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Believe me this is not lunch break procedure. I...

Believe me this is not lunch break procedure. I had my neck done( $1400) and lower face done ($1200). I am 42 with a double chin and have always had heavy cheeks. I was hoping to achieve a more toned look

I wanted to get a lift since I recently noticed sagging and wanted to try something that's seemed discreet without any down time.

I wasn't worrying about bruising since I am mixed race and light brown skinned. The day of the procedure I was told to take a Percocet 45 minutes before the procedure and another right before the procedure.

If you ever had a tattoo you know what this feels like. It feels like you are getting a tattoo on your face. The first time she ran the wand over my face I was thinking "Oh that's nothing'' . Kind of like when you feel that tattoo needle for the first time and your thinking its not that bad. That is until they go over and over the area.
But what is a lil pain if it shrinks this double chin and heavy jowls right?

After the procedure while still in the office I noticed my face was a little red but not bad. It also seemed the Percocet kicked in on my drive home. By the time I got to the first red light I looked in the mirror and noticed these red welts on my face . It kind of looked like somebody scratched me across both my cheeks.

I made it home and laid down. I had told my boyfriend I was going to the dermatologist without any details prior to my procedure. I was thinking nobody needed to know I was having ultherapy. This was supposed to be a easy lil if not painful procedure you can get on your lunch break right?

I vomited all night from the pain medicine. The next day I went to look in the mirror and I looked like a straight up chipmunk! I had welts on my neck . I even had to go get my new ID that day so now im stuck looking like that on my ID for the next few years lol .

If I thought I had fat checks before it was nothing compared to this!
I also noticed welts down my neck. During that week I had a purple bruise by my chin and cheeks . It faded to a bluish green. I didn't know it was that bad until I was heading to work a few days later. I was afraid someone would think I was a victim of domestic abuse so I left work on my lunch break to go home and put on some cover up. I told the receptionist at work I had ultherapy since I felt I had to explain why I looked like this and she was like ya you are bruised!

I went back to my appointment for follow up in two weeks and there was no difference. I was told to come back in two months but I doubt there will be any change.

Ladies please do not think you can get this done on your lunch break and be back to work looking like nothing happened!. That is straight BS!


"Lifestyle Lift" is also something you should be warned about. The commercials say it takes one hour, it takes over three. They don't put you to sleep. They inject a deadening solution into your ears and neck. They do give you a twilight pill of some kind, but you can hear them cutting through the cartilage in your ear. I will never forget that sound. They have a nice staff but once the procedure is over, they shoot you out of the clinic through a back door so the other gals won't see what you look like. The doctor wouldn't even see me the next morning for my follow up. He sent his tech instead. When I complained, he told me the doc was too busy to see the follow ups, that this was the tech's job. Also, be prepared for scars that show. Just wanted you girls to know what happened to me. Don't cut corners. If you want something like that, save the extra money to have it done the most professional way. These guys in these Lifestyle groups are just folks that can't make it in private practice.
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Wow Becky that sounds horrible! They make it sound so simple and easy! Thanks for sharing :-)
Thank you for the post. That is basically what I've been reading, the pain is intense. I don't know why they can't give you something like they do in the dentist office when he's doing gum surgery or when you get a colonoscopy that puts you right out and when you wake up, you don't remember a thing. I would consider that but no way would I subject myself to the pain. A friend who is 65 had Ultherapy and she says she can't notice any difference and it's months ago. Hope you are happy with your results.
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Last appointment

Well I went to my last appointment about two weeks ago. I see no changes accept that my chin seems to look fatter. The Dr. said that because my cheeks lifted its making the fat in my chin more prominent. Ok I paid $2600 for a fatter looking double chin go figure. He said my results were so good that I would actually be one of thier success stories.

Can you say full of S*** Since I didnt take any before photos I am posting two after photos. No change


I've had Thermage done on my whole face and neck. I did notice an improvement but still need more than this can offer. These treatments don't remove fat so if that is what my MD said Vaser lipo and that worked wonders for me. By your picture it looks like fat not loose skin. Maybe you should check out lipo.
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I forgot to add that I do see an improvement from what your before pic shows.
Kgreen I think I will look into that Thank you :-)
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