2 months post op- Los Angeles, CA

My story is similar to many I've read. I've always...

My story is similar to many I've read. I've always wanted to have Rhinoplasty procedure done since I was 18. I've also had breathing issues but I decided that I did not want to have 2 separate surgeries so I did not rush into the procedure until I felt good about the doctor. I've never been an insecure person but just self conscious about my nose. I've always gotten compliments from others but every time I would take a picture my nose (mainly the tip) just seemed to the main focus for me. It just always seemed out of balance. After a lot of research I've decided to go with Dr Grigoryants. I really loved the consistency of great pics on his website and he has more than 100. Also, when I met with him a few times in person he was very humble, professional, and he really understood my concerns. I felt at ease during the consultation. He did not try to recommend other things. He was only concerned about what I wanted to have done. I really liked that about him.

Fast Forward.>>>>>> Ok so I had my surgery on April 14th. I didn't really experience pain at all. It was just discomfort. Sleeping with my head elevated is pretty hard for me. I like to move around a lot when I sleep so I found that difficult. Other than that it was fine. My profile looks pretty good but the frontal view is very bulbous. The hardest part now is just waiting for all or most of the swelling to go away! I feel like an avatar mixed with a pig lol..It's really annoying to not feel like yourself but at the same time I understood that it would take a lot of time for the swelling to subside. I do think that when the swelling goes away I will be very happy but as of right now I just have to be patient which is very hard! : / I will update more pics once I see more progress....

It's amazing how things get better everyday. I...

It's amazing how things get better everyday. I finally feel
"normal" at 2 weeks. I look forward to seeing what my nose will look in 2 more weeks. Surgery was the easy part..Waiting is the hard part

Found a cool blog I wanted to share. It discusses...

Found a cool blog I wanted to share. It discusses the 4 stages of recovery

The first stage of rhinoplasty recovery is up to a week after surgery and is largely a functionally restrictive period. It is during this period that splints and tapes will be on the nose and it is obvious one has had surgery. This is the ‘social reclusion’ stage for most patients. Few patients want to go in public or go to work with this external marker present. Whatever pain one will have is during this phase although rhinoplasty is not commonly very painful. It is uncomfortable with the splint in place for sure and, when combined with congestion and nasal stuffiness (if septal and turbinate work has been done), is a week one wants to get over quickly. If nasal osteotomies (breaking the bones) are done, bruising may appear under the eyes but often will not appear for several days. The nose does not get swollen (because of the splint) but the surrounding face might in the cheeks and down to the jowls.

The second stage of rhinoplasty recovery is between one and three weeks after surgery. After one week, the nasal splint and tapes are removed as well as any internal splints. The nose is also cleaned of any clots if possible. That is a breath of fresh air for every patient, no pun intended. If bruising has occurred it will still be present and will take up to the end of stage two to go away completely for most patients. This is not the end of the functional recovery as further improvements in breathing will occur but it is the beginning of the cosmetic recovery. Removing the splint is not a ‘TV moment’, meaning the final result is not going to appear. The nose will be swollen and distorted and often will look worse than before surgery. This is normal. The thicker one’s skin is and the more work that has been done leads to a lot of swelling. This swelling will not go away in the next two weeks. It will improve but even at three weeks after surgery less than 50% of the swelling will be gone. Most patients understand this but it is still hard when it is one’s own nose.

The third stage of rhinoplasty recovery is between three weeks and three months. It is a completely cosmetic recovery at this point as the swelling gradually goes down. While many patients want to look critically and note many ‘flaws’ in the result, what is seen now is still not the final result. While the biggest parts of swelling have subsided in the first couple months after surgery, many finer nasal issues such as the size of the tip or shape of the nostrils still needs more time. But during this phase the general change in nose shape should be apparent even if it needs more time for further refinement. This is the hardest phase as one’s patience is growing thin but just remember how far you have come sicne stage two. But no matter how it looks, even if it is not what one anticipated, the thought of revisional rhinoplasty will never be entertained at this time. All plastic surgeons will advise patience.

The fourth and final stage of rhinoplasty recovery is between three months and one year after surgery. Subtle changes continue to take place. Something that looked not quite at three months may have completely gone away by six or nine months after the surgery. Conversely, an asymmetry or bump may appear at six months after surgery that was not apparent at three or four months after surgery. Revisional surgery, if needed, may be entertained at the end of this stage.

In conclusion, recovery from rhinoplasty surgery is a long process and the final result may take up to a year to fully appreciate.

My biggest challenge was telling my family about...

My biggest challenge was telling my family about this surgery.No one in my family has had cosmetic surgery. My biggest fear was being judged...I planned on getting the surgery without telling anyone. Only my boyfriend knew. A week before surgery I started feeling horrible about my decision. I felt like I needed the people I love around me to support me while I am going through the recovery process. I started freaking out thinking about how everyone would respond when they heard I wanted to get rhinoplasty. I started thinking of what my responses would be to them judging me (crazy i know. I had an entire conversation in my head) Anyways to my surprise everyone was super supportive and genuinely happy for me! Concerned of course. They had a lot of questions but absolutely no judging at all. I was very shocked! After surgery my family helped me out tremendously. Brought me food, changed my drip pad (even though I was totally capable. I enjoyed being pampered though. I need to have surgery more often haha jk) Just overall wonderful. I say all that to say this..If you are worried about what others think, don't be. Not everyone will always be happy for you but when people genuinely love you they will eventually come around... Just wanted to share that story for those who are experiencing something similar. Anyways have a great weekend all!! I will post new updates when I see more progress. Still very swollen but it gets better everyday :)

All is well! Still very swollen at the tip but I...

All is well! Still very swollen at the tip but I just try not to focus on my nose too much even though its very difficult not to. One interesting thing happened yest. My boyfriend was telling me that my nose does not photograph accurately. He said it looks way better in person. I thought he was just being his usual sweet self but my mom said the same thing. I thought that was interesting! Anyways hope all is well! :) Will update soon

2 months post op

I can't believe its been 2 months. Staying busy definitely helps. At one point I felt like I was obsessing over my nose every 2nd. I had to relax because the healing is a slow process! You definitely need tons of patience. It became a lot easier after a month. I started to feel more like myself. I know I still have more healing to do but Im happy already! Dr Grigoryants is an excellent doctor! I'm glad I chose him. Surgery itself is scary especially when it's on your face that's why you must do your research! I recommend Dr G to anyone

pic profile

3 months- very happy already

Currently I am 3 months. I am very happy with the results so far even though I am not completely healed yet. I had a check up last Sat. Dr G said I am healing quite fast. I think minimizing sodium and alcohol helps. I had my first glass of wine after 6 months since those things are known for increasing swelling. I will post pics of my progress so far

6 months wow! update

I can't believe its been 6 months already! ! After 1 month time goes by so fast!! Especially once you start enjoying your new nose! I'm still very very happy. Still one of the best decisions ive made for myself. I feel so much more confident. I know my healing isnt over but so far I'm really happy! Dr G has a great eye. He definitely knows what looks good for each individual. My nose isn't super tiny but its fitting for me! :)

1 year update

Its been a while since i've made an update...Sometimes i forget that I had surgery. I am still very happy with the results!! Even though it's been a year I am still a little swollen but I am happy with what it looks like now.

This experience has been life changing. It has definitely made me feel more confident. I enjoy taking pictures now. Its amazing to not have to worry about something that once made me feel a little insecure. When you feel your best its a wonderful feeling. My nose still isn't super small... but its perfect for me. Dr G is one of the best doctors in my opinion. He makes sure that it matches the rest of your features. He is a true artist. I would recommend him to anyone.
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Dr G really is talented. You look great. Congrats.
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He really is! Thank you :)
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Thanks for sharing. Especially the stages of rhino part. You look great! I am glad you are happy with the result.
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Thank you so much :)
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Your tip is looking really good!!! You look really pretty. 8-)
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Aww thank you! :-)
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I appreciate your kind words. Thank you
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Wow, I'm loving the transformation. It looks like your tip has actually taken on more form compared to your 2 month photo. I'm having a difficult time with my tip... just looks weird to me at times but it's good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!
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Thank you :) the tip does take a lot of time. I'm still healing but it seems to get better every month. Just try to be patient. I know its hard but it will definitely be worth it
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You are soo beautiful! I love those curls. Your new nose is elegant and it suits your face really well. Thank you for updating.
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Aww thank you :-) sometimes I forget I had it done! I really like that its not too small
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That's awesome- to just be happy with your nose, and not to think about it all the time. I look forward to that! During my first week post op, I was watching tv with my grandma and she asked me something about a dog that had just been in a commercial. I was like- oh, nana I did not even notice there was a dog, i was just staring a the girls nose. i can't stop looking at peoples noses! She laughed and was like- don't worry you will become one of us again soon. lol! I am glad you are onto enjoying it. It took a lot of courage to get where you are and i am happy for you. I agree that the size/ shape are just right for your face.
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Thank you! The first couple of weeks is tough because swelling is at its worst. After the 3rd week you will start to feel better! Just stay very busy and try not to focus on it so much! I know its easier said than done because every day I was bugging my fiance asking him if it looked different. Lol. Its a waiting game. Patience is definitely key :)
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That is funny! I am staring at everyone's noses too! And obsessing over if anyone is staring at mine. Being busy does really help you forget your nose for a while, which is good.
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hey sweetie!! haw r u now?anyupdates?
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Hey! Ive been meaning to update my profile. I can't believe is already been 6 months! I will post an update this week. All is well! Still swollen but its definitely a lot for defined than before
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congratss, u look amazing,, can u please put more pre front pics?
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Your nose is looking lovely. I am 11 days post-op and I am looking like less than a piggy than i was last week but I am hoping my tip will drop a little further.
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Hello! Thank you! I'm sorry I'm just now seeing this. I'm sure yours has dropped by now. Usually after a month it looks a lot better
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WOW! beautiful! Did he do alarplasty too?
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I'm sorry! For some reason I didn't get this update emailed to me. Thank you! Only rhinoplasty was done
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you look lovely! it's impressive to see how much swelling has gone down. thank you for your update. has your breathing improved as well?
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Anytime& thank you! My breathing got better after 3 weeks. Once I got the green light to blow my nose that made a huge difference
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looking so beautiful..did the dr broke ur bones or just refine the tip.. does ur nose is dropping down with time ornt.. wish u fast recovery process
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Thank you! Yes he did both. It seem like it took 3 weeks to drop to the point of feeling normal again. Thanks again for the well wishes
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