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Tummy Tuck/Lipo of Flanks W/ Pain Pump Scheduled 12/15/11 - Florida

I had been wanting a Tummy Tuck since I gave birth...

I had been wanting a Tummy Tuck since I gave birth to my first child at the age of 19. Now it has been four years and one more son later it's time to give a gift to myself. My boys are 4 and 10 months presently. Their father and my high school sweet heart has been nothing but supportive with my decision, although he loves my regardless if I have the surgery or not.

I decided to have the surgery because I am young and shouldnt have to walk around ashame of my stomach. I gained 40 pounds with my first child and lost majority of it. I currntly love my size; however, my stomach isn't cute. My doctor informed me it was necessary for me to have the surgery due to the excess skin. In addition to the tummy tuck I am going to have lipo of my flanks. The nurse suggested I purchase the pain pump for an extra $300 on top of the $6300 surgical fee so I did. What is your input?

I am schedule of surgery on December 15th I must admit I am a little nervous. I filled my prescription today. I am wondering where can I purchase a compression garment from?

I will post picture the night before and will update everyone with my recovery process. Is there any tips you can give me?

A lot of ladies swear by the pain pump. I think you'll be glad to have it. Here's a thread in the forum about compression garments.

Please come back and let us know how you're doing!

Thank you!!! I will keep you posted :)

Less then a week away!!! Ladies I am super nervous...

Less then a week away!!! Ladies I am super nervous... I can't believe it. I keep thinking to myself what I'm I doing? However, I know I am doing something for myself which I haven't done in forever. Since becoming a mom my children come first; however, it's now time to treat mommy!!!

I am a little nervous about the pain although I have the pain pump. I pray my surgery doesn't interfer with my kids Christmas. My boy friend had been so supportive of me especially as the time nears. This weekend is Christmas pictures with the family. It should take my mind off of everything. In addition, I have to go grocery shopping for my recovery period. Is their any suggestions? Must need items?

Thanks ladies :)
hey NewNew....
Only a few days left for your big day. How are you feeling?
Maof2 I am doing good, thanks. I noticed I have been staying up later than usual lately as my surgery date nears. I just can't wait until
Thursday so I can get it over with and get back to my normal self. How are you?
Hi, how did it go? I hope you doing good after the surgery. Here in SA it's 21H45 right now. Am I too early to ask about the op? I hope all goes well for you.

ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY :o!!! I can't believe it. This...

ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY :o!!! I can't believe it. This weekend I spent a lot of quality time with my family b/c I know I am not going to be myself after Thursday. I really enjoyed the time we had. I am so excited to see my results. I haven't had a flat tummy since high school I can't wait.

I started doing squats again this weekend to help tone and shape my butt lol. My doctor said after my tummy tuck you will be able to notice my round buns lol. So I have been trying to tone them up.

Almost time!!! :)
I am great NN, just having trouble with swelling these days but otherwise everything is healing nicely.

I tried to update my post yesterday but I was too...

I tried to update my post yesterday but I was too drowsy to complete my post. Overall surgery went get. Surprising I didn't start swelling until last night. The PAIN PUMP helped me so such. I really didn't need to take my pain medicine until the swelling started. I had to borrow my grandmothers recliner because the bed was not working for me. I can notice the results just by looking at the binder my waistline is so slim.

My doctor & nurse was so great! My boyfriend has been by my side 24/7. I am thankful he is here b/c I don't know how I would have managed. Also I was able to walk alone just need a little assistance getting up. I'll let u posted pictures to follow.

Day 3!!! I feel like crap. My back hurts like...

Day 3!!! I feel like crap. My back hurts like crazy and this drain sight burns often. My skin feels weird under my binder but I can notice the difference. It's a little to soon for me to notice the results but I pray it's worth the pain. Ladies how long does the back pain last? I pray the remove the drains on Wednesday.

My back is killing me :(

My back is killing me :(
I am considering him, please tell me about your scar , is it thin and if it even(symmetric)?
Hey NN, just checking up on you.
I am doing good. I am trying to adjust not doing anything which is hard for me. Today I moved around the house a lot I was a little swollen but it has went down a lot. I do not think my drains will be removed tomorrow because I am still emptying 55cc of fluids each day. My upper tummy was very swollen compared to the bottom the nurse suggested wrapping up with a hand towel & wrap including binder. I hate my stomach is still numb n that I can not stand straight up although I am almost there.
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