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40 Something Chicago Girl, Not Going Down Without a Fight! - Munster, IN

To maintain a youthful look while not looking like...

To maintain a youthful look while not looking like I had "work" done. I have used botox for over 5 years as a sort of prevantitve measure against the inevitable creases and frown lines that make you look old, tired and even angry! I am considering moving to fillers as a next step, just haven't got there yet. I don't want to do anyting extreme, and believe small tweaks are the way to go.
Can you tell us a little more about your botox experience, like what areas of your face you have injected and how long it lasts for you?
The usual places... Between my brows where I have pretty active scrunching action, one injection at the outer eye/smile lines, a few places on upper forehead, and a little along the brow line, for a little lift. I also have a developing horizontal line/wrinkle at bridge of my nose, seems to fade quite a bit when injected, although I'll need filler there at some point. I'm pretty consistent , about every 4-5 months. Not sure if it will really help in the long run, but I'm optimistic!
I personally think it helps prevent deeper wrinkles, but who knows if I'm right!  Thanks :)
Munster Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Frank has been my secret weapon for years! Well, not so secret since all of my friends and family go to him too. I'm so thrilled with my results, so why not share? I've used botox as a preventative measure for the past 5 years, and I can say people are shocked when I tell them my real age. Advice to women out there waiting for the right time, don't wait till the creases and frown lines form, go running to Dr. Frank. He can be your hidden little secret too, and NO you won't walk out looking like a dear in headlights! Thank You Dr. Frank you are truly the best!

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