I have a bit of the "booby blues". But then I look down and see my boobs and my blues quickly dissolve.

My sister is coming to town tomorrow to stay with me the rest of the week. I have two small children in cribs still, so she's here mostly to help with housework and carrying my babies. I think having her around will help perk me up.

Sientra, 350cc, Round, Textured, Unders

I don't know if I've ever given a complete list of the implants I chose:
Today was fantastic! I was virtually pain free. My left side is considerably more swollen so I have some tight and sore feelings alongside my left lat but nothing like it has been. And my right side feels almost 100%.

They are starting to drop and fluff! I took a pic in my lovely surgical bra just as a reference point of where they are today.

Favorite Worn T

I found it super helpful to see what women looked like in everyday clothes on this site after their BAs. So here's one in my favorite worn out T-shirt.

All Me, No More Padding!

I had a girl's night last night, with friends who do not know about my BA, and I filled out my top just like before in my Victoria's Secret Bombshell bras. But this time it was all me! No more padding!!

As far as recovery, I am feeling pretty good. My left side is still swollen and sore, but getting better everyday. My right side feels great. I had a small area of numbness just above my nipple on the left side, but the sensation is slowly coming back. Other than that, I have complete sensation.

I'm having a hard time sleeping still. It's hard to sleep on my back, and it's not comfortable yet to sleep on my side, so I feel tired during the days. Not sure if that's all attributed to not sleeping well, or my body still recovering. But everyday I am making great strides.

I'm loving my progress so far!

All Me! No More Padding!

I had a girl's night last night with friends who did not know about my BA. My shirt fit the same as it did when I wore my Bombshell bras from Victoria's Secret, but this time it was all me! No more padding! Bombshell be gone : )

As far as recovery goes, my left side is still more swollen, sore and tight. My right side feels great! I can't wait for the left side to catch up.

The only other issue is just above my left nipple I had a small area of numbness, but that is slowly returning. Otherwise, I have full sensation : )

I am not sleeping well. I hate sleeping on my back, but it's still uncomfortable to sleep on my side. But here's to sweet dreams tonight! xoxo

Booby Greed??

I am two weeks out and feeling really good. My nipples are sensitive, but I know that will pass. I am just happy to have sensation period.

Otherwise, driving isn't painful, I can pull shirts over my head, wash my hair, pick up my baby, do light cleaning, and cook. I am almost back to normal. I haven't worked out yet, and don't intend to for a while. I don't want to do anything to mess them up.

They are dropping and fluffing out everyday. I love the way the look still, but after the swilling has subsided, I am having a bit of bobby greed!?!

I read several posts on booby greed after surgery. I was certain that would not be me! I was determined to have natural looking breasts. I was SO scared to go too big. My motto throughout my BA process was, "I'd rather be a tad too small than too big."

I saw other women who looked HUGE with 350s. So much so that it scared me out of going that big the day of sugary. I told my surgeon I wanted 325s. Boy am I glad he went with 350s. And he told me after surgery that 350 was the smallest I should have gone.

I LOVE them naked, in swimsuits, and tank tops. But now it's sweater season and they look good in sweaters, but not as big as I was expecting.

My husband keeps telling me they are perfect and it's exactly what I wanted. This is true! I wanted a nice, natural look. I think I got use to the swelling size so now they feel a tad smaller. My muscles are adjusting too, so they don't feel heavy and tight anymore. Plus, I am wearing the surgical bra which is like a sports bra. I am sure once I wear good bras again that will make a world of difference. So, I know this will pass.

And I am not complaining! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my results. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It's good that they feel so natural and a part of me already. They only time I notice them is when I get cold. We've gone out every night this past week, and it gets cold here in Idaho at nights. When I shiver, I can actually feel the implant with my chest muscles. It's a weird feeling. Maybe I need to knit booby cozzies : )

What a difference a week and a bra can make!

I am happy to report the booby greed is gone! I think last week I got used to the swelling and when that subsided I was feeling a tad small. I have been bigger than I am now nursing my four kids, so after the swelling went down I felt like I was left with a lot less than what I initially thought I got from my BA. After getting used to this size, and wearing my nonsurgical bra for Halloween, I realised that this is the perfect size for me. I can fit into all of my clothes and this size looks in proportion to my body. I don't think it's obvious I got a BA, but I look "blessed" in the chest area and that's exactly what I wanted :)

My husband tells me every night that he thinks I went with the perfect size. He's been such a great support throughout this whole process, and he knew exactly what I wanted before I went in for my BA. Seeing his reaction to my new and improved chest makes me feel so confident and sexy. And that's why I did this. To feel more confident with my hubby. He loves me no matter what but I feel so sexy now.

And for me personally, my breast are perfect for me when I am naked, but I can choose to show them off or cover them in clothes. I am so happy with the size!!

I'm waiting for the stitches to dissolve and I have swollen veins around both of my incisions which is painful. I know this will resolve here in the next few weeks. I have to keep telling myself I am only three weeks out and to take it easy.

My life is back to normal this week. My sister left, my hubby went back to work and I'm a full time mom again. I was able to do light grocery shopping, dust, cook and lift my toddler in and out of his crib. I still can't reach all the way above my head with my left arm or lift things above my head, but those are the only limitations I notice. I am still not exercising, I want to be OVER cautious.

On tap for this week is bra shopping. I cannot wait to find out my size!!

4 Month Update -- Post BA Bra size is 32 D!!

I am so used to my boobs that I forget I have implants, which makes me forget to write updates. Sorry for being such a slacker!

I looked back through my pics on this site and was SHOCKED to see my body pre-op. I forgot how small I was! My implants feel like such a part of me. I am so glad I took the pics, even though I was hesitant, so I can see how far I have come.

Life is completely back to normal. I am back to working out, including cross fit training with no problems at all. My PS said to listen to my body when exercising. I still can't do push-ups, but I am also not trying hard. I want to be smart and careful. No point in ruining the sisters over push-ups.

My PS also told me to go without a bra so they can settle into place over the next few months and I feel like they are dropping and fluffing nicely. Whenever I am home, I go braless and I have to admit, I love it. Ha! I'm getting so use to going without a bra that it feels restrictive to have one on.

My only small complaint is they still feel pretty hard to me. They are much softer than they were even a month ago, so I am counting on them softening up more as time goes on. My PS told me not to judge the results until the year mark because they change so much the first year. But even if they don't soften I will take it over having my lack of boobies anyday. My husband tells me he thinks they feel very soft and has no complaints ;)

In the last four months, I have gone bra shopping a lot! It's so fun now. In Victoria's Secret I am a 32D, but can fit in a 34C too. The 32D fits better, but the cup size is virtually the same. It's much easier finding a 34C in stores. VS only carries a 32D online.

As far as my size goes, I could not be happier. If I had to go back and do it again I would choose the exact same size and profile. I can dress them up or down. They look natural in clothing. Even at the gym or in swimsuits it's not glaringly obvious I had a BA.

I went to lunch with friends (two of the four people who know about my BA) after our workout at the gym this week. I brought up the push-up "problem" and they both said they forgot I had the procedure done. That was such a great compliment for me! I always said if I get a BA I don't want it to be obvious. I think that having a more athletic frame helps disguise my BA. It looks like I could maybe have boobs if I were naturally blessed in that department, which clearly I was not :)

I can't think of anything else to add. If you have questions, please let me know and I promise I will get back to you soon. It's such a scary process and I loved having people on the other side sharing their experience and advice.
Ogden Plastic Surgeon

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I'm a big fan of the Sientra implants. They have made a commitment to the welfare of the patient and have determined that only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have the necessary training and experience in breast augmentation to safely perform this procedure. It is refreshing to see a company that is putting the focus on the patient. Dr. Ralston is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience. Additionally, I'm proud to call him a fellow member of the only State Plastic Surgery Society in Utah that is compromised only of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons: The Utah Plastic Surgery Society. www.safeplasticsurgeryutah.org
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Looks like you got a perfect fit. I don't think anyone would automatically think those aren't yours.
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You look amazing! Im also going with Sientra 350ccs HP and Im hoping to go up to 400ccs. Your new girls look great! Totally proportionate to your frame! Congrats!
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Great four month update! Isn't it crazy how time gets away from us now that we're all settled in with our new girls. ;-) Have a wonderful trip to Costa Rica!!
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I know! I can't believe how time flies. I am so excited for my trip! Nothing but bikinis for days ;)
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You're pictures look awesome! I'm close to your stats and am looking at 350cc as well! Thanks so much for posting your story!
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Thank you! Good luck!
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Hey there thank you so much for sharing your story with us I really enjoyed reading it, I am the same height and about half a stone heavier than you. I am going for tear drop shape, under, and I think I am going for 330, after reading your post I wish I could go a little bigger where as so far all I have wanted was to go for a smaller size. I can't really go bigger though with the implants I'm having as my PS has picked a base that will fit my rib cage perfectly. Anyway I just wanted to say I haven't seen anyone's BA look so good so quickly, you didn't have any strange shape, they looked great from the beginning. Thanks again!
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Thank you! I am glad my review helped. I found it so helpful when I was researching to read reviews on this site. I think 330 will be great for you. We will look pretty similar I would imagine. I have a pretty wide ribcage so mine appear smaller from the front view. Who knows…you may look bigger with 330s than I do with 350s. I am amazed at how some women get from an A to a D with less than 300ccs. Good luck! Let me know if you ever have any questions.
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Thank you for your reply and for your posts on my review. What size profile did you have? My surgeon has said I need to go for high profiles and I just said ok and only now have thought what does it actually mean and have now been researching it! Wish there wasn't so much to choose from! x
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I have moderate profiles. That's what my surgeon suggested. I think HP will give you a bigger look from the front view. I don't realize how big mine are until I see them from the side in a mirror or picture :) My friend is really petite and she has HP and they look great. If you have a PS you really trust, then believe what he/she says. Mine was so spot on with everything he told me.
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Ahh thank you so much!! I don't trust him completely so your right!! He really knows his stuff so I will stick with his advice! It's amazing how different that same size can look on different people! x
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Do!!!!! Not dont!
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Aloha Ronnie84, Its me Girls, I was keeping up on your story but your last post not trusting your doctor completely. I did not notice if you had several consultations. I live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and Dr. Benjamin Chu was my surgeon. Although the islands are small everyone knows Dr. Chu and his reputation super exceeds is expertise in this field if BA. I am close to your size 5'6" now 120lbs but was 100lb when I got my BA last May so this May coming up will be one year. I also just turned 57 in November so I am much older. I have not posted pictures in a while and thought I would post in May my one year mark. All I can say is my doctor measured me for the largest I could go and I like the Mentor Gels HIgh Profile since my frame was so small. I measured 4OOcc. I knew I wanted to go the largest I could go for me and the Mentor Gels had the most natural feel and his complete description of each implants... so many to choose from these days. He also did a body scan and at first I chose 350cc and it looked really good I have that image of before and after so you can actually see how you would look with boobs haha. Its pretty cool. Putting on the bra with implants felt heavy and the bra is not very well sexy. I have a pretty descriptive layout of my experience on my page so check it out. I have been told some lovely things from the classy woman who enter this site for helpful insight to the experience and you will notice almost everyone goes through the same motions some more severe than others since we all recover differently. All I can say to anyone who is thinking about it just go make the appointment and take your husband or a significant other to support you with the entire experience. This is the best addition to my body I could have ever done for myself. It is more expensive here to have this procedure done and many doctors so it is important to feel comfortable with him and his expertise in this field and his staff. Dr. C does implants everyday of the week and its percentage of local and mainland patients are 50/50. I read a lot of women travel to another state. I could not It is very painful. Perhaps I was so small the size I went I felt like an Elephant was sitting on my chest. Its major so at first its not a walk in the park but, so many woman that are half my age recover really fast and that's impressive even with kids and jobs. We all want to have the best results so the more you read and see video of the surgery you will get a clear picture of what you are about to go under. It so important after to do all the right things that your boobs shape nicely. Buy proper bras and massaging. I stayed in bed for about a month but my profession allows me the time off. My advice is to make sure you are confident in what you are buying and putting into your body and the doctor has lots of practice. It takes long to recover but the procedure is about 1 1/2 hours so its pretty quick. I elected to pay for the pain pump and wish it lasted longer than 3 days but glad to have all the tubing removed. Following docs orders to the T is the key to a great recovery. I could not handle meds after the 5th day made me sick and couldn't eat and lost weight to 92lb.. I liked it I was so flat tummy and nice large breasts. Once I got my appetite back I just started eating all the wrong things so take advantage of this time to get your body in shape if you need too. I maybe 57 but my skin type is like a 30 year old. All I can say is I wish I did it sooner in my lifetime and now I am enjoying them to the fullest. My husband loved me when I was a flat chest feeling like a boy but he is really enjoying them now and said it did not matter to him it what makes me happy and he also commented that he is really surprised how much he is enjoying them............ yes good by padding wire bras. I use to wear two of them and buy two bathing suit tops one under this other to give me a fuller look always sewing in bra pads or those gel pads after a while they feel hot and sticky. I went from a 32A to a 32D and had 34B padded bras. So I just took out the wire and if the pads are removable I remove them. I especially like the way my surgeons incision is done perfectly and straight. My boob now is resting on that and its faded a lot however you cannot see it. My nipples areolas were too small however, I would have gone under the breast that just looks too painful and the recovery I think is more difficult. I have seen the end result looking nice if you elect this way of entering the implant. I wish you all the best and just know that all that you are feeling is natural and all the feeling you get after the surgery as you read from all of us we all go thru the same and have the same concerns. This site is the best and I was asked again to make a comment to rest assured that across the states and other countries that this procedure is very common and the stats on how many woman obtaining BA is remarkable that their is very little health risks and the results are amazing just look at me... I love my breasts they are a special part of me. Pamela Anderson was probably the first person I saw with implants and they were over the top but she carried them well. Dolly Parton another woman so petite but those breasts make this woman's entire look. A wonderful alternative to woman who had to have their breast removed for health reasons Angelina my hero this year. However, the awards this year in that tuxedo outfit next to husband Sir PiTT handsome dueo, she was absolutely elegant even in a look most woman cannot pull off according to Yahoo news! Till next time Live, laugh, and always Love your new BOOBS. Fondly, Aloha Girls in Hawaii!!
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Hey girls thank you so much for your reply, it was a typo that I said DON'T trust him it was supposed to say I DO trust him, I have had two consultations and spent years doing research, the surgeon I have gone for has a fantastic reputation and I am yet to hear anything bad. Please follow my review it really sounds like you had a great experience. I will also definitely read yours! Thanks again x
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Aloha Ronnie84: Forgive my over sight on that typo, I am glad and had no doubt that you did your research. Please check out my page when you get a chance. Aloha Girls in Hawaii!! xo
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Haha sorry again for the confusion! I just read it, it was fantastic. How are they now? My partner is so jealous that you live in Hawaii it is his dream place to visit and we plan to have our honeymoon there if we ever get our butts in gear and get married!! x
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Oh and your skin looks amazing!! I'm 29 and my chest doesn't look as good as that!!
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Well Ronnie84 Mahalo for the lovely comments. Yah I am pretty proud of the Girls. Yes you should come and get married. here. I got married at my home as well as my brother, nephew, and myself. It is beautiful and you should plan on it. I can set you up for sure. April May are really good months pretty slow and the weather is nice. Under God you should get married and live your lives together> I am going on 30 years and really under him our lives have been rich and full so make a plan. My son is getting married June 28th to a lovely girl 33 and he just turned 30 so its just right. She waited for him so this a marriage in Gods eyes and rules so this will be a very special day for them and then off to cruise to Alaska how romantic stay off the bow of the ship haha please. Any way which ever whenever it will be special and you will look amazing in your wedding dress. My nephew got married on Lanikai Beach small wedding bout 10 people the beach goers were the guests. I got koolau Doves for them as part of the ceremony it was amazing to release them from the baskets you can look this all up on line. Your Pastor get the paperwork and permits Don Yoshida was ours and would be happy to do your wedding when and if you decide. My daughter n Law to be steered us to the JJhouse web site to look at dresses they are amazin and well priced any way carried away I am on wedding mode any way. Take care Aloha Girls in Hawaii. Stay in touch okay Aloha for now!!
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Thank you so much I use clinque gel moisturizer about $34 Macy's. They say no sun on chest for about 3 months and do not let the water from shower bead on your breast. Also they is a scare guard that you put on the incision I use it for a while. Any scare cream should work but check out what you doctor is using this is pricy and I did not use it after a few times it hardens like nail polish on your skin and I did not find it comfortable so be sure you can get a sample before the investment. again thanks again enjoy your weekend. Aloha Girls in Hawaii
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typo SCAR CREAM oops. some heal real well with vitamin E cream but at first he gave me bacitracin.
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The profile is how far it projects. Moderate, moderate *, high and ultra high. Also the higher the profile, the more narrow the base. High profiles are usually recommend for woman with narrow chest because the moderate profile is too wide and wouldn't fit. And I also for people who want the fake look.
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Tinykay1: What kind did you get? I was kind of thrown back by you saying that your comment about the fake look. I have not seen any woman on this site that looks like they have fake breasts. I have HIGH profile and would appreciate your comment to see if they look fake. I appreciate your opinion however, this site gives woman information that has already been establish by the physicians we choose to perform the BA. I respect any ones opinion but to say any one or type of implant is fake weather we no it is something we added to our bodies I have never been told that my breast look fake. I would like to see if others want to comment on this with Tinykay1 about the different brands or styles of implants we have to choose from. I frankly wish we only had 3 I had close to 8 or 9 to choose from and doing research to see what most woman preferred and the results most importantly and the experience of the surgeon. My surgeon performs one to two per day on every given week and has a very good reputation in the islands with patients being 50/50 with out of state patients. I paid a lot more since I added the pain pump but worth it. So again Tinykay1 I respect your opinion and I will look you up to see your profile and hope that you had amazing results like the rest of us who I do not believe that now having this special part of their bodies and not refer to them as something fake we should feel blessed to afford them and be blessed for what and how it makes you feel as a woman with no breasts. Take care. Aloha Girls in Hawaii.
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I have not had the procedure done yet. I did not mean to offend anyone and I think your breasts look just fine. I have also researched in great depth everything about the procedure & implants. The "fake look" is a common term used by many to describe round, perky, upper pole fullness. Which is not how real breast naturally looks, therefore why we have anatomical shaped implants.
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I love the saying( if you can feel them they are real:-) that's what I'm going with!
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