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I have had 2 kids, one is turning a year old this...

I have had 2 kids, one is turning a year old this month and one will turn 5 in March. They both did a number on my tummy! I have stretchmarks all over my stomach and of course have the loose skin and the bulge that just won't go away no matter how much I try. I have always had a little bit of a bulge in my tummy area, so I have been looking at a TT for quite a while, and finally I have all the children I want and am willing to do it. After reading a lot of the posts on this website I am way more informed than just looking around the internet like I had been for a couple years! I'm soo glad I found this website! :) I am getting a little nervous now that the date is actually set, but I believe it'll so be worth it in the end! :) I'll post pics when it gets closer to time to go in!

Well now only 4 more days until surgery! :) I'm no...

Well now only 4 more days until surgery! :) I'm no longer as nervous, now I'm getting excited! Finally going to do this for myself. I have been reading many posts on here and they help with so many questions. I am thankful I found this site when I did, so that I could use the tips given! Thank you to everyone who has posted on this website, it is such a useful tool! I will post pictures of before and after, once I get my surgery, probably a couple days after. I am making some soups that I can freeze, and some chili, and easy meals for my husband to make, so that I don't have to worry about that! :) Can't wait for the day to get here, so I can have the new me!

Just wanted to keep ya'll up to date on me! :) I...

Just wanted to keep ya'll up to date on me! :) I am doing really good now, pain is very manageable now. I finally got a shower last night and that made me feel so wonderful! I went and seen my doc again yesterday too, he said that he still thinks I'm going to have excellent results, but there is an area that he was a little worried about, in the middle the discoloration above the cut, but he said it looks ok, because there is still blood flow to it. I go back again on Saturday. It doesn't look quite like I thought it would, but the doc says it's going to look great once it heals. I uploaded my before and after that I have right now, and will keep uploading as I heal. I don't want to say if it is worth it right now or not, I will wait and see how my results are a little farther down the road.

WooHoo!! I am drain free!!! :) Doc took out my...

WooHoo!! I am drain free!!! :) Doc took out my drains today, saying that I am healing up really well and doing great! :) I am so excited that the drains were taken out, cause I wasn't expecting to get them out today, but I did! :) Plus, it's so surprising how great you feel after they are removed. But you still have to realize you are healing and can't do anything still. I am only 8 days post op, but after the drains came out I feel so great! Other than that, i am going stir crazy!! I have been watching movies, playing around on the net, and reading some books. But I am ready to be able to get up and actually do stuff, but know that I still have to wait! Just wanted to let everyone know how I'm doing!! Thanks for everything everyone too! :)

Just updating with some photos. This is 11 days...

Just updating with some photos. This is 11 days post-op. I do have to say, I'm already loving the figure that I now have! :)

Just wanted to update, I went and seen the doc...

Just wanted to update, I went and seen the doc again yesterday. Everything looks good, except there is one spot that I'm going to lose some skin, just because of blood flow, nothing that my doc did. But I'm standing up pretty straight now and don't take anything for the pain anymore, haven't for quite a few days, so that's good. My doc said that I should let the incision air out for like an hour or two a day, so I don't wear the binder for like an hour a day. It feels weird to not wear it though. My doc also said that in like 2 weeks I won't need to wear the binder anymore, I figure I'll probably buy some spandex to wear for a little longer. :) I'm a little worried about that area of skin loss, but doc says that it'll wind up ok, so I believe it will be, cause I chose him cause I trust him. Well, I don't go in to see the doc again for 2 weeks, unless I get worried about that area, then the doc said I can call him and come in that same day. :) But I'm feeling excellent and just ready for the swelling to be done.

I'm 3 weeks post op now. Just wanted to update my...

I'm 3 weeks post op now. Just wanted to update my pics. the black spot is skin necrosis, but it is already getting better, but I'm not happy about it, cause it'll take longer to heal, but oh well. Just one of those things. Still pretty happy with my results, but I'm ready for the swelling to go away! :)

Well went to the doc yesterday! I am now 4 weeks...

Well went to the doc yesterday! I am now 4 weeks post-op and feeling great! ;) Still have the area of skin necrosis, but it'll heal up eventually and the doc said that if I don't like the scar in 6 months, then they can do a scar revision right there in his office! :) Still really happy with my results, the doc says he thinks that it's going to be one of his best tummy tucks, when it's done healing! :) So excited about that. I no longer have to wear the binder either! Yah!! :) It was starting to get really uncomfortable, so it's gone now! ;) I uploaded some new pics so ya'll could see! Hope everyone out there is doing good, and healing up good or getting excited about their TT! ;)

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Laverson is wonderful, his office staff are great. They are all very professional and friendly. He sat and held my hand while they were getting me to sleep right before the surgery. he is great to talk to and every time that I have needed to talk to him I have been able to get in touch with him for questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hey marinewife, yes today i actually went to the mall and walked around...i do get tired easily and i feel like i walk very my legs are apart or u have trouble crossing your legs when u sit? i cant seem to do that for some back and neck still bother me but i had problems before the TT with that...but this aggrevates its alot! I know what u mean about the i wanted to wear this spandex body shaper thing that i have here when i wanted to go out instead of all this under my clothes...but i chose not too since it hasnt been 6 weeks yet! i cant wait until i can go without changing dressings too due to alot of leakage related to the big hole i have...that out of the way ill be fine...but other then that im doing alright!!! i can move around more easily now..happy to hear that u are doing great!!!
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Hey Julie, yea, I felt like that walking around for a while too, it's gotten better, but sometimes I still feel like I do! ;) I had trouble crossing my legs too, for a while anyways, now I can, but sometimes it's still uncomfortable. Yea, I've still got leakage from mine too! I'm hoping that the doc will let me do something else, rather than wear the binder with bandages, but we'll see. Still got 5 days before I go in to see the doc, but I'll let ya know what he says! Hopefully it's good news! =) It just gets easier and easier every day with moving around and doing stuff! :)
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hey marinewife!! how u doing?? hanging in there?? im doing alright..slowly getting better then last week..last week was hell for me!! but today i went to the store for about 1 hour and i got tired and back and neck hurt still alot...does yours?? I read that you have necrotic tissue...hope that heals up fast for im still dealing with the open cut of about 4 inches i guess...u know my ps told me if he would of not cut me where he did by one inch i would of got necrotic tissue! i cant wait for mine to be all healed up wich will take a while too :-( But im seing mine next thursday and he said i maybe able to go home finally!!!!
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Hey Julie! :) Yea, I'm hanging in there, I can go and do most things, but I'm still not lifting anything. Most times I can be on my feet for a couple hours and be ok, but I get tired really fast. :) My back only bugs me when I stand over the sink and wash dishes, then it gets sore, but other than that it's fine. Yea, that's the thing that sucks about openings or necrotic tissue, is it takes even longer to heal, I mean the regular healing time is long enough, but now it is going to take even longer, but in the end, it'll be great! :) I go in to see my doc on the 3rd too, so hopefully I won't have to wear the binder anymore after that! I'm getting pretty tired of it! But I've already got a spandex body shaper to wear after, that'll look better under clothes! ;) Hope that you are able to go home, that would be great for you! :)
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Oh girl I am praying for you that the necrosis heals up nicely really fast!! Did your doc say how that happens? Your results are still really good, holy cow the tummy is really flat even if you do say you are swollen.
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Thanks girl! ;) It's just that my blood flow to that area wasn't good enough to keep the tissue alive. But it's kind of common, thankfully mine isn't very big or bad. Yea, I'm pretty happy with my results! =)
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Danylle, your comments are really helpful. I am so glad you got the results you were hoping for.

MarineWife, I have another reinforcement coming in the 2nd week. Talked my mom into coming and helping out. As I start to think about it I am getting nervous about being the mom taxi. My 2 boys are in baseball this spring and my husband is the coach, while my daughter is in swimming. Just wondering how that is going to work out. I am not telling really anyone about the surgery and we have no family that lives close. My mom is flying in for it. Just going to have to take it easy, but that is easier said than done with sports in full swing... Trying to stay positive.
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That's good that your Mom is getting to come and help you out. Wow, you are going to be busy, that's great that your kids are so active! :) Yea, you'll do fine. Just remember no lifting of anything. :) Well the good thing about that is that the recovery time is going to fly by for you! :)
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All of you ladies hang in there.  You will love the end results and all of the swelling, pain, lumps and bumps will be gone soon.

Try some hot compresses on the lower back and also laying flat on the bed and stretching out helps.  Nothing crazy though.  Start with your knees bent and at  slow pace lower them down for about 10 minutes at a time.  It will help..really.
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Thanks Kimmers! :)
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You bet girl!
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You are looking good! Just be patient with the results. I looked worse around week 2 and got depressed cuz my stretchmarks leftover were bumpy and the scar seemed higher than I had wanted..but by week 4 I was back in the gym and I started to love the results and it just got better from there.
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Thanks Danylle! :) Yea, I've had a couple of those episodes of thinking it's not going to look like I want, but my doc is really happy with it, so I just keep telling myself that the swelling will go down and he says that the scar will be lower after the swelling and once I'm able to full stand upright and that the little ripple I have from the stretch marks will flatten out! :) How long did it take you to be able to stand up straight again? My lower back is killing me!
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I'd say after the first week I was standing straight but not stretching. Just make sure not to push it too far or you'll just swell up more. The stretchmarks will flatten out! Don't worry! You can see my pics of day 13 they were bumpy and the scar was puffed out. I was tripping! But over the next couple weeks it all went down and looked great. You'll get there :) just keep that binder one ALL the time. I wore 24/7 for 4weeks then just at night untile week 6. It'll help if you put up with it longer.
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Thanks Danylle! I can stand pretty straight now, I think I was just actually worried about doing it! :) But I can so I'm happy about that! Yea, I only take the binder off to shower, or to wash it, other than that it is on me 24/7. I've gotten pretty used to the binder and kinda feel weird without it on. :) Yea, I've heard about some people who after the first 6 weeks they buy like a spandex control deal to wear for a little while, did you do this? Thanks for all the info! ;)
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I just stuck with the two binders they gave me at the hospital. After week 6 I didn't wear them anymore at all. :)
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WOW you look good!! I am glad to hear you are feeling well and healing so quickly! Good for you. I totally get the painpills drain theory. I am worried I may get up and move too much and do too much cause my kids will be back 6 days after surgery and business resumes as usual. I am trying to get my mom to come in week 2 to help out cause I don't want to have to make hubby take off too much of work!
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You should be ok, just remember not to lift anything. I think that first week is the most important part. I was lucky that my Mom took my girls, although I miss them like crazy now! And they aren't coming home for at least another 2 weeks. I wanted to make sure I could take care of my 1 year old, so they are going to be down there for a month. :( But it's already been 11 days so it'll go by fast. :) Yea, I know what you mean about the hubby. Mine has been doing so great, keeping up with everything, plus helping me shower after he gets home and everything! :)
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How long did you have your drains in? That is the only thing that bothers me at this point. I know it's crazy but i'm not sure how I will do with them.
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I had both of my drains for 8 days. My PS thinks it was because I didnot take a lot of the pain pills after the first 3 days, so I wasn't moving around a lot because he said that when you use the pain pills a lot then you don't feel the discomfort, so you're more likely to move around a lot. That's just his theory on it. But he's right, I didn't hardly to do anything that first week. only getting out of my recliner to go to the bathroom and grab a quick bite to eat, because after the first 3 days my hubby had to go back to work. The drains are uncomfortable and kind of gross, but they serve a very good purpose. I was also told, just because they are out to not try to do more just because I feel better, or I'll get fluid build up in there and he'll have to remove it with a needle (Ouch!). That really convinced me to continue to do nothing, cause I don't like needles at all! :) lol You'll do fine with the drains, they're annoying, but once they are out you feel so much better. But it all depends on how fast you heal and how much fluid you're producing in a 24 hour period, that'll make your PS take them out. So just relax, and don't do anything :)
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I think you pics look great! I know it is still early, but there is a significant difference already! I can see why you would still be unsure about it. From what I have read on here it is a looong road of patience, but like I said, you already look fabulous!
Glad to hear you are doing so well with the pain too, that is amazing!
Can I ask how recovery has been with a 1 year old around. I have a 2 year old and I am freaking out about him not being able to be picked up, he is pretty needy as he is the baby of 4! HAHA!
Keep us posted on your progress!
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Hi Julie. Thanks for the reassurance, it helps! :) Yea, being patient isn't one of my strong points. :) Actually both of my girls are vacationing at my mother's house right now. I figured it would be easier to let them visit family while I was recovering, at least for the first 4 weeks. So I don't know how that would be. But I do miss them really bad right now. Gosh, 4 kids, that's amazing! :) Good luck, when is your surgery scheduled?
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hi marinewife...your welcome!! :)

so how u liking the experience so far?? i am body! i always said if i have kids later on..i will just get it done again buuuuuut Nooooooo way!!! never again!! its tooo
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Lol, yea, it's exhuasting! I'm not planning on any more kids, so hopefully I won't ever have to worry about it again! :) Cause it is painful and then plus the down time with recovery! It's driving me crazy not being able to do anything, and leaving everything up to my husband! I mean, he's doing a wonderful job and is so helpful, but you know we have our certain ways of doing things! :) But I keep telling my self that everything is fine, until I can do it myself my way, again! :) It's been a roller coaster ride already, and I'm not even a week post-op yet, but I think it'll all be worth it! :)
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My first consult is tomorrow, hope to plan surgery for sometime in March and the bad thing is I am sooo tempted to re-schedule again. My husband wanted to go with me and we currently have 2 kids at home with viral fevers. So now he is going to stay at home with the kids and I am going to be going alone. It is never easy being a mom and trying to do something truly for yourself. So upseting...
Thanks for the speedy reply on the kiddos. I do have an option to send mine away for spring break to the inlaws, but that is 6 1/2 hours away. We will see what happens after tomorrows consult.
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