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Full mouth reconstruction needed after bad...

Full mouth reconstruction needed after bad dentists implants. I spend a lot of money over the years and now i do not smile and my self confidence is gone. Remaining teeth needs to be extracted. Implant bar is bent and plate dentist gave me never fit. I told him that and he just said thats because i did not want to wear them. I can not eat and chew food. Food does not digest. Backs up and makes me misable. Need medicine to help empty my stomach.


It would be great to see a panorex of your case to give you a good input...
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Lost a front tooth as a child. Implant done, but failed after 25 years. Unable to get another implant there because loss of bone and tryng to put bone in didn't work. Put a bridge in attached to the other front tooth. The root in this tooth is now cracked. I have an implant on both sides of the front teeth. I have put 30,000.00 into my teeth thanks to an orthodontist that shaved my teeth down and made them too thin for a decent smile. Had to get veneers and every tooth that got a veneer abcessed and several broke and the dentist refused to fix them. I have since had another set done and had to do some implants. What are the options for my two front teeth. So frustrated.
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If the root is cracked it has to be extracted. Metal implants are not as inert and bio-friendly as dentists promote them to be. New research shows that 60% of them will fail within 30 years and when they do it's a mess. Body finds a way to purge metal sooner or later. Look into doing zirconia (ceramic) implants. Look on CeraRoot and Z-Systems website to locate one who does it near you. Ask them if they do guarantee their work and if they do get it in writing. Get a consultation from a few, ask hard questions, read their reviews on yelp, contact authors.
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He was always on vacation when i called with problems. Did not get his attention unto i stopped making payments. Went to another dentist and they wanted to know the size of implants and the type. New dentist called them and they could not tell him what they did to my mouth. Now i can not eat and remaining implant bar is causing pain i need meds to controll.

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